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Dec. 29th, 2011

Michelle as Aung San Suu Kyi in The Lady

- The Lady interview with film footages and behind scenes. Luc Besson's interview is in French. Michelle's and David Thewlis's are in English with French subtitles.
  WikiCine video: The Lady - Interview de Susan Wooldridge   (13:56)

(video scans)

- Interviews/articles:
  TimeOut London: Michelle Yeoh on playing Aung San Suu Kyi
  IndieLondon: The Lady - Michelle Yeoh interview
  BBC: Yeoh's challenge in playing 'hero' Suu Kyi
  CineMoi: The Lady review
  Mirror: Michelle Yeoh born to play role of Aung San Suu Kyi

Dec. 28th
- 3 clips from The Lady:
  Goodbye   (01:17)
  Visa canceled   (01:31)
  Road to Shwedagon   (03:26)

- Interviews:
  NTDTV: Michelle Yeoh on playing Aung San Suu Kyi   (04:17, in English and Mandarin)
  Digital Spy: Michelle Yeoh on 'The Lady': 'It was like riding a wave'   (interview 04:35)
  Female First: Michelle Yeoh Interview page 1 page 2

Dec. 27th
- Articles/interviews:
  Sky News: Biopic Of Aung San Suu Kyi Set For Release   (interview video 05:16)
  Orange: The Lady - Michelle Yeoh interview
  Press Association: Yeoh on Burma ban after The Lady

- In Photos -> Photoshoots: added two sets of photoshoots from fall 2011.

Photo at left: Michelle and Jean Todt at a Christmas Eve party, Malaysia ("Weibo" photo)

Dec. 23rd
- Video/audio interviews with Michelle during the promotion for The Lady in the U.K.:
  Press Association: Yeoh honoured to play The Lady   (02:01)
  Heyuguys: The Lady's Michelle Yeoh (YouTube)   (06:24)
  AP: Michelle Yeoh Is 'The Lady'   (02:25)
  Guardian (audio): Film Weekly podcast   (29:44. Michelle's part starts at 19:10)

The Lady will be released in U.K. on December 30th with BBFC rating 12A.

- HAPPY HOLIDAYS Michelle and everyone!

Dec. 20th
- Updates in The Lady: new film clip, Hong Kong and German trailers, aritcles and interviews.

- On December 20th, Michelle appeared at the re-openning ceremony of a Christian Dior store in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. She is returning to Malaysia for Christmas.

News videos: Sohu (02:54, in Mandarin),   Apple Daily (01:05, in Cantonese),   Yule (02:51, in Mandarin),   Sina (01:45, in Mandarin)

(1-3) Michelle with Diego Menarin, regional managing director of Christian Dior Asia Pacific
(4) Michelle and Taiwanese actress Kwai Lun-mei

(1-3) Michelle and Diego Menarin at the ribbon cutting
(photos from "Tungstar", "Getty", "Corbis", "News" and "Oriental")

Dec. 17th
- New images from The Lady:

- [Note] Thought I would put this update for all who have read my earlier entries regarding my friend Wen, who was illegally (without a trial) put to two years of "re-education through labour" (forced labor camp) in Beijing by the Chinese communist government for practicing Falun Dafa, and who was released last year in extremely poor health condition. (see previous related post from Oct. 31, 2010)

Some time ago, I received an email entitled "Malaysia". I could not believe my eyes when I saw the sender was Wen. For me, for many years, Malaysia has been associated with this particular name - and you know who... Now Wen? In Malaysia?! ... She talked about a plan to go overseas in order to escape further persecution by the communist government. Even though she had been released from detention, she still wasn't allowed to practice freely as she was under watch by police. Her family had been worried to death about her getting arrested again, every day. The human rights abuse in China has been deteriorating these years.

Now destine has brought Wen to Malaysia. She arrived in the country earlier this month. Currently she is with other Chinese political refugees in Malaysia and is seeking political asylum. The place where she is staying has no internet access and it is difficult for me to talk to her since her hearing hasn't recovered so she has trouble hearing over phones...

Wen has to be separated from her family that remains in China. On the other hand, at least, she is safe, and free.

Malaysia - now the country feels even more special to me.

Dec. 16th
- Michelle was on BBC this morning.
  BBC Audio: Michelle Yeoh on playing Aung San Suu Kyi   (05:32)

- NTDTV report and video: "The Lady," A Film about Aung San Suu Kyi   (02:36)

- VOA videos:
  Luc Besson and Michelle Yeoh on "The Lady"   (06:25)
  The Lady Movie Premiere in New York   (04:49)

- News photos: Michelle and representatives of the Burma Campaign UK visiting the Speaker's Chambers at the Palace of Westminster, London, England, December 15.

(4) Michelle with John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons in Britain

(2) Michelle, John Bercow, and Anna Roberts, director of the Burma Campaign UK   (3) Michelle and John Bercow

("Getty" photos)

Dec. 15th
- In The Lady: I have put some excerpts from the one hour live web chat with Michelle hosted by Stylist today. Quite a few friends in Mainland China participated in the chat - not a surprise!

Fans also asked about her plan on next project. "My focus is on The Lady at least for another six months and I have not decided what to do next," said Michelle. "I haven't given thought to the next film because I feel that The Lady needs my full attention now - next year when The Lady has been seen in as many countries as possible and after a long holiday then...."

In particular, a fan asked if she is going to star in Gina Kim's Cooktales. Michelle answered: "My creative team are looking into the possibility and until I complete my journey for the promotion of The Lady I will leave it in their hands."

- Photos from Reel Pieces with Michelle Yeoh at 92Y in New York City, Dec. 13th.

(1) Luc Beoon, Michelle, and Dr. Annette Insdorf for at Reel Pieces series   (2) backstage

Dec. 14th
- The Women Film Critics Circle announced yesterday the nominations for the 2011 Women Film Critics Circle Awards - Michelle was nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award. (nomination list)

- Michelle and David Thewlis will appear on UK's Channel 5 "Live with Gabby" this Friday, December 16th. The Lady will be released in U.K. on December 30th.

- Hi guys/gals! When The Lady is coming to your area, snap some shots of the street ADs of the film - at subways, bus stops, and so on - for me, will ya? ;-)

- Rebecca Frayn, the script writer of The Lady, speaks of - The untold love story of Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi

- Full video on The Lady Asia Society Screening/Q&A in New York City   (42:16)
  featuring the introduction speeches by Ang Lee, Michelle, and Luc Besson, and the Q&A session after the screening.
  "I think Aung San Suu Kyi, Michelle, Luc, they have something in common. They have faith. They sacrifice themselves for the bigger cause. They surrender themselves to be a vehicle that really inspires us." - Ang Lee

More photos from the event - with some notable Asian names in NYC.

Michelle onstage with Luc Besson and "Crouching Tiger" Taiwanese director Ang Lee

(1-2) Michelle attending the Asia Society screening in NYC   (3-4) conversation with Michelle and Luc Besson

(1) Ang Lee, Michelle, Luc Besson   (2) Michelle with Wendi Murdoch (L), and Amy Chua, author of "The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother"
(3) (L to R) Artist Shen Wei, Michelle, artist Cai Guo-Qiang, and Ang Lee
  ("Asia Society" photos)

Dec. 13th
- Web chat with Michelle - this Thursday, December 15th: 1PM UK time, 8AM Eastern (New York) time. Prepare your questions and join Michelle in the live web chat at UK's Stylist!

- Reports and videos from the New York premeire at the Asia Society, Dec 11:
  Asia Society: Michelle Yeoh and Luc Besson Discuss 'The Lady,' Aung San Suu Kyi   (with videos)
  NTDTV: 'The Lady' premiered in New York with Michelle Yeoh   (01:52. in Mandarin & English)
  RFA: 'The Lady' premiered in New York   (01:08)

Dec. 12th
- Michelle was featured on NBC's "TODAY" show -
  Video: 'Geisha' star transformed into 'Lady'   (02:12)

(photos from "AP" and "Zimbio")

Michelle was TODAY's annual Holiday Toy and Gift Drive celebrity elf at the Rockefeller Plaza in New York City this morning.

- Michelle attended the special The Lady screening and Q&A yesterday with Luc Besson and Ang Lee at Asia Society in New York City.

