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Michelle Yeoh Web Theatre News

Sep. 12th
- Last Christmas official international trailers:
  English   (03:08)
  English w/traditional Chinese subtitles   (03:00)

Last Christmas is scheduled to release in U.S. on November 8 and in U.K. on November 15. For some Asian countries/regions, the film is to be released in Hong Kong and Singapore on December 5, and Taiwan on December 6. (see more release dates in Last Christmas page)

Sep. 11th
- In Last Christmas: official website and international posters.

Sep. 2nd
- Last weekend in Loheac, France, FIA World Rallycross Championship. ‏

Aug. 26th
- Vogue Film, August 2019 -

Aug. 21st
- Jean Todt visiting Star Trek: Discovery set --

Aug. 13th
- Video: Last Christmas Official Trailer   (02:59)

  See Last Christmas for more images.

(1) Michelle in Last Christmas   (2) official poster

Aug. 11th
- Celebrating her birthday in Toranto - filming Star Trek: Discovery Season 3.

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