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Dec. 21st
Holiday Greetings!
- A photo page on Media Asia's "The Touch - Unlock The Legend" party is added at Gallery -> Event Photos. The photos are not new (from May 2001). As we know, Media Asia is no longer a collaborator of The Touch, also the Cannes party photo page at coolala.com is not available anymore.

Dec. 20th
- Some movie clips from Police Story III: Supercop and Tai Chi Master. Thanks to BAM!

Dec. 14th
- Ammy Awards official website published a letter from Michelle, who was awarded the Best Actress on Nov. 10th.

Dec. 13th
- The always-great BAM provided us with downloadable versions of yesterday's video clip on The Touch press conference. For download links and some screencaps, go to The Touch page. Even it has only a glimpse of the film, our Michelle is looking as energetic as ever! :-)

- On the "Official U.S. Playstation magazine" January 2002 issue (page 54), there is a section called "Dream Cast" where they take a video game and cast it with actors as if they were making a movie. In this latest issue they cast Michelle as Lian Xing (Syphon Filter). Many thanks to Kim for the information and the pic scan!   (picture)

Dec. 12th
- Video from The Touch press conference (in Mandarin and English, 1 min 33 sec.   ETtoday). You can actually see parts of two trailers!

Dec. 11th
- 'Crouching Tiger' Star Michelle Yeoh Has 'The Touch' for Live-Action 'Mulan'   (Zap2it)

- Just realized the Guestbook signing feature hadn't been working for the past two months due to the host change of dreambook.com. They have fixed the problem under my request and now everything is working again.

Dec. 9th
- A couple of more photos from the Beijing press conference are added for The Touch (Dec. 5 news).

Dec. 8th

photo from HK Daily: Michelle at Beijing suburb (click to enlarge).
- More updates and photos for yesterday's The Touch news.

- Vote for your favourite teenage Michelle! 16 finalists have been selected by Yahoo! and Mythical Films from Singapore, Hong Kong and China. Go here to watch the videos and cast your vote. If you're serious with the voting, I'd suggest you NOT to skip videos as sometimes videos and photos give different impression. The polling promotion will be expired on December 12.

Dec. 7th
- More updates for The Touch: some photos from Beijing suburb, and more.

Dec. 5th

photo from Sina: Michelle at the press conference.
- The Touch press conference was held in Beijing at the afternoon, Dec. 5. See The Touch news.

During the press Michelle mentioned that she's still considering the offer to guest star in Bond 20, as it may conflict with her next project, Hua Mulan, which starts early next year as well.

Dec. 4th
- News from Screen International:
   * Michelle and Thomas Chung have bought out Media Asia's share of Mythical films, including Media Asia's investment in The Touch. The new multi-media company is called Han Productions. Mythical Films will now become the mainstay of Han.
   * The Touch shooting has moved into studios in Beijing and the production is expected to wrap on Jan 15 as scheduled.
   * A new film Hua Mulan is currently in advanced development and is written by Wang Hui-Ling, co-screenwriter on Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. It is the story of the life of the legendary female warrior who inspired Disney's animated picture Mulan. The budget is likely to be in excess of $25m and location scouting begin in earnest after completion of The Touch.
      For details read Chung, Yeoh launch multimedia Han dynasty. (thanks to Colin Geddes and Yvonne)

Dec. 3rd
- More movie clips encoded by BAM: the final fight sequence of Royal Warriors. Also included is the dance-like beginning fight sequence. I found this Yvonne's review on View from the Brooklyn Bridge gives a good picture:
    "...Along the way, the heroine gradually and understandably yet breathtakingly evolves from a cutesy pie dressed in white and light blue to a vengeful warrior whose clothing is as black as her mood..."

There is a new clip from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon as well.

Nov. 28th
- From Guardian (thanks to Yvonne for the link) on Bond 20:
The new 007 movie, to be directed by Lee Tamahori, is primed to start filming at Pinewood on January 14. Scripted by Neil Purvis and Robert Wade (who wrote The World Is Not Enough), the latest Bond adventure will also feature John Cleese, Judi Dench and Michelle Yeoh, who appeared in Tomorrow Never Dies.
- Mythical Films' the Original Scripts and Short Films Competition result announced. Comments from each committee member is available on the site. Most of the comments are in Chinese but Michelle's comments are in English. ;-)

The top three winners are:
Original scripts: "Dear Bunny" (Mainland China. Award: HK$60,000 with a film contract), "Forever" (Taiwan. Award: HK$30,000), "To Be Useful" (Hong Kong. Award: HK$15,000)
Short films: "After" (Hong Kong. Award: HK$80,000 with a film contract), "Indulgence" (Taiwan. Award: HK$35,000), "Wrinkles Of The August" (Mainland China. Award: HK$20,000)
    For more details on the competition see earlier news on Oct. 22.

