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Dec. 29th, 2012
- [Note] I'm heading somewhere which has snow. I will "see" you a week later if I don't break any bones... Maybe I should get a magic wand so that I can charm my skis with a "no-fall" spell... Hm, that may not work, as it is not the skis but the skier that needs to be bewitched, LOL.

The world will not end by the end of 2012. See you all in 2013 my friends. I wish everyone a wonderful new year ahead!

Dec. 28th
- Michelle has left Malaysia and landed on a tropical island. Enjoy your end of year vacation Michelle! ;-)

(1-2) interview with Channel Newsasia
(3) Michelle and Jean Todt seen leaving Malaysia ("Weibo" photo)

- Video: Channel Newsasia interview with Michelle Yeoh   (03:07)

The interview took place on December 13 in Malaysia. Michelle shared some of her thoughts on family, politics and her aspirations for 2013.

"I think in general I have a very simple attitude of life, that is, to treat everyday as a gift. Everyday is an adventure," said Michelle when talking about her new year resolutions. "I don't strive to do one thing. I just try and have a good life in general. Of course, I would love to be able to spend more time with the family, to be with my parents a lot more. When you do have a chance to be with them, you treasure it."

Asked if not having children of her own still bothers her, Michelle said: "This is something that happened a long time ago, something that I have come to terms with. Adopting? I am very, very fortunate in the sense that my brother has got many kids. I am surrounded by nephews and nieces. I have five godchildren of my own, so I have a big family and I am very happy with that."

Talking about rapidly-changing political climate when many protesters take to the streets to demand changes, Michelle said: "That is democracy. This is something we all try to have." She is against any form of violence: "I think the most important thing is to do it sensibly and peacefully... Violence or any form that gravitates towards that is something that should be abhorred."

- Additional photos from September to December:

(1-3) Shiatzy Chen fashion show, December 4, Taipei   (3) with Shiatzy Chen
(4) Michelle and Richard Mille at the opening of Richard Mille's global concept boutique, December 14, Singapore

BONIA boutique grand opening, November 30, Kuala Lumpur

(3) Michelle at launch of Luc Besson's La Cite Du Cinema, September 21 near Paris
(4) Michelle, Jean Todt and Dhammika Attygalle (L), Automobile Association of Ceylon president
FIA General Assembly reception, December 7, Istanbul

Michelle at Feng Xiaogang Movie Themed Town night, October 20, Hainan Island

Michelle at Guerlain promotion, December 3, Taipei

(3-4) Michelle with Philippe Sode, international directtor of Guerlain

(photos from "TungStar", "NTDTV", "CFP", "Yes", "UDN", "MSN", "Vouge", "Oriental", "Fashion",
"Apple Daily", "Teknosual", "BerryWalk", "Pchome", "Weibo" and "Richard Mille")

Dec. 27th
- Michelle has been in her hometown Ipoh, surrounded by her family and friends.

Malaysian media reported that on the 25th, Michelle and her father paid their last respects to Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik at Dr Lim's residence in Petaling Jaya. The former Gerakan president and former Minister of Energy, Water and Communications of Malaysia passed away last weekend. He was a cousin to Michelle's father.

- Since many of us never had enough of photos of Michelle...

Michelle and Jean Todt, December 23-24

pictures displayed in Michelle's parents' house
if you are not familiar with the photo at the very left, see below -

left photo: Michelle with her family
photos taken in April 2010. click on the right picture for a report from "Ipoh Echo"

Dec. 23rd
- HAPPY HOLIDAYS Michelle and everyone!

  Check out Shen Yun 2013 World Tour and go see it when the show comes near you! :-)

Dec. 20th
- PAD YATRA: A Green Odyssey, an environmental documentary executively produced by Michelle, has been selected for the 24th Palm Springs International Film Festival (schedule and tickets). Reportedly Michelle and director Wendy Lee will be attending the film festival which will be held from January 3 to 14, 2013 in Palm Springs, California, USA.

The film is scheduled for release in Taiwan on January 18, 2013. (trailer)

(1) Michelle with American director Wendy J.N. Lee   (2) Taiwan poster

Dec. 18th
- Take part in the Long Short Walk

The Long Short Walk was announced during a meeting of the Commission for Global Road Safety in London on 22 November. The advocacy initiative calls for the protection of pedestrians on roads around the world. Everyone can share and upload photos and short videos of a daily walk, a favorite walk or highlight a road that needs better safety. Short walks from around the world will then be combined into one 'Long Walk' that will take place during UN Global Road Safety Week in May 2013.

Videos with Michelle, global road safety ambassador:
The Long Short Walk   (03:15)
Turning points - lives affected by road injury   (10:33)

Additional photos from some of the road safety events in recent months:

"Long Short Walk" campaign call in London, U.K., Nov. 22

Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in New York City, U.S.A., Sept. 23

last photo: Michelle at the road safety conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Aug. 22
(photos from "CGI", "Make Roads Safe" and "BID")

Dec. 16th
- Busy Michelle --

Michelle at the opening of Richard Mille's global concept boutique at Grand Hyatt, Singapore, December 14

Michelle waiting for her flight back to Malaysia at Singapore Changi Airport, December 15

(1) Michelle at a dinner event in Malaysia, December 15
(2) Michelle with Taiwanese TV host Christopher Ni

(photos from "LifestyleAsia", "WatchProsite", "Facebook", "Twitter" and "Weibo")

Dec. 13th
- Photos: Michelle attending the opening ceremony of the IOF Regionals Kuala Lumpur 2012, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, December 13th.

IFO (International Osteoporosis Foundation): Michelle Yeoh urges Malaysians to take three essential steps for bone health at IOF 3rd Asia-Pacific Osteoporosis Meeting

(1-2) Michelle speaking at opening ceremony of the IOF meeting

(1) Michelle in an interview for IOF   (2-3) ribbon cutting with Deputy Minister of Health of Malaysia,
YB Datuk Rosnah bt. Hj. Abd. Rashid Shirlin, His Excellency Tun Dato' Seri Utama
Haji Abdul Rahman bin Haji Abbas, Governor of Penang, and Dato Seri Michelle Yeoh

(photos from "IFO" and "Gilberto Lontro")

Dec. 12th
- Michelle arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 12th. She will be speaking at the opening of the IOF Regionals 3rd Asia-Pacific Osteoporosis Meeting (December 13-16) in Kuala Lumpur. At a pre-meeting press conference, Michelle, an Anlene ambassador and bone health advocate, will join the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), the Malaysian Osteoporosis Society (MOS) and the Osteoporosis Awareness Society of Kuala Lumpur (OASKL) to discuss the rising prevalence and prevention of this debilitating disease on December 13.

- Doha GOALS Video: Plenary discussion on road safety   (32:48. Michelle appears after 10:30)

Dec. 11th
- Michelle was one of the plenary speakers for the Doha GOALS forum on road safety, Doha, Qatar, December 11th.

(1) (L to R) QMMF President Nasser Khalifa al-Attiyah, Michelle, ace rally driver Nasser Saleh al-Atti, Jean Todt

On the panel (L to R): moderator Nik Gowing, International Journalist and Broadcaster,
Jean Todt, Sir Frank Williams, founder and team principal of WilliamsF1, and Michelle

(photos from "Doha GOALS", "Gulf Times", "Twitter" and "Weibo")

- Michelle and Gold Orchid:

("Guerlain" images)

Dec. 9th
- News photos: Michelle promoting FIA Action for Road Safety Campaign at Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation (QMMF) Headquarters in Doha, Qatar, December 9th. As a Global Road Safety Ambassador, she will also be one of the speakers at Doha GOALS (Gathering of All Leaders In Sport) forum held on December 10-12.

