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Jun. 30th
    "On June 22nd, 2011, I was denied entry to Burma. The immigration authorities treated me cordially but deported me upon arrival for no reason and without providing any justification. I was shocked and terribly saddened by this action. I harbor no ill will resulting from this incident and continue to remain fond of Burma and the Burmese people. I continue to cherish hopes to see this country continue its progress towards peace and democracy and to be able to return soon.

    Michelle Yeoh
    June 30th, 2011"
AP: Yeoh 'Saddened' by Deportation From Myanmar
CNN: Michelle Yeoh Barred From Entering Myanmar

Michelle was making a "private trip as a tourist" when the incident occurred.

Michelle's mother told Malaysian press yesterday during interviews that she's not worried about her daughter. She feels proud that Michelle can play a role such as Suu Kyi. She said Michelle lost 10 pounds for the role.

- The French release date of The Lady has been re-scheduled to November 30, 2011.

Jun. 29th
- I'm back... the first news I saw after I got off the airplane was that the Myanmar government has now put Michelle on a blacklist and denied her entry into Myanmar/Burma last week (I'm not surprised). She was deported the same day as she arrived at Yangon on Wednesday, June 22. Although the Myanmar authorities did not give a reason, apparently it is related to her role in The Lady film.

  Time: Burma Deports Hollywood Star Michelle Yeoh
  Radio Free Asia: Actress Yeoh Blacklisted, Deported

Michelle, we support you. I wish for the day you can freely enter Myanmar/Burma, and wish that day will mark the true freedom of the Burmese people. And please allow me to extend this wish for all people who are denied from freedom and basic human rights, especially those in Mainland China.

Michelle has returned to Europe, safely.

(Some news and news photos from earlier this month will be coming soon. Please give me some time to unpack my bags)

Jun. 8th
- [Note] Hi friends, I'm going for a trip, and most likely there won't be updates on the site until the end of the month. Wish everyone a great summer! Wish me a smooth trip and safe return. See you!

- The Lady: an English translation of Michelle's interview on The Lady, published on German Focus in May. Thanks Joe and Dean!

- More photos of Michelle during the 2011 Challenge Bibendum in Berlin, May 20th. Enjoy!

(click to enlarge. "Challenge Bibendum" photos)

Jun. 6th
- Photos: Michelle and Jean Todt during the celebration of Rafael Nadal's French Open victory with Richard Mille at L'Arc Paris, Sunday June 5th.

last photo: Jean Todt, Michelle, and Richard Mille
(click to enlarge. photos from "News" and "PurePeople")

Jun. 5th
- Photo at left: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the qualifying practice of the Catalunya MotoGP Grand Prix, the Montmelo race track, Barcelona, Spain, June 4th.   ("Reuters" photo. click to enlarge)

- I just found out that you can rent movies online at YouTube, and Screen Media Pictures offers Michelle's Silver Hawk free of charge (but not free from advertising). I wanted to check out the quality and ended up (re)watching quite a bit of the movie. It was really fun to see the real Michelle rescuing a real panda, especially after watching (twice!) the animated Soothsayer saving the Panda Po. Oh, and did you notice the narrator at the beginning of Kung Fu Panda 2 is actually our Michelle? ;-)

Watch Silver Hawk on YouTube   (01:39:27)

And don't miss Kung Fu Panda 2 - in 3D!

Jun. 2nd
- Michelle and Jean Todt visiting Andorra, June 2nd.
  RTVA news video   (00:34)

meeting with Antoni Marti, Prime Minister of Andorra
(click to enlarge. "RadioSeu")

Jun. 1st
- Photos: Michelle attending the eSafety Challenge 2011 in Vienna, May 30 & 31.

eSafety Excellence Prize 2011 giving ceremony, May 30

Panel Debate, eSafety Challenge 2011, May 31
left photo: Michelle and David Ward, Director General of FIA Foundation
(photos from "Oeamtc" and "EsafetyChallenge". click to enlarge)
"...I would like to convey the following three key messages I have taken from our work on the Decade of Action:
      1. Road traffic injuries remain a top global health and development concern.
      2. Road traffic injuries can be prevented.
      3. All stakeholders need to pull together now to make sure that real action is taken.
  Working together, I am sure we can succeed in our goals."
                    - Michelle Yeoh, at the Panel Debate of eSafety Challenge 2011

May 31st
- Reign of Assassins: Japan release date: August 27.

- "Your story may not have such a happy beginning, but that doesn't make you who you are. It is the rest of your story, who you choose to be." - Soothsayer, Kung Fu Panda 2

( Have you seen the movie? ;-)   )

May 29th
- Photos from the 2011 Monaco Grand Prix, the Monte Carlo circuit, Monaco, Sunday May 29th.

Michelle and Jean Todt attending the Monaco Grand Prix

(1-3) with Bernie Ecclestone, F1 chief executive
(4) Tamara and Petra Ecclestone, daughters of Bernie Ecclestone, Michelle and Jean Todt

(1) Michelle and Jean Todt with Vijay Mallya, chairman and managine director Force India
(2) Pastor Maldonado of Williams talks to Jean Todt and Michelle   (3) James Stunt, boyfriend of Petra Ecclestone, greets Michelle

(1-2) with Nicola Todt, son of Jean Todt and manager of Felipe Massa
(click to enlarge. photos from "News", "Motorsport", "Sutton", "Corbis", "Vogue" and "Crash")

May 28th
- News photos from Monaco, Saturday May 28th.