Nov. 26th
- Michelle in Bond 20?
Corona (scroll down to Nov. 23 update) landed a scoop from a source in Korea:
Female lead will be played by American actress Halle Berry of X-Men and Swordfish fame, and Michelle Yeoh, who appeared as the first Asian Bond girl in 1997's Tomorrow Never Dies, is scheduled to appear as well.
Severeal Chinese news also reported that Debbie McWilliams, the casting director of Bond 20, was in Hong Kong after visiting Korea. It is believed her stay in Hong Kong is connected to Michelle's appearance in the next 007 film. It's not clear how big the role Michelle's part is.

Nov. 23rd
The Touch is currently shooting in Beijing. The filming of the film has been going very smoothly (Yay!) and is expected to wrap up soon. More deatils...

Nov. 22th
- Thanks to Steve for sending in this news from Ananova - Michelle to co-star Bruce Willis!

Natasha Richardson to star in Bruce Willis thriller
Natasha Richardson is set to join Bruce Willis and Robert Duvall in the Far Eastern thriller The Last Place On Earth.

Michelle Yeoh is also due to star in the film, which is set in Cambodia.

Richardson will play Willis's wife.

The story focuses on a CIA operative, played by Willis, who becomes a fugitive after being falsely accused of treason.

He is traced to Cambodia by a reporter played by Yeoh.

Duvall plays Willis's duplicitous ex-boss.

The film is due to be made next spring by the Cobalt Media group, with American and British backing.

Story filed: 14:51 Thursday 15th November 2001

Nov. 20th
- Since my old scanner doesn't work with the new computer I got, I had to hand-type in this article, Tiger Charm from October's The Malysian Women's Weekly. It's the only interview for magazine Michelle had so far since she produced The Touch. Thanks to Mai Loon for the magazine and the photo scans. The pictures are beautiful.

Nov. 16th
- Michelle movies in Boston! Thursdays, Nov.15 - Dec.20, Brattle Theatre:
Holy Weapon (Nov.15), Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Nov.22), The Heroic Trio (Nov.29), Supercop (Dec.6), Butterfly and Sword (Dec.13), Wing Chun (Dec.20).
Swordswomen: Michelle Yeoh & Brigitte Lin (thanks to Yvonne for info)

- Detailed review of Crouching Tiger figures.

Nov. 10th
- Michelle was awarded Best Actress at the Ammy Awards. Congratulations, Michelle! (About the awards see earlier news at Oct. 25.)

- From "The Straits Times," Singapore:
    Michelle Yeoh anchors tourism ad   (thanks to Yvonne)

Also, I heard that an ad about Malaysia represented by Michelle has been broadcasting in China, at least at Beijing and Shanghai TV stations. The ad ends by Michelle saying: "This is Malaysia, the charm of Asia."

Nov. 7th
- New movie trailers: Yes, Madam, Royal Warriors, Easy Money and Tai Chi Master. Thanks to BAM!

- Michelle Yeoh Web Theatre has an easy-to-remember domain name now:
The news page can be accessed at http://michelleyeoh.info/news.html

Nov. 1st
- AMC's CINEMA SECRETS, will start premiering on Friday, November 2 at 10:00 PM (ET).

Cinema Secrets. "Wired". 30 minutes. A look at fight scenes in films utilizing wire-work effects, including Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
Category: Entertainment & Magazine Shows. Release Year: 2001
...actors Michelle Yeoh and Zhang Ziyi, and fight master Yuen Wo-Ping, discuss how cast and crew used innovative wire work to push the limits of filmmaking in the Oscar(R)-winning CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON (2000). For the gravity-defying bamboo battle scene, a complex maze of cables and cranes was constructed in the rugged Chinese jungle to rig the actors for what appeared to be a magical tree top ballet. The episode explores how director Ang Lee paid homage to the original master of Chinese sword-fighting films, King Hu, with a look at his wire work in TOUCH OF ZEN (1969).
Friday, Nov. 2, 7:00 PM, 11:30 PM. Saturday, Nov.3, 7:00 AM. AMC. Check your local TV schedule for show times in your area.

(AMC Presents Three New Episodes of 'Cinema Secrets' in November)

- Another photo from Tibet for The Touch. Praying ceremony on Sept. 14.

Oct. 28th
- The Touch news highlights: Thomas Chung talks about the production. More details and some photos from the Tibet shooting. See The Touch news.
Photo: Michelle on a Tibetan horse (from Oriental Daily)

Oct. 26th
- The Touch news updated.

Oct. 25th
- Michelle, alongside Zhang Ziyi and Lucy Liu, are nominated as best actress at the 2nd Annual Ammy Awards (2001). The best actor nominees include Chow Yun-Fat and Jet Li.