Gulf Times: Todt, Yeoh promote road safety
The Peninsula: QMMF can play key role in raising road safety awareness, says FIA President

Michelle at the press conference held in QMMF headquarters

(2) (L to R) Jean Todt, FIA President , Michelle, Ambassador FIA Action for Road Safety, and
Nasser Khalifa Al Attiya, QMMF President at the launch of the Qatar Road Safety campaign

(photos from "Demotix", "GMMF", "Corbis", "The Peninsula" and "Gulf Times")

- Photos from the SWOV 50th Anniversary Congress on Road Traffic Injuries, October 17, Amsterdam. Michelle presented a short version of her documentary Turning Points.   ("SWOV" photos)

Dec. 7th
- Photos: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the 2012 FIA Prize Giving Gala in Istanbul, Turkey, December 7th.

(3) Michelle, Jean Todt and Finnish F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen (center)
(photos from "FIA", "F1 Live", "BTA", and "Daum")

Dec. 6th
- Watch video: a new episode of Michelle's Guerlain mini film series -
  Episode 6: Exploring New Orchidee Imperiale   (02:35, in English with Chinese subtitles)

- Cooktales updates.

Dec. 4th
- Videos from Taiwan (in Mandarin Chinese):
  December 3: Guerlain Press Conference   eTV   (03:36),   eTV   (02:43),   YouKu   (02:00)
  December 4: Audi Fashion Festival 2012 Taipei   Nagoo   (00:57),   Nagoo   (01:42)

- On December 4, Michelle attended Shiatzy Chen's fashion show at the Audi Fashion Festival 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan. Michelle will be leaving Taipei and heading to Istanbul, Turkey where the FIA Annual General Assembly and Prize-Giving ceremony will be held from December 3-7.

(3-4) Michelle with Taiwanese fashion designer Shiatzy Chen

last photo: Michelle with Shiatzy Chen

(1) Michelle and her niece

(photos from "Tungstar", "Yes", "WOWnews" "Xin media" and "Autonet")

Dec. 3rd
- Michelle attended a Guerlain promotional event at SPOT Taipei, Taiwan on the afternoon of December 3rd. She looks absolutely radiant! Taiwanese media reported that she was recovering from a food poisoning episode the day before. Take good care of yourself, Michelle!

(3-4) Michelle with Philippe Sode, international directtor of Guerlain

(photos from "Now" and "Yes")

- Malaysia's The Star reported that Anlene has donated RM43,605 to the Osteoporosis Awareness Society of Kuala Lumpur. The funds were raised during the "drink to your bones" event in conjunction with World Osteoporosis Day, which was attended by Michelle in October.

Dec. 1st
- Michelle is in Taipei, Taiwan today.

- On November 30th, Michelle, as a special guest and Live to Love ambassador, attended BONIA Italy's flagship boutique grand opening in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. A cheque of 100,000MYR was presented to Live to Love International charitable foundation. The evening affair proceeded with the presentation of exclusive custom made BONIA handbags, specially made for the occasion and autographed by Michelle, to the donors of Live to Love charitable foundation.

Fashiono report
Michelle Yeoh leaving the BONIA grand opening   (00:12, video taken by Wong Wai Ching)

(1-2) Michelle at the BONIA opening ceremony in Kuala Lumpur
(3) Michelle and Geoffroy De Drouas, BONIA's business development general manager
(4) Michelle and Chiang Sang Sem, founder and executive chairman of BONIA

(1-2) ribbon cutting ceremony   (L to R) Chiang Sang Sem, Hou Kok Chung, Malaysian Deputy Minister
for Higher Education, Michelle, and Mme Martine Dorance, the French Ambassador to Malaysia

(1-2) cheque presentation ceremony for Live to Love, of which Michelle is a global ambassador

(1-2) "Everyone's trying to get a snapshot of Dato Michelle Yeoh"

(photos from "Fashion", "Live to Love", "SinChew", "China Press", "GuangMing",
"Instagram", "Twitter" and "Weibo". thanks Jo for some of the images)

Nov. 29th
- Michelle is going to be a special guest to BONIA boutique's grand opening in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Friday, November 30th, 6:30pm. Other guests include HE Mario Sammartino, the Italian Ambassador to Malaysia, and HE Madame Martine Dorance, the French Ambassador to Malaysia.

Nov. 26th
- Michelle and Jean Todt were attending the premiere screening of Ang Lee's new film Life of Pi (French title "L'Odyssee de Pi") this evening at Gaumont Marignan in Paris. Apparently Michelle's appearance caused quite a stir in the showing room. Fans were twittering around excitedly and some took photos with her. Director Ang Lee gave a master class after the screening.

20th Century Fox France Video: Film making masterclass with Life Of Pi director Ang Lee
French version (01:06:37)   English version (01:04:50)     (at the end of the videos you can see Michelle meeting with Ang Lee)

(1) Michelle and Ang Lee   (2) Michelle, Jean Todt, Ang Lee and
tiger trainer Thierry Le Portier   (3) Michelle...

(photos from "Twitter", "Yam" and "Weibo")

- Not a new event, just in case you haven't seen this video:
  Mari Membaca 1Malaysia, March 25 2011   (01:19)

Nov. 23rd
- Michelle left Taiwan and arrived in London on Wednesday. She attended the Commission for Global Road Safety meeting in London on Thursday the 22nd before returning to Paris.

The "Long Short Walk", a campaign calling for protection for pedestrians on the roads around the world, was announced during the Commission for Global Road Safety in London.

"Far too many children are becoming casualties just trying to walk to school. This is simply not acceptable. Safe walking should be a right for all. Let’s join the UN in making pedestrian safety a priority for Global Road Safety Week. We can and we must do far more. With the Long Short Walk we’re urging global action, calling for a Sustainable Development Goal to make our roads safer for everyone," said Michelle, Make Roads Safe global ambassador.

Road Safety Fund: Join us on 'The Long Short Walk'
Make Roads Safe: Commission calls for road safety in SDGs

(1) Michelle with her Long Short Walk call to action, Nov 22   (2) (L to R) General Victor Kiryanov, Deputy Minister of Interior of Russian
Federation, Michelle, Lord Robertson, Chair of the Commission for Global Road Safety and Make Roads Safe, and singer Nikki Jamal
("Make Roads Safe" photos)

Nov. 19th
- Michelle's Acceptance Speech at the inaugural Royal Arts Gala:
There is no greater honor, and nothing that means more to me, than to receive this award from Your Majesty and be recognized in my homeland. And for this, I am deeply, deeply touched and grateful.

I would like to dedicate this award to my parents - my mother and father, who always encouraged their little girl to follow her dreams... and reach for the stars.

I mean, how could anyone have imagined that their little girl from Ipoh would end up having to save the world with James Bond, in order to get here tonight. Thank you mum and dad for believing in me.

There is an old saying that the true measure of a great nation isn't just the tall buildings it builds, or the great businesses and vast trade it establishes.

Make no mistake: Those things are important.

But the real measure of a great nation is the culture it creates:

The stories we tell, the movies we make, the plays we write... The art, the dance, and the music that are the melodies of our lives.

Those things - those performing arts - are the lifeblood of a vibrant, vital nation...

And they reflect our heritage, and tell our unique story to the world.

Tonight, at this remarkable gala, together, in the presence of Your Majesties, farsighted support of Dato' Sri Utama Rais Yatim, our government and business leaders, we can usher in a new, golden era of the performing arts in our country.

I thank so many of you, who have done so much already, to make this arts initiative a reality.