Michelle and Jean Todt at the qualifying race day of the Monaco Grand Prix

Red Bull racing team principal Christian Horner talking with Jean Todt and Michelle

promoting road safety campaign at Monaco GP

FIA Action for Road Safety photocall. front row (L to R): Jean Todt, Michelle, and Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO WPP of Group
back row: Nick Heidfeld (GER) Lotus Renault GP, Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari, Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes GP,
Felipe Massa (BRA) Ferrari, Nico Rosberg (GER) Mercedes GP
(click to enlarge. photos from "Reuters", "News", "GrandPrix", "Motorsprot", "Zimbio", "Formula1", and "Getty")

May 27th
- Michelle is in Monaco now, and she will be in Vienna soon to attend the eSafety Challenge 2011. Michelle is going to be at the Conference Dinner on Monday and give out the eSafety Excellence Prizes, and she is scheduled as a speaker at the panel on UN Decade of Action for Road Safety Tuesday afternoon.

- More photos of Michelle during the 2011 Challenge Bibendum in Berlin, May 20th.

Michelle with big blue Grover on the mission to make world's roads safe

(click to enlarge. "Challenge Bibendum" photos)

May 26th
- The Lady: film description from Left Bank Pictures.

- Reign of Assassins: Madman Entertainment is holding a contest for winning a copy of the DVD and a samurai sword umbrella. Ends on June 21st. Australia only.

- Although I'm already used to seeing a line like "Michelle Yeoh steals every scene she's in" from film critics, I have to say it cracked me up when I read "an elderly soothsayer voiced by Michelle Yeoh steals every scene she's in" in a Kung Fu Panda 2 (New York Times) review... :-DDDDD   I'm looking forward to meeting the wise, kind, robe chewing old she-goat!

May 24th

"The cup you choose to fill has no bottom." (Soothsayer)
- Kung Fu Panda 2 hits U.S. theaters on May 26. Image at left: Michelle's Soothsayer (click to enlarge).

Kung Fu Panda 2 Production Notes (thanks Sean)
Michelle Yeoh is no stranger to big, bad villains, or martial arts films (although"KFP2" is her first animated martial arts entry). Never professionally schooled in martial arts, the performer used her early dance training to take full advantage when she began making action films for a Hong Kong-based company in the mid '80s. Already a respected performer outside of the United States, Yeoh's domestic popularity skyrocketed with her performance in Ang Lee's lyrical"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." In KFP2, Yeoh was cast as the voice of the Soothsayer - a wise and ancient big-horned sheep that is close in character to the witches in "Macbeth," and her visions come to influence (if not out and out determine) some of the key plot points in the film.

Yeoh comments, "I did 'Crouching Tiger' because I felt that the genre needed more respect and dignity than it had been afforded. It is steeped in history and our culture - I think it really opened eyes in Western audiences. And I feel that the 'Kung Fu Panda' films do the same thing, in a way. Whether people realize it or not, they are being exposed to aspects of Chinese culture, martial arts and legend. And it's done in such an enjoyable way that it doesn't feel anything like a lesson or a classroom learning experience. I think they're wonderful entertainment, and I was very glad to be asked to be in this one."
     Director Jennifer Yuh talks about raising the stakes for 'Kung Fu Panda 2'
     A review & Prize Pack giveaway
     A Kung Fu Panda 2 review

- Hong Kong's 19th annual French arts festival, Le French May, will hold a mixed-media exhibition featuring Rose, c'est Paris, by Bettina Rheims and Serge Bramly, at the City Hall from May 27 to June 21. (info on the exhibition)

Photo at right: Michelle in Rose, c'est Paris (click to enlarge). For more photos please see News of April 9, 2010.

- Reign of Assassins: Contest: Win REIGN OF ASSASSINS samurai sword umbrellas (by May 31. Australia only).   Australian DVD will be released on June 22nd.

May 22nd
- Photos: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the Formula One Spanish Grand Prix, Barcelona, Spain, May 22nd.

(4) talking to Emilio Botin, Executive Chairman of Spain's Grupo Santander
(5) meeting with Jose Ramon Carabante, team owner of the Hispania Racing F1 Team
(click to enlarge. photos from "Corbis" and "Sutton")

May 20th
- On Friday May 20th, Michelle attended the 2011 Challenge Bibendum conference in Berlin.

First corporate 'Supporters of the Decade of Action for Road Safety' unveiled in Berlin

(1-2) Michelle speaking at the Leaders' Forum
(3) Michelle with David Ward (L), director general of FIA Foundation and joint chairman of
Road Safety Fund, and Christian Deuringer (R), head of global brand management at Allianz SE

(1) (L to R) Bernd Bohr, chairman of the Bosch Automotive Group, Richard Driscoll, Renault Group manager,
Michelle, David Ward, Jean-Dominique Senard, managing partner of Michelin Group, and Christian Deuringer
(2) Sesame Street's Grover joined the mission to make world's roads safe
(click to enlarge. photos from "Road Safety Fund", "Allianz", "Wattgehtab", and "Michelin Challenge Bibendum")

May 19th
- DreamWorks Animation's press release on Los Angeles premiere of Kung Fu Panda 2, to be held on May 22nd in Hollywood. (Michelle will not attend)

- Variety reported that The Lady "will be submitted shortly" to the Venice Film Festival.