The Ammys are the only award ceremony that honors the complete range of Asian and Asian American cinematic and broadcast achievement-the only one that celebrates the full spectrum of foreign, independent, Hollywood, and television. They're also the only awards that are voted on by the most important people in the media process: the audience. The top nominees were selected by almost 7,000 aMagazine readers who cast their votes via mail-in surveys and online at the official Ammy Awards web site. A panel of industry insiders actively involved in the Asian American entertainment community will determine the Award winners.

The Awards ceremony (open to public) will be at Saturday, November 10th, Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles.

Oct. 24th
- The Touch updates: the shooting of the film has been moved from Dunhuang to Qingdao (Tsingtao). More details...

Oct. 22nd
- Wing Chun!
If you live near New York City or if you can make a trip to Brooklyn at December 15, you will be able to see Wing Chun on a big screen - for up to four times! ;-)

Brooklyn Academy of Music is running a twelve-film series, "Dance of the Dragon: Martial Arts on Film," at BAM Rose Cinemas every Saturday and Sunday from Nov. 10 to Dec. 16. Wing Chun will be shown on Saturday, Dec. 15 at 2:00pm, 4:30pm, 6:50pm, and 9:10pm, at BAM Rose Cinemas, 30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, (718) 623-2770. For more information on the schedule and tickets, see BAMcinematek.

- Updates on Mythical Films' the Original Scripts and Short Films Competition: The committee has received more than 2000 applications. 460 film scripts and 76 short films are in the competition.

Chairperson: Michelle Yeoh, Thomas Chung
Committee for original scripts: Ang Lee, Sylvia Chang, Thomas Chung, To Kwok Wai, Mabel Cheung
Committee for short films: Zhang Yimou, Michelle Yeoh, Peter Pau, Allan Zeman, Fruit Chan

The finalists of the short films are available online between Oct. 22 and Nov.4 for internet viewing and voting. The public voting result count 20% while the scores from the committee count 80%.

If you'd like to participate in voting, go to this site. Each film is listed in both Chinese and English and with English subtitles. For those who don't read Chinese, here is an instruction : to view the films, click the blue characters on the yellow line below the film titles. To vote, click green characters. The three fields on the voting window are: name, e-mail, and phone number. Click the button on the bottom to submit your vote. The link on the lower right corner is to show the current voting result. Each person (via e-mail address) should only vote once. Voters have chance to win some gifts too.

Oct. 19th
- Miramax has bought the remake rights to a current big hit South Korean film, My Wife Is a Gangster. The project will go out to writers and directors soon, and the production is expected to begin in the next 18 months. Central News Agency (Taiwan) reported from Seoul that Miramax is considering inviting either Michelle or Cameron Diaz (Charlie's Angels) for the lead.

My Wife Is a Gangster is an action comedy about a female mob boss who gets married to please a dying sister. The gangster sends her henchmen to find a suitable guy and they come back with a poor, unsuspecting dupe who has no idea what he's getting into. The budget of the remake will be about $70 million.

- From Author's work an acquired taste for Hollywood (Reuters/Variety, Oct 17):
... ... With "Iron Monkey" high-kicking its way into theaters, could the chopsocky craze be catching on among book publishers?

Earlier this year, Simon & Schuster paid six figures for English-language rights to the Crane-Iron Pentalogy, a series of 1930s Chinese epics by Wang Dulu that were optioned by Ang Lee as the basis for "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," which was based on book four of the series.

Lee has agreed to direct a prequel, based on one of the previous three. It's unclear whether he'll choose "Frightening Crane of Mt. Kunlun," "Precious Sword, Gold Hairpin" or "Sword Force, Pearl Treasure."
... ...
For more information on Wang Dulu's Crane-Iron Pentalogy, see CTHD Novels page.

Talking about Yuen Wo Ping's Iron Monkey, has anyone watched it in theatre? It looks great on big screen! It has been doing very well on boxoffice - ranking no.6, for a 1993, subtitled, Hong Kong martial arts movie. Hey, if this one does really well, shouldn't we see the day Wing Chun gets an U.S. theatrical release? ;-)

- New images for Supercop: movie stills and some behind scenes photos.

Oct. 15th
- AFI (American Film Institute) FEST 2001 announces filmmaker tribute to Ang Lee (October 10, 2001, Los Angeles)

AFI FEST 2001 (November 1 - 11) will pay special tribute to Academy Award and Golden Globe Award-winning director Ang Lee on Friday, November 9, at the historic Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. The evening will feature a montage of the acclaimed director's films, a moderated selection of film clips and an on-stage conversation with Lee. The Ang Lee Tribute is presented by the Skirball Cultural Center as part of a new Skirball Cultural Center-AFI alliance.

