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Feb. 28th
- More photos from San Franccisco's Chinese New Year parade last weekend.

(photos from "Warner Bros", "Allied San Francisco" and "Flickr")

Feb. 25th
- SFexaminer: Film star Michelle Yeoh grand marshal of SF Chinese New Year parade
  Twitter video   (00:19)

Michelle as the first celebrity grand marshal of the San Franccisco Chinese New Year parade, February 24th
(photos from "ChineseParade", "AFnewsfeed", "AsAmnews", and "Instagram")

- Media interview in Los Angeles, February 21st.

("littleleafyuko" photos)

Feb. 19th
- Happy Year of the Dog everyone! Here is some culture reading if you are interested ;-)
  An Introduction to Chinese New Year 2018: The Year of the Dog
  Famous People Born in the Year of the Dog

- More photos from South Korea, February 6-13. Michelle has left Asia and returned to Europe. She will be the Parade Marshall for the 2018 Southwest Chinese New Year Parade in San Franccisco, February 24th.

(3) at the opening ceremony of the Alibaba Pavilion for PyeongChang 2018, February 10

Michelle and Jean Todt as VIP guests to the Korea Automobile Racing Association, February 6
(photos from "Kara", "AFP", "Instagram")

- Updates in Star Trek: Discovery.

Feb. 10th
- At the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic, South Korea.

(1) with Michelle Kwan, former American figure skater and two-time Olympic medalist
(2) at the Slovenian open house

IOC President's Dinner ahead of the Olympic Games, February 8th
(3-4) (L to R) Michelle, IOC President Thomas Bach and his wife Claudia Bach, Jean Todt

("Getty" photos)

- New York Post: Michelle Yeoh: Georgiou 'gets under everybody's skin' in 'Star Trek' finale
  Video: Jason Isaacs and Michelle Yeoh #Star Trek: Discovery   (00:22)
  Indiewire: Michelle Yeoh Reveals Why She Almost Turned Down Playing Georgiou, and Why She's Thrilled to Be Back

  See Star Trek: Discovery for more behind scenes photos.

Feb. 8th
- Photos: Michelle attending the Global Engagement & Empowerment Forum on Sustainable Development in Seoul, South Korea.

(photos from "FIA" and "Instagram")

Feb. 3rd
- Photos: Michelle at wildlife conservation in Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia, February 3rd.
  New Straits Times: Michelle Yeoh gives thumbs up to Sabah Wildlife Department

last photo: Michelle on an airplane from Sandakan to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
(photos from "Sabah Tourism Board", "Bornean Sun Bear Conservation", "New Straits Times" and Twitter)

- See Star Trek: Discovery for more stills and behind scenes photos.

Philippa Georgiou

Jan. 31st
- January 31st: at a Parfums Henry Jacques event, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore.

(1) with Richard Mille

- News photos: Michelle promoting road safety in SJKC Choong Wen Elementary School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, January 30th.
  Video: Michelle Yeoh Promoting Road Safety at Choong Wen School   (01:07)
  Malay Mail: Teach children importance of road safety, Michelle Yeoh says

(photos from "Choong Wen" and "ChinaPress")

Jan. 29th
- See Star Trek: Discovery for more stills.

Jan. 28th
- ABC: Hollywood star Yeoh calls Rohingya condition 'despicable'
  Video: Visiting Malaysian field hospital in Cox's Bazar   (00:39)

(photos from "AP", "Bernama", "Malaysiand Digest", "The Sun", and "ChannelNewsAsia")

Jan. 26th
- Michelle joins a special delegation to Bangladesh on Malaysia's Rohingya Humanitarian Aid Mission, January 27th.
  Malay Mail: Michelle Yeoh joins Malaysian delegation to Rohingya camp in Bangladesh
  Video   (00:36)

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak flagging off Malaysia's Humanitarian Assistance to the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh
(photos from "H2O","Malaysiand Digest", and "Royal Malaysian Navy")

Jan. 25th
- January 23rd: Michelle gave opening remarks at the "Her Story" film festival in Beijing, organised by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and Visual China to promote gender equality in the workplace.

(photos from "Sina", "UNDP" and "35urban")

- January 21st: Michelle visiting Innovation Center for Women in Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China.

("Weibo" photos)

Jan. 24th
- Watch #OscarNoms video: An introduction to Visual Effects, with Michelle Yeoh   (00:27)

Jan. 22nd
- Michelle will be one of the actors who introduce this year's Oscar nominations.
  90th Oscars Nominations Announcement

Michelle behind the scenes of the #OscarNoms shoot ("The Academy" photos)

- Photos: Michelle, as UNDP Goodwill Ambassador, visited the Yi ethnic minority in Yunnan, China, January 20th.
  Video (00:43)  

("UNDP" photos)

Jan. 18th
- New stills.   #Star Trek: Discovery   #EmperorGeorgiou

  Videos: 1 (01:40)   2 (00:30)  

Jan. 17th
- More set photos from Star Trek: Discovery:

(1) Michelle with director T.J. Scott

(photos shared by supervising producer Ted Sullivan)

Jan. 15th
- Captain, ... uh... Emperor, Georgiou, is, back.   #Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek Discovery

Jan. 11th
- Meeting with Miroslav Lajcak, president of the 72nd Session of the UN General Assembly, on global road safety, UN headquarters in NYC, January 11th.

Jan. 10th
- New York, January 10th.

(1) Kai Sauer, PR of Finland to UN, Jean Todt, Michelle, ..   (2) with PR of Malaysia to UN Shahrul Ikram

(1) with Frantisek Ruzicka (R2) Chef de Cabinet, President, to the 72nd UN General Assembly

- Scroll to the end part of this Vulture interview with Filipino-American actor Nico Santos (Crazy Rich Asians)

Jan. 9th
- Hollywood Reporter: Michelle Yeoh Welcomes Global Spread of #MeToo Movement

- Videos from Macao, December 2017:
  Interview With Actress In Focus Michelle Yeoh   (in Cantonese, 00:35)
  In Conversation With Michelle Yeoh   (English, 01:23)

Jan. 4th, 2018
- Happy 2018 Everyone!  

- Some photos from the new year holiday in Bali, Indonesia:

("Facebook" photos)

- Star: Year of Champions: How 2017 treated actress Michelle Yeoh

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