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Dec. 28th, 2007
- Sunshine: two video clips of deleted scenes involving Michelle.

- The Children of Huang Shi: update on the film release.

- The Mummy 3 updates.

Dec. 23rd
HAPPY HOLIDAYS Michelle and Everyone!

I know... time flies and we are in this season again. I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a wonderful upcoming new year. Here I'm putting up some old photos of Michelle with Jackie Chan - many thanks to Maria who shared them with us. I guess everyone knows when these photos were taken? ;-)

- "Wow!... a visit to a magical Shangrila!" - Performing Arts Insider
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Dec. 18th
- News photos: Michelle attending the opening of the MGM Grand Macau on December 18th. Pansy Ho, a firend of Michelle's, is a venture partner of the hotel-casino. Guests at the ceremony included top Macau government officials and local celebrities and tycoons. (click to enlarge. photos from "Reuters", "ming Pao" and "Corbis")

Dec. 17th
- TONIGHT! Michelle will be on CBS's Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

- More from the amfAR Dubai event:
   * Five minutes on the red carpet with Michelle Yeoh (Gulf News)
   * A news video features Michelle and Sharon Stone at the amfAR Dubai event. Watch it here or here (2:33, in Chinese and English). Michelle was interviewed in Mandarin Chinese. She said she became an ambassador to amfAR AIDS Research this year and this was her second trip for the foundation. She also told reporters why she couldn't go to the Golden Horse Awards ceremony. Asked if she had congratulated Ang Lee yet, Michelle said she just came from Italy to Dubai and hadn't had a chance to call Ang Lee because of the time difference. And she sent her congratulations to Lee in front of the camera during the interview.

- Babylon A.D. updates. Some new images - mostly Vin Diesel's, with a tiny "bit" of Michelle.

- The Mummy 3: interview with still photographer Jasin Boland.

- New in Gallery: "Tomorrow Never Dies" World Tour. These are some photos from ten years ago (can it be that long already?) - December 1997 - when Michelle was touring the world for TND. TND will always be a special film for me. I did not know about the existence of Michelle Yeoh until I "accidentally" watched the film (dragged by some friends to see the "new Bond film"), and have to say that I had no idea that trip to the cinema would become a "life-changing" experience! ;-)

Dec. 12th
- Several film images from The Children of Huang Shi have been released to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre which began on December 13, 1937. Among at least five film projects on the subject which have been announced in China, The Children of Huang Shi is the only one that has finished its production. Purple Mountain, the Nanking/Nanjing project we have been reporting on (see news report on July 30th), has released a teaser poster, a teaser trailer and some images. They shot some group scenes for the trailer back in the summer, but the starting date for the actual production hasn't been announced yet, nor has the cast.

Dec. 11th
- News reports:
   Dubai auction raises 3 million dollars for AIDS
   amfAR news release
Since 1993, Cinema Against AIDS events have generated over $30 million for research on AIDS.

Photos: Michelle at the Dubai amfAR gala dinner and auction held at the Bab Alshams Hotel of Dubai. She gave a speech about amfAR's Treat Asia Initiative and the power of cinema to engender cross-cultural understanding.

Michelle giving a speech Michelle with Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele, Co-President of Chopard,
and amfAR CEO Kevin Frost
(click to enlarge. "Wire Images")

Dec. 10th
- Photos from the Cinema Against AIDS Dubai event, held in association with the Dubai International Film Festival to benefit amfAR, the American Foundation to AIDS Research, on December 10th in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Michelle was an event chair.

red carpet arrival. photo at right (L to R): amfAR CEO Kevin Frost, Michelle,
actress Sharon Stone and amfAR Chairman Kenneth Cole

Michelle with Sharon Stone and other event organizers and guests
(click to enlarge. photos from "Reuters", "Wire Images", "Yahoo" and "Getty")

Dec. 9th
- The Mummy 3: go read what director Rob Cohen says about Michelle. ;-)

- Far North: the film is listed on Times' "The 100 best films of 2007". An excellent review from "Times Online".

Dec. 7th
- News photos: Michelle and Mr. Jean Todt attending the 2007 FIA (Federation International de l'Automobile) Prize Giving Gala in Monte Carlo, Monaco, December 7th. Mr. Todt, as the Ferrari chief executive, accepted F1 constructors' trophy for Ferrari.

(click to enlarge. photos from "Dayoo", "Sohu" and "MCT")

Dec. 5th
- The news of Michelle not attending the Golden Horse Awards is still circling on Taiwanese media. They showed their understanding of her "breaking her promise" because of "her love". However, they also showed they had really wanted her to be there. Both Michelle and Ang Lee being present would have been quite a story . The Golden Horse committee had even initially arranged Michelle to present the Best Director award. Taiwanese media were already buzzing whether she would present the award to Ang Lee. Later the committee changed their plan and said they wanted Michelle and Ang Lee appear on stage together to present an award. In order to avoid the possible situation that Lee might give an award to himself, they were thinking of letting them to present Best Actor or Best Actress. Now with Michelle's absence, the committee has to re-decide whom to be paired with Ang Lee. Michelle gave her best wishes to Ang Lee and his film through reporters.