...remember when we contribute ... somewhere, sometime, in some city like Ipoh, another little girl will go to the movies and look up at the screen, and think to herself:

I can do that.

And with your help, she will.

Thank you.

(published at MyPAA)

Nov. 16th
- Updates in The Lady: in a recent interview Aung San Suu Kyi explained why she does not plan to watch the film. Also DVD/Blu-ray cover images from various countries.

- Michelle has been in Taipei, Taiwan. She was filming something there today (a source said it was a commercial).

- More photos from the Royal Arts Gala - Michelle's Lifetime Arts Achievement Award in Kuala Lumpur:

("MyPAA" photos)

Nov. 12th
- Michelle received the Lifetime Arts Achievement Award from Malaysian King at Royal Gala Performing Arts Night, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 12th.

Michelle said she was "deeply touched and grateful" to have received the award. "Nothing means more to me than to be recognised in my homeland. I would like to dedicate this to my parents, who had always encouraged their little girl to reach for the stars. Who could have imagined a girl from Ipoh ending up saving the world with James Bond?"

Redcarpet: The Royal Arts Gala honours Michelle Yeoh
NST: Recognition for Michelle Yeoh
ABN: King awards Lifetime Arts Award to Datuk Michelle Yeoh

(2) Malaysian King Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah presenting the award to Michelle
also present was Rais Yatim (R), Minister of Information, Communications and Culture

ceremony at Grand Ballroom, Hilton Kuala Lumpur

(2-3) Michelle being interviewed outside Hilton Kuala Lumpur
(photos from "Bernama", "Lockerz", "Facebook" and "Twitter")

Nov. 8th
- Michelle has been in Geneva and Paris. She will be flying back to Malaysia and receive an Art Lifetime Achievement Award next week, according to Malaysian media.

Michelle is also scheduled to attend the Compassion Brings Harmony event at the Malaysian Buddhist Association premises in Penang, Malaysia on December 2nd.

- The Lady: Premieres tomorrow at Sky Movies TV (U.K.). Showing at the Trenton International Film Festival this weekend. The film is currently playing in cinema in Uruguay under the title "La Fuerza del Amor."

Nov. 7th
- Two magazines have been added in Photos -> Magazines: "The Malaysian Women's Weekly" and "Marie Claire Malaysia", both August 2012 issues. Thanks Jo!

Nov. 6th
- Entertainment Weekly: 10 Believable Butt-kicking Babes: Michelle Yeoh, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

- More on Bond's 50th anniversary:
New York Daily: Three Bond girls look back with fondness and pride
Entertainment Weekly: Bond Girls: The Best and Worst
CNN: Bond girls through the years (click on "18")
Daily Star: Bond girls: From Ursula Andress to Eva Green
Malay Mail: Bond Girls are forever

Nov. 4th
- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, United Arab Emirates, November 3-4.

F1 Grand Prix day, Sunday Nov 4

(2) Michelle and Jean Todt with Ron Dennis (R), McLaren Executive Chairman on the grid
(3) (L to R) Michelle, Jean Todt, F1 president Bernie Ecclestone and his girlfriend Fabiana Flosi

qualifying day, Nov 3

(L to R) Fabiana Flosi, Bernie Ecclestone, Michelle, and Jean Todt
(photos from "MotorSport", "Corbis", "Getty" and "Sutton")

Oct. 30th
- Undated photos: Michelle and Malaysia/Singapore Sri Maju Express Bus (owned by Michelle's family).

- Michelle is in Seoul, South Korea. Maybe working on the post-prouction of Cooktales? Just guessing ;-)

Oct. 28th
- October 27: Michelle was spotted at Bar Bar Black Sheep restaurant/bar, Singapore, Singapore. "We love how friendly she is!" said the restaurant's facebook. Michelle had been in her home country Malaysia for the past few days.

("Bar Bar Black Sheep" photos)

Oct. 25th
- Some additional photos from Michelle's activities during the recent weeks. You know what they are, don't you? ;-)

(1) (L to R) Ed Martinez, President of UPS Foundation, Michelle, and Mirjam Sidik, Executive Director
of AIP Foundation announce new partnership for 'Helmets for Kids' at Clinton Global Initiative

(2) (L to R) American actor Andy Garcia, Korean actor Jung Woo-sung, Michelle, American Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps

(1) Michelle and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon at UN Headquarters in New York, Sept. 25
(2) Michelle attending the Maison Vionnet 100th Anniversary as a part of Paris Fashion Week, Sept. 30
(photos from "Road Safety Fund", "Elle", "Getty", "CrisalidePress", "RecordChina", "SportsSeoul", "Saywho", "ToutelaCulture", "East38", "Singtao" and "Tumblr")

- More from the Anlene World Osteoporosis Day event in Malaysia, October 19th:

(photos from "Rotikaya", "NST", "Wanista", "GuangMing", "The Star" and "Twitter")

  The Star: Michelle Yeoh calls for action to prevent osteoporosis
  NTV7 video   (01:46)

- News videos:
  CGI: Michelle Yeoh speaking at 2012 CGI Annual Meeting   (04:25)
  Youku: Michelle Yeoh attending Paris Fashion Week   (00:40)
  YouTube: Michelle Yeoh - Paris Fashion Week   (02:17, Michelle appears 00:55-01:41)

Oct. 21st
- News photos: Michelle attending the celebration night of Feng Xiaogang Movie Themed Town at Mission Hills Haikou, Hainan Island, October 20th.

  Michelle Yeoh interview   (01:32 in Cantonese)   (Michelle said she's not married - yet)
  Celebration of Feng Xiaogang Movie Themed TownNews   (2:44 in Mandarin and Cantonese, Michelle's part starts around 01:46)

(3-4) Michelle and Cuban American actor Andy Garcia

(1-2) Michelle and Vice Chairman of Mission Hills Tenniel Chu arrive at the Hawaiian-themed dinner party

(1-3) Michelle chatting with American actor and film producer Adrien Brody
(4-5) Chinese director Feng Xiaogang and Adrien Brody putting a chair for Michelle

(photos from "QQ", "TungStar", "CNS", "Mingpao", "ON", "Getty", "Apple Daily", "MetroHK" and "Weibo" )

- News photos: Michelle attending the star press conference during the 2012 Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am, Hainan Island, October 20th.
  Video: Michelle at Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am press conference   (01:50, in Mandarin with bit Cantonese)

(1-2) Michelle chatting with Korean actor Jung Woo-sung, her co-star in "Reign of Assassins"

(1-3) Michelle making handprints, assisted by CEO and Chairman of Mission Hill Dr. Ken Chu

press conference. left photo: Sammo Hung (L2), Hong Kong director and co-star of Michelle's first movie,
"The Owl vs Dumbo", and co-star in "Ah Kam"; Chinese director He Ping (L3); Hong Kong actor Simon
Yam (L4), Michelle's co-star in "Holy Weapon"; Michelle (L5); Korean actor Jung Woo-sung (R4)
right photo (L to R): Sammo Hung, He Ping, Michelle, Simon Yam

(photos from "QQ", "CFP", "Singpao", "Takung", "Singtao", "Mingpao", "Donga" and "ON")

Oct. 19th
- In the morning of October 19th, Michelle officiated the Anlene bone health awareness campaign, 'Drink to Your Bones', held in conjunction with World Osteoporosis Day at Sunway Pyramid, Selangor, Malaysia.

