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Dec. 23rd, 2010
  HAPPY HOLIDAYS Michelle and everyone!

- Hi friends, I will be going on a vacation (to somewhere cold to get some snow). Most likely there won't be updates on the site until I return, perhaps around new year. (I will try not to break a leg or arm or something when skiing)

Here let me share some videos which most of you I believe haven't seen, some old videos with young Michelle. ;-)

video scans: Michelle and "Love is Like a Shooting Star," the MV Michelle made for the title song of "Butterfly & Sword" in 1993

(1) Michelle at Miss World 1983 in London, Preliminary Swimsuit
(2) Rain Dance, Miss World 1983 Opening

Watch 'em at the Special Videos page. Millions of thanks to Bin for finding and editing the videos, getting the video scans and making the animation for us!
[Note] friends in Mainland China will need to "climb the wall" to see the videos as YouTube is blocked by the communist government.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Dec. 22nd
- The Lady: new images and more crew information.

- Video: Jean Todt, Michelle Yeoh in Sri Lanka   (07:10)

- News photos from Sri Lanka, December 22nd. Michelle and FIA President Jean Todt are the guests of the Automobile Association of Ceylon, which is celebrating its 106th anniversary.

1. Michelle shakes hands with Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa  2. Michelle pinned a Make Roads Safe campaign badge on President Rajapaksa
3. lighting traditional oil lamp at the Hilton Colombo. (L to R) Hilton Colombo General Manager Jerome Auvity, Michelle, Jean Todt

"Make Roads Safe" campaign launch in Sri Lanka
1-2. (L to R) Ceylon Motor Sports Club president Niroshan Pereira, Paddy Weerasekera, Head of Marketing of Janashakthi Insurance,
FIA president Jean Todt, Michelle, Make Roads Safe ambassador, race car driver Dilantha Malagamuwa, and
Ravi Liyanage, General Manager for Sales & Marketing of Janashakthi Insurance

vintage car rally, Colombo, Sri Lanka
1. Michelle claps after Jean Todt spoke at a vintage car rally honoring Jean Todt  2-3. light an oil lamp
(photos from "Reuters", "Colombopage", "Daily Mirror", "Dailynews", "lankaGazette" and "DailyFT". click to enlarge)

Dec. 21st
- News photos: Michelle in Sri Lanka, December 21st.

last photo: (L to R) Ajith Devasurendra, Deputy Chairman of Browns Group Of Companies, Jean Todt, Michelle,
and Dhammika Attygalle, president of the Automobile Association of Ceylon.
(click on the pics w/borders to enlarge. photos from "Sunday Times" and "Daily Mirror")

- Video reports from Hong Kong and Taiwan on Michelle and The Lady.   (thanks Crystal for the help with the videos)
  Apple Daily Hong Kong (01:42. in Cantonese)
  Apple Daily Taiwan (01:08. in Mandarin)

Dec. 19th
- New film page opened: The Lady -with the first set of film stills!

Dec. 17th
- TIME exclusive on The Lady - Michelle/Luc Besson's upcoming film about Aung San Suu Kyi:
   The Lady: Aung San Suu Kyi's Fight for Freedom
   Q&A: Luc Besson
   Q&A: Michelle Yeoh

Photo at left: Symbol of dignity  Michelle Yeoh plays Burma's tenacious heroine Aung San Suu Kyi in Luc Besson's The Lady   (EuropaCorp / Left Bank Pictures / France 2 Cinema)

"...Yeoh not only strongly resembles the lissome Nobel laureate, but also occupies the part so convincingly that Besson calls it 'perfect for her.' 'From the moment I saw this actress,' says Thein Win, a Burmese actor playing a member of Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD),' I thought, 'She is Daw [Aunt] Suu.'" (TIME)

Dec. 14th
- Michelle will visit Sri Lanka from December 20 to 22. Crouching Tiger star to visit Sri Lanka

- Make Road Safe: Make Roads Safe ambassador to be 'The Lady'

Dec. 10th
- News photos: Michelle attending the 2010 FIA Prize Giving Gala held at the Sporting d'Ete de Monte-Carlo, Monaco, December 10. Left photo: (L toR) 2010 Formula One World Champion Sebastien Vettel of Germany, Michelle, and FIA president Jean Todt. (click to enlarge. photots from "Reuters" and "Motorsport")

Dec. 9th
- Congratulations to Michelle and the crew - the documentary Among the Great Apes with Michelle Yeoh won the Best Natural History or Wildlife Programme or Docu-drama on the 15th Asian Television Awards! (ATA 2010 winners)

- Production of the Aung San Suu Kyi biopic will be moving to London for a two-week shoot, followed by a fortnight studio shoot in Paris, according to "Variety." The film is skedded for delivery spring/summer 2011.

- Malaysia's "Sin Chew" reported that Michelle will be back to her hometown Ipoh, Malaysia for Christmas.

- Michelle for Alien Prequel? New York Magazine's Vulture Blog reported that director Ridley Scott (Alien, Gladiator, American Gangster) hopes to cast Michelle for a role - a "forty something, tough and sexy woman" called "Vickers" - in his upcoming Paradise, a prequel to the 1979 science fiction horror film, Alien. (article)

Dec. 8th
- Michelle's new film project is a biopic about Aung San Suu Kyi with French director Luc Besson. The production began in Thailand around October 18th. Shooting took place in Bangkok and nearby locations, including Muang Thong Thani and Khlong Song in Pathum Thani. Hundreds of Thai people were hired to portray Burmese. According to "Bangkok Post," the location shooting in Thailand is wrapping up this week.

A director of the Thailand Film Office conformed the project. The French working title is "Dans La Lumiere" (Into the Light). Earlier sources reported this is an English language film with the working title "The Divided Heart."

