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Dec. 23rd, 2015
- HAPPY HOLIDAYS Michelle and everyone!

- Images: Michelle as Yu Shu Lien in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny.

Dec. 22nd

- It's been offiially announced, with the first image of Michelle in the series -

  Entertainment Weekly : Netflix's Marco Polo snags Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon star Michelle Yeoh for season 2
  ComingSoon: Michelle Yeoh joins Season 2 of Netflix's Marco Polo

Dec. 20th
- News photos: Michelle attending the Dior Spring/Summer 2016 fashion show in Beijing, China, December 19th.

(photos from "AFP", "Dior", "Elle", "Rayli" and "QQ")

Dec. 18th
- Michelle was filming several TV talk shows in Beijing, December 15 - 17th. Photos by fans from Baidu Club.

Dec. 17th
- Photos: Michelle attending Conde Nast Traveler Gold List 2016 awards on December 16, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Beijing, China.

(photos from "Getty" and "Sina")

- Photos from the CTHD2 Beijing press conference, December 15th.

(photos from "AP", "Sohu", "TungStar", "Sina", and "Getty")

Dec. 15th
- AP: Michelle Yeoh reprises her role in 'Crouching Tiger' sequel

  Michelle, director Yuen Wo-ping, and Australian actress Natasha Liu Bordizzo attended a CTHD2 press conference in Beijing on December 15th.

Dec. 14th
- Strike Back Saison 4 is airing on France's Canal+, Starting December 8.   (French trailer,   news)

- More photos from Singapore International Film Festival, December 5th & 6th.

Michelle at media interview in Singapore, Dec 5

(photos from "SGIFF", "MDA", "AsiaOne", "Marina Bay Sands", "Toggle", and "Kane Cunico")

Dec. 10th
- Malaysian action film star Michelle Yeoh visits Vietnam

- More from Singapore:
Meniscus Magazine: Meniscus Magazine asks Michelle Yeoh about stunts
Today: Michelle Yeoh: I'm still proud to be a Bond Girl
Asia One: We want our wedding to be a quiet affair: Michelle Yeoh
Meniscus Magazine video: In Conversation With: Michelle Yeoh - SGIFF   (01:03:01)

In Conversation With Michelle Yeoh, December 6

(photos from "Channel 8 News", "Asiaone", "Meniscus Magazine", "Toggle", "Filmedinether", and "MDA")

Dec. 8th
- It is no longer a secret -- that Michelle will appear on Netflix's drama Marco Polo Season 2. Yes, this was what Michelle had been filming since the summer in Europe and Malaysia. Principal Filming is now wrapping up in Malaysia.

Dec. 7th
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny will be released in the U.S. on selected IMAX theaters and on Netflix on February 26, 2016.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny Trailer   (01:33)

Dec. 6th
- SGIFF reports and videos:

Asia One: Michelle Yeoh: 'I'm no action hero'
Channel NewsAsia: Michelle Yeoh: Want better cinema? You have a say
Toggle: Michelle Yeoh says no to crazy stunts and nudity
Channel NewsAsia: Conversation With Michelle Yeoh   (04:00)
Channel 8 News: Michelle Yeoh Interview   (02:36)
Meniscus Magazine: Interview on redcarpet: Michelle Yeoh - recipient of the Cinema Legend Award   (02:28)

More photos from Singapore coming soon!

Dec. 5th
- Photos: Michelle at the 26th Singapore International Film Festival award ceremony and benefit dinner, Marina Bay Sand, Singapore, December 5th.

Michelle received the Cinema Legend Award at SGIFF

Michelle and French chef Daniel Boulud walk the red carpet of the Film Festival Benefit Dinner

(photos from "SGIFF","Getty", "Celebrity Agency", "MDA Singapore", "Straits Times", and "Marina Bay Sands")

Dec. 4th
- First teaser of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny!
  WATCH (00:15)

Dec. 2nd
- "FIA" Photos: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the cocktail party during the FIA Annual General Assembly 2015 in Paris, November 30.

Nov. 27th
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II updates: Coco Lee, the Hong Kong-born American singer who performed the theme song (both English and Chinese versions) in the original Crouching Tiger film, will sing the theme song for the new film.

Nov. 23rd
- More photos from Brazil last week:

(1) Maria Alice Nascimento Souza, Michelle Yeoh, Dr Etienne Krug, Jean Todt, Ormsin Chivapruck, Zoleka Mandela
and Lord Robertson join school children at the Presentation of Child Declaration to Ministers by NGO Alliance
(photos from "Miros", "Saude", and "Make Roads Safe")

- Michelle returned to Paris after Brazil. She wrapped her part for her next TV series in Malaysia in late October.