- Thanks go to Dave who has notified me that Michelle's The Touch has started to be shown on U.S. TV (cable). The next airing time will be December 16th on Starz. For Michelle movies on U.S. TV, you may check LocateTV.

- The Children of Huang Shi updates and some photos. No Michelle, but I thought the CYF one is interesting.

- The Mummy 3: video of the Shanghai press conference.

Dec. 3rd
- According to Taiwanese media, Michelle apologized to the Golden Horse Awards for her not being able to attend the award ceremony and promised Peggy Chiao, the chairman of the Golden Horse Awards, that she will make it to next year's Golden Horse. Michelle is going to accompany Mr. Jean Todt to Monte Carlo for Ferrari's big F1 award.

- The Mummy 3 updates.

Dec. 2nd
- News photo: Michelle and Mr. Jean Todt attending the wedding of Ferrari driver Felipe Massa last Friday in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 800 guests attended the festivities. ("Tom" photo. click to enlarge)

- Hua Mulan: update on one of the Mulan projects.

- Sunshine: you may ask questions for selected crew members.

Nov. 30th
- The first edition of "Venetian Style Macau", which will hit magazine stand on December 1st, features Michelle in the cover story.

(click the picture
at right to enlarge)

- Taiwanese media reported that Michelle will not be able to attend the Golden Horse Award in Taiwan on December 8th due to a schedule conflict.

- The Mummy 3: Filming in Shanghai has completed. And more photos from the Hengdian filming (some with Michelle).

- Sunshine won "Best Technical Achievement" award at the 2007 British Independent Film Awards.

Nov. 29th
- AmfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research, will hold a fundraising dinner and auction in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on Dec. 10. As an amfAR ambassador, Michelle will travel to Dubai to help raise HIV/AIDS awareness in the region. The "Cinema Against AIDS DUBAI 2007" event is to be held concurrent with the Dubai International Film Festival.

- The Mummy 3: more photos and reports from the Xinjiang filming.

Nov. 27th
- The Mummy 3: some photos from last week's Xinjiang filming. Michelle was not there but you can get an idea on her costume.

- The Children of Huang Shi: going for Oscars?

- Sunshine will be screened in Shanghai as a part of the London Film Week (December 6-12).

Nov. 26th
- The Mummy 3: a photo of Michelle from the M3 Hengdian set, more updates and set photos. Also a report, video and photos from Shanghai press conference.

- Far North: film clip and another interview with the director.

- "Review Asia" Cover Story: Michelle Yeoh in a mellow mood

Nov. 23rd
- Michelle will attend the award ceremony of the 44th Golden Horse Award in Taipei, Taiwan on December 8th. She is going to be the award presenter for the best director award, according to Taiwanese and Hong Kong media.

- Far North: Michelle will be attending the 2008 Tromso International Film Festival (TIFF) for the film next January. Photos of Michelle, and more.

- The Children of Huang Shi: new images (some with Michelle).

- More information on The Mummy 3. New Jet Li photos.

Nov. 21st
- The Mummy 3: set photos from Shanghai (with cast members).

Nov. 20th
- According to Malaysia's "The Star", Michelle will be expected to attend the PRIDE-Monsoon Cup Charity Gala Dinner on December 1st, Terengganu, Malaysia.

Monsoon Cup Terengganu teaser trailer: Datuk Seri Jean Todt and Dato' Michelle Yeoh

- The Mummy 3 updates: a video from Rob Cohen's blog and some set photos from Shanghai. (no Michelle)

Nov. 18th
- The Mummy 3: Hengdian filming has wrapped. More set photos and updates.

Nov. 16th
- Some updates/reports for The Mummy 3.

Nov. 15th
- Updates for The Children of Huang Shi.

- Babylon A.D.: the novel "Babylon Babies" will be re-published under the title "Babylon A.D.".

Nov. 14th
- The Mummy 3: continuing Hengdian filming coverage. More set photos.

Nov. 13th
- The Mummy 3 updates: Michelle is in Hengdian for the last few days of M3 filming. See reports and set photos from Hengdian, and some HQ photos of Michelle in M3.

Nov. 11th
- The Mummy 3: set photos from Hengdian and some tidbits from the Shanghai set visits.

Nov. 10th
- The Mummy 3 updates: Michelle is finishing M3 Shanghai shooting. Information on the name of her character in the film.

Nov. 9th
- The Mummy 3: more images!!

Michelle as Zi Yuan in "Mummy 3"

- The August release of Babylon A.D. is not only for U.S., the French release date has been pushed back as well.

Nov. 8th
- The Mummy 3: Michelle is now filming in Shanghai. The M3 production company organized a set visit for media and released five more photos (two with Michelle!). See the M3 section for detailed report.

Nov. 7th
- Sunshine: screening in Bloomington, Indiana, November 8 - 10, and a presentation at SAND Conference November 29.