On Monday Michelle met with Aung San Suu Kyi as well as with members of the NLD in Rangoon, Burma. "Michelle Yeoh spent all day with Aung San Suu Kyi discussing the film... They met and had a light-hearted discussion -- even joking around a bit," Nyan Win, Aung San Suu Kyi's lawyer and spokesman, spoke about Michelle's visit. "She showed us some production stills on her camera from the movie in which she had dressed like Aung San Suu Kyi. The two of them look very much alike and have a similar build."

    Radio Free Asia: Yeoh Mulls Suu Kyi Biopic
    Bangkok Post: Thailand stars in Suu Kyi film
    AFP: Michelle Yeoh to star in Suu Kyi film

- Here is a photo of Aung San Suu Kyi after bidding farewell to her son Kim Aris at the Yangon International Airport, and larger version of some of yesterday's photos of Michelle, all taken on Tuesday, December 7. Look at the necklace Aung San Suu Kyi was wearing, does it look familiar? If not, check the news photos of Michelle from September 22nd, NYC ;-). (click on photos to enlarge)

Dec. 7th
- On Tuesday, December 7, reporters saw Michelle at the Yangon International Airport, Rangoon (Yangon), Burma (Myanmar). She was in Rangoon visiting Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma's democracy leader who was recently released from house arrest.

According to Nyan Win, Aung San Suu Kyi's lawyer and spokesman, Michelle spent Monday at Aung San Suu Kyi's lakeside home in Rangoon. "(Suu Kyi) saw her off at the airport this morning," said Nyan Win, "Yeoh spent the whole day at Daw Suu's residence," "she observed Daw Suu and they had dinner together Monday night," he added, "I understand she is planning to play her in a film in the near future."

Michelle was also seen in a waiting room at the Yangon Airport Tuesday, sitting together with Aung San Suu Kyi and her younger son, Kim Aris (who resides in the U.K.) who was allowed to visit his mother for the first time in a decade. The Associated Press reported that Michelle boarded the same flight with Kim Aris, to Bangkok, Thailand.

left photo: Michelle smiles to photographers along with members of NLD (National League for Democracy,
Aung San Suu Kyi's political party) as she departs from Yangon International Airport on Tuesday, Dec. 7
(click to enlarge. photos from "AP", "This is London", "Epa" and "Daily Mail")

Michelle had been in Bangkok since mid-October. For an earlier report on the project please see News of Nov. 12, 2009.

Aung San Suu Kyi (born in 1945), the Burmese democracy icon and the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, had been unjustly detained by the government of Myanmar (Burma) for 15 out of the past 21 years. She was released on Nov. 13.

Dec. 3rd
- Among the Great Apes with Michelle Yeoh won Best Environmental/Tourism Documentary at the Malaysian Documentary Awards 2010. Harun Rahman, the director of the film, said that Michelle's charisma and passion were a major factor in the documentary's success.

- Reign of Assassins: images from Hong Kong magazine "Movie" (Huan Qiu Shou Ying), issue 14, 2010. (thanks Bin!)

Dec. 1st
- Video: Michelle and John Woo on the Chinese TV talk show, "Guang Rong Zhan Fang," during the Reign of Assassins promotion in Beijing. The show was recorded on September 25 and was aired in October. It was the last show Michelle attended for the day (she attended at least four shows that day) which ended past 10PM. She did not talk much on this show, but at one point, she did brandish her Water-shedding Sword.

Watch videos: TV AD (03:02)   TV Show (36:10)     (in Mandarin Chinese)

Michelle, John Woo & host Tian Ge (click to enlarge)

- It's not new but I don't rememebr reading this before -- from a Danny Boyle interview on Sunshine:
      "Remember the scene where Michelle Yeoh discovers the little seedling in the ashes of the oxygen garden? The American backers walked out of the screening when we killed her. He's saying that's the hope, that's the hope we're holding onto, everything's going to be OK, and then you kill her..."   (more excerpts and a link to the full article in Sunshine)

Nov. 28th
- Reign of Assassins will be shown at the 7th Dubai International Film Festival.

- Left image: Michelle poster for the new ICM 2010 campaign. Michelle is an ambassador for ICM (Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Epiniere) - the Brain Institute in Paris.   (click to enlarge. download pdf)

Nov. 22nd
- Click HERE to see images.

No, this is not Michelle. It's the "cobra lady" in The Karate Kid that some media/posts claimed to be Michelle's "uncredited cameo." The actress is actually Zhou Xiaofei, a martial arts champion from China, who used to be team leader of the Jiangsu Martial Arts Team and the Bayi Martial Arts Team. Having seen people mistakenly and repeatedly say that was Michelle - I knew it was not and it was mentioned in News of July 5th - I was curious to know who the lady is. Many thanks to Crystal for the information and images!

Nov. 18th
- Reign of Assassins: Turkish release date and the release of Hong Kong Region 3 DVD and Blu-Ray.

- Thought I would give an update on the film projects on "Yang Men Nyu Jiang" (known as "Women Warriors of the Yang Family" or "Lady Generals of the Yang Family"), since some people asked.

Early in March Michelle said in an interview that she was not attached to director Ronny Yu's project, which rumored to star Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi, Tang Wei, Zhou Xun and Michelle. In the late summer it was reported that this project has been pulled (or at least postponed) due to some disagreements between the director and production company.

Another project on the same subject, Jun Ling Ru Shan, for which Hong Kong director Frankie Chan initially invited Michelle last year to play the lead, started production at the end of last month after more than a year of delay. According to media reports, the director had difficulty finding a suitable lead and the production was postponed several times. Eventually the production company signed Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung (The Legend of Zu, The Promise) for the lead. There have also been some changes on the co-production companies and no US company is involved anymore. (see earlier related reports)

Michelle's new project is an English language art film which hasn't been officially announced. The production began (secretly) a month ago.