- True Legend: Q&A with director Yuen Woo Ping. The film is expanding to more U.S. theaters this weekend.

May 15th
- As global road safety ambassador, Michelle will continue to be the voice for the road safety campaign. She has several more related events later this month. On May 20th, Michelle will be a speaker at the Leaders' Forum during the 11th Challenge Bibendum in Berlin, Germany. On May 30th and 31st, Michelle will attend the eSafety Challenge 2011 in Vienna, Austria. And she is also expected to be in Barcelona, Spain next weekend.

Michelle said she has decided to skip Cannes including amfAR this year and devote herself to the Decade of Action promotion.

More videos and interviews from the Suzanne SYZ jewelry show in Hong Kong:
    30fen (02:57 in Mandarin)
    ONTV (00:42 in Cantonese)
    TuDou (01:56 in Mandarin)
(thanks Crystal and Joe for some video links and information)

May 13th
- True Legend opens in selected theatres in the U.S. today. See trailer and clip and theatre information.

- Videos: Michelle at the Suzanne SYZ jewelry show in Hong Kong
    video 1 ( 00:48, in Mandarin Chinese)  video 2 (00:51, in Thai)
Michelle said that she is going to start a family topic film with a Korean director next month.

- More photos from yesterday's event (click to enlarge. "Hunantv" photos):

May 12th
- The press conference of Kung Fu Panda 2 was held on May 12th during the Cannes Film Festival. Voice cast members Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, and Dustin Hoffman attended the film promotion. Jolie said in an interview that she would love to visit China, where she's never been, and she "would love to work with Michelle Yeoh."

- On May 12th, Michelle attended the opening of the Suzanne SYZ jewelry show in Hong Kong. During media interviews, Michelle talked about her upcoming Aung San Suu Kyi film, The Lady, and she said director Luc Besson is currently editing the film and is eyeing a world premiere at the Venice Film Festival which runs from Aug. 31 to Sept. 10.

Report: Michelle Yeoh Hopes Aung San Suu Kyi Biopic Will Raise Awareness

Michelle with Suzanne Syz, Swiss renowned jewellery designer

(click to enlarge. photos from "Tungstar", "AP" and "Oriental Daily")

May 11th
- May 11 2011 marks the official launch of UN's Decade of Action for Road Safety campaign. The launch activities are taking place in over 100 countries. Statistics from the WHO said road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death and disability among people aged 15 to 44. Michelle has been a global road safety ambassador since 2007.

Watch videos:
    Michelle Yeoh's message to New Zealand for Decade of Action (02:06)
    Interview with Michelle Yeoh (02:20)
    Road Safety Fund Video with Michelle Yeoh (00:55)
    Decade of Action Launch film (06:06)
    Make Roads Safe - Time for Action (14:17)
    UN Decade of Action (04:59)

- Photos: Michelle at the launching ceremony of Decade of Action in Beijing, China. (Special thanks to Jingyang for taking and sharing many beautiful photos from the event!)

ESC testing drive

(click to enlarge. photos from Jingyang, "Make Roads Safe", "AP", "Sina" and "Weibo")

May 10th
- The Lady: AD from EuropaCorp's Cannes Market Line-up 2011, and a video transcript of Michelle's earlier interview on the film (thanks Dean!)

- Reign of Assassins: official selection for the New York Asian Film Festival 2011 in U.S.A. and opening film for the Casa Asia Film Week in Spain.

- New image on the front page's slide show (may need to refresh your browser to see the new image).

May 8th
- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the Turkish F1 Grand Prix at the Istanbul Park circuit in Istanbul, May 8th.

last photo: Michelle, Jean Todt and Nico Rosberg, F1 Mercedes GP driver

(1-2) Michelle, Jean Todt with Narain Karthikeyan, the first Formula One driver from India
(3) with Jose Carabante Aguilera of Hispania Racing F1 team
(click to enlarge. photos from "MotorSport", "News", "AP", "Sutton", "GPupdate", "Corbis" and "Reuters")

May 5th
- On May 5th, Michelle, UN road safety ambassador, and Jean Todt, the FIA president, visited Chisinau, the capital city of the Republic of Moldova to discuss the launching of the UN Decade of Action for road safety in Moldova. Michelle also participated in a road safety promotion activity in a school in the afternoon.

Michelle and Jean Todt meeting with Moldovan government officials
left photo (L to R): Alexei Roibu, Minister of Internal Affairs, Victor Bodiu, Secretary General of the Government,
Jean Todt, Michelle, Mihai Slehtitchi, Minister of Education, and Andrei Usatii, Minister of Health

left photo: Michelle, Sanda Filat (L), wife of the Moldova Prime Minister, and Corina Bodiu, wife of
the Secretary General of the Government, with students at the Prometeu school
(click to enlarge. Moldova photos)

May 2nd
- The U.S. premeire of Kung Fu Panda 2 will take place on Sunday, May 22nd at the Mann Chinese Theater in Hollywood.
For trailers and a new clip see Kung Fu Panda 2.

Apr. 29th
- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt attending a Mont Blanc launch event, a tribute to Gustave Eiffel, at Le Jules Verne Restaurant at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, April 28th.