Video: Michelle and Luc Besson talks about 'The Lady' at Asia Society, Dec 11   (01:38)

Articles / reports:
Corcoran: Michelle Yeoh and Luc Besson on The Lady
Bernama: Malaysian Actress Michelle Yeoh "More Than Happy" To Do Bollywood Film
FoundAsians: The Lady - Michelle Yeoh as Aung San Suu Kyi

(2-3) Michelle with director Ang Lee   (4) Ang Lee, Michelle, Luc Besson

(1) (L to R) Virginie Besson-Silla, Michelle, Wendi Murdoch, and Amy Chua, author of "The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother"

(4) Michelle and Charles Cohen, founder and president of Cohen Media Group   (5) Michelle and James Lipton, producer, writer and composer

Michelle and Luc Besson during Q&A

(1-2) onstage at the special screening of The Lady at Asia Society
(3) Michelle and La Frances Hu, Assistant Director at the Asia Society

(photos from "News" and "AP")

- Myanmar Times: Luc Besson asked to direct film on General Aung San

Dec. 10th
- Twenty years ago, on December 10th, 1991, the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony was held for Aung San Suu Kyi in Oslo, Norway...... read more at The Lady page. And new film stills (one with Michelle).

- "For Your Consideration" Oscars ADs, published in Variety: Best Actress - Michelle Yeoh.   Best Supporting Actor - David Thewlis.

Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Actress

Dec. 9th
- Michelle arrived in New York City yesterday.

- The Lady links:
Before It's News: Film review: Luc Besson's Aung San Suu Kyi biopic, "The Lady" (an excellent review)
Video: The Seven Sees: "The Lady" interview with Michelle Yeoh   (04:22)

- Kung Fu Panda 2 DVD/Blu-ray will be released in the U.S. on December 13th. The film made $663 million worldwide - the highest grossing animated film of the year (and fourth film overall).

Dec. 7th
- Photo at left: Jean Todt, FIA president and co-producer of The Lady, introducing the film at the special screening during the FIA Annual General Assembly in New Delhi on December 7th. The event, held at the Siri Fort Auditorium, featured a live video link with Michelle who is FIA's road safety ambassador. ("FIA" photo)

- Another chance to see Michelle/The Lady in New York City! Tuesday, December 13. For details and tickets see Reel Pieces with Actress Michelle Yeoh and a Preview of The Lady

- The Lady Interviews/reviews/articles:
Shockya: Exclusive: Michelle Yeoh Talks About The Lady
Campus Circle: The Lady: Michelle Yeoh in a Touching Role
Asia Society: Michelle Yeoh is 'The Lady'
Canada: Whistler Film Festival: Michelle Yeoh trusts her instincts portraying Aung San Suu Kyi

Dec. 6th
- Michelle has returned to Paris. Updates in The Lady: more articles/interviews, "Coup de Foudre du Public" in France, screening during the 2011 FIA Annual General Assembly, and more release information.

Dec. 5th
- Article/interview links. More articles in The Lady.
EllE video: Michelle on Aung San Suu Kyi/The Lady   (03:40)
Outlook India: 'The Lady' is My Most Passionate Film: Michelle Yeoh
Hindustan Times: We lied and stole for the film: Michelle Yeoh
Open: The Lady Looks the Part (interview)
DNA: Michelle Yeoh reveals her Bollywood plans

Dec. 4th
- Michelle will be attending a special The Lady screening and Q&A next Sunday in New York, presented by Ang Lee, Asia Society, Open Society Foundations and Human Rights Watch. Details see The Lady page.

- If you are in LA area and if you haven't... don't miss the special one week Oscars run for The Lady at Laemmle's Music Hall, ends Dec. 8! Yes I was there today and watched The Lady for the fourth time ;-) . I heard that tickets for a Monday show have been sold out.

(1-2) new stills from The Lady   (3-4) The Lady showing at Laemmle's Music Hall 3 in Beverly Hills

- The Lady premiered in India as the closing film of the 42nd International Film Festival of India, Goa, India, December 3rd.

(2-3) (L to R) Jean Todt, Michelle, Luc Besson, and Virginie Silla at the IFFI closing ceremony   ("CRI" photos)

Dec. 2nd
- The International Press Academy just announced their field of nominations for the 16th annual Satellite Awards (formerly the Golden Satellite Awards). Michelle was nominated as Best Actress for her performance in The Lady. Congratulations Michelle!

Also, Kung Fu Panda 2 was nominated as Best Animated or Mixed Media Film.   (2011 Satellite nominations list)

- New in The Lady: world tour video; "Face au film" show schedule; new links and reviews; and some photos and a video from the historical meetings of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi with Hillary Clinton. AFP reported that Hillary Clinton watched The Lady film in her cabin on the plane to Burma, which was given to her as a gift before the film releases in cinemas.

Dec. 1st
- Local news reported that Michelle landed in India early Thursday morning. The Lady will be the closing film for International Film Festival of India in Goa this Saturday.

- A very... good interview of Michelle:
Indiewire: Michelle Yeoh and the "Emotional Roller Coaster" of "The Lady"

- VeryAware: THE LADY's Michelle Yeoh and David Thewlis Talk Political Struggles, Love Stories, & Prosthetic Ears
(I didn't realize Michelle had prosthetic ears in the film! And certainly didn't know "they were painful"...)

- Cohen Media Group will hold EXCLUSIVE ONE WEEK LOS ANGELES ENGAGEMENT for The Lady at Laemmle's Music Hall, from Friday, December 2nd to Thursday, December 8th. Get your tickets NOW!

(1) "Cohen Media Group is proud to honor 'The Lady' Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, on her historic candidacy - the next step in a journey to bring freedom to the nation of Burma ..."
(2) earlier web ad by Cohen Media Group

Nov. 29th
- AFP: 'The Lady': Myanmar's Suu Kyi biopic on release .
The Lady hits theatres in France and French speaking region of Switzerland on November 30th.

- L'Express: Michelle Yeoh: "Vais-je aider Aung San Suu Kyi en agissant de la sorte?" (Google translation)

- The Lady soundtrack is available on iTunes.

Nov. 28th
- Videos:
  EuropaCorp: Behind scenes & film clip   (in French, 02:08)   Luc Besson commentary on filming with Michelle one of the most famous true events (Danubyu, 1989) in The Lady
  Michelle Yeoh and Luc Besson on Laurent Ruquier, On est pas couche /France2 (French & English)part 1 (18:11)part 2 (13:21)

Nov. 26th
- Michelle/The Lady was featured on several TV shows in France today. Watch videos:
  JT20h: Michelle Yeoh on "The Lady"   (French & English. 04:21)
  France2: The ou Cafe: Michelle Yeoh, Virginie Besson-Silla, Luc Besson, Jean Todt   (French & English. 40:43)
  TV5MONDE: Michelle Yeoh, the icon of Rangoon in "The Lady" YouTube, TV5   (French & English. 08:40)

- The Lady updates: Details on the soundtrack album including links for listening online and pre-order. Preview screenings in France. Oscar screenings for AMPAS and guild members in NY and LA.

- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the Teddy Bears Auction at Hotel Ritz in Paris, November 24th. The event is to benefit Action Innocence's program on protecting children and young people online.

(1) Michelle and Valerie Wertheimer, Founder and President of Action Innocence
(2) Michelle, Jean Todt, and Valerie Wertheimer
(3) Jean Todt, Bernadette Chirac, French politician and wife of the former President Jacques Chirac, Michelle

(1) Antoine Antaki, vice president of Action Innocence, Michelle, and Jean Todt
(2) French TV host Catherine Falgayrac, Michelle, and French journalist Claire Chazal at the Action Innocence benefit gala dinner
(3) Valerie Wertheimer, French actor Bernard Montiel, Michelle, and Jean Todt

(1) Michelle, Jean Todt, French model and actress Mireille Darc, and French architect Pascal Desprez
(2) Valerie Wertheimer, Jean Todt, Bernadette Chirac,, Michelle, and Antoine Antaki
(3) Action Innocence benefit gala dinner in Paris

(photos from "Getty", "News", and "Pure People")

Nov. 25th
- EuropaCorp video: The Lady Paris premiere   (01:32)
  All main cast and crew members attended the event - Michelle (Aung San Suu Kyi), David Thewlis (Michael Aris), Jonathan Raggett (Kim Aris) , Jonathan Woodhouse (Alexander Aris), Luc Besson (director), Virginie Silla (producer), Andy Harries (producer), Jean Todt (producer), Rebecca Frayn (Scriptwriter), and Eric Serra (composer).

- Michelle will appear on French TV, Laurent Delahousse show on France 2, Saturday November 26.