The Skirball Cultural Center will also be the screening venue for a related Ang Lee retrospective on November 5, 6, 7 and 9 as part of the AFI FEST 2001 Program. Six of the director's films will be presented: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; The Ice Storm; Sense and Sensibility; Eat Drink Man Woman; The Wedding Banquet and Pushing Hands.

Oct. 10th
- Movie synopsis has been added for The Touch.

- Updated Biography.

Oct. 9th
- If you haven't seen it, here you can download the Mountain Dew video commercial named "Duo" (Mountain Dew - Crouching Dew). 1.8Mk. (thanks to Kim). Any reminiscence? And here is an article on its making with some still pictures.

Oct. 6th
- The Touch: Filming in Tibet has wrapped up and the shooting team is now in Dunhuang. More details...

Another Chinese film, Zhang Yimou's martial arts costume drama Hero (starring Jet Li, Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Zhang Ziyi), is currently shooting at Dunhuang as well. Michelle and Maggie Cheung joked that they were going to see each other in Dunhuang. Have they? ;-)

- The 2002 Crouching Tiger Calendar mentioned in the news of Sept. 27 is available at calendars.com! (thanks to Kim)

Oct. 5th
- New additions in Gallery -> Event Photos: more photos in "Michelle and Her Wax Double" and an external link in "Michelle In L.A." (at the bottom of the page).

Oct. 4th
- The Touch news: comedian and actor Dane Cook will star in the film.
thanks to Pen for the link   (go to the end of the article)

Oct. 1st
- New movie trailers and clips are added at Movies -> Trailers & Clips. Thanks to BAM!

- Brightened some images in Tomorrow Never Dies.

Sept. 30th
- The Touch news updated.

Sept. 28th
- Some Cartoons/Caricatures are added in Gallery -> Art Work.

Sept. 27th
- An interesting caricature of Michelle's Yu Shu Lien. (thanks to Pen for the link)

- Here is a cool movie script, Chinese Roulette, written by fans of Hong Kong movies. It definitely makes a fun reading for anyone who's a fan of Hong Kong action cinema. Wow.

- Crouching Tiger Calendar
San Francisco: There is a new canlendar store recently opened at Sun Valley shopping mall. One of the calenders for sale is from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It's a nice collection of the various poster designs. $12.99, 2002 calender, A 2001 FACES Calendar, ISBN #0-7631-4618-8. (thanks to Yvonne for info)
Too bad I'm not in San Francisco. Anyone there?
[*update 09/28]: I haven't seen it yet, but here is a happy news - Dean has got me the calendar! :-)

Sept. 25th
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Suite for Erhu and Orchestra
Oct. 19-21, Irvine Barclay Theatre, Irvine, California
conductor: Tan Dun. erhu: Karen Han
     Academy Award winner Tan Dun's unconventional musical works bridge the worlds of East and West. Tan Dun conducts the world premiere of his Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Suite for Erhu and Orchestra accompanied by images from the Academy Award-winning film.

     Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Suite for Erhu and Orchestra is a concerto that was written for the film, but was never included in the motion picture as originally written. Karen Han is the featured soloist on the erhu, an ancient Chinese 2-string, bowed instrument, in the world premiere performances of the film score as originally composed by Tan Dun. Images from the film will be projected on a screen simultaneously during the orchestra's performance of the concerto.
Links/Buy tickets: eclecticorange.org   ffaire.com

Sept. 20th
- The Touch team arrived at Lhasa at the morning of September 12. Filming started officially on September 14. Oriental Daily reported that Michelle suffered high altitude illness and needed emergency treatments. She was soon recovered and took part in the filming. More details and photos...

- New in Video Download: two interviews of Michelle and a 1984 watch commercial with Jackie Chan. Millions of thanks to BAM for encoding and sharing them with us! (BAM also encoded some movie trailers for us which I have yet to put on this site.)

Sept. 14th
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon section: all images have been adjusted to brighter colors.

Sept. 13th
- Michelle headed to Tibet on Tuesday. For more details see The Touch page.

Sept. 9th
- The Touch news updated.

- A CNN article on Peter Pau (July 2001): The Man with the Golden Touch.

Sept. 8th
- Michelle is among the Glamour Girls of People magazine's annual Best & Worst Dressed Celebrities issue (special double issue, September 17). There is a picture of Michelle in her tiger-striped crystal Oscars outfit.

- Who will be the teenage Michelle? Voting for the finalists has started in Singapore part. Go to their official site. You can watch the videos and cast your vote. (The videos seem only working with Internet Explorer but not Netscape.) Voting in Hong Kong and China parts has not started yet.

Sept. 7th
- Tai Chi Master updates: the section has been re-built. Movie comment and all images are new.