(click to enlarge. photos from "PurePeople" and "News")

Apr. 28th
- The UN Decade of Action for Road Safety will be officially launched on May 11th. Global activities and events are planned on every continent and in every time zone, joined by governments, international agencies, civil society organizations and private companies. Michelle, as a global ambassador of the Make Roads Safe Campaign, will be in Beijing, China, for the launch activity.

- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the Vintage Cars Exhibition Launch - Gala Dinner at Musee Des Arts Decoratifs on April 27, Paris.

(1) (L to R) Jean Todt, Michelle, Ralph Lauren and wife Ricky Lauren
(2) Jackie Stewart, Scottish racing car champion, Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt
(3) (L to R): Jean Todt, Michelle, Zhang Ziyi, Zofia Reno and Jean Reno

(2-4) Michelle, Jean Todt, Jean Reno (R) and wife Zofia Reno
(click to enlarge. photos from "Getty", "WireImage", "Pure People", "Zimbio", "Sina" and "WWD")

Apr. 27th
- True Legend: Advanced screening in LA and more U.S. release information.

- Waiting for Kung Fu Panda 2? Here you can have more on Michelle's Soothsayer:
    Make a 3D stand-up Soothsayer
    Soothsayer Facebook
Variety reported that DreamWorks Animation plans to hold an international press junket for the film during the Cannes film festival, inviting select press to see the full feature and interview the film's voice cast. The film will be released in the U.S. on May 26th and European markets in June. It opens in Taiwan on May 27th and in Mainland China on May 28th.

- More photos from the Multilateral Development Bank Road Safety Initiative in Washington D.C.. (click to enlarge. "World Bank" photos)

(1) Michelle with Robert B. Zoellick, World Bank president
(2) Robert Zoellick, Michelle and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Apr. 21st
- World Bank: Michelle Yeoh, NYC Mayor Bloomberg Boost MDB Road Safety Initiative

- Reign of Assassins: screenings at the CPH PIX, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Apr. 19th
- As an amfAR ambassador, Michelle is going to serve as an event chair for the 18th annual amfAR Cinema Against AIDS, to be held in the evening of May 19th during the Cannes Film Festival (which runs May 11-22 this year).

- Michelle, Global Ambassador of the Make Roads Safe Campaign, attended the Multilateral Development Bank Road Safety Initiative at the World Bank headquarters in Washington D.C., April 19th. She was one of the key speakers.

Video: World Bank Road Safety   (01:36)

      "Every few seconds someone gets killed on the roads in the world. And the roads are there to facilitate and to make our lives better, not to take them. And we need to have the right policies in place. It's implementation, it's enforcement, so everyone needs to work together, given that there are some places who has a much better policy because they've made the mistakes."
      "Please remember, you have the ability to make the change. And please do."
-- Michelle Yeoh

Michelle speaking at the Road Safety Initiative panel

(1-4) Michelle with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg
(5) Michelle with Robert B. Zoellick, World Bank Group President

left photo (L to R) Robert Zoellick, Michelle and Michael Bloomberg.
(click to enlarge. photos from "Getty", "News", "CFP", "AP" and "Make Roads Safe")

Apr. 18th
- The Lady: Luc Besson interviews. 230 minutes?!

- True Legend: release date in Japan.

- More photos from the TOD'S event in Singapore last Thursday.

(click to enlarge. "Fash Eccentric" and "Asiatatler" photos)

Apr. 14th
- French TV Canal + Cinema is going to air a documentary, "Luc Besson: Cinemascope," on April 20, 22:25. It will include pictures from The Lady and interviews with the director, taken during the Bangkok filming. Rerun: April 22, 11:35 and April 26, 09:50.

- On April 14th, Michelle attended the charity Tod's D Bag retrospective exhibition at the Paragon, Singapore. Describing her exclusive bag design of "golden swallows flying high, like sunrays shining through dark clouds," Michelle said that her motivation came from seeing "the images coming out of Japan's quake disaster and how everyone was moved by the dignity of the people." The PEACE bag Michelle designed will be auctioned off through silent bids during Hong Kong and Singapore D Bag Retrospective Exhibitions, and the proceeds will go towards the Japan relief efforts.

Watch Video: Michelle interview on the design of the D bag, what she sees through the Japan disaster, and her upcoming films. Starts in Mandarin Chinese and then in English. (04:31)

MSN Report: "Michelle Yeoh turns designer bag creator"
  part 1 on her design of the PEACE bag
  part 2 on her portrayal of Aung San Suu Kyi

last photo: Michelle with Mauro Malta, general manager of TOD'S in Asia-Pacific
(click to enlarge. photos from "MSN", "Zaobao", "Caunter", "Fash Eccentric" and "yfrog")

Apr. 13th
- Reign of Assassins: screening at the Bucharest International Film Festival in Romania.

Apr. 11th
- Tod'S D Bag Retrospective Exhibition: more on Michelle at the TOD'S event in Hong Kong and her personalized PEACE bag.

more photos from March 31, Hong Kong
(click to enlarge. photos from "LifestyleAsia" and "Nextmedia")

- News videos from the Valentino Fashion Show, April 7, Hong Kong:
  video 1 (01:36, Michelle appears at 00:18-00:23, in Mandarin)
  video 2 (01:44, Michelle appears 00:04-00:08 & 01:20-end, in Mandarin)

- News videos from the TOD'S exhibition, March 31, Hong Kong:
  video 1 (00:55, in Cantonese)
  video 2 (01:43, in Cantonese)
  video 3 (00:48, in Mandarin)

- Reign of Assassins: screening time at the Beijing College Student Film Festival.