Nov. 20th
- Photos: Michelle in Brazil for road safety campaign, November 17th and 18th.

Michelle at the 2nd Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety, Nov 18

(3-4) Transforming our world: NGO Rally for Safe Roads, Nov 17

Michelle and Jean Todt attending the 4th annual meeting of OISEVI (Ibero-American Road Safety Observatory), Nov 17

receiving Child Declaration #SaveKidsLives

(photos from "FIA", "ONSV", "Oisevi", "Cidade", "twitter", and "Saul Billingsley" )

Nov. 16th
- November 15th: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the Formula One Grand Prix of Brazil at Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

(photos from "Reuters", "Motor Sport", "Corbis", "Crash" and "Getty")

Nov. 13th

(Note: Michelle is not in Paris. She was there 4 days ago before heading to NYC.)

Nov. 13th
- Road safety meetings in New York:

(2) (R to L) Michael O'Neill, Assistant Secretary-General and Director of External Relations and Advocacy at UN Development Programme
(UNDP), Michelle, Jean Todt, Mila Rosenthal, Director of Communications at UNDP,   November 12th

High-level Panel for Road Safety at UN Headquarters in New York, November 11th
(photos from "UN", "FIA" and "Michael O'Neill")

Nov. 11th
- On November 11th, Michelle attended the Inauguration of the FIA High Level Panel on Road Safety at the United Nations premises in New York City.

"The focus of the High Level Panel is on practical action to improve road safety in those countries where the need is most urgent. The Panel brings together a network of leading individuals, from a range of fields of experience. Combined they can substantially raise awareness of the global road safety challenge and the need to mobilise new funds for this cause." said Michelle, a spokesperson for the panel.

Michelle is scheduled to attend the 2nd Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety in in Brasilia, Brazil next week.

(1-2) front row: UN Special Envoy for Road Safety Jean Todt, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Global Road Safety Ambassador Michelle Yeoh,
and Christian Friis Bach, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
(photos from "UN", "FIA" and "Saul Billingsley")

Nov. 4th
- The 26th Singapore International Film Festival has added more seats for In-Conversation with Michelle Yeoh. The session was previously fully booked.   (Get tickets)

Nov. 3rd
- Left image: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny tie-in novel book cover.

- Michelle has joined the voice cast of Blazing Samurai, an animated feature inspired by Mel Brooks' comedy classic Blazing Saddles. The story centers on a dog who must fight to save a town overrun by a cat gang. Chris Bailey (Alvin And The Chipmunks) and Mark Koetsier (Kung Fu Panda, How To Train Your Dragon) direct from a screenplay by Ed Stone and Nate Hopper.

Blazing Samurai will be released by Open Road Films in the United States on August 4, 2017. Sony Pictures International Releasing has already picked up several major territories worldwide, and Huayi Brothers Media Corporation is distributing the film in Greater China. The cast includes Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Cera, Mel Brooks, George Takei, Gabriel Iglesias, Aasif Mandvi, Djimon Hounsou and Sandra Tsing Loh.

Related reports: Hollywood Reporter,   Deadline

Nov. 1st
- More than 10 days ago, Michelle was in Singapore working on sound re-recording for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II. Left photo: Michelle with David Peterson, a Wing Chun Kung Fu master who served as Michelle's Kung Fu dialogue coach during the ADR.

Oct. 28th
- Some sneak photos from Beijing shooting of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II in September: ("Toutiao" photos)

Oct. 24th
- Michelle will receive the Cinema Legend Award at the 26th Singapore International Film Festival (Nov 26 to Dec 6). An In Conversation session with Michelle will be held on December 6 at ArtScience Museum, Singapore.

Oct. 18th

- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II: title change and the new release date for the tie-in novel.

Oct. 17th
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II updates.

- Some recent photos from Malaysia. Michelle continued to work on filming the new TV series.

Oct. 12th
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II updates.

- Some more photos from Hong Kong a week ago.

("CFP" photos)

Oct. 10th
- In Strike Back: Legacy: some images on and off the screen, with Michelle.

- Photos from a wedding party in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October 10th.   ("CTDK" photos)

Oct. 7th
- Photos: Michelle attending the book launch for the Chinese version of "The Resful Mind" by Drukpa Lineag Master Gyalwa Dokhampa, Hong Kong, October 5.