Actress Michelle Yeoh Raises Awareness for Osteoporosis:
  Lipstiq Report,   video (03:47, in English)

(1-2) Michelle with David Ross, managing director of Fonterra Brands Malaysia

(1) (L to R) Joanne Todd, innovation manager of Fonterra Brands New Zealand, David Ross,
Michelle, and Dr. Chin Chee Howe, leading orthopedic and trauma consultant

(photos from "Sunway Pyramid", "Kwongwah", "Sinchew", "Laksou", "Lipstiq" and "Twitter" )

Oct. 16th
- Michelle, Anlene's brand ambassador, will be officiating Anlene's roadshow on October 19th at Sunway Pyramid, Selangor, Malaysia. The event will be held October 19-21 in conjunction with World Osteoporosis Day. (link)

- Richard Mille's RM 051 Phoenix-Michelle Yeoh watch, co-designed by Michelle, is among the competing watches for Ladies' watch at the 12th Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve (GPHG, Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix), which will take place on November 15 at the Grand Theatre de Geneve.

Oct. 15th
- SWOV 50th Anniversary Congress: Greater Emphasis on Road Traffic Injuries, October 17, Amsterdam.
  Michelle will be one of the key speakers.

- Michelle is going to attend some event activities during the 2012 Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am, said the event organizer. The golf tournament will take place October 19-21, Hainan Island, China. UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) Hong Kong will be one of the charitable beneficiaries of the event.

- Korea's CJ Entertainment introduced some of their upcoming movies at the CJ Night held during the 17th Busan Film Festival which ended last Friday. Some footage from Cooktales were shown.

- Photos: Ly Nha Ky, Vietnamese actress, businesswoman and former Vietnam tourism ambassador, visiting Michelle and Jean Todt at their home in Paris two weeks ago.

(1) (R to L) Ly Nha Ky, Jean Todt, Michelle, and Michelle's sister in law
(photos from "VCmedia" and "Zing")

Oct. 11th
- Today, October 11th, 2012, is the world's first ever International Day of the Girl Child, declared by the United Nations. The day is to remember the human rights of every girl child born and to promote the empowerment of women, aiming for equal opportunities in a world where equality among citizens is a birthright, in a world free from gender violence and discrimination.

Talking about her plans to promote women empowerment, Michelle said, "The celebration of the International Day of the Girl Child is a start of greater things to come. This is a welcome beginning. With this, the focus has been officially placed on the need to act. I will join hands with Live to Love on various short-term and long-term initiatives across the globe to work for the betterment of women." Michelle is a global ambassador for Live to Love, an international humanitarian organization.   (Live to Love report)

Oct. 10th
- According to Thanhnien News, Michelle will visit Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam next month. She previously visited there in 2008 during her fact finding trip as a Make Roads Safe campaign ambassador.   Michelle Yeoh to visit Vietnam

- Anlene video:
Michelle Yeoh @ World Osteoporosis Day   (00:31, in English)
(Mandarin subtitled,   Bahasa Malaysia subtitled)

- News photos: Michelle attending Presomption d'Insouciance Guerlain FIAC Exhibition private preview cocktail, Maison Guerlain, Paris, France, October 9.

(3) Michelle with Jean Todt   (4) Michelle with Thierry Wasser, Guerlain's perfume creator

(2) Michelle and Guerlain DA Olivier Echaudemaison   (3) Michelle, Jean Todt and jewelry designer Lorenz Baumer
(4) Michelle with Thierry Wasser, the Guerlain perfume creator
  ("WireImage" photos)

Oct. 8th
- CJ Entertainment announced that Cooktales is scheduled for release next year.

- Michelle is going to attend the SWOV 50th Anniversary Congress in Amsterdam on October 17th. Founded in 1962, SWOV, i.e., Institute for Road Safety Research (Dutch: Stichting Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Verkeersveiligheid), is the centre point for road safety research in the Netherlands.

- To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Bond films, MGM released a new boxed set, Bond 50, which is a collectiion of 22 Bond films in Blu-ray/DVD formats. It was the first Blu-ray release for several Bond films including Michelle's Tomorrow Never Dies.

- Some recent links on Bond films mentioning Michelle:
  Washington Times: The best of Bond in 007 categories
  AP photos: Bond girls show women's progress   (gallery)
  San Angelo Standard Times: 50-year license to thrill
  Gallery: James Bond girls through the last 50 years   pic 1 pic 2

Wai Lin - way cooler than Bond, isn't she?! :-D

Oct. 5th
- Video: 2012 Anlene Commercial with Michelle Yeoh (Chinese version)   (00:31)
  (for friends in Mainland China where YouTube is still blocked, you may watch the video here)

(video scans)

- Videos: Michelle interviews during Shiatzy Chen fashion show in Paris:
  video 1 (00:18),   video 2   (in Mandarin & bit English)

Michelle praised Shiatzy Chen's talent and said that the dress she's wearing, designed by the Taiwanese fashion designer, is "rock" and "glamorous." "Although I'm not a singer, I can still dress as a rock star," joked Michelle.

More photos (from "CFP", "Fashionavecpassion" and "Shiatzy Chen"):

Oct. 3rd
- October 2nd: Michelle attending Shiatzy Chen Spring-Summer 2013 fashion show at the Grand Hotel Intercontinental in Paris during Paris Fashion Week.
  News video: Actress Michelle Yeoh attends Shiatzy Chen fashion show   (02:38)

(2-3) Michelle with Shiatzy Chen, Taiwanese fashion designer

(1) (L to R) Taiwanese actress Pace Wu, American singer and model Sky Ferreira,
Hong Kong TV host Shen Xing, Michelle, Shiatzy Chen, and Taiwanese TV host Patty Hou
(2) Shen Xing, Michelle, Shiatzy Chen, Patty Hou, and Jack Lang, former Minister of Culture of France

front row: Pace Wu, Patty Hou, Dorothy Hsu, Shiatzy Chen's daughter-in-law, Michelle,
Vietnamese model and global event organizer Jessica Minh Anh

Michelle and Shiatzy Chen

(photos from "iFeng", "Sina", "News", "NTDTV", "Apple Daily", "Mademoisellea", "JModel", "Weibo","CFP" and "Shiatzy Chen")

Oct. 2nd
- A new Anlene TV commercial aired in Malaysia.
  Video: Drink To Your Bones   (00:30 in English)

- YTLcommunity video: Van Cleef & Arpels celebrates boutique re-opening in Kuala Lumpur   (01:36)

- Some additional news photos from Septemebr events. The last one, from the launch of Luc Besson's La Cite Du Cinema in Paris, is not new. The thing is - I kept wondering - did the photographer have a magic camera, or did Michelle bring a magic shawl/wrap, or has Michelle developed some magic power that can keep an object mid-air? ;-)

Michelle during the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in NYC
last photo: Michelle, Jean Todt, and Hermann Buhlbeckerm, owner of German's Lambertz Group

Michelle meeting with Prince William and Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" in Kuala Lumpur
(photos from "CGI", "British High Commission Kuala Lumpur" and "Lambertz")

Oct. 1st
- September 30th: Michelle attending the Maison Vionnet 100th Anniversary as a part of Paris Fashion Week at Hotel Salomon de Rothschild, Paris.

Photo at left: Michelle with Ne-Yo, American R&B singer, song-writer and producer.   ("Ne-Yo" photo)

Sep. 29th
- Happy Moon Festival Michelle and everyone!

