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Michelle Yeoh Web Theatre News

Aug. 13th
- Video: Last Christmas Official Trailer   (02:59)

  See Last Christmas for more images.

(1) Michelle in Last Christmas   (2) official poster

Aug. 11th
- Celebrating her birthday in Toranto - filming Star Trek: Discovery Season 3.

Aug. 6th
- Avatar twitter: "Happiest of birthdays to our future Dr. Karina Mogue, the illustrious Michelle Yeoh! Wishing you a day as special as you are."

Aug. 5th
- Our special celebration time! The 18th Annual Birthday Special: Our Birthday Greetings to Michelle Yeoh, August 6, 2019

(birthday image by Bin of Sichuan, China)

Messages sent by fans from over 24 countries/regions: Armenia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia,Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Philippines, Romania, Spain, Taiwan,Thailand, UK, USA, and Vietnam.   All birthday messages will be forwarded to the birthday girl ;-)

And here is our birthday poll result: (question: Which one of the four upcoming Michelle films - all of them are currently in production or post-production - are you most excited to see? (you are not given an option to choose 'all of them' this time, so you have to choose ONE)) :
    41 (39%) - Avatar 2 (2021)
    34 (32%) - Gunpowder Milkshake (2020)
    18 (17%) - Last Christmas (2019)
    13 (12%) - Boss Level (2019)

Michelle, wishing you all the love and happiness in the world. Have a wonderful birthday!

- Michelle had been in Quito, Ecuado where the 21st FIA Americas Congress for Mobility and Sport was held.

- Screenrant: Michelle Yeoh's Guardians Of The Galaxy Character Aleta Ogord Explained

Jul. 30th
- Chinese makeup artist Li Dongtian shared these photos - a photoshoot for "Variety China" last weekend.

Jul. 22nd
- Podcast: Jennifer Morgan's "A Call to Lead" episode with Michelle Yeoh   (00:40:00)

Jul. 21st
- Michelle has arrived in Toronto, Canada. Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 begins filming this month at Pinewood Studios in Toronto (where the first two seasons were filmed).

Jul. 17th
- In Last Christmas: first look images (no Michelle).

- Star Trek: Discovery updates.

Jul. 16th
- The 2019 Michelle Yeoh Birthday Special

Come to say something to our special lady for her special day! And you may also participate in this year's birthday poll (about her upcoming films). As "usual", all messages and the poll result will be sent to the birthday girl. ;-)

- Michelle attended "A Call to Lead" leadership summit in Singapore.

(images from "SAP" and "Jennifer Morgan")

Jul. 14th
- Looks like Michelle had a fun time with her Gunpowder Milkshake co-starrs during their Berlin filming!

- Comicbook: Karen Gillan Posts Hilarious Video of Star-Studded Gunpowder Milkshake Cast

- MASTER Z: IP MAN LEGACY comes to Digital & Blu-ray July 23

Jul. 5th
- Entertainment Weekly: See Michelle Yeoh tell Lena Headey to 'F--- off!' on set of action-thriller Gunpowder Milkshake

Jun. 30th
- In France: the day before the 2019 Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille, June 29th. Michelle has returned to Berlin.

with Jamaican sprinter, world champion, Yohan Blake

Jun. 26th
- Michelle is in talks to co-produce and star in Alan Taylor's Chinese immigrant drama/film set during San Francisco Gold Rush, Gold Mountain.   Report from "Hollywood Reporter"

Jun. 24th
- Posted by Avatar2 producer Jon Landau:
"Kevin Buxbaum has worked as our Production Controller for a number of years. During that time, although always being very proud of what we were doing, I never saw Kevin get outwardly excited about anything… that was until he heard that Michelle Yeoh was going to be in the Avatar sequels. On Michelle's last day working, I saw Kevin ready to leave the lot for the day. I diverted him to set where Michelle greeted him with open arms. At the end of 10-minute plus chat she graciously posed for a picture with Kevin."

(1) Michelle with Kevin Buxbaum   (2) with Jon Landau

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