(photos from "Drukpa Hong Kong" and "Gyalwa Dokhampa")

Oct. 3rd
- On October 2nd, Michelle attended the Watches & Wonders 2015 Exhibition in Hong Kong.

Michelle has been busy filming her upcoming U.S. TV series in Malaysia. She said she had wanted to show her friends from the production team around but unfortunately she was unable to due to the heavy smog caused by volcanic ash. Reporters commented she looked to have lost weight. Michelle said she lost 2 kg. She was training hard with the stunt team. Also, filming action scenes was difficult in the heat, especially when she had to dress in fur sometimes. "I almost had a heat stroke," said Michelle.

Michelle will be in New York and Brazil in the middle of next month for road safety promotion.

News videos:  Cantonese (02:22)  Cantonese & Mandarin (02:22)  Cantonese (01:50)  Cantonese (01:43)

Michelle wearing Richard Mille RM 26-02 Evil Eye watch
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

(photos from "Tung Star", "CFP", "Apple Daily", "Ming Pao", "Oriental", "Sing Pao", "Sing Tao", "Seehua" and "Yahoo")

Sep. 27th
- Radio Everyone: Global Superheroes: Inequality - Presented By Michelle Yeoh   (30 min)
  Radio Everyone,   UN Global Goals: Radio Everyone launches

- Happy Mid-Autumn Festival (Mooncake Festival) everyone!
  Separation, Reunion, and the Traditions of China s Mid-Autumn Festival

Oh, yeah, enjoy the "Supermoon" Total Lunar Eclipse tonight (if you can see in your region, or watch online) ;-)

Sep. 23rd
- Watch video: Michelle Yeoh on how the #GlobalGoals are helping road safety   (00:48)

"...Now world leaders are making road safety a priority target for the Global Goals, and we have a
real chance to save many lives. But we need your help and your voice to make the change..."

- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt attending French-Jewish writer Marek Halter's Rosh Hashanah celebration for the Jewish New Year in Paris, France, Sunday September 20th.

(3) Jean Todt, Michelle, and Marek Halter
(photos from "PurePeople" and "Getty")

Sep. 22nd
- The production of the TV series - which Michelle has been working on (the production company has not officially announced Michelle's involvement) - has been moved from Europe to ... Malaysia.

- In Strike Back: Legacy: more images (with Michelle's) and a video clip.

- More photos during the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II filming in Beijing last week.

(1-2) with director Yuen Woo-ping   (3) with Chinese martial artist and action actress Zhou Xiaofei

Sep. 18th
- Michelle has wrapped her part in the CTHD2 shooting. The week long shoot in Beijing is the final leg of the production. The main part of the production was filmed in New Zealand last year.

Some photos from Beijing. See Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II for more set photos.

(1) Michelle, after wrapping her shoot for CTHD2, Sept 18   (2-4) the commencement ceremony in Beijing, Sept 14
in (2) (L to R) Bey Logan, Natasha Bordizzo, Yuen Woo-ping, Michelle
(4) Michelle and actress Natasha Bordizzo

(1) Michelle, Yuen Woo-ping and Chinese martial arts actress Jiang Luxia (R2)
(3) at Beijing Capital International Airport: Michelle leaving China for Europe, Sept 18

- "Today": Michelle Yeoh: The lady strikes back

Sep. 14th

- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II updates: release dates, images, and press conference in Beijing.

  Left: Michelle as Yu Shu Lien in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II

Sep. 12th
- Michelle has left Europe. She is now in Beijing where the CTHD2 team is doing some pick up shots / re-shootings.

- Global road safety leaders to meet for first global conference on eliminating risky road infrastructure

Sep. 10th
- More photos from Malaysia Pavilion, the Expo Milano 2015, Milan, Italy, September 4th.

Sep. 7th
- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt at the Italian Grand Prix, Monza, Italy, September 6.

(photos from "Motorsport", "AFP", "Corbis" and "Sutton")

Sep. 5th
- Taiwan media had a phone interview with Michelle recently. She talked about Strike Back and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2. She said she is excited to have Yu Shu Lien appear on the screen again. She hopes it will give younger fans who haven't seen the original 2000 film an opportunity to get to know martial arts films. As for her role in "Strike Back", she thought "she is not evil but went down the wrong path."

Asked about her wedding plans, Michelle said they are aiming for the end of the year but they have not decided a date or in which country to register for their marriage. ;-D

A reporter also asked for her opinion regarding the recent mass protests against Malaysia's Prime Minister. Michelle did not go into the topic but simply said she "supports peaceful protests".