- Articles & interview on The Lady:
  IPS: The Screen Speaks for Suu Kyi
  New York Post: Well-timed launch
  Madame Figaro: Conversation with Michelle Yeoh (in French. Google translation, 2 pages)
  Digital Journal: And the Oscar could go to...Michelle Yeoh
  Hollywood Reporter: Signs of the Apocalypse From the 2011-12 Awards Season
      "Michelle Yeoh, who is Asia's most famous female action star and a former Bond girl, may score her first Oscar nod for playing Aung San Suu Kyi, Asia's most famously demure and soft-spoken leader."

Nov. 22nd
- Photos: Michelle attending the premiere screening of The Lady at Gaumont Capucines in Paris, November 22nd.

Michelle at the Paris premeire

(1) (L to R) Jonathan Raggett (plays Kim), Michelle, David Thewlis, Jonathan Woodhouse (plays Alexander)
(2-3) Michelle with Luc Besson   (4) with David Thewlis

Michelle and David Thewlis

Michelle and Jean Todt

(1) (L to R) Jonathan Raggett, Michelle, David Thewlis, Jonathan Woodhouse
(2) Jonathan Raggett, Luc Besson, Michelle, David Thewlis, Jonathan Woodhouse
(3) Luc Besson, Michelle, David Thewlis, Virginie Silla Besson

(1) Andy Harries (producer) and his wife Rebecca Frayn (scriptwriter), Luc Besson, Michelle, David Thewlis, Virginie Silla
(2) Jonathan Raggett, Luc Besson, Michelle, David Thewlis, Jonathan Woodhouse
(3) Jonathan Raggett, Michelle, David Thewlis, Jonathan Woodhouse

(photos from "AP", "Pure People", "News", "QQ" and "Movienewz")

Nov. 21st
- Michelle was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award at the 24th Malaysian Film Festival. Unable to attend the award ceremony which was held Sunday night in Putrajaya, Malaysia, she sent a thank-you message (photo at left) to the festival. Michelle has been in France promoting The Lady.

- Reuters: Myanmar's Suu Kyi - from prisoner to likely MP

- One more interview video from Toronto TIFF: Michelle Yeoh Premieres Aung San Suu Kyi Biopic   (02:00, AP)

- More photos from the Guerlain event on Nov.8. (photos from "MSN" and "Kimiss")

(1) new ambassador for Guerlain Paris   (2) with CEO of Guerlain Laurent Boillo

Nov. 20th
- The Lady updates: UGC preview screenings in France, UK release date, closing film for International Film Festival of India, and more interviews.

- Michelle and Luc Besson were on French TV "Vivement Dimanche" today. The program was recorded on November 16 in Paris. More photos ("Pure People"):

Nov. 18th
- Another film clip from The Lady: Rangoon hospital   (02:07)

- Video: The Lady at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival, Oct 29   (02:32)

Nov. 17th
- The Lady: more film clips! And Michelle will attend the closing ceremony of the International Film Festival of India (Dec. 3). Win The Lady tickets (France), and more.

- Photos: Michelle and director Luc Besson talking about The Lady on Vivement Dimanche (Finally, Sunday), a popular TV show, November 16, Paris. ("News" photos)

Nov. 16th
- Michelle was sighted arriving at the Studio Gabriel in Paris on November 16. ("Getty" photos)

- Two "Weibo" photos from last week in Yunnan Province, China:

(1) at Kunming airport   (2) Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Nov. 15th
- Crave Online interview: Michelle Yeoh On Being 'The Lady'

- The Lady: official selection at the International Film Festival of India and the Whistler Film Festival in British Columbia, Canada.

Nov. 14th
- In The Lady: film soundtrack information and sample tracks!

- More photos from the Guerlain event in Shanghai on Nov.8. After some filming in Shanghai, Michelle continued her trip to The Orchidarium, a Guerlain founded research platform dedicated to the orchid, in Yunnan Province of China. She has since returned to Paris.

(photos from "QQ" and "Weibo". more new photos from the event have been added to the News of Nov. 9. see below)

Nov. 11th
- CNN Talk Asia: Action star Michelle Yeoh takes on Aung San Suu Kyi.   Interview videos:
  Becoming Aung San Suu Kyi   (03:02)
  Meeting Aung San Suu Kyi   (03:30)
The program is currently airing in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, South Korea and Japan.

- Hollywood Reporter: Michelle Yeoh Calls Aung San Suu Kyi an 'Iconic Female Asian Figure'

- Video: Gold Derby talks to Michelle Yeoh about 'The Lady'   (12:18)

- DP/30 interview video: The Lady, actress Michelle Yeoh   (30:23)

Nov. 10th
- EuropaCorp has released the secend French traielr! See The Lady page.

- More report and videos from the LA Times Envelope Screening Series The Lady on Nov. 3:
  'The Lady': Luc Besson's film about Myanmar's Suu Kyi was risky business (video 04:06)
  'The Lady': Re-creating 15 years of house arrest (video 05:05)

- Guerlain Paris video: Guerlain new ambassador Michelle Yeoh (03:20)

last photo: Michelle with Laurent Boillo, CEO of Guerlain

Nov. 9th

- Michelle was featured on NBC's TODAY show this morning, on "Where in the world is Matt Lauer" about Malaysia. If you missed it, you may watch the video here (click on the first video). (thanks Rei!)

- In The Lady: 3 film clips! And new sections have been added on the page: Clips & Videos, Articles & Interviews, and Reviews & Quotes (left column).

- Michelle attended a Guerlain promotional event in Shanghai, November 8th. She joined Guerlain Paris as a brand ambassador recently.

Watch news/interview videos - in Mandarin Chinese: video 1 (00:39)   video 2 (01:46)

left photo: Michelle with Laurent Boillo, CEO of Guerlain, Peninsula Hotel, Nov. 8
(photos from "Getty" and "MSN")

Nov. 8th
- Yes I went to the LA premiere screening of The Lady at the AFI FEST last Friday :-). Sorry I was such a terrible photographer and especially when Michelle was present, I even forgot to take more photos... Fortunately we are never lacking of press photos of our gorgeous lady on the red carpet. The photo at left is the red carpet path at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, taken a couple of hours before the ceremony started. The path had a rain cover over it since rain was on and off during the day. The red carpet was designed for the press only and I did not go.

Here I have a short video clip on the ceremony of the Centerpiece Gala screening of The Lady. Director Luc Besson gave a brief speech on stage, and then came Michelle with (the Lupin, hee hee) David Thewlis - (sorry for the poor quality of the videos...)

Video: AFI FEST Centerpiece Gala: The Lady ceremony (edited. 01:02)

Michelle stayed for so short a time on the stage and I almost regret that I did not try to go to the red carpet and catch more of her. They walked to the side of the screening hall and went out of the sight.

[lights off. movie screening of The Lady starts ... ...]

[more than two hours later]

A loud ovation started when Michelle's name appeared on the screen. Only when the end credits were over and the theatre lights turned on, audience realized Michelle, Luc Besson, and David Thewlis were still among them...

No one was leaving. There was a crowd at the central walkway. I walked toward there but I could not see anything so I held my small camera high in the air, over the heads in front of me. I wasn't sure what I would be getting -

Video: AFI FEST Centerpiece Gala: After The Lady screening (00:10)

Oh if I'd known this was what being caught on the camera, I would have held my arm up a bit longer!!

Forgot to turn on the flash light, and so I caught this blurred photo (left) when Michelle was turning in my direction. She was holding a bouquet of flowers and having photos taken with a group of Burmese who came to thank her.

Someone shouted: "Michelle we are proud of you! We are from Hong Kong." Michelle went to shake hands with the new group.

Later when all the "action" was over and she was about to leave, I called "Michelle!" I was about a meter away from her so I didn't have to shout or yell or anything.

I don't know how - the flowers, which she'd been holding just a moment earlier, ended in my hands... ...

OK, I lied. I know how... Michelle gave me the sweetest smile, and a big hug... and she insisted on giving the flowers to me, "It's for you!" said Michelle.

Oh Michelle... wasn't it supposed to be me - who should give flowers to YOU?

Shown in the photos are the flowers from Michelle, and a "The Lady" T-shirt autographed by Michelle and Luc Besson during the MVFF in San Francisco last month. The shirt was made and sent from Shanghai by Jingyang (if you don't remember this name, see News from Aug. 31) just before I met Michelle at the MVFF. OK I know I still owe a story from MVFF and that will be later... please bear with me. ;-)
(thanks Jingyang for the help on editing my videos)

- Photos from the LA Times Envelope Screening Series The Lady and conversation with Michelle, David Thewlis, and Luc Besson, ArcLight Sherman Oaks, November 3rd.