Michelle attended la Fete de la Lune (Moon Festival) at the 13th arrondissement of Paris, France, September 29th. The Mid-Autumn Festival, aka Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival, is the second grandest traditional Chinese holiday (after Chinese New Year), which falls on September 30th this year. The celebration in Paris's Chinatown will last from September 29 to October 7.

officiating the opening ceremony of la Fete de la Lune in Paris   (L to R in 1st photo) Buon-Huong Tan, Deputy Mayor
of the 13th arrondissement (district) in Paris, Michelle, Jean-Marie Le Guen, Deputy Mayor of Paris, and Jaen Todt

Michelle and Deputy Chief Executive Buon-Huong Tan speaking at the celebration

(photos from "Citizenside", "SinoFrance", "Weibo", "Kan Zhong Guo" and "Jean-Marie Le Guen")

Sep. 28th
- Michelle attending Guerlain events in Geneva, Switzerland, September 27-28.

(1-2) Michelle and Laurent Boillo, CEO of Guerlain   ("weibo" photos)

Sep. 27th
- More photos from NYC: Michelle attending CGI at Sheraton Hotel & Towers, September 24th. ("Rameypix" photos):

The Road Safety Fund: UPS Foundation pledges new road safety funding during Clinton Global Initiative

Sep. 26th
- News photos: Michelle attending the United Nations' Every Woman Every Child benefit gala yesterday evening in NYC.

(photos from "AP", "Getty", "News", "Twitter" and "Isopic")

- Michelle has returned to Paris. Yes she flies!! ;-)

Sep. 25th
- News photos: Michelle meeting with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon at UN Headquarters in New York City during the United Nations General Assembly, September 25th.

(1) Michelle, ambassador of Make Roads Safe, discussing UN's Decade of Action for Road Safety with Ban Ki-Moon
(2) Michelle and Ban Ki-Moon talking with CNN's Alina Cho (L)

(R to L) Michelle, FIA president Jean Todt, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon,
Dilma Vana Rousseff, President of Brazil, and former Brazilian F1 driver Emerson Fittipaldi
(photos from "UN Spokesperson", "AP", "Getty" and "Alina Cho")

- More photos from yesterday: Michelle was Sighted leaving a Midtown Manhattan hotel, New York City.   ("Getty" photos)

Sep. 24th
- Michelle is attending the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in NYC. She is one of the featured speakers at the 2012 Annual Meeting, as Global Road Safety Ambassador.

CGI video   (from arond 46:30 to 50:40):   Michelle and U.S former President Bill Clinton speaking at CGI plenary session 'Women and the Built Environment: Designing for Opportunity', September 24th.

(video scans)

- Photos: Michelle meeting with H.H. Gyalwang Drukpa in New York City, September 23rd. PAD YATRA: A Green Odyssey, which features The Drukpa and was executively produced by Michelle, had a special screening at the United Nations, NYC on the 22nd, hosted by the United Nations Association & Live to Love International. (Michelle wasn't there)   ("Drukpa" photos)

- More photos from the reopening ceremony of the Van Cleef & Arpels boutique in Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Spetember 13th.

left photo: Michelle with members of Van Cleef & Arpels management team: Jonathan King (R1), Managing Director of
Southeast Asia, Brice Baudoin (R2), President of Asia Pacific, Peter Cheung (L), Marketing & Communications Director of Asia Pacific

last photo: ribbon cutting ceremony to officiate the grand re-opening of Van Cleef & Arpels boutique in Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
(photos from "Van Cleef & Arpels" and "Starhill")

Sep. 23rd
- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the launch of La Cite Du Cinema, Luc Besson's new studio complex, in Saint-Denis, north of Paris, France, September 21st.

(photos from "AP", "Getty", "Corbis", "News", "Zimbio", "WireImage", and "Pure People")

Sep. 21st
- I'm not sure if this photo should be filed under The Lady or Cooktales -- this is Gina Kim, director of Cooktales, speaking at a special screening of The Lady in South Korea, on September 13th. Kim talked about The Lady, Michelle, Cooktales, and the Korean film industry.

Director Kim complimented Michelle, saying that she is "the best actress in Asia." Speaking about shooting Cooktales with Michelle, Kim said: "Actors usually try to save their energy and don't really bother if it isn't their part. But Michelle is different. She gave 120% effort in helping newcomer Henry Lau's parts too (even when she was not on camera)."

Kim said Cooktales is an English language film setting in Shanghai.

The Lady is currently showing in Korea, distributed by CJ Entertainment which is also producing Cooktales.
("Cinetong" photo. many thanks to Shwe Tim Hoon for the help with Korean to English translation!)

Sep. 13th
- September 13th: Michelle graced the reopening of the Van Cleef & Arpels boutique in Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

(3) Michelle with Tourism Minister Dr Ng Yen Yen (in white) and YTL Malaysia managing director Francis Yeoh
at the grand reopening of the Kuala Lumpur Van Cleef and Arpels boutique, a French luxury jewellery brand
(photos from "HELLO Malaysia", "The Star" and "Myhome")

- Michelle will be attending the Diamond Jubilee Tea Party at the British High Commissioner's residence tomorrow (14th).

  Redcarpet: Michelle Yeoh flies back from Paris for Prince William and Kate

- New images added in Photoshoots & ADs: Michelle and Guerlain.

Sep. 11th
- Michelle is among the guests who are invited by the British High Commission to meet Britain's Prince William and Princess Catherine during a royal tea party in Kuala Lumpur on Sept 14, according to Malaysia media. The tea party is part of the royal couple's three-day visit to Malaysia in celebration of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee.

- Photo at right, August 25, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the wedding of Rafael Sportelli, vice president of Aethra Sistemas Automotives. From right: Jean Todt, Michelle, Rafael Sportelli, Norah Lapertosa, and Nicolas Todt. ("Paulo Navarro" photo)

Sep. 10th
- More photos from Monza, Italy, Septemebr 7 - 9.

Michelle and Jean Todt at the Italian Grand Prix racing day, Sunday Sept. 9th

(1-2) Michelle, Jean Todt and Felipe Massa of Ferrari

Michelle with Afef Jnifen, wife of Pirelli's president Marco Tronchetti Provera and
Fabiana Flosi, wife of Bernie Ecclestone, CEO of Formula One

(2) Michelle, Jean Todt and Mark Webber, Australian F1 driver on the grid

Italian Grand Prix, Sept. 9th

at Italian Grand Prix qualifying day, Sept. 8th

(1-2) Michelle and Jean Todt attending a press conference with Operation Smile Italia Onlus,
charity foundation for children in need of cleft lip surgery, Monza, Sept. 7th
(3) Michela Cerruti, Italian racing driver, Santo Versace, chairman of Fondazione Operation
Smile Italia Onlus, Michelle, Jean Todt, and Dr. Angelo Sticchi Damiani, ACI president

(1) Michelle with Santo Versace, chairman of Fondazione Operation Smile Italia Onlus
(2) with Alessandra Corrias, General Manager of Fondazione Operation Smile Italia Onlus

(photos from "MotorSport", "Crash", "Corbis", "Sutton", "Tumblr", "weibo", "Gazzetta", "Backpag" and "SpeedWeek")

Sep. 7th
- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt walking in the paddock following practice for the Italian F1 Grand Prix at the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, Monza, Italy, September 7.

(photos from "Getty", "Corbis", "Sutton", "Crash", "Tumblr", "weibo" and "MotorSport")

- In Among the Great Apes with Michelle Yeoh: new video links for the full documentary. Go watch if you haven't! ;-)

Sep. 5th
- Michelle has returned to Europe after the road safety trip in Indian Ocean countries.

- Sagen Sie jetzt nichts, Michelle Yeoh (Say Nothing Now, Michelle Yeoh), SZ-Magazin, Issue 14, 2012 (German magazine). Click on the link to see all 10 images, original German text and English translation.