- Some articles on Michelle's knee injury during the CTHD shooting:
      The Show Must Go On  (Orthopedic Technololy)
      'Crouching Tiger' Star Earns Stripes After Knee Injury (USA Today)
      Crouching Tiger, Injured Knee (Hopkins Medicine)
(thanks to Dean for some of the links)

Sept. 5th
- Some of you may have seen it - I have added a new pic of Michelle and Jackie Chan from their 1984 commercial in Biography. (The video clip will come soon - thanks to BAM!) Also new pics from Crouching Tiger and Wing Chun in the Main page animation.

Aug. 27th
- Latest news for The Touch: The leading actor has been fixed and the shooting will start in September.
'Touch'-ing role: Chaplin runs off with Yeoh circus.

Aug. 24th
- Miramax Films has purchased the North American distribution rights to The Touch.
    Yahoo! News: Miramax gets hands on Yeoh starrer 'Touch'
    Canoe: 'Crouching Tiger' team reunites for action film

- Streaming feature is available for RealVideo clips in Michelle Yeoh Video Download.

Aug. 20th
- Missed some of Michelle's public appearances on TV? Now you can get the video clips in Download section, from the Oscar ceremony back to 1997's Bond publicity - including the (in)famous Howard Stern Show. Millions of thanks to Angela!

- "If you think you've got the beauty and spunkiness of international star Michelle Yeoh..."

More information on "Hunt For The Teenage Michelle":
Official Site (Yahoo! Singapore), in English
Official Site (Yahoo! Hong Kong), in traditional Chinese
Official Site (Yahoo! China), in simplified Chinese

Aug. 17th
- New clips in Trailers & Clips.

Aug. 14th
- Video: Searching For The Touch press conference (08/08) 100K or 56K. 4 min 14 sec. in Cantonese. (screencap)

- From Hong Kong iMail (08/10):
Michelle seeks child to play her
     Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon star Michelle Yeoh Choo-kheng, who also appeared in the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies, is on a mission to find a young actress to play her 14-year-old childhood character in her latest film The Touch.
     The actress was in Causeway Bay yesterday to promote an on-line campaign to recruit the right girl for the role. The film tells the story of an acrobat, Yeoh, who pursues treasures in Qingdao, northern China, that have been protected by her ancestors for more than 700 years.
     The romance, action and adventure epic will cost up to $150 million to produce.
     Girls, aged between 12 to 18, who speak fluent English are urged to apply online at http://touch.yahoo.com.hk.
     Applicants should send personal information, photos and details of their homepage.
     Finalists from Hong Kong, China and Singapore will be placed on a shortlist.
     Production will begin this summer and the film is expected to go on global release next year.

Aug. 10th
- Updated the page Rental/Buying Guide for Michelle Yeoh Movies. More information is added, including a comparison between subtitled and English dubbed versions. The page can also be accessed from Movie Index or Q&A.

Aug. 9th
- More photos on the news conference for SEARCHING FOR THE TOUCH: Yahoo News and Chinanews

Aug. 8th
- Video: Michelle talks about the young Yan Fei role in The Touch. 56K or 100K. 4 min 57 sec. in Cantonese.

- Hong Kong news: Mythical Films and Yahoo! Hong Kong are organizing a campaign called "Duplicate Michelle Yeoh, Search for juvenile Yan Fei" (Yan Fei is the name of Michelle's character in the upcoming The Touch). They are looking for a girl between age 12 and 18 to play the 14 year old young Yan Fei. A picture of Michelle when she was 14 is displayed.

Details of the applications and regulations can be found at the Official Site (in Chinese). For people who don't read Chinese, here you can see some pictures of Michelle at age 7, 10, and 14.

Applications should be sent through internet between Aug. 8 and Sept. 2. Fifteen candidates will be chosen by September 15 and they will be required to tape a 2 minute video (the script will be provided by Mythical Films). Video clips from the final candidates will be available on internet for public voting. The winner will be determined by:
   Voting result from Yahoo! Hong Kong - 40%
   Score given by Peter Pau, the director of The Touch - 30%
   Score given by Michelle - 30%
Candidates must speak fluent English. The winner will be announced before October 15 and will be invited to a press conference in Beijing in October.
Photos on the news conference: from Sing Tao   from Sun News

- Michelle had a private birthday party with her friends in Hong Kong at the night of 6th.

Aug. 7th
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: an English script is available. Enjoy!

Aug. 6th
H a p p y    B i r t h d a y
M i c h e l l e !
- a collection of news photos is added in Gallery -> Events. I think it is a perfect time to review some of Michelle's glory and/or fun moments!

Aug. 4th
- The Touch page updated.

- Music links are added to The Soong Sisters, Ah Kam and Tai Chi Master.

- I've got an UNCUT DVD version of Butterfly & Sword (a.k.a. Comet, Butterfly, and Sword) from HK Flicks. All images on Butterfly & Sword section are re-scanned, with some additional pictures including the original ending.