- In Gallery -> Magazines: photos and an interview of Michelle from October "GLAM", a Malaysian magazine. Many thanks to Melody for the photo scans and the English translation! Thanks also go to Dean for the help with editing.

- The Mummy 3: more production related photos.

Nov. 5th
- According to Indian media, Michelle is going to attend the 4th Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF, December 9 - 16), Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

- An interesting interview with Asif Kapadia on Far North. Excerpt on the casting:
"Michelle Yeoh was recommended to me by one of my casting directors who had worked with her on Crouching Tiger. She said, Michelle is a wonderful person, very hard-working, but also a very strong person who would be able to do it. She read the script, she was interested in it and she really wanted to meet the filmmaker so I flew to Sundance to meet with her and I showed her some footage I'd shot on location. She said afterwards that the reason she decided to do the film was because she trusted the director. She was amazing because she had a lot of other, much bigger movies that were queuing up for her to do and she kept telling them no, I'm going to do this little independent film, and because of where we were shooting we couldn't have shifted the dates to fit around a big film. In the end, one of the big films moved a little bit to fit around our tiny film because we only had four weeks when we could shoot before we ran out of daylight."

- The Mummy 3 updates.

Nov. 4th
- The Mummy 3: production updates and some set photos from Hengdian. Also a news report on a protest at the hotel where the Tainmo team has been staying.

- The release of Babylon A.D. has been pushed back to August 29th 2008?! Well, February 29th was never a fixed date as far as I know. But the end of August... ganna to be (another) LONG wait...

- Far North is a featured film on U.K.'s Kendal Mountain Film Festival (Nov. 9-18).

Nov. 1st
- The Mummy 3: report and more set photos.

- Far North: selected reviews have been added to the left column.

Oct. 31st
- The Children of Huang Shi: three new images with Michelle.

- Sunshine: U.S. DVD / Blu-Ray release officially announced.

Oct. 30th
- The Mummy 3: updates and more behind scenes video clips.

- Babylon A.D.: an interview with one of the "Bad Contest" winners.

Oct. 29th
- Babylon A.D.: a synopsis and the release dates for Malaysia and France. (thanks Melody)

- In The Mummy 3: video clips on Michelle's Mummy set interview and segments of the filming of the sword fight between Jet Li and Michelle. More reports.

Here are more photos from last Friday's interview. In the first photo Michelle has some materials of Jet Li One Foundation in front of her. She is now one of the long-term volunteers for the charity organization. (click the photos to enlarge. "Sohu" photos)

- Sunshine: more props for sale.

Oct. 26th
- Photos: Michelle at interview at the Tianmo filming set. For the report please see The Mummy 3 section. (click the photos to enlarge. photos from "Sina", "sun", "Takung", and "Wenwei")

Oct. 25th
- Far North: downloadable film clips from the interview with Asif Kapadia.

- The Mummy 3 updates: they have been filming the fight between Michelle and Jet Li. More set photos (no Michelle. one Jet Li)

- In an interview with documentary filmmaker Rob Stewart, he talked about releasing his Sharkwater (2006) in China: "we're talking to Yao Ming, Jackie Chan, and Michelle Yeoh, so we're hoping to get one of them." The documentary is about sharks. These predators of the sea are on the verge of extinction due to the horrendous effects of long-line fishing and the practice of shark finning, in which sharks are killed simply for their fins, a delicacy in the Asian fish market.

Oct. 23rd
- Far North: A video interview with Asif Kapadia. Three sequences from the film are shown - all with Michelle!

- The Mummy 3: more reports and photos - including a new one with Michelle.

- "Dongfang Daily" reported that Chinese actress Mao Junjie said in a recent interview that she's going to star in a new Jackie Chan film called "Wu Shu" (Martial Arts). She said she will co-star with Michelle and they will be sharing many scenes. Jackie Chan will be starring as well as producing, and the film is aiming for next year's Cannes, according to the report. The main story is about three young men and two young women learning martial arts. Mao Junjie plays one of them. The other four will be played by real martial artists. Reportedly the cast also includes Sammo Hung (Ah Kam).

- Sunshine: U.S. DVD release date.

Oct. 22nd
- The Mummy 3 updates.

- More photos of Michelle from the F1 in Shanghai, October 7th (thanks A Bird). Since we have seen many news photos of Michelle attending F1 races around the world, let me mention that Ferrari won the 2007 Formula 1 World Championship title yesterday.

(click to enlarge)

Oct. 21st
- Video: the panel discussion at the Co-Production PRO during the 12th Pusan International Film Festival, Oct. 9th. (37:34, in English)  Michelle's main speeches/QAs are around 03:46-06:31, 17:10-22:09, 28:00-29:00, and in fact she can be seen throughout the video.

- Far North updates: screenings at the AFM and Rome market (pictures). Interviews with Asif Kapadia.

- The Mummy 3 updates and set photos.