("The Envelope" photos)

LA Times video: 'The Lady' panel with moderator Reed Johnson  (05:05)
And here is a video from me   (00:36)   - yep I was there too ;-)

Nov. 7th
- Hollywood Reporter: Michelle Yeoh Garners Praise at AFI Fest for 'The Lady'
    "The primary reason to see The Lady -- a moving biopic of Aung San Suu Kyi... 'for her non-violent struggle for democracy and human rights' -- is Michelle Yeoh, the 49-year-old Malaysian actress who gives the best performance of her career as Suu Kyi and now has an outside shot of snagging a best actress Oscar nod for her efforts," said the article. It also features a 42 min video of an excellent interview of Michelle. (you can also watch the video on YouTube)

- The Lady: the film received MPAA rating "R". Director Luc Besson is starting a promotion tour on The Lady in several cities in France.

- AFP: Aung San Suu Kyi thanks Besson for film of her life story

- Michelle has finished this round of The Lady promotional tour in Los Angeles and she left LA last Saturday. Here are more news photos during her LA stay.

"The Lady" press conference, the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills, November 3rd
("WireImages" photos)

- More photos from the AFI FEST 2011 The Lady Centerpiece Gala - After Party, November 4th:

(1) David Thewlis, Virginie Silla, and Michelle   (2) Virginie Silla, Luc Besson, Michelle

("Getty" photos)

Nov. 5th
- Los Angeles premiere of The Lady took place during the 25th AFI FEST, Friday November 4th, at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

- AFI FEST news videos:
AFIFEST: THE LADY red carpet interviews   (01:33)
MaximoTV: Michelle Yeoh on the red carpet   (01:00)
MaximoTV: THE LADY Gala Screening red carpet   (02:35)

- Links:
Examiner: AFI Presented by Audi celebrates 25 years
Veryaware: AFI FEST Review: The Lady
Movieline: Michelle Yeoh Met With Standing Ovation at AFI Fest Premiere of The Lady

- AFI FEST Red carpet photos:

Onstage at the Centerpiece Gala screening of The Lady during AFI FEST

Michelle with Luc Besson and David Thewlis

Michelle on the red carpet of The Lady LA premiere

last photo (L to R): Producer Virginie Silla, Director Luc Besson, Actress Michelle Yeoh,
Actor David Thewlis, and AFI Festival Director Jacqueline Lyanga

(photos from "Getty", "News" and "AP")

- LA Times: 'The Lady': Luc Besson, Michelle Yeoh on Myanmar's Suu Kyi

Nov. 4th
- Michelle has been VERY busy lately, promoting The Lady in Hollywood/Los Angeles with multiple interviews and Q&A's everyday... I saw Michelle last night at the LA Times Envelope Screening Series - the film screening followed by a conversation with Michelle, David Thewlis, and Luc Besson. I shall see her again tonight - and watch The Lady for the third time (!) - at the Los Angeles premiere (AFI FEST gala). Go on, Michelle! :-)

- LA Times video report: The Envelope Screening Series -- 'The Lady', Nov. 3rd   (03:46)

- News photos: Michelle and director Luc Besson attending the 2011 Variety Screening Series on The Lady at ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood, November 2nd.

("WireImage" photos)

Nov. 3rd
- Updates in The Lady: Amnesty International France supports the film The Lady. French dubbed and Chinese subtitled trailers.

Nov. 2nd
- Some reports and reviews from the Doha Tribeca Film Festival:
  BBC: Doha Tribeca Film Festival inspired by Arab Spring
  Peninsula: DTFF ends with The Lady
  Variety: The Lady
  HeyUGuys: The Lady review

Nov. 1st
- Michelle is currently in Los Angeles promoting The Lady. She is attending a sequence of screenings and Q&As. For details please see The Lady page.

- Videos from the Rome Film Festival, Oct. 27.
    AP: redcarpet interview   (01:55)
    Redcarpet and premiere ceremony   (01:31)
    Redcarpet and premiere ceremony   (02:03)
    Redcarpet interview   (01:35)
    Lancia: Redcarpet   (02:13)
    UnicornPressTV: Press conference part 1   (14:13) Press conference part 2   (14:56)
    Press conference   (05:13)
    TheStar: Press conference   (04:41)
    Press conference   (01:09)
    Press Photocall   (00:41)
    Lancia Café   (00:54)
    Apple Daily: Redcarpet & press conference   (01:10)

Oct. 31st
- Videos: Interview with Michelle Yeoh and Luc Besson on Korea TV.
    Part 1 (15:30)   Part 2 (15:30)   Part 3 (15:30)
The interview was in English (with Korean subtitles). Filmed during the Busan Film Festival earlier in the month.

(video scans)

- Michelle and her Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is chosen by TIME magazine as one of the Top 10 Movie Swordsmen/women.

Oct. 29th
- Photos: Michelle attending the closing ceremony of the 3rd Doha Tribeca Film Festival in Doha, Qatar today. The Lady is screened as the closing film.

Michelle, director Luc Besson, and producer Virginie Besson-Silla on red carpet

(2) (L to R) Virginie Besson-Silla, Executive Director of the Doha Film Institute Amanda Palmer, Luc Besson and Michelle

onstage at the closing ceremony of the Doha Tribeca Film Festival

Michelle, Luc Besson, and Virginie Besson-Silla at the Press Centre

(photos from "Getty", "CFP", "Heyuguys", "Shotoshoot" and "News")

Oct. 28th
- Updates in The Lady: several links including an interview with director Luc Besson. Audience Favorite Active Cinema Award at the MVFF.

- More photos from the Rome International Film Festival, October 27th.

Michelle and David Thewlis attending the Lancia Cafe

The Lady Rome premiere ceremony

Michelle and Jean Todt attending the opening party of the festival at Mercati Di Traiano
(photos from "Getty" and "Entertainment Alley")

Oct. 27th
- The Lady opened the 6th International Rome Film Festival today.

Videos of The Lady press conference in Rome:
  video1 (40:04)   video2 (05:13)

AP: Film on Myanmar activist opens festival
AFP: Besson opens Rome film fest with Suu Kyi biography
AP: Myanmar Nobel winner praises justice
Hollywood Reporter: Rome Film Festival: Luc Besson's 'The Lady' Opens Show

News photos: The Lady premiere and the opening ceremony during the Rome Film Festival, with Luc Besson, Michelle, David Thewlis, Virginie Besson-Silla and Jean Todt:

Michelle at the redcarpet of The Lady premiere

(1-2) David Thewlis, Michelle, Luc Besson, Virginie Besson-Silla

Michelle and Jean Todt, who is slao a co-producer of The Lady

(1) Jean Todt, Michelle, Luc Besson, Virginie Besson-Silla, and David Thewlis

Photos from The Lady press conference, with Luc Besson, Michelle, David Thewlis and Virginie Besson-Silla:

Photocall for The Lady during the Rome Festival:

Michelle at the press photocall

Michelle and director Luc Besson

Michelle with David Thewlis

(1) Luc Besson, Michelle, David Thewlis and producer Virginie Besson-Silla

(photos from "Getty", "AP", "News", "Pure People", "Corbis", "Rbcasting", "Blogosfere" and "Reuters")

Oct. 25th
- In The Lady: an interview with Aung San Suu Kyi on Italian Grazia magazine, in which she talked about the film The Lady and Michelle. Many thanks to April and Marco for the help with translation!

- Watch video: Michelle's speech on Decade of Action at the Leader forum during the Challenge Bibendum conference in Berlin, May 20th.   (02:59)

Oct. 24th
- NTDTV video: Interview at TIFF with Michelle Yeoh, the actress who plays Aung San Suu Kyi (04:45, interview in English with Chinese subtitles)

Oct. 23rd
- Updates in The Lady: the film will start the limited Academy Engagement theatrical run in Los Angeles on December 2nd. A TV report on banning the film critics and trailers in China.

Oct. 21st
- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the 'Tar Mag' Cocktail Launch at Roger Vivier, Paris, October 20th.

(photos from "Getty" and "Pure People")

Oct. 20th
- "Use your freedom to promote ours!" The website Michelle mentioned in one of her recent interviews, UseYourFreedom.com, has come online. More in The Lady.

- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt at the award ceremony of the Grand' Croix de la Légion d'Honneur for Jean Todt in Paris, October 19th. Jean Todt was awarded the Grand Officier of the Légion d'Honneur in 2007, and the Grand' Croix of the Légion d'Honneur, the highest honour in France, in July 2011.