Aug. 1st
- News release from Mythical Films's Original Scripts and Short Films Competition: The competition has been warmly supported by participants from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The committee has received more than 2000 applications. In order to reduce the number of phone calls and e-mails, the submission IDs and titles will be published on the Official Site. The Hong Kong region submission deadlines have been postponed to August 31 (scriptwriting category) and September 30 (short film category). (For more details of the competition please see news of April 25.)

July 31st
- No new words on the lead role of The Touch yet. Taiwanese news sources today have more information on supporting roles of the film.

July 26th
- CCTV (China) reports that The Touch team will be off to Lhasa (Tibet) on Aug 11 and the shooting will start on Aug 17. For more details please see The Touch page.

July 24th
- More news/rumors on the possible male lead of The Touch (thanks to Ivan of Movie Intelligence Agency)

- HK Coolala reports that there will be a role of Michelle's character in her juvenile years in The Touch. A global search for the right girl will be conducted in August, possibly through internet.

July 22nd
- Crouching Tiger figures: Coming October/November 2001. These figures will be sold with and without theme bases and stand at 7" tall.
Details: Li Mu Bai,   Yu Shu Lien,   Jen Yu,   Lo

- The Touch latest news: the male lead of the film is still in search but will be fixed within next two weeks. The shooting is expected to start in August. For more details please see The Touch page.

- In AsiaWeek's recent interview with Thomas Chung, he talked about The Touch and another Michelle's project in plan:
    How do you see The Touch in the context of your own career? Is it a make-or-break project?
    Chung: I would never go into anything make-or-break. The Touch is dollar-wise the highest commitment we [have made]. And it will be the lowest risk because we have the necessary elements to make a movie and sell it: the story, Michelle Yeoh as female lead and Peter Pau as director.
    Is it true that you're considering a live-action version of the Disney animated movie Mulan to be Michelle Yeoh's next project? Will she be the star?
    Chung: Yes, and yes.

(thanks to Albert and Yvonne for links)

July 4th
- Note: There will be no update on this site until July 22. I'm going for a trip. See you later!

- Updated the pages of The Touch and Easy Money.

July 2nd
- Crouching Tiger is listed no. 1 on the weekly charts for the nation's most popular videos as they appear in the July 7, 2001, issue of Billboard.

- New in Links: cover feature of Michelle on "Inside Kung-Fu", issue June 2001. Thanks Brian and Yvonne for the magazine :-)

June 28th
- New background pic at the Movies page, and a new title pic for CTHD page.

June 27th
- Crouching Tiger 2?   (thanks to BAM)

- Video from Taiwan: Pandasia press conference (06/22). You may view the video and read the news (in Chinese) at this link, or you may open a Windows Media Player and point the URL to mms://video.ftv.com.tw/video/010622/010622000080.asf
The video clip is in Mandarin. 54 seconds.

- Okay I have finally finished the screen captures for CTHD. Sorry, I think I went overboard and put way too many photos (4 pages)... :-S
    Also the "Novels" page has been separated from "Production Facts" due to our visitors' suggestions. Thanks for your visiting and support!

June 25th
- "Production Facts" section has been added at CTHD page. It has some information and pictures on the shooting locations of the film. Also I have written summaries for those Wang Du Lu's novels, which the CTHD film is based on and I happily got a chance to read. Movie images will come before too long - yeah, I have been working on them. Thank you for your patience!

June 21st
- Michelle arrived in Taiwan yesterday for celebrating the launch of Pandasia Entertainment, a company which is one of the main investors of the upcoming The Touch. Other guests include Thomas Chung, Sylvia Chang, etc. from Hong Kong. Michelle confirmed the shooting of The Touch will start in July. After Cannes, she went to Himalayas and other parts of China for the second time of location checking, and she has been doing physical training for the film.

June 20th
- News from Coolala.com on Mythical Films's Original Scripts and Short Films Competition which is organized by Michelle: The competition has been warmly supported. The committee received more than 1000 applications - about 950 in original scripts and 200 in short films. The organizers had to postpone the deadline for application from May 31 to June 15 due to the large number of participants. Winners will be announced by the end of September. (For more details of the competition please see news of April 25.)