Oct. 19th
- Michelle was back to Malaysia for two days for celebrating her father's 83rd birthday. She was a special guest at the banquet dinner for her father's Malaysia Businessman Sports and Recreation Club on Thursday night (18th). There were about 1000 guests on the dinner including local governors and Chinese community group leaders. A LARGE crowd of guests lined up and wanted pictures with Michelle and her autograph. She joked that they can have pictures with her but please don't forget to donate to the club. During the three hours, wherever Michelle was non-stopping flashbulbs followed. A newspaper said she didn't even get a chance to eat during the evening.

Michelle said she came back Ipoh on Wednesday from The Mummy 3's Beijing filming and she would be leaving Malaysia on the 19th. Filming will last until November and at the moment she doesn't have a project fixed afterwords.

"The Star": Michelle returns to Ipoh for dad's birthday do

Michelle cutting birthday cake Michelle with her parents, Datin Janet Yeoh and Datuk Yeoh Kian Teik
Michelle and her father taking pictures when father
giving speech
surrounded by fans toasting at the ceremony
(click photos w/borders to enlarge. photos from "Kwong Wah", "Guang Ming" and "China Press")

- The Mummy 3 updates with more production photos.

- Babylon A.D.: teaser poster. ( No Michelle? :-(   )

Oct. 18th
- The Mummy 3 updates: more set photos from Tianmo and production information.

- U.S. Entertainment Weekly has put up a new list of 24 "Butt-Kicking Babes". Michelle and Zhang Ziyi are listed at No.4 for their performances in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Oct. 17th
- The Mummy 3: set photos from Tianmo (no cast).

Oct. 16th
- Malaysian newspapers said that Michelle is going to attend a ceremony dinner of the Malaysia Businessman Sports and Recreation Club in Ipoh on Thursday. Her father, Datuk Yeoh Kian Teik, is the chairman of the newly founded club. The dinner will be at the Hee Lai Ton Restaurant in Ipoh. Whenever possible, Michelle always tries to go back to her hometown around this time of the year for her father's birthday.

- The Mummy 3 updates.

Oct. 15th
- Video: Michelle at the award ceremony of her Knight of the Legion of Honour (00:56). Photos have been published on News of Oct. 3.

- The Mummy 3 updates.

Oct. 14th
- More photos of Michelle from last weekend in Shanghai, October 7th.

1. Michelle signing autographs for fans   2 & 3. embraced by a fan
5. Zhu Yuhua, left, the chairman of Shanghai Ferrari Club, came to celebrate Farrari's victory in the hotel
(click to enlarge. photos from "Baidu", "IC", and "XinEurope")

Oct. 13th
- Babylon A.D.: music information.

- Michelle returned to Hong Kong after the Korea trip. She was shopping for winter clothes in the Central Plaza on the afternoon of the 11th and got caught by reporters (see photos). She will only stay for a couple of days in Hong Kong.

(click to enlarge. photos from "Sina", "Sun" and "Oriental Daily")

Oct. 10th
- The Mummy 3 updates. A sneak set photo from Tianmo (no cast).

- Far North: an Asif Kapadia interview on the film and a reminder for tomorrow (11th)'s Kapadia Q&A in London.

- Sunshine: a chance to win the DVD.

Oct. 9th
- On October 9th during the 12th Pusan International Film Festival in Busan (Pusan), South Korea, Michelle attended a "Round Talk" discussion panel of Co-Production PRO Conference on the topic of Asian actors in Hollywood blockbusters and crossing over talent. Panelists were: Spencer Baumgarten of CAA (Creative Artists Agency), Peter Loehr, former film producer and the chief agent for CAA China, director Gore Verbinski, and Michelle. Emerald Hall, Grand Hotel.   Related report: Creativity key in Asia-H'wood crossover (The Hollywood Reporter)

L to R: Spencer Baumgarten, Gore Verbinski, Michelle, and Peter Loehr Michelle w/Loehr

Michelle with director Gore Verbinski at the discussion panel

- A press meeting with Michelle, which was initially set to be a small group interview, was later switched to the grand ballroom of a Busan hotel to "accomodate the press that trailed the high-profile actress", reported "Korea Times". Michelle talked about movies and pan-Asian cooperation in filmmaking.   Related report: Michelle Yeoh Stresses Asian Cooperation (Korea Times)

Michelle meeting with the press during the Pusan Film Festival

(click to enlarge. photos from "Korea", "Korea Times", "Yahoo", "Inews", "Gamespot", and "Sina")

- The film festival committee originally also arranged a special public session with Michelle in the afternoon. The outdoor event had to be canceled because of bad weather and the organizer has officially issued an apology to the media and fans. Many people were quite upset about the cancellation.

Oct. 8th
Photos: Michelle with Mr. Jean Todt attending a Ferrari party in Shanghai on the evening before the Grand Prix. October 6. In second photo: Michelle with Yue-Sai Kan (aka Jin Yu-Xi), a famous Chinese American television personality and author.

(click to enlarge. photos from "AJQC" and "Baidu")

- The Mummy 3 updates with set photo scans from Hengdian and a Montreal set video.

- Babylon A.D.: winners of the "Babylon AD" Contest announced.