- "Star": Michelle Yeoh shares cryptic message about wedding

- Photos: Michelle at the Expo Milano 2015, Milan, Italy, September 4th.

photos from Malaysia Pavilion and San Marino Expo Milano

Aug. 31st
- In Strike Back: Legacy: promo video, stills, and some behind the scene photos.

Aug. 23th
- In Strike Back: Legacy: new video and images (with Michelle).

- Recent Michelle sightings -

(1) at Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest, Aug 20
(2) Michelle at dinner, Aug 23

As you may already know, Michelle has been in Europe filming another TV series. It is a U.S. production. She will have more action scenes in this one than in Strike Back: Legacy, happily!

Aug. 17th
- August Photos from Budapest, Hungary.

(1) at My Little Melbourne Coffee, Aug 17
(2-3) Michelle at her birthday dinner, Aug 6

Aug. 14th
- Cinemax video: Strike Back Season 4: New Arrivals   (02:17)

- MStars News: Michelle Yeoh: 'Strike Back' Season 4 on Cinemax, 'Crouching Tiger' Sequel & More!

Aug. 11th
- New in Photos->Magazine: Conde Nast Traveler, May 2015, Chinese edition (thanks Crystal for some of the photos!).   Also some new photos added in Event photos.

- Conde Nast Traveller India: What was Michelle Yeoh doing in Ladakh?

Michelle in Ladakh, India in early July

- DVB video: Michelle Yeoh talks, changes in Burma, not easy task   (04:18)

Michelle visits Yangon, Myanmar, May 30

Aug. 9th
- Strike Back: Legacy updates: new videos, images and article links.

- The release date for Mechanic: Resurrection has been moved to August 26, 2016.

Aug. 5th
- On the day of the 17th anniversary of this website, the Michelle Yeoh Web Theatre (MichelleYeoh.info) is very happy to present -

  The 14th Annual Birthday Special: Our Birthday Greetings to Michelle Yeoh, August 6, 2015

(birthday image by Bin of Sichuan, China. click to enlarge)

Messages sent by fans from over 26 countries/regions: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Madagascar, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Romania, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Taiwan, U.K., U.S.A., and Vietnam.

All birthday messages have been forwarded to the birthday girl ;-)

And here is our birthday poll result: (question: Would you like to see Michelle in a TV series?)
    31 (17%) - yes, but only if it is a great role
    7 (4%) - no, I'd rather Michele sticks to movies
    148 (79%) - yes, I'd like to see Michelle in any role, TV or movie

Thanks everyone, for your visits, encouragement and support, year after year!

Michelle, your birthday is one of our special times of the year. Thank you for another year of inspiration and entertainment. Wishing you all the love and happiness in the world. Have a wonderful birthday!

Aug. 4th
- So the birthday-girl-to-be came to visit our Birthday Special. She read the current messages and wrote this today from Budapest, Hungary (Tuesday 2:23AM Pacific Time = 11:23AM Hungary) --
Message from Michelle Yeoh

To all of my dearest friends, (especially Jane for this fantastic website)
Thank q for all your beautiful messages...all your love and support (whether I do movies or TV ) I hope that whatever it is, it will entertain you, keep you inspired always.

Another birthday and I wish, that we all will always be healthy and happy. Stay tuned , love always, Michelle xxox
Thank you Michelle! You are so sweet ;-) You are amazing, as always ... Enjoy your new filming!

For those who haven't got your birthday messages in, no worry, you can still write to Michelle and all the messages will be sent to her. Please hurry though, as the sign up form will be closed in the morning of the 5th (Pacific time).

Aug. 3rd

- Photo from "Embassy of France in Kuala Lumpur": The Ambassador of France to Malaysia, Christophe Penot, welcomes Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh and FIA President Jean Todt at the Residence for a lunch.

Aug. 1st
- If you haven't, don't forget to send Michelle your birthday greetings at The 2015 Michelle Yeoh Birthday Special. Ending soon!

- Photos: Michelle visiting Pinang Peranakan Mansion, a cultural museum of Peranakan heritage in Penang, Malaysia, July 31st.

(photos from "Pinang Peranakan Mansion", "Kwongwah" and "Websta")

- Photos: Michelle visiting Druk Padma Karpo School in Ladakh, India in early July.

("Druk Padma Karpo School" photos)

Jul. 30th
- Strike Back: Legacy updates: new images and an article link.

The series continues on Sky 1 in the U.K.. It will begin to air in the U.S. on Cinemax on July 31st and in Asia on HBO Asia on August 1st.