Nov. 16th
- The documentary Among the Great Apes with Michelle Yeoh has been nominated for the Best Natural History or Wildlife Programme or Docu-drama on the 15th Asian Television Awards (ATA 2010). The winners will be announced at the ATA 2010 Gala Dinner to be held on December 9th in Singapore. (full ATA 2010 nomination list)

- Kung Fu Panda 2 Official Synopsis:
Po is now living his dream as The Dragon Warrior, protecting the Valley of Peace alongside his friends and fellow kung fu masters, The Furious Five - Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey. But Po's awesome new life is threatened by the emergence of a formidable villain, who plans to use a secret, unstoppable weapon to conquer China and destroy kung fu. It is up to Po and The Furious Five to journey across China to face this threat and vanquish it. But how can Po stop a weapon that can stop kung fu? He must look to his past and uncover the secrets of his mysterious origins; only then will he be able to unlock the strength he needs to succeed.
(Returning cast (voice): Jack Black (Po), Dustin Hoffman (Shifu), Angelina Jolie (Tigress), David Cross (Crane), Seth Rogen (Mantis), Lucy Liu (Viper), Jackie Chan (Monkey))

Descriptions of two of the new characters (translated from Taiwanese sources):
Lord Shen (Gary Oldman): Lord Shen is a Peacock who used to be very weak and unhealthy and his parents did not like him. He has changed. Now he seeks power and swears the world will no longer ignore his existence. He has invented the most powerful weapon but before he succeeds in conquering the world, he discovers there is one thing standing in his path, one he thought he had taken care of 20 years ago.

The Soothsayer (Michelle Yeoh): The Soothsayer has two special characteristics - a heart of forgiveness and the ability to tell the future. She was the caregiver of a very weak and sick child peacock and she gave to him what he never received from his parents - love. She discovered that her love halted the peacock's growing ambition until she revealed a prophecy to him 20 years ago, which led to a series of terrible consequences. She has lived with that guilt for many years, but fortunately her fatalism and good humor allowed her to keep waiting for what was going to come. She also hopes what will come to be the salvation for both her adopted son and herself.   (Jane's note: should the character be a Doe? - earlier reports say this is a Goat)

Nov. 15th
- Watch video   (01:21) - a promotion video for France.fr, the official French portal website. Michelle's parts can be seen at 00:05-00:07 and 00:55-01:02, in English and French.

(click to enlarge. video scans)

- Watch video   (09:48): "Life is everything" - a behind the scenes video for the 2008 road safety campaign TV spot in San Marino. Featuring Jean Todt, Michael Schumacher, Michelle, etc., directed by Antonio Prenna and shot in various locations including Michelle and Jean Todt's Italian home.

(click to enlarge. video scans)

Nov. 10th
- Reign of Assassins tidbits and HQ images.

(click to enlarge. for higher quality and more images see Reign of Assassins page)

Nov. 7th
- Video: Kung Fu Panda 2 Teaser Trailer (01:02)
  No sign of The Soothsayer (Michelle's part) yet. Only the Panda Po. The film is set to release on May 27th, 2011.

- "The Star": Yeoh made swim club patron

- New slide show image on the front page.

Nov. 4th
- Reign of Assassins will be released in Vietnam on November 12th. (thanks Melody from Vietnam for the information and links!)

Nov. 3rd
- Photo at left: Jaka Bizilj, the founder and chairman of the Cinema for Peace, talking to Michelle about a "highly important movie that will be announced soon." The photo was taken in September when Michelle attended the annual Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in New York and it was published in Cinema for Peace's September-October newsletter.   (click to enlarge)

- Video: Michelle on "Tian Xia Nv Ren" (Her Village), another Chinese TV talk show which was recorded on September 25 and aired in October. In Mandarin Chinese.

Part 1 (39:38)   Part 2 (38:31)   TV AD (00:43)  

Michelle on "Tian Xia Nv Ren"
last photo: Michelle with host Yang Lan (L1), Li Ai (R1) and Cho-Soojin (R2)   (click to enlarge)

Oct. 31st
- [Note] Today I got a birthday message (yes I'm a Halloween girl) from my long missed friend Wen, who was illegally sentenced (without a trial) to two years of "re-education through labour" (forced labor camp) in Beijing by the Chinese communist government for practicing Falun Dafa (aka Falun Gong, a Buddha School cultivation practice which teaches people to cultivate themselves according to the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance) (see earlier related posts from Jan. 12, 2010 and Jan. 12, 2009). She has been finally released. When her family members were allowed to take her home, they saw what had been a totally healthy person had become half paralyzed. She could not stand up straight, could hardly move her legs, or see and hear clearly. Her mother broke down when she saw Wen like that. She cried aloud in front of the labor camp: "What have you done to my daughter?! Are you human?! ..." A crowd of guards and prisoners were standing there, in total silence, listening and watching them leave. Wen can not recall many details from her stay at the labor camp. I suspect it was caused by the unknown drugs she was given in the labor camp where she was only permitted to see the prison's doctor and her family's requests to bring her to a normal hospital were rejected. (There have been many reports - including from the United Nations human rights special rapporteurs - which indicate Chinese authorities forcibly administering nerve-damaging drugs to Falun Gong practitioners in order to force them to give up their belief.)

Although their family is not totally free in China, and their phone might be bugged and their mails might be watched, Wen now has a chance to recover at home. Her health condition has been improving since her return. Her hands are still numb, but she managed to type this birthday message for me, which was the very first message I have received from her in years. Wen thanks everyone who was concerned about her, prayed for her, supported her, and/or sent letters and made calls to the Chinese authorities through Amnesty International's urgent action and other international organizations. She said she could feel the energy from all that support during the hardest times. The police and guards did not dare to use more evil methods on her since they were aware of voices overseas and were afraid that their actions would get exposed internationally. Wen wants me to pass a THANK YOU from her.