(photos from "Apple Daily", and "Hexun")

- More photos from Busan, South Korea have been added in Photos ->Festivals & Events (bottom of the page)

Oct. 19th
- In The Lady: selection for the Stockholm International Film Festival in Sweden.

- A blog post and photos of Michelle shooting for Time Out Hong Kong magazine

- News photos: Michelle attending the Vertu Global Launch of The 'Constellation' at Palazzo Serbelloni in Milan, Italy, October 18.

Michelle with American actress Uma Thurman (L) and British actress Tilda Swinton

Michelle with Uma Thurman and Tilda Swinton

(1) (L to R) British model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Uma Thurman,
British actor Clive Owen, Michelle, and Tilda Swinton

(1) with Uma Thurman and Tilda Swinton   (2) with British model David Gandy (L) and Uma Thurman

(1) Michelle with Architect Ma Yansong   (2)Michelle with Clive Owen
(3) Michelle with Vertu President Perry Oosting (L) and Frank Nuovo, chief designerof the creative development in Vertu

(1) Michelle with Perry Oosting and Frank Nuovo

(photos from "Getty", "Hello Magazine", "ModernCeleb", "News" and "Vogue")

Oct. 18th
- The Lady: the film has been selected as a Gala Centerpiece at the AFI FEST 2011.

- More photos from the 34th Mill Valley Film Festival: Michelle at the Active Cinema Panel: "Can a Film Make the Difference?" Sunday, October 9th.

  Video: MVFF34 Active Cinema Panel (08:45, Michelle's part is mainly before 05:33)   (thanks Jingyang for help with the video editing!)

  "I don't twit and I don't have a facebook," said Michelle.

last photo (L to R): producer Ron Yerxa, Pamela Yates, American documentary filmmaker and human
rights activist, Michelle, and Michael Fox, Canadian American actor, producer, and activist

(photos from "Monsters and Critics")

Oct. 17th
- Videos from the Spotlight on Michelle Yeoh/The Lady during the 34th Mill Valley Film Festival, October 8th.
  Part 1: Onstage interview with Michelle Yeoh (02:58)
  Part 2: Onstage interview with Michelle Yeoh (01:28)
  Part 3: Michelle Yeoh receiving the MVFF Award (01:51)
  Part 4: Interview with Luc Besson and Michelle Yeoh (07:34)
  Part 5: Besson and Yeoh answering questions from audience (05:20)

- More photos from the Spotlight Michelle Yeoh at MVFF:

Michelle receiving the MVFF Award

Michelle and director Luc Besson during the Q & A

(1) Michelle with Mark Fishkin (L), creator of the Mill Valley Film Festival, and director Luc Besson
(2) (L to R) director Phil Kaufman, Michelle, and Mark Fishkin at the afterparty
  ("MVFF" photos)

Oct. 16th
- For past few months, some Chinese netizens and filmmakers have been talking about The Lady film excitedly. Newspapers and magazines had run coverages of the project and related news. But all of the sudden, the movie listing and the already published trailers of The Lady film were all deleted from Chinese websites... Read more details in The Lady.

- Videos from the Busan Film Festival (thanks Crystal):
  The Lady press conference (longer version)   (15:16)
  The Lady press conference (shorter version)   (06:40)

"I am very proud of this movie. We believe this is a very important story to tell, because of who Daw Suu is and because of what she's fighting for - with words - for freedom, for democracy, for human rights." -- Michelle Yeoh at BIFF on The Lady

- More photos from Busan:

(1-3) Michelle and Luc Besson at interviews, Oct. 12
(4-5) Luc Besson showing his mobile phone with The Lady cover, Oct. 11

(photos from "Asiae", "Chosun", "Getty" and "Weibo")

Oct. 13th
- The Lady red carpet at the 16th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), October 12th.

Michelle and director Luc Besson attending the Asian premiere of The Lady at the Busan Cinema Center, BIFF

(photos from "Getty", "NewsEN", "Epoch Times", "OSEN", "News", "KoreaHerald", "MyDaily", "TVDaily" and "TVreport")

Oct. 12th
- The Lady is featured as Gala Presentation at the 16th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), one of the most significant film festivals in Asia, October 12th, Busan, South Korea.

Related reports:
Hollywood Reporter: The actress and director Luc Besson praised the freeing of the Burmese comic
AFP: Michelle Yeoh, Luc Besson laud Myanmar releases

According to the Hollywood Reporter, The Lady is set for U.S. release in December.

The Lady press conference during BIFF, Oct. 12

(photos from "Getty", "Sohu", "Yonhapnews", "NewsEN", "MyMovies", "Mtime" and "News")

Oct. 11th
- In The Lady: my mini report on the MVFF spotlight/screening. More on (briefly) meeting with Michelle will come later! Keep tuned.

- Michelle is featured at the cover story of "Time Out Hong Kong", Issue 90, to be published on the 12th. You may write to info@timeout.com.hk for mail order information. (Image courtesy of: TIME OUT HONG KONG)
  Read the Interview: Michelle Yeoh and Burma's Lady of Freedom

- Is there anyone here who can help me to translate several paragraphs from Italian to English (Google translation is not good enough, obviously)? There is a recent Italian interview with Aung San Suu Kyi, in which she talked about the film The Lady, and Michelle. Please e-mail me if you can help. Thanks in advance! [update: have already found someone - thanks for prompt responds!]

Oct. 10th
- San Rafael Patch: Actress Michelle Yeoh Dazzles as 'The Lady' at MVFF34

- News photos from Spotlight on Michelle Yeoh/The Lady during the Mill Valley Film Festival. The Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center, San Rafael, California, USA. Saturday October 8th.

Michelle on the MVFF Spotlight red carpet

Michelle with Director Luc Besson and MVFF organizers

Q&A with Michelle and Luc Besson after the film screening

Zoe Elton, Director of MVFF Programming, prsenting the MVFF spotlight award to Michelle
(photos from "Cozycot", "Drewaltizer" and "Patch")

Yep, I was there :-). My report of the event will come later. I need to "recover" from the trip...

Michelle - THANK YOU for inviting me to this very special event and your beautiful gift!!!

I'm not sure if I'm ready to show my face on this website yet, LOL... for now, you can see a couple of related photos below --

(1-2) that was Michelle with me - I was at the lower right parts of the photos, partially covered by the logo ;-)
(3) that was my hand (right side) holding a "The Lady" shirt for Luc Besson autographing

Oct. 7th
- I'm heading to San Francisco Bay Area for the Mill Valley Film Festival. So don't expect any update on the site until next week.

The Lady - Michelle - I'm coming! ;-)

Oct. 5th
- French poster for The Lady.

- Kung Fu Panda 2 Hitting Blu-ray and DVD on December 13 in U.S.. Special features include deleted scenes and "Kickin' It with the Cast" - Meet the new faces who have joined Po's journey including Gary Oldman, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Victor Garber and Michelle Yeoh and catch up with the returning cast. French DVD release date is October 19th.

Oct. 3rd
- The Lady: Theatrical Trailer! (English and French versions)

- Photos: Michelle attending the Tod's Signature launch party during Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012, the Italian Embassy, Paris, October 2.

(1) Michelle with Diego Della Valle (L), the President and CEO of Tod's, and Jean Todt.
(photos from "PurePeople", "News" and "Weibo")

Sept. 28th
- The Lady will be the closing film for the 3rd Doha Tribeca Film Festival, October 25-29. It will be the Middle Eastern North African (MENA) premiere of the film.

- New film images. See more images at The Lady page.

Sept. 27th
- The Lady: TIFF THE LADY Press Conference video on YouTube.

- In Photos: Miss Malaysia / World 1984 Pageant
  No I did not get the date wrong - I mean 1984, not 1983 ;-) . MANY THANKS to Gilbert Jong for providing us with these precious and fun old photos of Michelle! (Copyright marks are added per Gilbert's request.)

Sept. 25th
- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt at the Singapore Grand Prix, Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore, September 24th-25th.

Formula One World Championship, Sunday September 25th

(1) Michelle with Singapore Motor Sports Association President Tan Teng Lip   (2-4) with Jean Todt
at the Qualifying Day of the Singapore Grand Prix, Saturday September 24th

(photos from "Formula1", "Sutton", "MotorSport", "Yfrog", "Flickr" and "News")

Sept. 23rd
- News photos: Michelle attendeding the launch of the 2011 Road Courtesy Campaign in Singapore, September 22nd. (report)

Michelle and S Iswaran (L3 in 1st photo), Minister in the Prime Minister's Office and Second Home Affairs Minister,
officiate the launch ceremony   (photos from "Today", "Zaobao" "StraitsTimes", and "95.8")

- Updates in The Lady: running time for the final cut. Screening in Salon-De-Provence, France.