Oct. 7th
- Photos: Michelle attending the Chinese Formula One Grand Prix at the Shanghai International Circuit, October 7.

celebrating Ferrari's victory. 2nd photo L to R: Felipe Massa, Jean Todt,
race winner Kimi Raikkonen and Michelle
with ?
(click to enlarge. photos from "F1 Online", "Getty Images", "QQ", "Sohu", "MotorSport" and "GPUpdate")

- On October 2nd in Malaysia, Michelle spent an afternoon together with Sham Van Boostra, a breast cancer survivor, at the Energy Day Spa in Kuala Lumpur. Michelle has been a suporter of the PRIDE Foundation (Pink Ribbon Deeds) and a long-time patron of the Hong Kong Cancer Fund. Photo from "The Star": Michelle, Mr. Jean Todt, and Van Boostra (click to enlarge). Related article: Supporting the survivor

- "The Star" article on Michelle: Our brave one

Oct. 4th
- Taiwanese media reported that Michelle will be an award presenter at this year's Golden Horse Awards. The ceremony is scheduled on December 8th.

- Sunshine: two clips of deleted scenes. Michelle is featured in the first one.

- Babylon A.D.: release information.

- The Mummy 3 updates.

Oct. 3rd
- Congratulations to Michelle for receiving the award of Chevalier de Legion d'Honneur!

Michelle receiving the medal from French Ambassador Alain du Boispean

Michelle with Boispean and Mr. Jean Todt at the ceremony

arriving at the ceremony Michelle with family and friends (1st left is Michelle's mother) the medal
(click to enlarge. photos from "Reuters", "Getty Images", "NEN", "Kwongwah", "China Press", "NST", "Bernama", and "The Star")

The award ceremony was held in the evening of October 3rd at the French Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Alain du Boispean, the French Ambassador to Malaysia, presented the medal to Michelle.

The Chevalier de Legion d'Honneur (Knight of the Legion of Honour) is France's highest civilian honour. Boispean said the award paid a special tribute to Michelle's outstanding talents from performing arts to her philanthropic works around the world, and her contribution to the strengthening of ties and mutual friendship between France and Malaysia. The event also marked the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Malaysia and France, said the ambassador. "This anniversary shall also be marked by the recognition that we bear testimony of your talent and special attachments that you have, in many ways to France."

"I am truly honoured to receive such a great honour and I would like to dedicate this award to my family," said Michelle. "I would also like to share this award to not only Malaysians here but also in France, who have been working hard to strengthen the bilateral relationship between both countries. I promise to be a worthy representative of both countries."

Michelle said what made the award more meaningful was the fact that she received it in her home country and that it was witnessed by her family and friends, some of whom had come from as far as Amsterdam. Michelle said that deep down she is just a small-town girl from Ipoh who has been living a magical dream. "I am just lucky to have been able to live a magical dream through movies. Over the last three years, I have been a geisha, an astronaut and soon a wizard."

Dozens of people, including her family members and relatives, friends, her middle school teachers as well as some old classmates, attended the private award ceremony.

Michelle's middle school teachers and classmates said it was an honor to be invited to the ceremony. They remembered middle-schooler Michelle as a bright girl who's never tired of learning, and who was talented in ballet. They also said she is a leader type, remarkable person. They all said they are very proud of her.

Michelle was accompanied to the ceremony by her fiancee Mr. Datuk Seri Jean Todt, who has had the French title Grand Officier of Chevalier de Legion d'Honneur.

Selected news reprots:
   Actress Michelle Yeoh gets top French award (Reuters)
   Michelle Yeoh Receives French Prestigious Decoration (Bernama)
   Bond girl Michelle Yeoh becomes French knight (AFP)
   Michelle Yeoh receives top French award (The Star)

Oct. 2nd
- Finally! A photo of Michelle from the Mummy set - in costume. See updates in The Mummy 3.

- News Links:
   The Star: Michelle on NTV7's "Outstanding Malaysians".
   The Star: Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Oct. 1st
- Someone took this sequence of photos of Michelle and Mr. Jean Todt a month ago, on September 2nd in Italy. (thanks Brenda for finding the photos!)

(click to enlarge. "Gossip Rocks")

Sept. 29th
- Photos: Michelle at the pit garage during a practice session of Japanese F1 Grand Prix at Fuji Speedway in Oyama, September 29th.

3rd photo: Michelle with Ferrari Brazilian F1 driver Felipe Massa (L) and Mr. Jean Todt (R)

(click to enlarge. photos from "Reuters", "AP", "Dayoo" and "Getty Images")

Sept. 28th
- Babylon A.D.: two photos from April in Prague.

- The Mummy 3: a video with crew members and some scans of the set.

Sept. 27th
- Here is a Video (07:06, in Cantonese) of a Michelle interview, on August 31st during the Venice Film Festival. Reporters asked her opinion on Ang Lee's Lust, Caution, and her Far North filming experience. Both films premiered on the festival the day before. For more details please see Far North.

(photos from "Epoch Times", "UDN" and video scans. click to enlarge)

Sept. 25th
- Far North: release information for Sara Maitland's book, "Far North and Other Dark Tales", and a book cover picture (with Michelle).