But it is far from a time we could celebrate. The Chinese regime's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners has been going on for the past 11 years and it is still continuing. Wen's sister, also a Falun Gong practitioner, is still missing. And I helped Xiao, a good friend of mine who lives in Los Angeles area, to set up this webpage, Please help rescue ALL my family members: my mom, dad, and my younger brother. Xiao's family members were arrested earlier this year in Qingdao City, Shandong province for their Falun Gong practice. Xiao's story was recently published on a local newspaper: Forbidden practice: Chinese immigrant's parents are arrested for performing outlawed exercises. If you would like to help Xiao and her family, please sign on the petition in the rescue link above. I'm making a birthday wish...

Oct. 26th
- In Reign of Assassins: possible TV series, prequel, and sequel. Market screenings at AFM. RoA Online test version.

Oct. 23rd
- Photos: Michelle attending the re-opening ceremony of the Kinta Swimming Club in her hometown Ipoh, Malaysia, October 22nd.

(1) Michelle with her niece   (2) Michelle and the club president   (3) giving a short speech

left photo: Michelle with her father and niece attending the ceremony
(click to enlarge. photos from "SinChew" and Ivan's blog)

Michelle was invited as an ambassador of the club. Her father and her grandfather were all supporters of the club. When she was young, Michelle had her swimming lessons in the club which was located next door to her parents' house (as a teenager, she represented Malaysia at the national level for swimming, diving, and squash). She said in her speech that this place had a lot of her childhood memories. She hopes everyone who comes here will have great time and beautiful memories. For a report and more photos from the event please visit Ivan's Blog.

Oct. 21st
- Reign of Assassins will be the closing film of the Brisbane International Film Festival in Queensland, Australia. A short Taiwanese trailer.

Oct. 20th
- Video: Michelle on "Lu Yu You Yue" (A Date with Luyu), a Chinese TV talk show, recorded on September 25 and aired in October. In Mandarin Chinese.
Part 1 (34:32)   Part 2 (35:22)   TV AD (02:25)

Michelle and host Chen Luyu   (click to enlarge)

Oct. 16th
- Photos -> Photoshoots: new photos taken in September 2010.

- Articles:
    Still an Ipoh girl at heart (New Straits Times)
    No sexy roles for me, says ex-beauty queen Yeoh (DivaAsia)
    Michelle Yeoh's labour of love (The Star)
    Still flying high (New Straits Times)
    Human face of wuxia (The Sun Daily)
    Back in (killer) action (SingTel)

Oct. 14th
- More photos from Reign of Assassins Hong Kong premiere, September 29th.

(3) Jung Woo-Sung, Michelle, Media Asia chairman Peter Lam and John Woo
(5) (L to R) Shawn Yue, Su Chao-pin, Jung Woo-Sung, Michelle, John Woo and Paw Hee-Ching
(click to enlarge. "Media Asia" photos)

- [Note] I have implemented the "lightbox" effect (Javascript based) for image enlargement on news page(s). Full size images will be displayed in the middle of the (same) page, and it can be closed by clicking on anywhere on the page. In order to let the function work properly, please wait until the entire page finishes loading before clicking to enlarge any image. Otherwise, if you try to enlarge an image before the loading finishes (or if Javascript is disabled on your browser), it will be opened in a new window/tab.

Oct. 12th
- Michelle is featured on the cover story of "Elle" magazine, issue of November 2010, Chinese version.

(1) cover image   (4) unused designed cover   ( click to enlarge)

- Reign of Assassins: more Taiwan posters and the possible release date for the U.S..

Oct. 11th
- Reign of Assassins: Media Asia (Hong Kong) posters.

- Photos: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the Naomi Campbell 25 Years of Career Celebration at the Dolce Gabbana store in Paris, France, October 4th.

last photo: Michelle, Jean Todt and English model Naomi Campbell ("WireImage")

Oct. 7th
- Reign of Assassins: title song MV (with many film scenes). More film stills.

Michelle as Zeng Jing in "Reign of Assassins"   (click to enlarge)

Oct. 6th
- Reign of Assassins: Thai trailer and poster. Screening schedule on the Pusan International Film Festival.

- In Photos: some exclusive photos and a report of Reign of Assassins Singapore press conference and premiere, provided by Loong Wai Ting (-- thanks! photos including some sketches made by Michelle and director Su Chao-pin during the press conference).

- More photos from Reign of Assassins Singapore premiere: Michelle, John Woo, and Su Chao-pin.

(click to enlarge. "Clover Films" photos)

Oct. 4th
- Reign of Assassins: reports and videos from Singapore press conference and gala premiere, including a Michelle interview in English.

- A decade after Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Michelle Yeoh has returned to the martial arts genre in Reign of Assassins: Read article

Michelle at the Hong Kong premeire of Reign of Assassins, Sept. 29
(click to enlarge. "AP" photos)

Oct. 1st
- Michelle, producer/director John Woo, and director Su Chao-pin were promoting Reign of Assassins in Singapore today, October 1st.

(click to enlarge. photos from "GSC Movies", "Channel News Asia", and "Zaobao")

- Photos: Michelle attending Tourism Malaysia's Home Stay launch at KTM Singapore, in the afternoon of October 1st.   (click to enlarge. photos by yfrog)

- Michelle was voted as one of Malaysia's Top 50 Influential & Inspiring Women 2010. The award gala dinner was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the evening of October 1st.