Sept. 21st
- Updates in The Lady: tickets for Spotlight and Reception at the Mill Valley Film Festival on sale for general public. Screening schedule at the Busan International Film Festival. Different running times...

- More photos from the Toronto International Film Festival have been added in Photos ->Festivals & Events.

Sept. 20th
- News videos from the Van Cleef & Arpels event in Hong Kong, September 16th:
  video 1 (00:26, in Cantonese)   video 2 (00:37, in Mandarin)

BTW, the 63-year-old Hong Kong actress Deannie Yip (aka Deanie Ip) co-starred with Michelle in one of Michelle's early films. Do you remember which one? -- it was her very first film. ;-)

Sept. 19th
- Earlier this month, Guerlain, French beauty house for perfume, skincare, and cosmetics, announced that Michelle became an ambassador for the brand. These photos were taken at the Maison Guerlain in Paris, in July or August 2011.

(2) Michelle with Laurent Boillo, CEO of Guerlain   (3) (L to R) Thierry Wasser (Guerlain perfume creator),
Laurent Boillo, Michelle, Olivier Echaudemaison (Guerlain Creative director)

- In Photos -> Magazines: images from "Reader's Digest", March 2010, Malaysian edition.   (thanks Jingyang)

Sept. 18th
- In The Lady: video/audio interviews with Michelle, David Thewlis, and Luc Besson at TIFF.

- In Photos -> Photoshoots: "The Lady" portraits during TIFF.

(click for more photos)

Sept. 16th
- More on The Lady:
HitFix: Michelle Yeoh enters the best actress race as 'The Lady'
Indiewire: TIFF: The Lady - The Story of Aung San Suu Kyi

- On September 16th, Michelle attended the grand opening of a new Van Cleef & Arpels flagship store in Hong Kong.

(1-2) Michelle and Australian actress Cate Blanchett

(1-3) (L to R) Deannie Yip (Hong Kong actress and singer who was recently awarded
Coppa Volpi for Best Actress at Venice), Michelle, Cate Blanchett, Hong Kong actress Josephine Siao
(4) Michelle with her goddaughter Dee-Dee Poon

(5) Michelle and Peter Cheung   (6) (L to R): Deannie Yip, Michelle, Cate Blanchett, Josephine Siao, and producer Nansun Shi
(photos from "Epoch Times", "Tungstar", "NTDTV", "Ming Pao" and "Oriental")

Sept. 15th
- Michelle has been back in Hong Kong. Tomorrow evening (Friday Sept. 16) she will be attending the grand opening of Van Cleef & Arpels's Hong Kong Maison at Central.

- More videos from TIFF:
Reuters: Michelle Yeoh is The Lady   (01:58)
Thompson on Hollywood: Anne Thompson Interviews Michelle Yeoh   (15:24)
Euronews Cinema: Toronto lancia The Lady   (02:15)
Michelle Yeoh signing autographs   (00:19)
Burmese and Michelle Yeoh at TIFF   (08:57)

- Reign of Assassins: to be screened at the 2011 Chinese Film Festival in Seoul and Busan/Pusan, South Korea.

Sept. 14th
- Deadline: Toronto: Distribution Deal For Luc Besson's The Lady Puts Michelle Yeoh And David Thewlis In Oscar Race
    U.S. distribution Cohen Media Group has bought the U.S. rights to The Lady. The company "plans to release the film for an Oscar-qualifying platform release late this year to capitalize on strong performances by Michelle Yeoh, who plays Suu Kyi, and David Thewlis, who plays her Oxford professor husband Michael Aris." The film will get a wider release in early 2012, according to the report. "The distribution deals came quickly after the film premiered Monday evening at Roy Thomson Hall, where Besson, Yeoh and Thewlis received a rousing standing ovation."

- Articles:
Postmedia News: 'The Lady' offers life-altering messages for the masses
LA Times: Toronto 2011: Real-life drama behind Michelle Yeoh's 'The Lady'

- More photos from Toronto:

Michelle and David Thewlis arriving at CBC studio for interviews, Sept. 13

Michelle, Luc Besson, and David Thewlis attending The Variety Studio at Holt Renfrew, Sept. 12

More photos from the TIFF The Lady news conference, Sept. 12
(photos from "Zimbio", "WireImage", and "News" )

Sept. 13th
- Michelle will receive the Mill Valley Award at the 34th Mill Valley Film Festival (MVFF) on October 8 (San Francisco Bay Area). She will also participate in a panel discussion in the afternoon of Sunday, October 9th. For more information and tickets see The Lady page.

Michelle Yeoh Premieres Aung San Suu Kyi Biopic   (02:00)
Michelle Yeoh at TIFF 2011   (01:05)

- More reports from TIFF on The Lady:
VOA: Film Bio of Aung San Suu Kyi Debuts in Toronto
Irrawaddy: "I Lived and Breathed Suu Kyi": Michelle Yeoh
Reuters: For Michelle Yeoh, "The Lady" is role of lifetime
The Grid: Michelle Yeoh's mission of Burma

The Lady gala premiere, Toronto International Film Festival, September 12th

Michelle greeted by fans and Burmese pro-democracy supporters showing their thanks for The Lady

last photo: Rebecca Frayn, Michelle, David Thewlis, Luc Besson at the gala premiere

(photos from "Getty", "Reuters", "Epoch Times", "Torontoist" and "AP")

Sept. 12th
- Video: The Lady press conference at TIFF (49:28)

Hollywood Reporter: Toronto 2011 - Bond Girl Michelle Yeoh on Being Deported From Burma
National Post: TIFF Press Conference Diaries - The Lady teaches everyone what a hero is
AFP: Myanmar democracy leader's struggle debuts on film

Photos from the TIFF news conference, September 12th.

Michelle speaking at the The Lady press conference (video scans)

last image (L to R): Rebecca Frayn, David Thewlis, Michelle, Luc Besson

(photos from "AP", "Reuters", "Getty" and "News")

Sept. 8th
- Strombo/CBC will be interviewing Michelle during the TIFF next week. You may sign up to be an audience at CBC Strombo Tickets. Choose the show date: Tues Sept 13 - 11:15am - Michelle Yeoh. If you will be in Toronto... hurry up!

- In Photos->Photoshoots: many new photos added, taken during the 2008 Mummy 3 promotion.   (thanks Crystal)

Sept. 6th
- The Lady: a Luc Besson interview and a set photo of Michelle with the director.

Sept. 3rd
- Michelle Yeoh and Richard Mille RM051 Phoenix   (english)

The RM 051 phoenix-Michelle Yeoh watch for women was co-designed by Michelle and Melanie Treton-Monceyron. Michelle chose Phoenix as the theme, form her Asian cultural background, as a tribute to women, for their courage, will, kindness and elegance.

Sept. 2nd
- The Lady: Producer Virginie Besson-Silla talks about "The Lady". Press conference and screening schedule at TIFF (total 5 screenings).

EuropaCorp has uploaded the French teaser trailer on YouTube. Pay attention to the voices on the sound track, which the English trailer doesn't have, especially toward the end.
  Watch French teaser trailer of The Lady (00:51)

- Videos from the Huabiao Awards red carpet:
  video 1 (00:50)  video 2 (00:31)  video 3 (01:23)  (thanks Crystal)

  More images have been added in Event photos.

Aug. 31st
- In The Lady: Burmese cast members talk about the filming. Screening at the Busan Film Festival in October. Greek release date.

- The photo at left is the fan-made poster Michelle autographed during the Huabiao red carpet, as seen in some of the news photos last Sunday.

The poster was made by Jingyang, who became a fan of Michelle after having watched Reign of Assassins last fall, and who had an opportunity to be a photographer on the red carpet that day. Unable to hold the poster and take pictures at the same time, Jingyang asked a bystander to help hold the poster while she herself fought through the crowd to try to take some shots of Michelle. At one point she managed to get close with the poster and shouted Michelle's Chinese name, "Yang Ziqiong", as many others were doing, but to no avail. She switched to English and shouted: "Michelle! Michelle! Michelle!" Success! Michelle turned and spotted the poster!

It was one of the few high points of the entire 70 minute red carpet when Michelle and John Woo actually walked to the crowd and shook hands with fans. According to some "Weibo" (a Chinese version of Twitter-like micro-blog) comments, Michelle had the most stunning figure that night. "She is simply Helen of Troy," sighed Jingyang.

