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Nov. 25th
- [Strike Back] The production company arranged for some journalists to visit the set in Budapest. Thom Will, an UK television publicist, said after meeting with our lady: "Michelle Yeoh - what a charming, funny and all together fabulous woman!"

The release date for the final season of the series has not been fixed but it is expected in early 2015.

Nov. 24th
- Final Recipe: screening at the 2014 Douro Film Harvest in Portugal.

- [Strike Back] Michelle has been busy on the Strike Back filming.

Here are some off-set photos from Budapest, Hungary, Saturday November 22nd.

(1) Michelle and Will Yun Lee, American actor (ethnic Korean) who will play a villainous role as a member of the North Korean State Security Department in Strike Back
(2) Michelle walking on a street in Budapest

Nov. 21st
- Please watch and share:
  Documentary: Davids and Goliath
(you can watch the full documentary online until Nov. 27. 66 min. in English. some interviews are in Chinese with English subtitles)

Synopsis: Nobel Peace Prize nominees David Matas and David Kilgour use their wisdom and courage to fight against one of the world's worst crimes against humanity.

Nov. 19th
- Final Recipe will screen at the 14th JiFFest (Jakarta International Film Festival) on November 21st and 22nd, as a part of World Cinema.   (details)

Nov. 18th
- Michelle left Paris and arrived in Budapest on Monday, resuming the Strike Back filming.

- It's a nice papercut of Michelle (image at left), isn't it? (credit: Olastofos)

Nov. 17th
- FIA: World Day of Remembrance for Traffic Victims

        "Today is an opportunity to remember the thousands who lose their lives on the world's roads daily, and the heartbreaking loss which mothers, fathers, sons and daughters are left with as a result. Most people don't realise the scale of this catastrophe we face – every single day 500 children lose their lives on dangerous roads. We know that speeding is a leading key factor in accidents, so governments have a moral responsibility to ensure effective laws which restrict speeding are in place to protect all road users."
- Michelle Yeoh, Global Road Safety Ambassador, on the World Day of Remembrance for Traffic Victims, Novemebr 16th, 2014

Nov. 15th
- Michelle has returned to Europe.

Strike Back has been filming in Budapest, Hungary and will continue there for a few more weeks. Meanwhile, director Michael J. Bassett has been in Thailand, scouting locations for another part of filming. The ten episodes of the final season will be directed by Michael J. Bassett, Julian Holmes, and Brendan Maher. Andy Harries and his Left Bank Pictures (which produced The Lady) produces the series.

Mechanic: Resurrection began production in Bangkok, Thailand early this month. They were filming the part involving a child actor who plays younger Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham).

It seems Michelle will be busy with filming in the coming months. It appears she has yet another film in preparation...

Nov. 12th
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II updates.

- Photos from November 9th:

funeral procession for Datuk Yeoh Kian Tek

service in front of the Seri Maju express bus station

farewell ceremony before the procession

the casket covered by a flag of the Malaysia Businessman Sports and Recreation Club

(1) procession passing the center of Ipoh   (2) at the Paradise Memorial Park
(photos from "Bernama", "Guangming", "Kwongwah", "Sinchew", "The Star", "Ben Cheong",
"Metro Hong Kong", "Chinese Businessmen Club of Menglembu Ipoh", "Rakyat Post")

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