- On September 30th, Michelle was invited to officiate the opening of a new Louis Vuitton store at The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. According to local media, she was surrounded by fans and many of them asked to take picture with her. She never said no.
  News video   (01:05)

(1) Robert Tan, group managing director of IGB Corporation Bhd, Michelle, Jean Baptiste Debains,
president of Louis Vuitton Asia Pacific, Kathy Lam, general manager of Louis Vuitton Malaysia, and
Jean-Christophe Tevenin, general manager of Louis Vuitton South East Asia
(2) the ribbon cutting ceremony   (3) Michelle and her niece arriving at the ceremony

(click to enlarge. photos from "Apple Daily", "UND", "Hoku", "DailyChilli" and "Kwongwah")

Sept. 30th
- Reign of Assassins premiered in Hong Kong on the 29th. Michelle attended the press conference and film premiere.
  Video 1: Reign of Assassins Hong Kong premiere (03:51, in Mandarin, Cantonese, & Korean)
  Video 2: report on Hong Kong press conference & premiere   (02:17 in Mandarin)

(1-4) Michelle and Jung Woo-Sung at the Reign of Assassins Hong Kong premiere
(5) (L to R) Shawn Yue, Su Chao-pin, Jung Woo-Sung, Michelle, John Woo and Paw Hee-Ching

Reign of Assassins press conference in Hong Kong

(1-3) Michelle with Jung Woo-Sung and Shawn Yue   (4-5) Michelle and John Woo

(1-2) (L to R) John Chong, chief exec of Media Asia, Su Chao-pin, John Woo, Michelle,
Jung Woo-Sung, Shawn Yue   (3) John Woo, Michelle, Jung Woo-Sung, Shawn Yue

Michelle and Jung Woo-Sung at the press conference

(click to enlarge. photos from "Tom", "Sound of Hope", "Chinanews", "Sun", "Mingpao", "Singpao", "Wenwei", "Oriental Daily" and "Apple Daily")

Sept. 29th
- Reign of Assassins: videos from the Beijing promotion, including a shot of Michelle brandishing her sword at the premiere ceremony (so, her Water-shedding Sword is really a "soft" sword, not by special effect!).

- During an interview in Beijing, Michelle revealed that her next film project is an art film and she will be busy with it until next February or March. She did not give more details. She just said she promised the director that she would leave it up to him (the director) to announce the film.

Sept. 28th
- Michelle will be officiating the Louis Vuitton opening at The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 7:00PM, Thursday September 30th.

Sept. 27th
- Photos from Reign of Assassins (Jianyu) press conference, media interviews, and premiere ceremony, September 26, Beijing. More photos from the events can be seen in Reign of Assassins section.

red carpet of "Jianyu" premiere ceremony in Beijing
(1-3) Michelle and Jung Woo-Sung   (5) on red carpet: (L to R) ?, Jung Woo-Sung, Michelle, John Woo,
Su Chao-pin, Leon Dai, Shawn Yue, Pace Wu, ?, You Benchang

"Jianyu" Beijing premiere ceremony. last photo: Sa Dingding performs the "Jianyu" title song

Michelle and Jung Woo-Sung at the press conference of "Jianyu" in Beijing

media interview with Michelle

last two photos: Jung Woo-Sung, Michelle, and Calvin Li

(L to R) Shawn Yue, Pace Wu, Jung Woo-Sung, John Woo, Su Chao-pin, Michelle, Wang Xueqi, Calvin Li, Barbie Hsu, Paw Hee-Ching, Leon Dai

(1) Michelle, Jung Woo-Sung, and Paw Hee-Ching   (2) Paw Hee-Ching, Calvin Li, Michelle, and Jung Woo-Sung
(3) Calvin Li, Michelle, and Jung Woo-Sung   (4) Michelle and Calvin Li

(click to enlarge. photos from "Mop", "Sina", "QQ", "CFP", "Xinhua", "Texnet", "Netease" and "Apple Daily")

Sept. 25th
- Michelle was in Beijing on Saturday, September 25th, promoting her new film. She attended a sequence of events including three TV show recording and a live broadcast of internet interview. Some lucky fans were invited to the TV show recording. (thanks Momo for many beautiful photos!)

Michelle on "Tian Xia Nv Ren" ("Her Village" aka "Chinese Women")

Michelle on "Guang Rong Zhan Fang"

(1-2) Michelle and John Woo on "Guang Rong Zhan Fang"   (3) Michelle on "Lu Yu You Yue"

Michelle on "Sina"

Michelle and Leon Dai on "Sina"
(click to enlarge. photos from "Sina" and Momo)

Sept. 24th
- Reign of Assassins: new and HQ film stills, notes on the final cut, and Shanghai premiere.

- True Legend: Indomina Releasing has acquired all North American rights to the film.

Sept. 23rd
- Watch Video: Michelle Yeoh champions the issue of road safety at the United Nations (02:49 English)
    "It is important that from almost nowhere, maybe even 10 years ago that it wasn't discussed, that today we're here at the United Nations, We're able to launch this 'decade of action'," said Michelle. "I hope, that my role will increase in strength in the sense that we will continue to do our documentaries on this, because sometimes a picture is stronger than words will ever be able to say. And we would want to continue on that path, particularly for myself."

- Reign of Assassins: new cast photos and Singapore poster.

Sept. 22nd
- Reports:
UN Summit sets the stage for 'Tag' launch
FIA Foundation commits US$10 million at Clinton Global Initiative

- News photos: Michelle attending a road safety event during the United Nations Summit on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), U.N. headquarters, New York, September 22nd.

(click to enlarge. photos from "AP" and "Make Roads Safe")
1-2. Michelle launches the a new symbol for the UN Decade of Action road safety campaign
3. Michelle pins the new symbol on UN Ambassador for Oman Fuad Al Hinai
4. (L ro R) UNEP Director Achim Steiner, Michelle, IDB President Alberto Moreno, and Fuad Al Hinai at launch of the road safety tag at the UN Summit

- News photos: Michelle attending the annual Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), New York, September 22nd.