The two images Jingyang used for making the poster were among the image collection she recently designed in order to print some T-shirts for Michelle fans.

Next time Michelle attends a public event in China, and if fans get advanced notice and are allowed to attend, there may be a team of fans wearing these shirts to greet her :-). Some of the fans were worried that wearing "The Lady" shirts might land them in trouble, especially when they were discussing whether to print the word "Freedom" on the back of the shirts. (Aung San Suu Kyi's name, along with many "sensitive" words deemed by the Chinese communist authorities, are banned, for instance, on the Baidu forum, the most popular community forum in Mainland China.)

Here I'd like to thank Jingyang for sharing her photos and story with us.

Aug. 30th
- The Lady: Luc Besson talks about the film as well as Michelle during recent interviews. French teaser trailer.

- CBC poll: Which TIFF film would you most like to see?   - vote for Michelle's The Lady, of course! :-)

- The Biography Channel: Michelle Yeoh   (showing now in South East Asia)

Aug. 29th
- More photos from Beijing, August 28:

last photo: Crouching Tiger cast reunion after 11 years
(L to R): Chang Chen, Michelle, Chow Yun-Fat, Zhang Ziyi
("Weibo" photos)

Aug. 28th
- The Huabiao Awards ceremony, August 28.

Michelle at the Huabiao Awards ceremony   (animation made by Crystal)

Michelle and John Woo on the red carpet

shaking hands with fans

last photo: autographing a fan made poster of Michelle's "The Lady" and "Reign of Assassins"

last photo: Michelle with John Woo and Woo's wife Annie Woo

(photos from "Sohu", "QQ", "Mtime", "Sina", and "Weibo")

Aug. 26th
- The Lady has been selected as the opening film (out of competition) for the 6th International Rome Film Festival, which runs from October 27 - November 4.

- Michelle will attend the award ceremony of the 14th Huabiao Awards in Beijing on Sunday, August 28. And we shall see her appearing on the red carpet of the Toronto Film Festival next month.

- True Legend: coming to DVD and Blu-ray in US on September 13.

- Michelle in Zlin, Czech Republic, August 26:
  News video: Barum Czech Rally (click on the "Video" tab. 00:40)

FIA Action for Road Safety press conference

Michelle and Jean Todt at the Barum Czech Rally

(photos from "Zlinsky", "Barum Rally", "CTK" and "Denik")

Aug. 23rd
- The Lady: teaser trailer, TIFF Programmer's Note on the film, and Shepard Fairey explains the new movie poster. In case you haven't noticed - Jean Todt is also listed as a producer, along with Virginie Silla (director Luc Besson's wife) and Andy Harries (scriptwriter Rebecca Frayn's husband). The Lady will premiere on September 12th at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Aug. 22nd

- The image at left is a teaser poster of The Lady featuring Michelle, designed by American contemporary artist Shepard Fairey, who created the portrait of Aung San Suu Kyi (middle image) in June 2009 when the imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize laureate turned 64. The photo at right is The Lady advertisement at an UGC Cinema in Paris.

Aug. 19th
- [The Latin America tour] Press conference on Decade of Action for Road Safety at Intercontinental Hotel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 18th. ("Getty" photos)

- [The Latin America tour] CBA (Confederacao Brasileira de Automobilismo) party dinner, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 17th.

left photo: former Brazilian racing driver Bird Clemente (R1), Michelle (R2),
Barao Wilson Fittipaldi, legendary Brazilian sports journalist (R3), Jean Todt (L1)

Aug. 18th
- Reign of Assassins updates: nominations for China's Huabiao Awards, images from Japanese promotion, and an interview with director.

- True Legend: French release date, poster, and trailer.

Aug. 16th
- [The Latin America tour] road safety promotion in Sao Paulo, Brazil, August 16th.

  Videos: Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt in Sao Paulo
  SPTV (01:42),   BCTV (01:18)

(photos from "Terra Brasil", "Caras", "GPBrasil", "Quatro Rodas" and "Gazeta")

Aug. 15th
- [The Latin America tour] Michelle and Jean Todt will be in Sao Paulo, Brazil tomorrow, continuing the road safety promotion.

- Michelle's new film project, which was supposed to start filming in June but postponed to next year because of the director falling sick, is called Cooktales (working title). Set in Singapore, the film is an epicurean coming-of-age tale of an amateur cook who has to deal with the twisted fate of his family. Cooktales is a co-production of Bang Singapore and Korea's CJ Entertainment and will be directed by Korean born director and scriptwriter Gina Kim (Never Forever). The project was first announced at AFM last November.

Aug. 12th
- [The Latin America tour] Tlalnepantla, Mexico, August 10th.

(1) (L to R) Carlos Slim Domit, Chairman of the Board of Grupo Carso, Fernando Landeros Verdugo,
CEO of of Telethon Foundation, Jean Todt, Michelle, FIA Vice-President Jose Abed
(3) Michelle, Jean Todt and Fernando Landeros Verdugo

- [The Latin America tour] Michelle and Jean Todt visited the Teleton Children's Rehabilitation Center toward the end of their road safety promotion tour in Mexico, August 10th.

Telmex video: Michelle and Jean Todt visiting CRIT (01:13)

last photo (L to R): Carlos Slim Domit, Chairman of the Board of Grupo Carso, Jean Todt,
Michelle, Fernando Landeros Verdugo, CEO of of Telethon Foundation

(photos from "Fundacion Telmex", "FIA Mexico", "News", "SuperDeporte", "Corbis" and "Portal Automotriz")

- [The Latin America tour] Mexico, Aug. 8th.

  Telmex video: Jean Todt press conference, Mexico City   (01:14:13)
  Michelle was introduced on stage around 00:50:37, and she speaks around 01:02:40-01:04:15 and 01:04:43-01:08:46

Michelle and Jean Todt at the press coference

Michelle with Mario Vazquez Rana, Mexican sports administrator and
President and Director General of the OEM

(photos from "Fundacion Telmex", "Max", and "OEM")

Aug. 7th
- [The Latin America tour] Decade of Action for Road Safety in Mexico, Aug. 5th.   (thanks Karina for some of the photos!)

Michelle, Enrique Pena Nieto, Governor of the State of Mexico, Jean Todt

(photos from "Alfredo Del Mazo" and "Enrique Peña Nieto")

Aug. 5th
- In The Lady: first film footage and an interview with the director, video from CNN.

- [The Latin America tour] Michelle is now in Mexico, promoting road safety.

- This year, the 6th of August, happens to coincide with Michelle's birthday in Chinese Calendar, 7th of July, which is also known as "Chinese Valentine's Day." So it should be a double (or triple) celebration day! And now let's add --

Our Birthday Greetings to Michelle

This year, at our 10th annual Birthday Special we received over 270 messages, sent from old friends and new fans, from at least 39 countries/regions: Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Burma/Myanmar, Cameroon, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UK, USA, Vietnam, Zimbabwe. Particularly, there are a noticeable number of people from Burma/Myanmar who showed their appreciation to Michelle for making The Lady. The birthday animation was made by Bin of China.

And the top five favorite films fans voted on the 2011 Birthday Special are: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (70% votes), Tomorrow Never Dies (56%), Memoirs of a Geisha (54%), Reign of Assassins (49%), and Police Story III: Supercop (45%). (note that Reign of Assassins has yet to be released in many territories including North America)

Some fans from the Chinese Baidu Fan Club have made some special birthday pictures and videos for Michelle, and they can be viewed at this link.

Today is the 13th anniversary of this website, the Michelle Yeoh Web Theatre. :-)   As the webmaster and a fan of Michelle's, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you, for your visits, encouragement and supports during all these years! THANK YOU!
Last but not least, thank you Michelle for your inspiration - from your films as well as real life. Happy Birthday!  

Aug. 4th
- [The Latin America tour] Michelle left Guatemala and headed to Mexico this morning. Photos from Guatemala, Aug. 3:

Make Roads Safe campaign in Guatemala

at Filadelfia Coffee Resort, Antigua Guatemala
(photos from "Prensa Libre" and "Filadelfia Coffee Resort")

Aug. 3rd
- [The Latin America tour] Michelle arrived in Costa Rica yesterday (Aug. 2) and left for Guatemala today. Some photos from Costa Rica:

(1) Michelle giving a speech on the Decade of Action campaign, Cartago, Costa Rica
(2-3) Carlos Macaya, president of the Automobile Club of Costa Rica and Chairman of the FIA Foundation, presenting an Appreciation Plaque to Michelle
(4) (L to R) Carlos Macaya, Jean Todt, Michelle, and Maristella Vaccari, Costa Rica's deputy minister of transport

(photos from "Seguridad Vial", "Portal Automotriz", "Sporcar", and "Mundomotorizado")

- More photos from Panama: Michelle and Jean Todt meeting with President of Panama Ricardo Martinelli. ("Dealante" photos)

Aug. 2nd
- [The Latin America tour] El Salvador and Panama, July 31st and August 1st.