Apr. 7th
- On the evening of April 7th, Michelle appeared at the Valentino Autumn/Winter 2011-12 Fashion Show at The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong. She said she is flying back to Paris and she will meet director Luc Besson on Saturday to discuss their upcoming film.

(5) Michelle and Valentino chief executive Stefano Sassi   (6-7) with her goddaughter Dee-Dee Poon
(click to enlarge. photos from "Tungstar", "Epoch Times", "Sun", "Oriental Daily", "Jrj" and "Sina")

Apr. 6th
- Reign of Assassins updates: competition film at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (April 7-19), and Australian DVD release information.

Apr. 4th
- Michelle's road safety documentary, Turning Point: A Journey on the World's Killer Roads, will be screened at 7:00PM, April 6, the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Michigan) during the National Public Health Week. (details)

- Michelle has agreed to be the Performing Arts Icon for the Perak Performing Arts Festival event (March to September 2011), according to the local reports. Michelle is from Ipoh, Perak State, Malaysia.

Mar. 31st
- The Lady updates: Michelle talks about meeting with Aung San Suu Kyi, Luc Besson interview, and more.

- News photos: Michelle making an appearance at the TOD'S, Pacific Place, Hong Kong, March 31st.

Michelle attending the TOD'S exhibition and charity auction

(1-3)Michelle next to the TOD'S bag she designed. the auction benefit will go to Japan relief
(4) Michelle learning to make a bag   (5) TOD'S bag with Michelle's painting on auction

Michelle accepting interviews

last 2 photos: Michelle with her goddaughter Dee-Dee Poon

(click to enlarge. photos from "Tungstar", "iFeng", "Apple Daily", "Sun", "Wenwei", "Singpao", "Baghagdiaries", "Sina", "26fun", and "On")

- Photos: Michelle in Ipoh, Malaysia:

(click to enlarge. photos by Kastelo Menolog)

Mar. 28th
- True Legend: US trailer, poster and official website.

- More photos from the Mari Membaca 1Malaysia, March 25th.

left photo: Michelle and Dr Rais Yatim (L 2), Malaysian Information, Communication
and Culture Minister, officiating the Mari Membaca 1Malaysia
(click to enlarge. photos by Dasury)

- TV videos from "Driving Is A No Phone Zone", March 23rd:
  Video 1 (01:29)   Video 2 (01:54)   Video 3 (01:47)   Video 4 (01:10)  
  (Since YouTube is blocked by the Chinese government, friends in Mainland China may watch these videos on Baidu)

Mar. 25th
- On March 25th, Michelle attended the Mari Membaca 1Malaysia (Come and Read 1Malaysia) programme at the National Library of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. She spoke to over 100 school children about her love of reading. She said she has loved reading since childhood, and when she was young, she even had books in her hands when taking a bath. She mentioned that her favorite books include "The Kite Runner," "Memoirs of a Geisha," and "Perfect Hostage: A Life of Aung San Suu Kyi."

Michelle was appointed as Malaysia's reading icon since April 2010 (previous News report). Last year she volunteered to donate part of her extensive book collection to build a Michelle Yeoh Reading Corner in the National Library. She said she has not done this yet due to her busy schedule. She says it is so difficult to part from her books and she promised she is going to purchase another set of the books which are same as in her home to donate to the library.

(1-2) Michelle reading with Crystal Lee Xin Qiao (R2), 8, King Sritharan (L2), 8, and Danish Syazmirul Raziq (L), 8
(3) Michelle with artist Iqwal Hafiz

(1) Information, Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim presenting a Mari Membaca 1Malaysia award to Michelle
(2) Michelle, Minister Rais Yatim and his wife
(click to enlarge. photos from "SinChew", "The Star" and Iqwal Hafiz)

Blog: An afternoon with Michelle Yeoh

- Reign of Assassins: screenings at the World Cinema Showcase in New Zealand and the Cinema Pacific Film Festival in Oregon, USA.

Mar. 24th
- Sun Media: Yeoh an outstanding Chinese woman

left photo: Michelle receiving the Outstanding Malaysian Chinese Woman Award from Datuk Seri
Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, Malaysian Minister of Women, Family and Community Development

(1-2) (L to R) Heng Seai Kie, Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development,
Michelle, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, Chong Moi Heong, chair of women section of the Federation of
Kwang Thong Associations, and Michelle's mother
(click to enlarge. photos from "Kwongwah", "Sinchew", "News", "yfrog", "twitpic", "EverGreen" and "Sun")

Mar. 23rd
- Asiaone: Michelle Yeoh calls on motorists to refrain from using handphones on the road

    Michelle Yeoh's Message on Driving is a No Phone Zone  (00:09)
    Michelle launching Driving is a No Phone Zone campaign at HELP University College  (02:35)

left photo: Michelle launching the No Phone Zone campaign together with Transport Minister Datuk
Seri Kong Cho Ha (middle) and Dr Paul Chan Tuck Hoong (left), the President of HELP University College

(click to enlarge. photos from "The Star", "SinChew", "HELP" and VanityAh )

Mar. 21st
- News photos: Michelle attending the 2011 FIA Conference Week, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March 21st.