(click to enlarge. photos from "Getty", "AP", "Make Roads Safe", and "CGI")
1. Michelle at the Clinton Global Initiative 2010 Annual Meeting, Plenary: Harnessing Human Potential
2. Michelle with former US president Bill Clinton and Luis Moreno, president of the Inter American Devolopment Bank
3. Bill Clinton, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Michelle
4-5. (L-R) Mark Penn, Worldwide President & CEO,Burson-Marsteller; Denise Dias, Founder & Chairperson, The Alicea Foundation, Mothers in Black; Greig Craft, President, Asia Injury Prevention Foundation; John Dawson, Chairman & Founder, International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP); President Bill Clinton; Mayor Michael Bloomberg; Maria Rodriguez, President, Gonzalo Rodriguez Memorial Foundation; Luis Moreno, President, Inter-American Development Bank; Michelle Yeoh, Global Ambassador, Make Roads Safe
6. Michelle with Laura Bush, wife of the 43rd U.S. president George W. Bush

(click to enlarge. photos from "Make Roads Safe")
1. Action Network members with Decade of Action tags (L toR): Greig Craft, Nani Rodriguez, Karla Gonzalez, Michelle, John Dawson, David Ward and Bella Dinh-Zarr
2. David Ward, Michelle, and Greig Craft at the Network Meeting, September 21

- Photos: Michelle at the Live to Love UK launch in London, September 17th.

(click to enlarge. photos from "Drukpa")
3. (L to R) Mark Owen, English singer-songwriter of pop group "Take That", Michelle, Jason Orange, English singer-songwriter of "Take That", and Vanessa Pong, founder and Chief Executive of Hong Kong's LoveFaithHope Charitable Foundation to which Michelle is a governor
4. (L to R) Mark Owen, Kiran Rao, Indian film producer and director and wife of Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, Jason Orange, the 12th Gyalwang Drukpa (the head of the Drukpa school - a school of Tibetan Buddhism), Michelle, Aamir Khan and Drubpon Ngawang, representative of the Drukpa in Europe

Sept. 21st
- Reign of Assassins: Behind scenes video and new images.

Sept. 19th
- The "Chinese Women" (aka "Her Village") program, hosted by China's Hunan TV Channel, is making a special on Michelle. The live recording will take place at the Beijing Broadcasting Tower Hotel, Beijing, on Friday September 25th in the afternoon. If any Michelle fans who will be in Beijing that day and are interested in participating in the program, please check the "Chinese Women" Microblog for contact. [update] registration closed.

    And if you will be in Beijing on Sunday the 26th, you should contact kit_beijing@yeohfanz.com for admission information to Reign of Assassins premiere ceremony and a special Meeting With Fans session - a chance to see Michelle!

    Michelle is going to attend the premieres of Reign of Assassins in Beijing (Sept. 26), Hong Kong (Sept. 29) and Singapore (Oct. 1).

Sept. 17th
- Michelle will attend the launch of Live to Love UK this evening in London. (link)

- Reign of Assassins: Behind scenes video with Michelle, Taiwan release date and poster, and more film stills (click to enlarge).

Sept. 16th
- Reign of Assassins: premiere and special screening in Singapore.

Sept. 15th
- Reign of Assassins: Pictures of Michelle's wedding scene. Malaysian release date and poster. Film title song.

- A new page of photos from Venice has been added in in Photos -> Festivals & Events, with some new photos.

Sept. 13th
- Reign of Assassins: Korean trailer, Korean cast posters, and film stills. More on international sales.

Sept. 10th
- Reign of Assassins: behind scenes video. The film will be screened at the 15th Pusan International Film Festival next month.

- To mark its 30th anniversary, IFTA (Independent Film & Television Alliance) selected 30 Most Significant Independent Films over the past 30 years. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was the only Chinese-language film on the list.

- News link: A new Humanitarian Initiative Launches   Michelle supports LIVE TO LOVE UK, a new humanitarian campaign to be launched next week.

Sept. 9th
- Reign of Assassins updates: Hong Kong offical site (Chinese and English). Official trailer with English subtitles. Hong Kong poster. Interview and behind-scenes videos. Reactions from advanced screenings in China.

- True Legend: UK release date, trailer, and poster. Two more Michelle images.

- As a global road safety ambassador, Michelle will attend the UN Summit on MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) in New York later this month. A side event on road safety will take place at the UN Headquarters, September 22nd. (link)

Sept. 7th
- Reign of Assassins: cast photos, new film stills, and official poster.

"Jianyu" (Reign of Assassins)   (click to enlarge)

Sept. 6th
- Reign of Assassins: new stills, posters, and... well, apparently Weinstein co. will do some tinkering with the film before releasing it in North America.

Michelle as Zeng Jing in "Reign of Assassins"   (click to enlarge)

Sept. 5th
- Videos from Venice:
    premiere red carpet (05:04)
    Reign of Assassins press conference (25:23)   (in Italian, English, Chinese, and Korean. Michelle's part - in English - is around 22:00-24:10)

Interviews with Michelle and director Su Chao-pin (in Mandarin Chinese):   Video 1 (07:10)   Video 2 (01:45)

Michelle at media interviews, Sept. 4
(click to enlarge. photos from "Apple Daily", "ChinaTimes", and "163")

Sept. 4th
- Photos: Michelle in Venice, September 4th.

Michelle arriving at the Excelsior Hotel by a boat

Michelle and Jean Todt attending the Lancia Cafe during the Venice Film Festival

- More photos from September 3rd, Venice, Italy.

(1-2) celebration party after the Reign of Assassins premiere (L to R): Jung Woo-sung, Hong Kong director Tsui Hark, Michelle,
Hong Kong director Andrew Lau, Su Chao-pin, and Shawn Yue.   in (2) the 2nd at left is Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung

(1) Michelle congratulates John Woo for his Golden Lion For Lifetime Achievement
(2-3) Golden Lion for John Woo & Reign of Assassins premiere

(click to enlarge. photos from "Getty", "Picapp", "FilmMagic" and "CFP")

Sept. 3rd
- Reign of Assassins updates: film reviews and Ads.

- News photos: Michelle attending the world premeire of Reign of Assassins during the 67th Venice Film Festival, the Sala Grande Palazzo Del Cinema, September 3.