June 15th
- A four-part article on 13th Street, with information on Michelle's upcoming movie The Touch. There are some inaccurate parts in the article though. As far as I know, Daniel Wu has not been locked for a role in the film. Also, the film is said to be shot mainly in English (at least 70%)   (thanks to Angela for the link)

- First-week consumer sales of the DVD version of Crouching Tiger, released June 5, were the highest ever for Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, generating about $30 million in retail value on sales of an estimated 1.5 million units. It is the biggest first week of the year for a DVD title and the second biggest first week of any DVD title.
     Rental-priced videocassette sales of Crouching Tiger have also been strong, with consumers spending $7.75 million to rent some 450,000 copies at retail stores 2.2 million times, according to VSDA VidTrac. In addition to the videocassette rentals, consumers spent another $3.68 million renting the DVD version of Crouching Tiger.
     Crouching Tiger "crosses all lines from romance to action to foreign language," said Marshall Forster, executive vice president, North America. "We expect it to be an evergreen title." (variety news)

The current box office gross of the film is $127 million in U.S., $208 million worldwide (the cost of making is $15 million). Still being shown in 229 theaters after its 27 week release in U.S., Crouching Tiger was ranked no.19 at last weekend's box office.

June 13th
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was honored as Best Action/Adventure/Triller Film at the 27th annual Saturn Awards. The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films presented the awards, which honor genre movies and television shows, at June 12 in L.A. (winner list, nominations)

- 13th Street has an article on the 13 Greatest Women Action Stars. Michelle's section is at Part 2: Beauty and Brains. Her picture from CTHD is at Part 3.   (thanks to Chris Deas)

June 5th
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is now available on VHS and DVD.
Video: CTHD video release commercial   (Cablejump)

May. 31st
- Michelle is named as a Top Ten Actress in film.com   (thanks to Deborah)

May. 29th
- Video Interview with Michelle, (by Crystal Kwok, Coolala), in Cantonese. The video includes on and off screen scenes from Crouching Tiger, also short clips from Yes, Madam, Owl vs Dumbo, and Magnificent Warriors.

May. 26th
- Coolala Photo Gallery: The Tocuh party in Cannes (May 11, 2001)

May. 24th
- a new Michelle site, 99% Photos, done by Michelle's old friend, photographer Roy Tan. There you can see some exclusive photos of Michelle taken by Roy himself during 1988 -1995.

- articles from DVD Reviews:   Interview with Michelle and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon   (thanks to Caroline)

May. 23rd
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon games announced   (thanks to Neil Koch)

May. 21st
- Kityi's Michelle at Cannes 2001 photo collection

May. 18th
- Videos from coolala.com:
      The Touch party at Cannes (May 11, 2001): no... no drinking game ;-). It shows an acrobatic performance on Media Asia's giant balloon, and the speech of Michelle and Peter Pau, in English, 2min 38 sec.
      The Touch press conference in Hong Kong (March, 2001): Michelle, Thomas Chung, and Peter Pau, in Cantonese.
      Oscar night (March 25, 2001): interviews with Michelle and Peter Pau right after the ceremony, in Cantonese.

May. 15th
- Video: Michelle at Mythical Films Press Conference in Taiwan (May 2, 2001), in Mandarin and English, 2 min 40 sec.

- Ain't It Cool News: Grozilla's news coverage of Cannes has a bit on a drinking game with Michelle at that party for The Touch. Grozilla didn't know who won the contest though... let me tell you what I saw from Hong Kong and Taiwan news - they gave a title "Drinking Queen of Cannes" to Michelle   :-D . The party was held at Carlton Hotel beach.   (thanks to Bonnie for the link)

May. 14th
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon will come to Videocassette and DVD in U.S. on June 5!
    DVD features: * Widescreen * 5.1 Dolby Digital and 2-Channel Dolby Surround Sound * Languages: Mandarin, English, and French * Subtitles: English and French * Audio Commentary (Director Ang Lee and Executive Producer James Schamus) * BRAVO Making-of CTHD Special: Unleashing the Dragon * Conversation with Michelle Yeoh Featurette * Photo Montage * Link to Website * Theatrical Trailers * Filmographies * Animated Menus * Production Notes * Scene Selection
(thanks to Paul Simms)

- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon box office: total U.S. gross $125.5 million by last weekend; worldwide $204.6 million by May 3rd.

- Michelle left Cannes at the morning of 12th. She and Peter Pau didn't attend 'Hong Kong Night' in the evening of that day. They will soon be in China again for the second time of the location check. Two male western leads for The Touch will be fixed in the next eight weeks and the shooting will start in July.

May. 12th
- Media Asia's "The Touch - Unlock The Legend Party" was held on 11th at Cannes. Michelle, Peter Pau, and Thomas Chung hosted more than 200 guests. Won't start the shooting until July, Michelle's The Touch has already found its French distributor. The film is set to be shown at next year's Cannes Film Festival.   Photos from Apple Daily:

- another video clip of Cannes Opening Night with Michelle (in the last quarter of the 3 min clip)   (thanks to Liisa)

- Also thank to Liisa, who provided us the link to the article The Show Must Go On, which talks about Michelle's knee injury and what her doctors said:
    ... Yeoh, an "elite athlete," does not sound far different from Yu Shu Lien, the selfless knight-errant she plays in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon...