(1) Michelle at the opening day of the FIA Conference Week
(2) Michelle and Jean Todt showing their support for road safety at the Malaysians Unite for Road Safety (Mufors) booth
(click to enlarge. photos from "SinChew" and "The Star")

- On Wednesday March 23rd, Michelle, as global ambassador for road safety, will be attending the launch of the No Phone Zone campaign at HELP University College in Kuala Lumpur. The week-long campaign aims to promote awareness about the dangers of using mobile phones while driving.

- Reign of Assassins will be screened at the 11th Belfast Film Festival in Northern Ireland and the 18th Beijing College Student Film Festival in China.

Mar. 19th
- Photos: Michelle during a commercial activity in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, China, March 19th.

(click to enlarge. photos from "Sina", "City166" and ""JJxw")

Mar. 15th
- News photos: Michelle at the launch of Make Roads Safe - the Campaign for Global Road Safety in Melbourne, Australia, March 15th.

(click to enlarge. "AAP" photos)

Mar. 14th
- Michelle is in Australia for the Decade of Action for Road Safety Initiative.

- True Legend was awarded the Lotus Action Asia at the 13th Deauville Asian Film Festival in France.

Mar. 12th
- News photos: Michelle officiating an Aston Martin event in Guangzhou, China, March 12th.

(click to enlarge. photos from "163", "Sina", "Qianlong", "Xinmin" and "Hexun")

Mar. 10th
- News photos from Paris: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the Legion of Honour award ceremony in the Elysee Palace, Paris, March 9th. Michelle herself received the honor in 2007.

3: (L to R) French actress Evelyne Bouix, Jean Todt and Michelle
(click to enlarge. photos from "Pure People", "Photoshot" and "Eastday")

Mar. 8th
- Malaysia's 1st Jinguo Awards, created to recognize outstanding Malaysian Chinese women, honored Michelle with the Award for Excellence in Film and Arts during the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day.

Michelle is also listed as one of the "100 Memorable Malaysian Women" by The Star.

- New in Photos --> Magazines: two 2010 magazine cover stories featuring Michelle - Health Today (Malaysia) May issue and Harper's Bazaar (Singapore) January issue. Many thanks to Cheong YL and Crystal!

Mar. 4th
- True Legend: screening at the Deauville Asian Film Festival in France and German DVD/Blue-Ray release information.

- The Soothsayer:
"The aged Soothsayer has been advisor to the Peacocks, rulers of Gongmen City, her entire life. She is wise and gifted with knowledge of the future. She speaks in riddles and nonsense, which can be easily (and foolishly) dismissed by those who do not realize her power. She has lived with the burden of a dark prediction she made years ago. Her redemption lies in a warrior of black and white - Po.

Like Mr. Ping, the Soothsayer doesn't fight. She wins over opponents with love and a good sense of humor. Her extraordinary gift of second sight gives her insight in the true nature of any and all that she encounters."   - Kung Fu Panda official site
You can hear Soothsayer's voice by visiting the Soothsayer part at Characters on the Kung Fu Panda official site. The 3D animation film will open in the U.S. on May 26th. For some more release dates for different countries, see Kung Fu Panda 2 page.

- A few more past photos:

1. support for the Decade of Action, photo taken on Dec. 2nd, 2010, Thailand
2-3: Michelle and Jean Todt at dinner party during the Milan Fashion Week, Feb. 26, 2011
(click to enlarge. photos from "Make Roads Safe", "Pure People" and "Style and Fashion")

Mar. 2nd
- The Decade of Action yellow tags - badges or necklaces - can be purchased at DecadeOfAction.org.

Supporting the Decade of Action for Road Safety
(click to enlarge. "Make Roads Safe" photos)

- Reign of Assassins: coming to various airlines (Asian routes) this month.

Feb. 28th
- Ready to meet Michelle's The Soothsayer character? See Kung Fu Panda 2 page. :-O

- True Legend: U.S. release information.

Feb. 26th
- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the Roberto Cavalli fashion show during the Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2011 in Milan, Italy, February 26.

1. Michelle and Roberto Cavalli   2. Michelle with American actress and model Kelly Rowland

left photo: front row at Roberto Cavalli - (L to R) Kelly Rowland, American actress and model, Michelle, Jean Todt,
Gaia Bermani Amaral, Italian actress and TV host, and Valeria Golino, Italian-Greek actress

(click to enlarge. photos from "Life", "Reuters", "Getty", "newscom", "QQ", "WWD", "iFeng", "On", "fashiontimes", and "PurePeople")

- YouTube Video   01:20, (Michelle is seen at 00:56 - 01:03)

Feb. 25th
- Campaign to raise awareness of wearing helmets for rear seat passengers and children on motorbikes in Cambodia.

2nd photo: Michelle and Greig Craft, chairman of the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation (AIP Foundation)

(click to enlarge. photos from "Ngoisao" and "Zing")

Feb. 24th
- The Phnom Penh Post: Star buckles up for road safety
Michelle visited Cambodia from Feb. 19th to the 23rd as a global road safety ambassador for UN's Decade of Action. On Feb. 22nd Michelle visited children at Sampov Meas Primary School to help teach students and teachers to wear helmets while riding on motorbikes. She also met Public Works and Transport Minister Tram Iv Tek while in Cambodia to press for quick passage of a law making helmets compulsory for motorbike passengers. Wearing a helmet cuts the likelihood of death from a traffic crash by 42 percent, according to the Cambodia Helmet Vaccine Initiative.