(1-2) Michelle with Jung Woo-sung   (3-5) Michelle and producer/directory John Woo

Michelle signing autographs

last photo: Michelle with John Woo and Woo's wife Annie Woo

- Photos: Reign of Assassins photocall and press conference during the 67th Venice Film Festival at the Palazzo del Casino.

Michelle attending the Reign of Assassins press conference

(1) director Su Chao-pin holding the new issue of "Variety" which features Reign of Assassins on the cover
(2) Michelle and Jung Woo-sung

(L to R) Terence Chang, Angeles Woo, John Woo, Su Chao-pin, Pace Wu, Jung Woo-sung, Michelle, Shawn Yue

- Photos: Michelle during the 67th Venice Film Festival.

(2-3)Michelle with co-stars Jung Woo-sung and Pace Wu
(4) Michelle with Su Chao-pin (L), Terence Chang and Jean Todt

Michelle and Jean Todt

(click to enlarge. photos from "Getty Images", "Reuters", "PicApp", "Epoch Times", "Apple Daily" and "CFP")

Aug. 31st
- Reign of Assassins: Chinese official trailer - finally! Character design images of the tie-in video game vs real character images.

- True Legend: U.S. premiere at the Fantastic Fest and U.K. screening at the Cambridge Film Festival - both on September 25th.

Aug. 29th
- Reign of Assassins: behind scenes photos with Michelle. More film stills.

Aug. 26th
- Reign of Assassins updates: official announcement of the world premiere gala screening at the Venice Film Festival, South Korean release date, and photos from the Chinese official website and star poster launch ceremony.

Aug. 23rd
- Reign of Assassins: premeire, screening and tickets information during the Venice Film Festival.

Aug. 20th
- Reign of Assassins updates and many new stills!

Aug. 18th
- Reign of Assassins: Chinese official website launched. Many more film stills and wallpapers.

wallpapers and HQ posrer of Michelle   (click to enlarge)

Aug. 17th
- I guess Reign of Assassins is getting hot in Mainland China. Saw some cartoons online which feature the film's characters and I couldn't wait to share them here. They are quite hilarious. The text may be hard to understand even if you read Chinese, unless you are updated with the current cultural, social, and political issues (e.g., Beijing bans comedian Guo Degang) in the country. Anyway, you can test yourself and see if you can recognize the characters.   ;-)

(click to enlarge. images from "Tianya")

Aug. 16th
- Reign of Assassins: new official synopsis, female character posters, and the title song information.

Aug. 11th
- Michelle attended the Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF) gala, Monte Carlo, Monaco, on August 10th. Malaysia is a multi-ethnic, multicultural and multilingual society, and Islam is the country's official religion. (Michelle herself is a Buddhist. About a quarter of the population in Malaysia is Chinese.)   Photo at left: Michelle and a guest at the gala dinner.

- Reign of Assassins: teaser trailer and some behind scene videos. (all behind scene videos - though entitled other characters - briefly featured Michelle)

Aug. 8th
- True Legend: Russian poster and release date.

- Some older photos:

(1-3) Michelle during a Burma (Myanmar) trip, end of April to beginning of May (1-2) in Bagan (3) visiting Mandalay
(4) Michelle, Jean Todt, and Harry Roselmack, French journalist and radio host, at the RTL Studios, Paris, June 26
(click to enlarge. photos from Cecilia's Blog and "RTL")

Aug. 6th
- Reign of Assassins updates: more film stills! And a "Screen Daily" article on the film production.

Aug. 5th

- Thanks everyone! Here is our 2010 9th annual Birthday Special:

Our Birthday Greetings to Michelle & Michelle's Message to Us

This year the birthday messages are from at least 32 countries/regions: Argentina, Australia, Bangkok, Belgium, Brazil, Burma, Canada, China, Czech, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Kosovo, Lithuania, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA, and Vietnam. (Birthday banner made by Bin of Sichuan, China)

Due to some technical problems of the web server company, our signup form sometimes did not behave well. Some posts might have been lost. My apologies for the trouble. If you don't see your message on the page, please send again. Birthday message signing form will be open for a couple of more days and visitors can still send messages to Michelle before it closes. New messages will appear at the bottom of the display. ([update 08/09] form closed and all messages have been forwarded to Michelle)

Let's say one more time to our special lady - together - One... Two...... Three!

- Today is the 12th anniversary of this site, the Michelle Yeoh Web Theatre. :-)   I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you, our old and new friends, for your encouragement and support during all these years! THANK YOU!

Aug. 4th
- Many new film stills have been added in Reign of Assassins.

Michelle as Zeng Jing in "Reign of Assassins"   (click to enlarge)

Aug. 2nd
- Reign of Assassins: John Woo talks about the sword and the film. Images of film characters and their weapons.

Jul. 30th
- Reign of Assassins: more information on the world premiere and US release, and sketches of weapon design.

Jul. 29th
Message from Michelle Yeoh

my dearest friends, from all around the world, i thank you for thinking of me, taking the time to send wonderful words. reading your messages remind how blessed i truly am to have so much love and support from all of you.
i'll keep watching this page  :)  and special thank you to Jane...

Name: leo, posted on Birthday Special 2010 from Paris, France
Thursday, July 29, 2010 - 11:15AM Pacific Time / 08:15PM Central European Time

- Thank you Michelle!

- Thanks t.t.goy who notified me that the birthday special signup had some problems. I have contacted the web server company and they are checking on it. If you have trouble posting your message (if you do not see a thank you page after your post, for instance), please use this link directly. Sorry for the trouble!

[update] I'm so glad that after t.t.goy informed me I set up a temporary signup page, which, caught Michelle's own message within an hour! :-D   New messages, including Michelle's, will be added to the birthday greeting display page as soon as the problem is fixed. [update 07/30] New signup is working and all posts are up. If you haven't, you may send your message to Michelle by August 4.

Jul. 27th
- Reign of Assassins: more release information.