Sept. 24th
- The Mummy 3: if you are in Shanghai, you may have a chance to be an extra!

Sept. 23rd
- Taiwan's "UDN" reported that Michelle will be heading from Montreal back to her hometown in Malaysia where she will spend the Mid-Autumn Festival, aka the Mooncake Festival (it is a traditional Chinese holiday for family reunions on the brightest full moon of the year, which is on the 25th this year) with her family. For more updates please see The Mummy 3 section.

Sept. 21st
- According to Chinese news, Michelle will be among the guests for the Pusan International Film Festival early next month. Far North is an official selection.

Sept. 19th
- The Children of Huang Shi: two new images (one with Michelle).

- Far North updates.

Sept. 15th
- The Mummy 3 has been updated with set photos and a video. There is a photo of Anthony Wong (Kau in The Heroic Trio). No set photo of Michelle yet although she is now in Montreal.

Sept. 13th
- Far North will be screened at the London Film Festival in October.

- More photos of Michelle from Venice (click to enlarge):

Michelle during the 64th Venice Film Festival

Michelle visiting the Venice Film Festival Style 2007 Talent Lounge at Nikki Beach Michelle and Mr. Jean Todt attending the Sleuth premiere afterparty, August 30
(photos from "Corbis" , "WireImage" and "Getty Images")

Sept. 11th
- The Mummy 3 updates and a set photo.

- Audemars Piguet: Michelle Yeoh wins hearts in Venice

Photos: Michelle in Venice, August 31st.

("Audemars Piguet" and "Sina" photos. click to enlarge)

Sept. 10th
- "Variety" reported that Michelle is to receive the Legion of Honor (Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur), a French civil honor, and the medal will be presented to her at a ceremony in Kuala Lumpur on October 3.

- Far North will be a competition film at the Dinard British Film Festival in October.

- Photos from the premiere of Far North at the 64th Venice Film Festival. August 30th.

Michelle attending the "Far North" world premeire

(L to R) Michelle, Asif Kapadia, Michelle Krusiec, and Sean Bean Asif Kapadia, two Michelles, and Sean Bean at the premiere


Michelle with Mr. Jean Todt at the "Far North" premeire
(click to enlarge. photos from "WireImage", and "Getty Images")

Sept. 9th
- Congratulations to Ang Lee for winning his second Golden Lion award! Lee's new Chinese language film, Lust, Caution, won the best film and best cinematography at the Venice film festival. Taiwanese authority announced that the film will represent Taiwan to compete for the 2008 Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film. Lust, Caution (Chinese title Se, Jie) stars Chinese actress, newcomer Tang Wei, Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Taiwan's pop star Leehom Wang, and actress Joan Chen.

- On August 30th, Michelle attended the premiere of Ang Lee's Lust, Caution, at the same day of the press conference of her own Far North (the second day of the 64th Venice Film Festival).

Video clips from the premiere of Lust, Caution:
    Michelle embracing with Ang Lee after the film screening (00:06)
    Red carpet arrival (07:09. Michelle appears in the clip from 06:16 to the end)
(for smooth display, you may pause the clip until it's fully downloaded, then hit "play")

Photos: Michelle at the premiere of Lust, Caution:

(1)(2) Michelle and director Ang Lee after the screening of "Lust, Caution"

(click to enlarge. photos from "WireImage", "Getty Images", "Tom", "Sina", "Sohu" and "Yahoo")

Sept. 8th
- Some Far North related video clips from Venice can be seen in the Far North section.

- Photos: Michelle attending the Far North press photocall on August 30th during the 64th Venice Film Festival. With director Asif Kapadia, actor Sean Bean and actress Michelle Krusiec.

Michelle meeting the press
(click to enlarge. photos from "WireImage", "Getty Images", "AP" and "MCT")

Sept. 7th
- The Mummy 3: exclusive photos from set construction at Tianmo.

- Hua Mulan: new development.

Sept. 6th
- Sunshine: design sketches and two HQ photos (including a new Michelle one).

- The ceremony of the 2007 Gucci Group Award was held on September 3rd at the Palazzo Grassi during the 64th Venice Film Festival. Michelle and Robert Polet, president and CEO of Gucci Group, presented the award to American visual artist Julian Schnabel.

Here you can watch a video clip of the event. It has interviews with jury members including Michelle's. Go to Gucci Group, click on "Event" and then "Video". (04:12)

w/Gucci CEO
Robert Polet
presenting the award
to Julian Schnabel
Robert Polet, Michelle, and Julian Schnabel
Michelle at the Gucci Group Award w/Stefano Tonchi, "The New York Times" Magazine Style Editor (L to R) American actor and director Danny Huston, Michelle, Julian Schnabel, Stefano Tonchi and Marco Muller, director of the Venice Film Festival
(click to enlarge. photos from "Gucci Group" and "WireImage")

Sept. 5th
- The Children of Huang Shi: updates with a still image of Michelle.

- Updates of Babylon A.D. and The Mummy 3.