More photos of Michelle in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Feb. 22nd.

last photo: Michelle, Nguyen Hoang Anh (L), Communication Director of the AIP Foundation,
Hoang Na Huong (R), Deputy General Director of Protec, and Greig Craft, chairman of the AIP Foundation

(click to enlarge. for more photos please visit Michelle Yeoh in Phnom Penh by Nguyen Hoang Anh)

Feb. 22nd
- News photos: Michelle during a helmet campaign to promote traffic awareness at the Sampov Meas primary school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Feb. 22nd. About 1,700 people were killed by traffic accidents in 2010 out of 14.3 million Cambodians, according to a government official.

(click to enlarge. photos from "AP", "Reuters", "Getty", "photoshot", "Epa" and "Postkhmer")

Feb. 20th
- Michelle, Make Roads Safe global ambassador, is in Cambodia, a country on the frontline of the road death epidemic.

- Reign of Assassins will be screened at the BigPond Adelaide Film Festival (Feb. 24 - Mar. 6) in Australia.

- Video: ELLE COVER: Michelle Yeoh (08:00. in Mandarin Chinese. including scenes from shooting for the Chinese version of "Elle" magazine issue of November 2010) (thanks Crystal!)

Feb. 17th

Supporting the Decade of Action for Road Safety
(click to enlarge. "Make Roads Safe" photos)

"This is our Tag. We want everyone to wear one, to believe and to act. In the Decade of Action, if we achieve our potential, we can save millions of lives."
      -- Michelle Yeoh, Make Roads Safe Global Ambassador

The Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 will be officially launched on May 11, 2011.

Feb. 15th
- UN Secretary General: we can save millions of lives

More (HQ) photos of Michelle meeting with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. (click to enlarge. "Make Roads Safe" photos)

Feb. 14th
- IAVE Video: Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh Lunch Plenary at the 21st IAVE World Volunteer Conference (06:49)

(video scans. click to enlarge)

Feb. 10th
- Photos: Michelle, representative of FIA Foundation, meeting with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and presenting him with a road safety "Decade of Action" pin and a helmet at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

(click to enlarge. "AP" photos, released by FIA Foundation on Feb. 10th)

- Michelle's Reign of Assassins received 11 nominations at the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards including for Best Picture and Best Director, but only one acting nod (Best Supporting Actor for Wang Xueqi). See Reign of Assassins for more details.

Feb. 9th
- On Feb. 9th, Michelle attended the amfAR New York gala at Cipriani Wall Street that kicked off the Fall 2011 New York Fashion Week. The event raised more than US$1.5 million for AIDS research. (report)

Michelle, amfAR Ambassador, speaks at the amfAR New York Gala

Michelle attending the amfAR gala benefit in New York City

(click to enlarge. photos from "AP", "Getty", "Newscom", "Gala" and "PurePeople" )

- The Lady: higher resolution production photos.   (click to enlarge)

Michelle Yeoh as Aung San Suu Kyi in The Lady

Feb. 6th
- Video: Michelle wishing everyone Happy Chinese New Year (00:35. in Cantonese)
(thanks Bin and Crystal for video. Original video from the Perak Chinese New Year Open House, 03:31)

- Updated Biography. (please allow the page to be loaded completely before enlarging any photos)

Feb. 3rd
- On February 3rd, the Chinese New Year day, Michelle attended the Perak Chinese New Year Open House hosted by the Chief Minister of Perak Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. She told reporters that she tries to be back in Ipoh for the new year every year. She is flying to Paris next day and she will be doing sound recording for Kung Fu Panda 2, to be released on May 26.

1. (L to R) Perak chief minister Datuk Seri Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir, Michelle, her niece and her mother   4. VIPs on stage

left photo: Lou Sang (Lao Sheng), a popular Chinese new year dish in Malaysia and Singapore
(click to enlarge. photos by Emily and Eunice)

YouTube: Michelle Yeoh at Perak Chinese New Year Open House (01:24)
Special thanks to Emily for sharing the photos and the video with us. For a description and more photos from the event please visit Emily's blog.

Feb. 2nd
- The Lady: images and synopsis from EuropaCorp 2011 EFM line-up.

- Michelle has been spending time with her family in her hometown Ipoh, Malaysia lately. Having been spotted dining in various restaurants around the town, I bet she has been enjoying her favorite local food and will soon make up the pounds she had to lose for shooting The Lady   ;-).

- HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR Michelle & everyone! (The Year of the Rabbit starts on February 3rd, 2011)

"The Year of the Rabbit is the Year of Awesomeness" -- Kung Fu Panda 2

Jan. 28th
- More photos from the IAVE World Volunteer Conference, Singapore, January 25th. ("AsiaOne" photos. click to enlarge)

- InStyle: WOW! Roberto Cavalli auction a couture dress worn by Michelle Yeoh!

- Michelle is in Malaysia now. (hopefully I will get some photos to share ;-) )

Jan. 25th
- "I used to say I volunteer because I can, now I say I do because we must." -- Michelle Yeoh at the 21st IAVE World Volunteer Conference, Singapore, January 25th.

