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Michelle Yeoh Web Theatre News

Aug. 16th
- Captain Georgiou pin and U.S.S. Shenzhou pin available online. #Star Trek: Discovery

Aug. 15th
- We are wrapping up this year's birthday celebration - THANK YOU everyone, whether you wrote a message or not! Here is this year's Birthday Greetings to Michelle Yeoh. All messages have been forwarded to the birthday girl ;-)

- Captain Philippa Georgiou of the U.S.S. Shenzhou #Star Trek: Discovery

(1) Michelle with director Adam Kane

fan arts

Aug. 7th
- Video: We boldly go... #Star Trek: Discovery

- Video: STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Cast Wishes Michelle Happy Birthday

- Captain Georgiou pin ;-)

- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt in San Juan, Puerto Rico, August 4, as a part of the road safety tour.

("Revoluciones" photos)

Aug. 6th

(birthday image by Bin of Sichuan, China)

- Our annual celebration, The 2017 Michelle Yeoh Birthday Special, will open until August 15.

We also celebrate the 19th (!) anniversary of this website, the Michelle Yeoh Web Theatre. When it was created in 1998, I never imagined it would be such a long "commitment"... THANK YOU everyone, old and new friends, for your years and years and years and years and years and years... of visits, encouragement, and support! This website would not have lasted for so long without YOU!

Thank you Michelle, for inspiring so many of us for aaaaall these years! Happy Birthday!

- Some photos shared by supervising producer Ted Sullivan: #Star Trek: Discovery

Aug. 4th
- Yes!! I made it!!!

The 2017 Michelle Yeoh Birthday Special

This year's birthday special will open until August 15th and yes, all messages will be forwarded to Michelle, as "usual" ;-)

Come to say something to our beautiful lady for her special day!

(and it's 2:30am here now I'm going to crash)

Aug. 3rd
- Elle: Star Trek: Discovery Will Have a Female Mentor-Protege Relationship at Its Core

- I have received many messages asking me about this - I am so sorry that I have been unable to create the Birthday Special for this year... I am very touched to hear that some of you are really missing it, as it has become a long "tradition" of our yearly celebration... I will see if I can set it up in next two days. If not, you are all welcome to post your messages on the Guestbook and I will let the birthday girl know and invite her to see them. Stay tuned   ;-)

Aug. 1st
- See Star Trek: Discovery for new character posters.

Captain Philippa Georgiou!

- Ip Man: Cheung Tin Chi set photos from Foshan last week -

(1) Michelle with director Yuen Woo-Ping
(2) with American actor, former mixed martial artist Dave Bautista

Jul. 27th
- The Star: Yeoh’s safety message seen worldwide

- See Star Trek: Discovery for more new images!

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