Jul. 29th
- More photos from Hong Kong, July 25-27:

(1) an early birthday celebration with friends, Toritama Hong Kong
(2-4) Michelle at the Landmark Central Shopping Centre

(photos from "Oriental Daily", "Apple Daily", and "Brian Chow")

Jul. 27th
- Michelle attended the unveiling ceremony of her second Madame Tussauds wax figure (Yu Shu-Lien) at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, July 27th.

According to Hong Kong media, Michelle is currently working on a(nother) 10-episode TV series until October. Michelle said she will spend her birthday next month at work. She is scheduled to film in Hungary on that day.

Asked about her wedding, Michelle said that the earliest possible time would be the end of this year or early next year.

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong: Legendary Kung Fu star Michelle Yeoh officially joins MTHK   (01:50, English)
TVB: Michelle Yeoh at the wax figure unveiling ceremony   (01:48, in Cantonese)
Sohu: Michelle Yeoh getting married at the end of the year   (02:02, in Mandarin)

Report: Legendary Kung Fu Star Michelle Yeoh Officially Joins Star-Studded Line-Up at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

(2-3) Michelle receives a gift from Kelly Mak, General Manager of Madam Tussauds Hong Kong

(1) Michelle, Kelly Mak, and Mason Hung of the Hong Kong Tourism Board at the unveiling of Michelle's Kung Fu wax figure
(photos from "Madame Tussauds Hong Kong", "AP", "Tungstar", "Apple Daily", "Mingpao" and "Epoch Times")

Jul. 24th
- Strike Back: Legacy updates: images, videos and more.

Jul. 18th
- Cinemax video: Strike Back Season 4: Michelle Yeoh   (01:23)

- Michelle has returned to Europe.

- New Strike Back image at the front page.

Jul. 14th
- Photos: Road Safety meeting with Mauricio Rodas, Mayor of the Metropolitan District of Quito, Quito, Ecuador, July 14.

(photos from "Noticias Quito" and "Mauricio Rodas")

- Photos: Michelle, as the global Ambassador for Road Safety, visiting Cuba along with the FIA road safety delegation, July 13.

meeting with Director-General of the Cuban Ministry for Multilateral Issues and Foreign Affairs
Pedro Nunez Mosquera, Ministry of Transport, Havana, Cuba   ("Excelencias Del Motor" photos)

Jul. 13th
- It is once again that time of the year! Either you have done this more than a dozen times or this will be your first time, but all old and new friends are welcome here. It is...

The 2015 Michelle Yeoh Birthday Special

Come join us. Say something to our beautiful lady. I'm sure it will brighten her special day even more.

There is a small birthday poll that you are welcome to participate in. As "usual", all messages and the poll result will be sent to the birthday girl so get them in! ;-)

- More photos from Mexico, July 10 -11:

(photos from "FIA" etc.)

Jul. 10th
- Where is Michelle? Well, believe or not, the busy lady has been to three continents this week... She is now in Mexico City, Mexico.

(1) the 2015 FIA Sport Conference wrapped up in Mexico, July 10
(2) the FIA Sport Conference Gala Dinner, Ex Convento San Hipolito, July 9
("FIA" photos)

- In Strike Back: Legacy: new stills, with Michelle.

- Videos: Michelle promotes Discover's 'Aftershock: Disaster In Nepal'   (in English)
  Video 1   (00:15)   Video 2   (00:48)  

Jul. 7th
- The release date for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend has been re-scheduled to the first quarter of 2016. The film will be released globally to Netflix subscribers and selected IMAX theaters, and will also be released theatrically in China.

Hong Kong media reported that some pickup shots for the film are scheduled to take place in China in August.

Jul. 6th
- Michelle's new wax double at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, Kung Fu Zone:

Jul. 3rd
- In Strike Back: Legacy:
  Strike Back Season 4: Trailer (Cinemax)   (00:50)   starting in the U.S. on July 31st.

Some behind the scene photos with Michelle:

(1) Michelle as Mei Foster  
(2) on set: director Michael J. Bassett, Michelle Yeoh, Tim McInnerny, Robson Green
(3) director Julian Holmes, Michelle, Masa Yamaguchi
(4) Michelle and Masa Yamaguchi

Jul. 2nd
- Photos: Michelle and Jean Todt at the 2015 FIA Formula E London ePrix Gala Dinner, Natural History Museum, London, June 28.

(1)?, Michelle, FIA Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag, Jean Todt, Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, and Giorgio Veroni
(3) Michelle, Jean Todt, and Brazilian racing driver Nelson Piquet Jr.

(photos from "Formula E" and "Getty Images")

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