(1-3) Michelle pins the Decade of Action tag on Jet Li

Michelle and Jet Li during the 21st Iave World Volunteer Conference
(click on pics/w borders to enlarge. photos from "AFP", "Sohu", "Yfrog", Lumenta, and Rinalim)

- Video: Actress Michelle Yeoh plugs Partners of the Americas 2nd IAVE World Summit for Youth Volunteering   [00:05]

- More photos have been added to the ONE DROP France event (see news of Jan. 16 below).

Jan. 21st
- Reign of Assassins: ticket link for the 40th International Film Festival Rotterdam (three screenings).

- New film page: Kung Fu Panda 2.

Jan. 20th
- Three nominations for Reign of Assassins at the 5th Asian Film Awards: Michelle Yeoh (Best Actress), Su Chao-pin (Best Screenpaly), and Peter Kam (Best Music Score).

Some Hong Kong reporters contacted Michelle, who is currently in Paris busy with The Lady. Michelle was very happy to learn that there are more nominations for the film in addition to hers. She expressed her gratitude towards producer John Woo and director/scriptwriter Su Chao-pin for providing her with the wonderful character. She hopes she will find time to attend the award ceremony which will take place on March 21 in Hong Kong.

Jan. 19th
- The Lady: filming has been wrapped. Malaysia's "The Daily Chilli" reported that Michelle and director Luc Besson are now busy doing the post-production.

Jan. 18th
- The 21st IAVE World Volunteer Conference: join the luncheon talk with Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh, Tuesday Jan. 25, 11:45am - 02:00pm, Lunch Plenary. Resort World Sentosa, Singapore.

Jan. 16th
- Michelle attending the opening of ONE DROP France (charity organization) in Paris, January 15th.

(click to enlarge. "ONE DROP Foundation" and "AP" photos)

- The Lady: title image added.

Jan. 13th
- Video: CGI 2010 Road Safety Cluster   [06:13]   Michelle appears around 04:23 and after.

- Videos:
    The City: Michelle yeoh   [08:08]
    30 second TV AD  
It was aired in China at the beginning of the year by Shanghai TV Station. The program was recorded last summer when Michelle was shooting for the Chinese version of "Elle" magazine (published issue of November 2010). (Many thanks to Jingyang and Crystal for the video, and fans from the Baidu Club for the video scans!)

(video scans. click to enlarge)

Jan. 11th
- EuropaCorp announced that The Lady is set to release on October 5, 2011.

- Rumor from Vulture now says that 20th Century Fox wants to offer the "Vickers" role in Alien Prequel to someone else although director Ridley Scott hoped to cast Michelle. (for previous report see News of Dec. 9, 2010)

- From MI6: Trivia - Tomorrow Never Dies:
    "In earlier drafts of the script, the villain Elliot Carver was known as Elliot Harmsway and Wai Lin was known as Lin Pow. The actress eventually cast to play Wai Lin, Michelle Yeoh, reminded the writers that Pow meant 'bun' and so the name adjusted."
    "Producers considered starting a film series based on the character played by Michelle Yeoh but so far, no film has been made."

Jan. 10th
- Reign of Assassins: Su Chao-pin was named best director at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards (2010). Reign of Assassins is the top film among the seven recommended 2010 films by the Hong Kong Film Critics Society.

- Film Trailers & Clips page has been restored.

Jan. 7th
- The Lady: filming has resumed in Paris. A "Deadline" article.

- Reign of Assassins will be shown at the 40th International Film Festival Rotterdam (Jan. 26 - Feb. 6). Vietnamese poster.

Jan. 5th
- Today's updates: Two new photos for The Lady. French release date for True Legend.
  Michelle has returned to Paris after a well deserved tropical island getaway.

- The Star: Actress shows her commitment to improving women's bone health

Jan. 2nd, 2011
HAPPY 2011 everyone! I'm back from my ski trip - without breaking anything. ;-)   Let's catch up some news of our lady.

- Michelle will be one of the featured speakers at the 21st IAVE World Volunteer Conference, to be held January 24-27 in Singapore. 2011 marks the 10th Anniversary of the United Nation's International Year of Volunteers.

- On December 26, Michelle attended the 4th Anniversary Fundraising Banquet dinner for her father's Malaysia Businessman Sports and Recreation Club in Mentakab, Pahang, Malaysia. According to local reports, Michelle's appearance attracted about 3,000 fans. People rushed to take pictures of and with her and some - including well dresses ladies - climbed up on tables/chairs in order to get a better view. Despite having a bad cold, Michelle smiled all the time and satisfied fans' wishes of taking pictures and giving autographs as much as she could. During the banquet a special (late) birthday celebration was held for Michelle's father Datuk Yeoh Kian Teik. The organizers said they have been trying to arrange the event for six months in order to match up with Michelle's busy schedule.

2. Michelle's father, Michelle, and Jean Todt   3. Michelle giving a speech for her father, 86, who has difficulty going up stairs
4. Michelle with Pahang State representative Mohd Sharkar Shamsuddin

1-2. a birthday celebration for Michelle's father   3-4. Michelle with her father

Michelle's first visit to Mentakab   last photo: trying to take a shot of Michelle
(click to enlarge. photos from "GuangMing", "Lifetv" and "SinChew")

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