- New in Photos -> Photoshoots: three sets of photoshoots from 2010, 2008, and 1998 respectively. Also, a dozen of recently released photos from "Sohu" interview have been added to 2009 Cannes Festival.

Jul. 26th
- More photos of Michelle in Croatia last weekend.

Make Roads Safe press conference, Zagreb, July 23

Michelle, Jean Todt, Split Mayor Zeljko Kerum (left in (2)), Zrinko Gregurek ((4)(5) in white),
general secretary of the CCKF (Croatian Car and Karting Federation)

(click on images w/borders to enlarge. photos from "Dnevno", "Isifa", "Split", "Novilist", and "24Sata")

Jul. 25th
- Reign of Assassins: new film images (Michelle's!) and some set design concept drawings.

- On Saturday July 24, Michelle and Jean Todt sailed from Split to Hvar by the yacht of Zeljko Kerum, Mayor of Split. The couple toured the old town, visited souvenir stands, and dined with Mayor of Hvar Pjerinu Bebiaeu on the beautiful Croatian island.

(2-3) visiting a historic theater   (4) returning to the yacht
(click to enlarge. photos from "24Sata")

Jul. 24th
- On July 23rd and 24th, Michelle and Jean Todt visited Croatia in order to promote the road safety campaign in the country.
Video: road safety promotion, Zagreb, July 23   (01:23 in Croatian)

Michelle and Jean Todt at a Make Roads Safe press conference in Westin Hotel, Zagreb, July 23

(1-3) visiting the Croatian Automobile Club, Zagreb, July 23

Split, Croatia, July 24: (1-2) Michelle, Jean Todt and Zeljko Kerum, Mayor of Split
(click to enlarge. photos from "Dalmacijanews", "Nacional", "Poslovnipuls", "Hak", "Glasistre" and "Time")

Jul. 23th
- Biography Channel is showing Michelle right now (11am-12pm Pacific time). It will be repeated on Sunday July 25, 1am PT (4am ET). (thanks Dean)

- Great Apes with Michelle Yeoh on the National Geographic Channel: French trailer (00:17).   Upcoming shows on NGC: France (July 31), UK (August 1), Asia (August 30).   The documentary has also been showing in Italy, under the title "Una vita tra le scimmie con Michelle Yeoh."

Jul. 21st
- Reign of Assassins release date in Taiwan has been set at October 8th.

Jul. 19th
- Reign of Assassins: watch the first Chinese trailer online. The Chiense theatrical release date is September 28.

Jul. 17th
- Michelle was spotted in Saint-Tropez, France, shopping at Tod's and having lunch with Jean Todt, Nicolas Todt and some friends, July 17th.

(click to enlarge. "Zimbio" photos)

Jul. 16th
- Reign of Assassins updates.

Jul. 15th
- News photos: Michelle attending a private concert of George Benson at Muse Hotel De Luxe, Saint-Tropez, France, on July 14th for Bastille Day celebration.

(click to enlarge. "PurePeople" photos)

Jul. 12th
- Reign of Assassins: images from Chinese magazine "Movie View".

Jul. 11th
- News photos from the British Grand Prix, July 11.

Michelle and Jean Todt, president of FIA

(1) (L to R) Bernie Ecclestone, F1 president and CEO, Michelle, Jean Todt and Frankie Dettori, Italian horse racing jockey
(2) Michelle, Jean Todt, and Prince Salman of Bahrain   (3-4) Michelle, Jean Todt and Hugh Robertson, UK Minister for Sport
(click to enlarge. photos from "Getty", "Picapp", "Rodstreet" and "GPimages")

Jul. 10th
- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the qualifying session of the F1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone in Northampton, England, July 10.

(click to enlarge. photos from "Getty", "Sina", "Formula 1" and "Mortosport")

- The Blu-ray of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is scheduled to be released in US on July 27. (links: 1 2)

Jul. 7th
- Reign of Assassins: new film images.

- Michelles's documentary Great Apes with Michelle Yeoh will be airing on National Geographic Channel under the title "Orangutan Rescue" in UK, starting tomorrow (link, trailer (01:25)), and in France under the title "En compagnie des grands singes avec Michelle Yeoh" from July 19.

Jul. 5th
- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt during the Brumos Porsche 250 of the Grand-Am series race held at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA on July 3rd.

(click to enlarge. "Picapp" photos)

- Reign of Assassins: new concept poster and some images from the game design.

- In case anyone is wondering -- no, Michelle did not appear in The Karate Kid as claimed by some media.

Jul. 3rd
- Michelle and Jean Todt were in Daytona Beach, Florida where the 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup took place on July 3rd.

- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the Mariinsky Ball of the Montblanc White Nights Festival at Catherine Palace in Pushkin near Saint Petersburg, Russia, June 19th.

(click to enlarge. photos from "Getty" and "PurePeople")

- News photos: Michelle and Jean Todt attending the gala concert during the Montblanc White Nights Festival at Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall in Saint Petersburg, Russia, June 18th.

(click to enlarge. photos from "Getty" and "PurePeople")

- Michelle and Su Chao-pin, Taiwanese director of Reign of Assassins, were invited to visit the World Expo in Shanghai on June 13th. They visited Malaysian and Taiwanese pavilions.   News link: Michelle Yeoh taken aback by huge expo crowd

Michelle and Su Chao-pin visiting Malaysian pavilion

Malaysian pavilion

(1) Chih Kang Wang, chairman of the Taipei World Trade Center, presenting a gift to Michelle
(2-3) Michelle and Su Chao-pin visiting Taiwanese pavilion

Taiwanese pavilion

left photo: signing autograph
(click to enlarge. photos from "Sohu", "Sina", "Mtime", "CNA", and Mailoon)

- More photos of Michelle and Jung Woo-sung on the red carpet of the opening ceremony of the 13th Shanghai International Film Festival, June 12th.

(click to enlarge. photos from "Tom" and "Corbis")

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