Panama Canal, Aug. 1

(1-2) press conference on Decade of Action for Road Safety, Panama, Aug. 1
(3) FIA delegation in San Salvador, El Salvador, July 31
(photos from "AltaVelocidadTV", "Portal Automotriz", "SportCar","Que Pasa Panama", and Noya)

Jul. 31st
- Michelle and Jean Todt are currently on an official FIA tour in Latin America. They were in Colombia on the 29th and Nicaragua on the 30th. They will be visiting several countries including El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica, and Mexico next few days.

left photo: Michelle, Jean Todt and President of Nicaragua Jose Daniel Ortega Saavedra

(1-2) introducing UN's road safety campaign in Managua, Nicaragua, July 30
(3) Michelle, global road safety ambassador, with FIA President Jean Todt and FIA Vice-President Jose Abed (left) in Cartagena, Colombia, July 29th
(photos from "El19", "La Prensa" and "Pitlane")

Jul. 28th
- Reign of Assassins: Japanese trailer and official site. Press conference in Tokyo with John Woo and Su Chao-pin.

Jul. 26th
- Michelle's upcoming The Lady will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (Sept. 8-18). Running Time: 145 minutes.

Jul. 25th
- True Legend: screening at the Festival Fantasia 2011 in Montreal, July 23 & 26.

- Reign of Assassins: an interview with director Su Chao-Pin.

Jul. 21st
- New in Magazines: a Michelle interview is featured in the first issue of "AD Style" (Chinese version). Michelle talks about what her dream home would look like. She has several homes around the world, in Paris, Geneva, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc., but she probably spends most of her time on airplanes...

(1) Michelle featured in "AD Style" magazine, August 2011 issue
(2-4) more photos from the "AD Style" launch celebration, June 10
(3) (L to R) composor Tan Dun, Michelle, Lin Chi-ling, Taiwanese model and actress, and
Cao Weiming, managing director of Conde Nast Publications in China ("Vogue" photos)

Jul. 19th
- The Lady: release date for the Netherlands.

Jul. 17th
- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt at the 7th round of the FIA GT1 World Championship, the Paul Ricard Circuit, Le Castellet, France, July 17th. ("GT1 World" and "News" photos)

Jul. 16th
- You have to see this video... filmed during Michelle's Sabah trip in 2009 when filming Among the Great Apes with Michelle Yeoh for the National Geographic Channel.
  YouTube: Michelle with LEAP CEO Cynthia Ong on Tungog Lake restoration project   (02:48. in English)

- Reign of Assassins: screening at the Sarajevo Film Festival on July 24 & 25.

- Michelle in London, July 14th.   ("Weibo" photos)

Jul. 12th
- According to Hong Kong media, Michelle did the voice dubbing for the Soothsayer character in the Cantonese version of Kung Fu Panda 2, which will be released in Hong Kong on July 21st. (Note: for the Mandarin dubbed version, Mainland veteran voice actress Cao Lei did the voice for the character.)

Michelle in Hong Kong, April 2011

- Reign of Assassins updates: New York premiere.

- More photos from the eSafety Challenge 2011 in Vienna have been added in Turning Point.

Jul. 10th
- News photos from the British Grand Prix, Silverstone, England, Sunday July 10th.

support FIA Action For Road Safety campaign
(L to R) front: Mike Penning MP (GBR) Minister for Transport, Michelle, FIA President Jean Todt, Paul di Resta (GBR) Force India
back: Colin Hilton, chief executive of the Motor Sport Association, Lewis Hamilton (GBR) McLaren, Jenson Button (GBR) McLaren

Michelle and Jean Todt attending the British Grand Prix

(1-2) Michelle with Prince Harry of Wales   (3-5) Michelle, Jean Todt, and Bernie Ecclestone, President and CEO of F1 management

(1) (L to R): Bernie Ecclestone, Michelle, Prince Harry, Jean Todt and Jackie Stewart, Scottish former racing driver and team owner
(2-3) Michelle with Bernie Ecclestone

(1) Michelle with members of Walking With The Wounded, Captain Martin Hewitt (R) and Jaco Van Gass (L)
(2) shaking hand with Jose Ramon Carabante, team owner of the Hispania Racing F1 Team
(photos from "Reuters", "Getty", "Motorsport", "GrandPrix", "GPupdate", "Formula 1", "Sutton", and "Crash")

Jul. 8th
- New film stills from The Lady.

Michelle stars as Aung San Suu Kyi

Jul. 6th
- Reign of Assassins: Italian release information.

- Michelle signed up for the new advertising campaign for Guerlain, a French beauty brand for perfume, skincare, and cosmetics.

  Photo at left: Michelle in Paris, July 5th. (by Natori)

Jul. 4th
- Hi guys/gals, can you believe time passes so fast? It's another year! And this is the tenth year we have been having the Birthday Special for our sepcial lady on her special day.

Michelle, I know you have said everyday is special for you, still, your birthday seems to be a perfect time for fans to say something, to you. ;-)

Enter Michelle Yeoh Birthday Special 2011 to send your greetings to Michelle.

This year, there is also a new choice so that you may tell Michelle what your favorite Michellle movies are.

All messages received will be forwarded to Michelle for her birthday (August 6). Please enter your message by August 4 and please use English only. Thank you all!

Jul. 2nd
- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the royal wedding of Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco, July 2, Monaco.

arriving at the the religious ceremony of the royal wedding at the Palace

at the wedding ceremony in the main courtyard at Prince's Palace

it's quite a challenge to spot Michelle in the crowd ;-)

attending the wedding gala dinner at the Opera terraces

leaving the Hotel de Paris to attend the Roman-Catholic wedding ceremony

(photos from "Getty", "News", "Epoch Times", "AFP", "Corbis", "WireImage", "PurePeople", "Fashion" and "Reuters")

Jul. 1st
- Reign of Assassins: screening on July 9 and 10 at the New York Asian Film Festival with the director attending.

- The Lady: German release date has been scheduled to March 15, 2012. The film is expected to be shown at a number of international film festivals this fall.

- [Older News] On June 20th in Malaysia, Michelle attended the press conference on the Ipoh International Run 2011 (IIR). She is the ambassador for the event.

Michelle told Malaysian media that her upcoming The Lady will be a great honour and tribute to the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, her family, and the Burmese people. "I would like to wish her good health and stability for her country and fellow citizens," said Michelle when talking about Aung San Suu Kyi, who celebrated her 66th birthday the day earlier. "I will be actively promoting the film around the world until its premiere screening."

Michelle said she was supposed to begin shooting another film in June but the director fell sick and the production has been postponed to next year.

She also mentioned she is going to attend the royal wedding of Prince Albert II of Monaco (July 2).

(2) Michelle and Ipoh mayor Roshidi Hashim holding the IIR trophy   (3) holding IIR T-shirt

(photos from "IIR", "The Star", "SinChew", "NST", and "KwongWah")

Perak News: Michelle Yeoh representing Ipoh International Run as ambassador

- Michelle during a celebration event for "ADStyle" magazine, Shanghai, June 10th.
  News video   (02:23, in Mandarin Chinese)

Michelle at Hong Kong airport, June 9th
(photos from "TungStar", "Ynet", "Sina", "ShOnline", and "CFP" )

Jun. 30th
    "On June 22nd, 2011, I was denied entry to Burma. The immigration authorities treated me cordially but deported me upon arrival for no reason and without providing any justification. I was shocked and terribly saddened by this action. I harbor no ill will resulting from this incident and continue to remain fond of Burma and the Burmese people. I continue to cherish hopes to see this country continue its progress towards peace and democracy and to be able to return soon.

    Michelle Yeoh
    June 30th, 2011"
AP: Yeoh 'Saddened' by Deportation From Myanmar
CNN: Michelle Yeoh Barred From Entering Myanmar

Michelle was making a "private trip as a tourist" when the incident occurred.

Michelle's mother told Malaysian press yesterday during interviews that she's not worried about her daughter. She feels proud that Michelle can play a role such as Suu Kyi. She said Michelle lost 10 pounds for the role.

- The French release date of The Lady has been re-scheduled to November 30, 2011.

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