- New film images from Reign of Assassins (some of them look similar to the images we have previously seen, but they are slightly different). More behind the scene images in Reign of Assassins page.

film stills: Michelle and Jung Woo-sung in Reign of Assassins

(1) behind the scenes: Michelle, Jung Woo-sung and director Su Chao-pin   (2-3) film caps

Sep. 1st
- Photos: Michelle arrived in Madagascar for road safety promotion, September 1st.   ("Twitter" photos)

(1-2) Michelle and Jean Todt arrived at Ivato International Airport, Antananarivo

- More photos from the road safety event in Sao Paulo, Brazil, August 22:

(1) (L to R) Emerson Fittipaldi, Jean Todt, Luis Alberto Moreno, IDB President, Michelle and Felipe Massa

("BID Transporte" photos)

Aug. 30th
- In The Lady: U.S, Canada, German, Italy DVD/Blu-ray release dates and order links.

- Michelle is listed by "New York Magazine" on the Forty Women That Women Find Beautiful. "Timeless," yeah, I think they certainly got this point right.

Aug. 28th
- Two special The Lady posters have been released ahead of the general release in South Korea in September. The posters consist of the faces of 800 supporters.

- Film review ("Canada.com"): The Lady paints a noble, fearless portrait of a Burmese hero

- Latest news from Burma/Myanmar:
BBC: Burma removes thousands of names from entry blacklist
Guardian: Burmese government cuts a third of names from travel blacklist
About a week ago, Burma abolished pre-publication censorship of the country's media. Access to news websites were unblocked last year.

- Road Safety Fund: In Brazil, Michelle Yeoh urges Rio+20 follow up

Aug. 27th
- Michelle wrapped up Brazil trip and returned to Paris today.

- More photos from the Sao Paulo road safety conference last week:

(1-2) signing pledge cards for supporting IDB and FIA's road safety campaign   ("Cifal" photos)

Aug. 26th
- Additional notes on the 2012 Birthday Special:   No, it was NOT ME who sent out the responses for Michelle. In fact, I was as (pleasantly) surprised as everyone else when I found out that Michelle had responded to us one by one this year! Some friends shared Michelle's messages that they have received and I can see that she read every one of our messages and replied to each one accordingly, with a lot of love, and in some cases, with humor too ;-). Yes, I know, it sounds unbelievable that she has really done this... But, hey! That is our Michelle!!!

Thank you Michelle... Please allow me to say - you are INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL - a beautiful person, with a beautiful heart.

- For the 50th anniversary of the first Bond film, the September issue of U.S. "InStyle" has a special feature on "007's perfect 10s" Bond girls, which includes our Michelle.

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
FOOD FOR THOUGHT The first thing Yeoh did when she came aboard was change her character's name from Wai Pao to Wai Lin. "Pao" in Cantonese means "dumpling." "It's hardly dignified to be called a dumpling," she says with a laugh.

AND... ACTION! In the movie Yeoh did several of her own stunts, having trained in martial arts for her early films. Her fighting style, which she employed to brilliant effect in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, draws upon the discipline she learned as a young ballet student, first in Malaysia and then at London's Royal Academy of Dance. Yeoh says she'd like to bring awareness of the spiritual values of martial arts to a wider audience: "It can be lethal, but it's not about attacking. It's about defending your honor and the people you love. And the moves can be very sexy."

SAFE AND SOUND Though she continues to act, Yeoh, 50, is also a brand ambassador for Guerlain and has taken a leading role in promoting road safety worldwide for the U.N. "I only do the dangerous things in the movies," she says.

Aug. 23rd
- [Road Safety Campaign] Michelle and Jean Todt met with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff at Planalto Palace in Brasilia, Brazil, August 23rd.

(1) (L to R) Michelle, Jean Todt, former F1 and IndyCart Brazilian driver Emerson Fittipaldi, and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff
(3) Michelle, Jean Todt, and Emerson Fittipaldi (R) after meeting with Brazilian President
(photos from "Cidades", "Agencia Brasil", and "FIA")

- Videos from the road safety conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil, August 22nd.
  video 1 (01:19, Michelle appears at the beginning)
  video 2 (00:52, Michelle appears in the middle of the video)

  FIA: Paving the way to road safety

- U.S. Cohen Media Group released a set of The Lady clips today on YouTube. See links in The Lady.

- "New York Daily News" published a list of the 20 greatest action movie stars. Michelle is listed no. 11 as one of the only two actresses in the list.

Aug. 22nd
- [Road Safety Campaign] Michelle, Global Road Safety Ambassador, and Jean Todt, FIA President, attended inaugural FIA - Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)'s conference on road safety, Sao Paulo, Brazil, August 22nd.

In her speech, Michelle said that deaths, injuries, and economic losses caused by accidents cost Brazil some $10.9 billion annually. "Brazil has the economic power, the political leadership, and especially the innovative spirit to succeed in improving road safety," said Michelle. "And we know that governments with the political will to make road safety a priority will reap the social, health and economic benefits of their investments."

IDB: Brazil, IDB and FIA promote road safety initiatives

(1) Michelle speaking at the IDB/FIA conference on road safety
(2) Michelle with Esteban Diez, principal transport specialist at IDB

preparing for the seminar

left photo: (L to R) Mayor of Sao Paulo Gilberto Kassab, Deputy Governor of Minas Gerais Alberto Coelho, Governor of Santa Catarina Joao Raimundo, Brazilian driver, former F1 champion Emerson Fittipaldi, Representative of the Ministry of Cities Maria Christina Hoffmann, IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno, Governor of Sao Paulo Geraldo Alckmin, FIA President Jean Todt, Global Road Safety Ambassador Michelle Yeoh, and Brazilian F1 driver Felipe Massa

(1) Jean Todt, Michelle, Felipe Massa
(photos from "BID Juventud", "BID Transporte", "BID Brasil" and "Twitter")

Aug. 21st
- Reign of Assassins will be screened at the Montreal Chinese Film Festival tomorrow (August 22nd) 7PM. (ticket)

Aug. 20th
- Many friends who sent messages to Michelle through our 2012 Birthday Special and who also left their email addresses on the form have received personal responses from Michelle - yes, from THE Michelle, indeed!

As we know, our birthday gift was not a surprise for Michelle since the annual Birthday Special has become a "tradition"... Now, this year, it is MICHELLE who gave us a BIG, PLEASANT SURPRISE!! She took hours and hours and responded to us one by one... ...   P.S. there are more than 170 people who left their emails for Michelle this year.

At left is an image of autographed Hong Kong poster of The Lady, sent from Michelle.

Aug. 19th
- Photo at left: Michelle and Jean Todt at a dinner event in Malaysia, August 19th. ("Twitter" photo)

- The Lady is set to release in Peru on August 30th. Title: "Amor, Honor y Libertad".

- Three videos taken by Jo at the Malaysian premiere of The Lady, Kuala Lumpur, April 24.
  video 1 (01:20)   video 2 (02:01)   video 3 (00:28)

Aug. 15th
- IDB (the Inter-American Development Bank) announced that Michelle, as UN's Global Road Safety ambassador, will attend a road safe campaign in Sao Paulo, Brazil on August 22nd, together with Brazilian F1 driver Felipe Massa, IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno, and FIA President Jean Todt. Michelle is currently in Malaysia.

- Here are some photos of drawings by Jo, a Michelle fan from Malaysia. Jo met Michelle at the The Lady charity premiere in Kuala Lumpur in April and had an opportunity to give her gift to Michelle. See Jo's photos of Michelle and a story from The Lady charity premiere in Malaysia, Thanks Jo for sharing with us! ;-)   (have to say it was not easy to make selections from the photos Jo took at the premiere - there were hundreds of them, lol)

gift to Michelle: Jo's drawings

Aug. 14th
"The Lady ... no ! the Michelle Yeoh !! she can pose perfectly for my camera, all the time .. but , i prefer shoot her this way : real expression, no pose, real, some photographer laugh at me that the photo is blur...
i think real is beautiful ...."