- News flash: on Monday August 27, Michelle was in Malaysia to attend the launching of "Becoming A King", an one-hour documentary which chronicles the coronation of Malaysia's thirteenth King. The programme, which features a cameo by Michelle, is a joint-effort by National Geographic Channels International and National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS).

After the premiere, Michelle rushed back to Europe for the Venice Film Festival. She was unable to attend Malaysia's national day celebration (on August 31st).

(1)(2) Michelle attending the premiere of "Becoming A King"
(3) Michelle catching up with her old classmates in Ipoh
(click to enlarge. photos from "SinChew", "HSM" and "NST")

Sept. 4th
- Hi I'm back, safe and sound. There have been quite a lot of Michelle related news/photos and I may need a few days to sort them out. Michelle's been at the Venice Film Festival and she will start Mummy filming on September 6.

- Far North: poster, movie stills, and production notes.

- The Mummy 3: some set photos from Montreal, and more.

- My e-mail account jane@michelleyeoh.info wasn't working properly. If anyone sent e-mail to that address during the last week please re-send. Sorry.

Aug. 16th
- [NOTE] Hi, I'm going for a vacation. Most likely there will be no update before September 4th. No unfortunately I'm not going to be in Venice. If any of you are among the lucky ones who get to see Far North (and our Michelle!) , I would be eager to hear from you. See ya!

- The Mummy 3: more information on the production.

- The Children of Huang Shi updates.

Aug. 15th
- The Mummy 3 updates.

- New in Sunshine: full end credit song with Sunshine extended trailer. Many thanks to BAM who helped with making the video.

- Many thanks to Mike who sent us scans of "The Michelle Yeoh Issue" of "Oriental Cinema" magazine, published in spring of 2002. There is a 7 page article followed by 16 pages of film reviews. It features many precious old photos (most of them have no descriptions or dates though). Notice that there are interesting stories in the article but on the other hand there are also errors and mistakes. As for the reviews, sorry to say I stopped reading after the first two and half films. Nevertheless the photos are something to see. Go to Gallery -> Magazines. Thanks again Mike for all the scans!

Aug. 13th
- New in Sunshine: interview videos (including sections of Michelle's), links to the end credit song on YouTube, and Amazon link for the script.

- Updates on The Mummy 3 and The Children of Huang Shi.

- Fan videos: Michelle Yeoh - Action Compilation. These are music videos made by Darrell by blending many Michelle's action scenes from various movies. (thanks Darrell!)

- Some photos of Michelle at F1 races. Not new but haven't been published on this site.

July 7. Silverstone,

May 26. Monte Carlo, Monaco (more photos)

with Michael Schumacher. June 10. Montreal, Canada.
(more photos)
(click to enlarge. photos from "Formula 1", "Corbis" and "RaceFreaks")

Aug. 10th
- Far North will be premiering on August 30th at the 64th Venice Film Festival.

Aug. 9th
- Hey guys/gals! Michelle has received our birthday greetings and she thanks "all the wonderful people for their loving kind and thoughtful messages". It's our pleasure, Michelle. "May all our dreams come true." Read Michelle's message.

- Sunshine: DVD cover and some fan made wallpapers.

Aug. 8th
- Sunshine: new cast photos, including Michelle's Corazon.

Aug. 7th
- Michelle will be at the 64th Venice Film Festival for Far North. The complete program of the film festival will be available after August 15.

- Three Michelle photos from the Cannes Film Festival (thanks Kit):

Press Day, May 22

Press Day, May 21

L'Oreal Paris Counter in Cannes
(click to enlarge)
- Sunshine: DVD release information.

- The Mummy 3: production updates.

Aug. 6th
- Photo: Michelle at pre-race of the Hungarian Formula One Grand Prix, Sunday August 5, Budapest. (click to enlarge. "MotorSport")

- The Mummy 3 production updates.

- Babylon A.D.: music information.

Aug. 5th
- This year at our annual Birthday Special we have received 227 messages. We have here old friends and new fans; from 3, 5, and 6 years old to professional filmmakers; we have got several people from Norway who worked with Michelle on Far North ; we have got George Hogg's niece from Los Angeles; and we have fans from at least 38 countries/regions: Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Canada, China (Mainland), Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, U.K., U.S.A., Ukraine, Venezuela, and Vietnam. Thanks everyone!

Happy Birthday Michelle!
Birthday Greetings to Michelle
(P.S. all messages have been sent to Michelle)

- Some Chinese fans are celebrating Michelle's birthday at the Baidu Club.

- Dean of the MYOFC will be holding the annual birthday chat at the chatroom, starting Sunday 9:00PM Pacific time (Monday noon Hong Kong/China time).

Aug. 4th

- photo at left: Michelle in the pits of the Hungaroring racetrack in Budapest, during a practice session of the Hungarian Formula One Grand Prix, August 4. ("Getty Images". click to enlarge)

Aug. 1st
- Michelle has not joined the Montreal filming of The Mummy 3. More updates on the production.

- I'm extending the deadline for sending messages to Michelle through the Birthday Special 2007 to August 4. Make sure you don't miss it!

