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Michelle Yeoh Web Theatre News

Sep. 20th
- EuroNews: Reckless driving has 'immense' human and economic toll, Michelle Yeoh warns in Brussels visit
  Video (02:15)  

  News photos: Michelle, as UNDP Goodwill Ambassador, attending a press conference on road safety at European Union headquarters in Brussels, Belgium., September 20th.

(photos from "Getty", "EuroNews", and "JCDecaux Global")

- NST: Michelle Yeoh attends culinary event at Malaysian embassy in Paris
  Rakyat Post: Michelle Yeoh Seen At Embassy‚Äôs Malaysia Day Event In Paris

Paris, September 19

Sep. 19th
- News photos: Michelle with director Luc Besson and Jean Todt attending the premiere of Dogman, written and directed by Luc Besson, at Cinema UGC Normandie in Paris, September 19th.

("Getty" photos)

Sep. 17th
- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the F1 Grand Prix of Singapore at Marina Bay Street Circuit, September 17th.
  Videos:   (00:23)   (00:31)

with Stefano Domenicali, CEO of the Formula One Group
("Getty" photos)

- Videos:
  The verdict is in   (00:11)
  Now playing only in theaters   (00:15)
  A Haunting In Venice | Experience In IMAX Sept 15   (00:48)

  Hollywood Reporter: Box Office: Kenneth Branagh's 'A Haunting in Venice' Starts Off With $1.2M in Previews
  Variety: Box Office: 'A Haunting in Venice' Gondolas to $5.5 Million Opening Day, 'Nun II' Contends for No. 1

Sep. 14th
- New videos and images in A Haunting in Venice
  This Friday, unmask the killer   (00:30)
  Don't miss the murder mystery movie event   (00:30)
  A Haunting In Venice | Building The Palazzo   (01:26)
  A Haunting In Venice | The Medium   (01:02)
  A Haunting In Venice | The Writer   (01:08)
  A Haunting In Venice | Old Friends   (00:47)
  A Haunting In Venice | The Mother   (00:50)

A Haunting in Venice showing in theatres

Sep. 13th
- Video: Michelle leaving Taiwan on 09/12   (01:20)

Michelle leaving Regent Taipei hotel and heading to Taipei Songshan Airport
("Next Apple" photos)

Sep. 12th
- Agatha Christie X video: Don't miss Michelle Yeoh in #AHauntingInVenice   (00:18)

  Movie reviews in A Haunting in Venice.

- Michelle in Taiwan, September 9~12th.

(2) with Taiwanese actress and film producer Hsu Feng (L) and fashion designer Shiatzy Chen (R)
(3) with Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin Xin-ru

Michelle meets Buddhist nun and teacher Cheng Yen in Hualien
(photos from "Next Apple", "UDN". "sinchew", "guamgming", and "Da Ai Television")

Sep. 9th
- CNN: Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh set to become International Olympic Committee member
  hnhh: Michelle Yeoh Nominated For IOC Membership

Sep. 7th
- X video: What secrets are buried in The Palazzo   (01:27)
  X video: Don't miss the twists   (00:22)

  A Haunting in Venice Filming Locations (2023)

Michelle in A Haunting In Venice

- News photos: Michelle attending Taiwanese jewellery designer Cindy Chao's jewellery exhibition in Shanghai, September 7th.

last photo: Michelle with Taiwanese jewellery designer Cindy Chao
(photos from "Getty", "ChinaTimes" and "Sina")

Sep. 5th
- A special event in Paris - celebrating Michelle's Oscar for Best Actress.

- In A Haunting in Venice: new posters and videos.
  A Haunting In Venice | Lost My Faith   (01:10)
  A Haunting In Venice | Mystery   (00:30)

  'I was so happy with all of the actors': Kenneth Branagh, director and actor opens up about his character from A Haunting In Venice
    Excerpt: "Kenneth Branagh couldn't help but shower immense praise on one particular character. It was none other than Joyce Reynolds, played by Oscar-winning Chinese actress Michelle Yeoh..."

Sep. 4th
- More in A Haunting in Venice.
  Short promo videos:
  Learn how to sharpen your detective skills
  Every murderer is someone's friend
  Discover the truth
  Logic vs. The Supernatural
  Alibi or lie
  In two weeks, can you find the killer?