- photo and post from Zung Thephotoz, a photographer in Malaysia.   (full size photo)

- In The Lady: South Korea release date, premiere, official website, twitter and blog.

Aug. 10th
- Cooktales is heading towards the final leg of the post-production, according to Keiko Bang, president of Bang Singapore.

- PAD YATRA: A Green Odyssey took Audience Award at the Feel Good Film Festival in Hollywood last weekend.

- Reign of Assassins: more film stills. The film is currently showing in Italy under the title "La Congiura della Pietra Nera".

Aug. 6th
- Video: Hong Kong i-Cable CEN Wishing Michelle Yeoh Happy Birthday   (01:12 in Cantonese)
  * features some old photos you may not have seen

- More photos from the celebration party held for Michelle in Ipoh, July 19 or 20. For related report see the news of Aug. 1 below.

cake for Michelle

(1) Michelle with Jean Todt   (2) a bowl of soup from Michelle's mother
(3) Michelle with her mother and brother

(1) Michelle with her brother Robert Yeoh
(3) Michelle with her brother, her niece, and Jean Todt

Heartiest Congratulations to Datuk Seri Michelle Yeoh
awarded the Darjah Seri Paduka Mahkota Perak (SPMP)
and Happy Birthday

Aug. 5th
- Malaysia's "Guang Ming" reported that Michelle's father recovered well and left the hospital in Penang last Thursday. Reporters rushed to the restaurant Michelle was dining Wednesday evening but failed to catch her. Her mother thanked reporters for their concern and said that Michelle has been accompanying her father and had no time for interview now.

Michelle is in Malaysia now. Though she was supposed to be in Dominican Republic with Jean Todt last Thursday for road safety promotion.

- Michelle, ... I could not think of a better way to celebrate your big day... so, this is not a surprise, it's just a "tradition" we have been carrying on for, uhh, 11 years. We hope this will add a smile on your face at your special day. Here are this year's birthday messages from your fans from over 40 countries/regions - Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burma/Myanmar, Cambodia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Madagascar, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe.

The 11th Annual Birthday Special - Our Birthday Greetings to Michelle Yeoh, August 6, 2012

And the top five most watched Michelle movies from our birthday poll are: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (89%), Tomorrow Never Dies (82%), The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (81%), Memoirs of a Geisha (80%), and Police Story III: Supercop (70%). 30% of the voters watched all Michelle movies.

Today is the 14th anniversary of this website, the Michelle Yeoh Web Theatre. :-)   I know, it has been a LONG time and the number almost sounds scary for myself... If I knew this was going to be such a long lasting project I think I would have been too scared to have even started this website...... Funny (or maybe not), a common reaction from our friends on this year's birthday special was: "It's THE big time already?! Didn't we just send... not very long ago?" Hee hee. Well, know what, I think I already have next year's birthday poll ready, yeah, I'm going to ask how many years everyone has been a fan of Michelle's. I'm curious myself. LOL.

Thanks everyone, for your visits, encouragement and support, year after year!

Thank you Michelle! You have been such an inspiration. Have a wonderful birthday.

(birthday animations by Bin of China)

Aug. 3rd
- August magazines: Michelle is in the cover story of current issue of "The Malaysian Women's Weekly", and she is also in a feature story of "Marie Claire Malaysia".

- PAD YATRA: A Green Odyssey will be screened in Hollywood/Los Angeles this coming Sunday, August 5 as a Special Engagement with Feel Good Film Festival. Laemmle's NoHo 7 Theater. (tickets).

For more upcoming festival screenings of the film around the globe please visit the PAD YATRA official website.

- Video: PAD YATRA: A Green Odyssey - trailer presentation   (11:51, in English with Chinese subtitles)

Aug. 1st
- Amor, honor y libertad (The Lady) will be shown at the 16th Lima Film Festival, runs Aug 3-11, Lima, Peru.

- A group of friends and family members threw a party for Michelle to celebrate both her upcoming birthday and her new Datuk Seri title in July.

Over one hundred guests attended the party at Ipoh's Kinta Riverfront Hotel. In a touching video message, Michelle's father, Dato' Yeoh Kian Teik, sang a song for his daughter from his bed as he was indisposed and unable to attend the party. Her mother, Datin Janet Yeoh in a touching comic gesture, brought a bowl of soup for Michelle on the dance floor of the ballroom and announced to the crowd: "now for those of you who have accused me of not ever having learnt to cook, here is a bowl of soup for which I went to great lengths to learn to make."

Full report from "Ipoh Echo": Michelle Yeoh celebrates with friends

photo: (L to R): May Chan, Datin Jade Ting, Mrs & Mr Edward Tan, Dato' Seri Michelle Yeoh, Dato' Jean Todt, Jenny Yap and Dato' Ting Sing Yiew.

Jul. 31st
- Reign of Assassins: new film stills.

Jul. 30th
- The Lady won Feature Film Audience Choice Award at the 33rd Durban International Film Festival.

- Watch video: Interview with Michelle Yeoh and Luc Besson in Japan   (19:17, in Japanese, English, and French)
  Michelle interview is in English and Luc Besson interview in French. The video also includes many film scenes, some behind scenes footages, real photos of Daw Suu and family, and news footages.

- Marking the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise, a special exhibition, "The Establishing Shot: Designing 007 50 Years Of Bond Style" is being held at The Barbican Centre, London, from July 6 to September 5.

Photo at right: costumes of Wai Lin (Michelle) and James Bond (Pierce Brosnan), and a BMW R 1200 C motorcycle from 1997's Tomorrow Never Dies at the Barbican exhibition. FYI, the skyscraper descending and parts of the motorcycle chasing scenes in the film were shot in Bangkok, Thailand, standing in as Saigon, Vietnam. (TND film locations, TND bikes)

BTW, I guess everyone knows that Queen Elizabeth II became the latest Bond lady? - directed by Danny Boyle! :-D

Jul. 28th
- Several days ago Michelle accompanied her father to a hospital in Penang, Malaysia. "Kwong Wah" reported that Datuk Yeoh Kian Teik, 87, has some kind of health issue and so they went to Penang for a checkup. Michelle and her father will stay in Penang until Monday, said local media.

- From Malaysia's The Star: Photo at left: visitor Lim Bee Cheng and her daughter Lee Sha admiring one of the photos on display at the "Hotspots: 40 years of great news images by The Star photographers" exhibition at The Star Pitt St. in Jalan Mesjid Kapitan Keling, Penang, Malaysia.

The picture on the wall looks familiar, doesn't it?... Lim said the picture of a radiant Datuk Seri Michelle Yeoh after she was crowned Miss Kodak Photogenic/Malaysia in 1983 stood out among the rest. The photography exhibition will end on August 12.

Jul. 26th
- Here is a photo of the stage of PAD YATRA: A Green Odyssey Beijing press conference, July 25. You can see Michelle's name on it. Several fans of Michelle's attended the press conference and the special trailer presentation, but disappointedly learned that Michelle did not manage to come... The audience erupted in applause when Michelle's name appeared on screen at the end of the screening.

- Michelle has been in Malaysia lately.

- The Lady opens in Brazil tomorrow. Title: "Alem da Liberdade".

posters of The Lady   (more posters)
left: Brazil,   right: South Korea

Jul. 24th
- Michelle is featured on the cover story of "Eye Asia", a Chinese language Malaysian magazine, issue July 2012.
  Have you noticed something special on the cover page? -- Yep, that's Michelle's autograph. It's a gift from Mai Loon Goh (Malaysia) for Crystal (Lau) (China).

