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Michelle Yeoh Web Theatre News

Aug. 15th
- Photos at Build Studio in NYC, August 14th. More Crazy Rich Asians NYC promotion photos coming up.

("Getty" photos)

Aug. 14th
- Photos coming up: Michelle at Build Speaker Series, Build Studio, New York City, August 14.   #Crazy Rich Asians

  BUILD Series video   (30:00)
  Entertainment video   (10:34)
  Golden Globes video: Michelle Yeoh on "Crazy Rich Asians"   (02:27)
  Los Angeles Times video: Crazy diverse roads to 'Crazy Rich Asians'   (07:01)

Aug. 13th
- Michelle is in New York now.   #Crazy Rich Asians

Chron: Michelle Yeoh, busier than ever, goes crazy in 'Crazy Rich Asians'
The National: Michelle Yeoh on playing a mother-in-law to be feared in 'Crazy Rich Asians'
Entertaiment Weekly: Critics praise Crazy Rich Asians with 100 percent Rotten Tomatoes score

Aug. 11th
- Michelle has returned to Europe.

- Excerpt from Deadline interview with CBS All Access Bosses:

  Deadline: Based on the way the first season of Discovery ended, is there a Trek series with Michelle Yeoh in the works?
  Julie McNamara (programming chief for All Access): We’ve really talked about virtually all of the characters who popped in Discovery as potential spin-off shows. It’s obviously very much driven by our conversations with Alex Kurtzman’s Secret Hideout and the other creators involved. I wouldn’t say at this point that we are actively pursuing a Michelle Yeoh series but it has been discussed.

- LA Times: 'Crazy Rich Asians': Michelle Yeoh has 'waited a very long time' for a movie like this
  Vanity Fair: Why Crazy Rich Asians Could Be a Watershed Moment for Asian Representation in Hollywood

("Vanity Fair" photos)

Aug. 8th
- News photos: Michelle attending the Crazy Rich Asians premiere at TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX, Hollywood, August 7th.

Hollywood Reporter: All The Glam from the 'Crazy Rich Asians' Premiere Red Carpet
Vanity Fair: The Stars of Crazy Rich Asians Are Done with Being Overlooked
Popsugar: If You Have to Look Up This Crazy Rich Asians Actress, Where Have You Been?
Reuters: 'Crazy Rich Asians' looks beyond Asia to break Hollywood mold

(photos from "Zimbio")

Aug. 7th
- Crazy Rich Asians press conference at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on August 5th.   ("Getty" photos)

- More images in Crazy Rich Asians.

Aug. 6th
- In Los Angeles, August 5th.

birthday party with "Crazy Rich Asians" family

at "Crazy Rich Asians" press junket

- Our special celebration time! The 17th Annual Birthday Special: Our Birthday Greetings to Michelle Yeoh, August 6, 2018

(birthday image by Bin of Sichuan, China)

Messages sent by fans from over 26 countries/regions: Armenia, Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Madagascar, Malaysia, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, South Korea, Romania, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, U.K., U.S.A., and Vietnam. All birthday messages have been forwarded to the birthday girl ;-)

And here is our birthday poll result: (question: Which character do you like more - Captain Georgiou or Emperor Georgiou in Star Trek: Discovery?
    21 (18%) - Captain Georgiou
    17 (14%) - Emperor Georgiou
    60 (50%) - I like both characters equally
    22 (18%) - I have not watched the entire 'Star Trek: Discovery' season

Michelle, wishing you all the love and happiness in the world. Have a wonderful birthday!

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