Italian character posters

Aug. 31st
- Videos:
  A Haunting In Venice | Eerie Ensemble   (02:06)
  A Haunting In Venice | Books   (00:30)
  There's Nowhere To Hide   (00:18)
  You Are Cordially Invited...   (00:25)

  More new images in A Haunting in Venice.

Aug. 29th
- Video: A Haunting In Venice | Seeing Things   (02:03)

- Star Trek: Section 31 Production Update (For Now); Gets Name Change?

Aug. 28th
- Video: A Haunting In Venice | Listening   (01:06)

  AMC advance tickets:
  A Haunting in Venice IMAX Special Screening Event
  A Haunting in Venice Early Access Screening

- In Malaysia -


Kuala Lumpur

Aug. 24th
- In A Haunting in Venice: 2 more TV Spots. Running time.

- In Everything Everywhere All At Once: new article.

- X video: Director Steve Caple Jr talks about casting Michelle Yeoh in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts   (01:15)

Aug. 20th
- In A Haunting in Venice: TV Spots.

Aug. 17th
- Michelle attending the launch of MyPelindung, a public educational campaign, in Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, August 17.
  video   (03:47)

(photos from "X", "Straits Times", "Oriental", and "Guangming")

Aug. 15th
- New in A Haunting in Venice: character posters and featurette video.
  Featurette: A Haunting In Venice | Haunting Mystery   (01:55)

Aug. 10th

birthday girl - in Capri?

Aug. 9th
- New in A Haunting in Venice: release dates, MPAA rating, posters, and links.

Aug. 8th
- ScreenRant: Michelle Yeoh's Avatar 3 Character - 10 Exciting Theories About Her Mysterious Role

- Michelle is scheduled as a speaker at the 9th annual Fast Company Innovation Festival, taking place September 18-21 in New York City.   schedule   news release

August 6th, 2023   ♬ ♪ ♬ ♪

from Michelle:   To all my family and friends... I will be swimming with dolphins on my birthday... my biggest gifts are your love and constant support. Pls don't send gifts or flowers but make a donation to someone charity who is in need. Love you all... Mxxx ❤️🌷✨

- New in Event Photos:   Wedding,   Oscars 2023

  New/updated in Magazines:   Madame Figaro July 2023,   National Geographic 1999

- The Star: Michelle Yeoh's 'Face Of Happiness' wedding dress gets the thumbs up from netizens
  CNN: All eyes on Michelle Yeoh's stunning surreal bridal gown
  Fashionotography: Michelle Yeoh covers Madame Figaro July 28th, 2023

Aug. 5th
- Happy 25th anniversary to the Michelle Yeoh Web Theatre!   A quarter-century? Wow! 😮 😃

  Come to visit my newly established video channel, Michelle Yeoh Info Channel, on Gan Jing World. It features a mix of new videos and old content synchronized from my old YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Aug. 3rd
- A Haunting in Venice posters:

- More photos from the wedding:

Michelle's Schiaparelli Face of Happiness dress for wedding reception

Aug. 2nd
- Michelle attended the Citi ULTIMA Gala Dinner held at the Rosewood Hotel in Hong Kong, July 31.

(1-2) Michelle with Angel Ng, head of Citi Global Wealth in Asia Pacific
(photos from "HKET" and "AM730")

Jul. 29th

"Love Never Dies" - a wedding gift from Barbara Broccoli, producer of "Tomorrow Never Dies"

  ELLE: Everything About Michelle Yeoh's Longtime Fiance Jean Todt
  Hollywood Reporter: Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt Marry 19 Years After Engagement

Jul. 27th
- THEY TIED THE KNOT!!!   🎉 💑 💒 🎉


last photo: with Brazilian Formula One racer Felipe Massa who was the first person to disclose this good news to the public

  Actress Michelle Yeoh and fiance Jean Todt finally wed after 19 years

Jul. 25th
- Michelle Yeoh on the UN Forest Podcast:   UNDP,   Podcast (14:32)

Jul. 24th
- Star Trek: Section 31 Has a Filming Date

- Photos: Michelle and Jean Todt visiting Cittadellarte, an art and creativity laboratoryin founded by artist Michelangelo Pistoletto in Biella, Italy.

(3) with Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto

Jul. 21st
- Variety: 'Wicked' Had 10 Days Left of Filming Before Strike Shut Down Production, Says Stephen Schwartz

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