Thanks to autograph of Datuk Seri Michelle Yeoh, gift from Mai Loon Goh
scanned by Crystal Lau, postage by Crystal Sun
(for full scans of the article please visit magazine page)

Jul. 22nd
- PAD YATRA: A Green Odyssey, a Himalayas related environmental documentary, will hold a special screening in Beijing on July 25th. Michelle, as the executive producer of the film, will make an appearance and share her thoughts on environmental protection, according to Live to Love. The film just won the Golden Star Audience Award at the Indian Film Festival in Stuttgart, Germany this weekend.

- The Lady new film stills:

Jul. 20th
- Photos: Reception in honor of Datuk Seri Michelle Yeoh, Officier de la Legion d'Honneur, at the French Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, July 19th.
  Report from Embassy of France

(2) Michelle and Ambassador of France to Malaysia H.E. Mdm Martine Dorance
(3) Jean Todt, Michelle, and Michelle's mother

(1) (L to R) Malaysia Minister in the Prime Minister Office YB Senator Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon, Former Prime Minister of Malaysia
Tun Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi and his wife Puan Jeanne Abdullah, Jean Todt, Michelle, Michelle's mother Datin Janet Yeoh,
and Ambassador of France to Malaysia H.E. Mdm Martine Dorance

Jul. 19th
- More photos from The Lady promotion in Japan:

(photos from "Eiga", "Hollywood-ch", "Pia", and "CinemaCafe")

Jul. 18th
- More sneak set photos (with Michelle) have been added in Cooktales. The principal photography in Thailand was completed in the middle of last month.

- Ahlan: Celeb Interview: Michelle Yeoh

- The Lady is scheduled for release in South Korea this coming September, distributed by CJ Entertainment.

Jul. 16th
- Michelle left Paris in the middle of last week and she has been in Malaysia for the past few days. She will be heading to Central America for road safety promotion in late July/early August.

- The Lady will be released in Japan this weekend. More photos from the Japan promotion in June:
  Japanese official twitter on The Lady

(1) Michelle featured on the cover of AERA, issue of July 23

media interviews in Japan

June 28, Tokyo

(2-3) June 27, Tokyo  
(photos from "Asahi", "Ameba", "Alszanmai", "Gressive", "Mantan", "Suematsu" and "CinemaCafe")

- Epoch Times: Interview with Michelle Yeoh: Humanity and righteousness in a love story (in Chinese)

(1) Michelle with Epoch Times reporter, April 10, New York   ("Epoch Times" photos)

Jul. 12th
- The National: Michelle Yeoh on how to become a Lady

- The Lady: screening at the 33rd Durban International Film Festival (South Africa) on July 20 and 28.

- Reign of Assassins: screening at the 2012 Fantasia International Film Festival (Montreal, Canada) on July 25 and August 3.

Jul. 10th
- It's another year! This is the eleventh consecutive year for us to collect messages for the birthday of our special lady. If you're looking for a chance to say something to Michelle - your appreciation, your admiration, and/or your wishes to her, Michelle's birthday will be a perfect time.

Enter Michelle Yeoh Birthday Special 2012 to send your greetings to Michelle. There is also a small survey you may participate in ;-)

All messages received will be forwarded to Michelle for her birthday (August 6). Please enter your message by August 4 and please use English only. Thank you all!

- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt at the 50th anniversary of the Ferrari 250 GTO in Hautvillers, France, July 3rd.   (FashionCentral photos)

left photo: Michelle meeting with Ferrari CEO Luca Cordero di Montezemolo

- WWD interview: Fashion Talks: Michelle Yeoh

- Van Cleef & Arpels Interview Video: Lucky Day of Michelle Yeoh
  Dailymotion (03:04) or YouTube (02:37)

- In The Lady: Russian poster. The film started showing in Russia on June 28th. More release dates.

Jul. 9th
- Reign of Assassins updates: MPAA rating in the U.S.. Italian release date and trailer. And a new film still.

- July 8: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the British Grand Prix, Northamptonshire, England.

(1-2) Michelle, Jean Todt, and Michael Schumacher at the Silverstone Circuit prior to the start of the 2012 British Grand Prix

(photos from "Sutton", "Newscom", "Motorsport", "Weibo" and "Grandprix")

- July 7: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the 10th Le Mans classic race in Le Mans, western France.

(1-2) Michelle and Jean Todt with Pierre Fillon (L), president of the Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO)

(1-2) Road safety promotion   (3) MotorsTV stage with Jean Todt and Richard Mille (L2)
(photos from "ICpress", "Newscom" "Heberger" and "Twitter")

Jul. 8th
- I'm back! Here are some news photo recaps -

- July 3: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the Giorgio Armani Prive Haute-Couture Show during Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012/13 at Palais de Chaillot, Paris.

News videos:
Youku: Giorgio Armani Prive   (02:09, in Mandarin and English, Michelle's interview in English)
Washington Post: Stars Flock to a Romantic Giorgio Armani Show   (02:10)
Kankan: Michelle Yeoh attending Paris Fashion Week   (02:21, in Mandarin)

Michelle and Jean Todt

Michelle and Zoe Saldana, lead actress in Avatar

(1-2) front row (L to R): Italian actress Sophia Loren, Giorgio Armani's niece Roberta Armani, Zoe Saldana and Michelle
(3) (L to R) Roberta Armani, Zoe Saldana, Michelle, Jean Todt and Tatiana Blatnik (Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark)

(1) Michelle with Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani

(R to L) Jean Todt, Michelle, Zoe Saldana, Roberta Armani, Sophia Loren, American actress Shailene Woodley, French actress Isabelle Huppert,
Virginie Courtin-Clarins, Belgian actress Deborah Francois, Dolores Chaplin, granddaughter of Charles Chaplin, and American actress Leslie Mann

(photos from "Getty", "Corbis", "Zimbio", "WireImage", "Newscom", "Armani", "QQ", "163" and "Baidu")

- The Lady promotion in Japan, June 26-28:
Video: Michelle and Luc Besson talk about The Lady at Japan premiere   (04:28, in English and Japanese)

Michelle and Luc Besson at the Japan premiere of The Lady in Tokyo, June 26

Michelle and Luc Besson with members of House of Councilors, House of Councillors of Japan, Tokyo, June 27

Michelle attending the Richard Mille press preview of The Lady, the Grand Hyatt, Tokyo, June 28

(1-2) Michelle and Japanese model Ai Tominaga

(photos from "AP", "Getty", "Eiga", "WireImage", "Newscom", "Moonleaf", "Corbis", "Movie Collection", "Mainichi", "NicoVideo", "Mynavi", and "Yahoo")

- June 16: Michelle was in Oslo, Norway. Together with director Luc Besson and producer Virginie Silla, they witnessed Daw Aung San Suu Kyi receiving her Nobel Prize for Peace after 21 years.

"One prisoner of conscience is too many" -- Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace Prize Lecture in Norway, June 16, 2012

See The Lady page for videos of the event.

Michelle attending the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony for Daw Suu, Oslo City Hall

left photo: Michelle with Luc Besson and Virginie Silla

(1) (L to R): Michael Aris's twin brother Anthony Aris, Daw Suu's younger son Kim Aris,
and Francis Sejersted who was leader of the Nobel Committee in 1991
(2) Michelle and Virginie Silla can be seen toward the upper-left corner of the photo

(photos from "Burma Campaign Denmark" and "Reuters")

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