Jul. 30th
- Babylon A.D.: MNP launched a contest looking for clips of futuristic ads or news to be used in the film.

- The Mummy 3 updates: production information.

- Updates on the previously reported Nanking Massacre project, Nanking or The Rape of Nanking: last week Chinese media reported that the project was called off, but today's media reports said that director Simon West has arrived in Nanjing and the shooting of a trailer starts on July 31st. No cast has been announced and the director said they are casting at the moment. The script has been re-written by different script-writer and the new title is called Purple Mountain. (Purple Mountain, also known as Bell Mountain, is a famous mountain located in east Nanjing.) (for earlier reports on the project see News of October 28, 2006)

Jul. 29th
- Sunshine: lyrics of the end title songs.

Jul. 27th
- The Mummy 3 updates: filming has started; new release date; and more.

Jul. 26th
- Far North will be screened at the 64th Venice Film Festival, out of competition. (thanks Kit!)

- Sunshine: some photos from pre-production, and more updates.

Jul. 25th
- The Children of Huang Shi: some videos taken by an extra from a scene shot in Shanghai. A photo of David Wenham on set.

- Updates on the previously reported Nanking Massacre project, Nanking (aka The Rape of Nanking). The latest news is that the (pre)production has been stopped. Back in February, the Jiangsu Culture Industry Corporation reported on their website that art director Tom Sanders was in Nanjing working with a Chinese production team for pre-production. They had chosen 22 locations in Nanjing and Shanghai for filming and they were making props including old style vehicles, weapons, costumes, etc.. Meantime they were making changes to the script according to the feedback from the Chinese side. For the past few months rumors suggested that the project has been called off. Recently, Chinese art director Luo Guanqun confirmed it is true but no reason has been stated. (for earlier reports on the project see News of October 28, 2006)

This December will mark the 70th anniversary of the infamous Nanking Massacre. Many filmmakers, from mainland China, Hong Kong, and even western countries, wanted to make their tributes in memory of the event. But Chinese authorities are extremely strict on the materials of this subject. During the past couple of years they have rejected a large number of proposals and among all reported film projects on the related topic, I think The Children of Huang Shi is the only one which has actually been filmed in China so far.

Jul. 23rd
- Sunshine updates: box office report and my experience of the Sunshine screening.

- Babylon A.D.: another PageSix report on the troubles with the production.

Jul. 20th
- Sunshine: another round of props auction.

- Far North: Asif Kapadia's presentation in October in London.

Jul. 19th
- Sunshine is coming to selected theatres tomorrow (Friday)! A list of the 10 theatres where the film will be shown.

Jul. 18th
- The Mummy 3: more casting information. The title of the film is The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

Jul. 17th
- The Mummy 3: Vic Armstrong talks about Michelle. Preparation of the film and some photos from early set construction.

Jul. 16th
- Sunshine: Geez, FoxSearchLight is giving out the biggest spoilers!

- The Mummy 3 updates.

- Babylon A.D.: the title of the film has been removed from next week's Comic-Con International San Diego's official event schedule.

- In The Children of Huang Shi: post-production updates; "Huang Shi" and "The Children of Huang Shi".

Jul. 15th
- Sunshine: free promotional screenings - in many cities! And selected articles.

Jul. 11th
- Sunshine: new Sunshine photos and HQ version of some older photos of Corazon.

Jul. 9th
- Michelle is a member of the 2007 Gucci Group Award Selection Committee, according to the announcement by Gucci Group and the 64th Venice Film Festival today. The second annual Gucci Group Award will be presented on September 3 at Venice's Palazzo Grassi during the 64th Venice Film Festival. (PRNewswire)

- Babylon A.D. is on the official list of the upcoming Comic-Con International San Diego.

Jul. 6th
- Babylon A.D. updates: all filming is complete.

- Sunshine: more production videos, including a Michelle interview.

Jul. 5th
- Far North: an "BBC" article on Asif Kapadia, and a set photo of the film.

- The Mummy 3 updates.

Jul. 3rd
- Sunshine updates: Danny Boyle talking about the casting, and North American release information.

- As a part of "USA Today"'s yearlong 25th anniversary celebration, the newspaper made a top 25 list on "25 movies that made waves - the ones that shook us - and the movie industry". Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is listed at 19th on the 25 movies with real impact.

Jul. 1st
- The Mummy 3 updates: more casting information.

- photo at left: Michelle in the grid of the Nevers Magny-Cours racetrack, on Sunday July 1st, before the French Formula One Grand Prix. ("Getty Images". click to enlarge)
- Photos: Michelle attending the closing ceremony of the 29th International Moscow Film Festival, June 30th.

1. Michelle with Nikita Mikhalkov, president of the Moscow International Film Festival, Russian film director and actor.
2 & 3. on the red carpet
4. Michelle with Australian director Fred Schepisi at the closing ceremony.
5. (L to R) Michelle, French ambassador to Russia Stanislas de Laboulaye, and director Fred Schepisi.
(click to enlarge. photos from "AP" and "Getty Images")

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