May. 11th
- Video from Cannes: in the clip "Moulin Rouge Steps" you can see a second or two of Michelle on red carpet (you will have to watch the clip for about 4 or 5 minutes to get that moment)   (photo)

May. 10th
- Michelle and Thomas Chung at the premiere of Moulin Rouge which opened the 54th Cannes Film Festival.

(from Moulin Rouge Premiere Picture Gallery, Apple Daily (Chinese) and Oriental Daily Chinese) )

May. 9th
- Michelle is in Cannes for the 54th Cannes Film Festival (May 9 - 20). She will be there until 12th to promote the upcoming film The Touch and other new Media Asia films.

- Michelle was voted as one of the 20 Most Powerful/Influential Female at "Hong Kong Tatler" magazine

May. 5th
- Publicity video for Mythical Films's Original Scripts and Short Films Competition. Ang Lee, Fruit Chan, Mabel Cheung, Peter Pau, To Kwok Wai, Michelle, etc. talking about filmmaking. In Cantonese and Mandarin with English subtitles. 4 minutes.

May. 2nd
- Video from Taiwan: Press Conference   (in Mandarin and English,   ETToday)   Screen captures:

May. 1st
- Video from Taiwan: Michelle and Peter Pau arriving (RealVideo)
- "Mythical Films Creative Development Fund" and its Original Scripts and Short Films Competition were officially announced by Michelle to the press on April 28. A two day conference on film creations was held in Hong Kong. Michelle, Peter Pau, and Thomas Chung arrived Taiwan today to publicize the fund and the competition. The aim is to create opportunities for new comers and discover new talents in Chinese film industry (Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan)

Apr. 30th
- On Sunday evening's Hong Kong Film Awards, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon swept 8 awards including Best Picture and Best Director (see CTHD page for the list). In the Mood for Love grabbed 5, including Best Actress (Maggie Cheung, 5 time Hong Kong Film Award winner, also 5 time co-star of Michelle) and Best Actor (Tony Leung Chiu Wai, 3 time Hong Kong Film Award winner, Michelle's co-star in Butterfly & Sword).

Question: when will the Hong Kong Film Academy recognize Michelle's rare genuine talent and quality? Sigh. They even didn't nominate her for Wing Chun and Supercop (while Jackie Chan got nominated as best actor for it)!
(record of awards/nominations for Michelle)

Apr. 27th
- BT EMMA Awards (BT Ethnic Multicultural Media Awards): Michelle got her first Best Actress award for her stunning performance in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (the film also won Best Film). Congratulations!!! (news)

Apr. 26th
- MTV 2001 Movie Awards nominations for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: best movie, breakthrough performance female (Zhang Ziyi), best fight (Zhang Ziyi vs. entire bar). The awards will be aired at June 7

Apr. 25th
- Michelle's Mythical Films is organizing the Original Scripts and Short Films Competition 2001 (Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan). Application ends at May 31. Winners will be announced at end of September
     Jury Panel:
Chairperson: Michelle Yeoh (Artiste, Producer & CEO of Mythical Films), Thomas Chung (Producer & Media Asia Group Managing Director)
Committee (in alphabetical order): Fruit Chan, Sylvia Chang, Mabel Cheung, Ang Lee, Peter Pau, To Kwok Wai, Allan Zeman, Zhang Yimou
Application & Regulations   Official site)

Apr. 24th
- Michelle was awarded an honorary title "Datuk" in her home country Malaysia. She rushed from China to Perak to accept the title (left photo, April 18)
It's Datuk Michelle Yeoh
more photos on Datuk Yeoh's title ceremony can be seen at Photos.

- Michelle, Peter Pau, and Thomas Chung were invited by the Chief Executive of Hong Kong (right photo, April 19)

- Michelle was invited to be a jury member for this year's Cannes film festival. She was not able to accept it due to her busy schedule of the new project

Apr. 12th
- Note: there will be no update on this site until April 24. I'm going for a trip tomorrow.

- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon theme song video, made by Angela, the president of MYOFC.

- an April Premiere article: The Asian Evasion
    Studios are dying to cast Hong Kong's superstars in movies like 'The Matrix.' The problem is, the stars don't think Hollywood is where the real action is... ... (read more   thanks to Bonnie)

- haven't tried it myself, this is from today's San Francisco Chronicle:
    Q: I've read a lot lately about how you can download movies from the Internet. Is there a Napster-like Web site for this?
    A: Try Gnutella ( www.gnutella.wego.com). Unlike Napster, which focuses on music, Gnutella is used to share all sorts of files, including movies. A quick Gnutella search this week turned up more than 300 available copies of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." Downloading via Gnutella can be slow, however.  (link)

Apr. 9th
- a larger version of The Touch poster

Apr. 5th
- Oscars: Video from the Red Carpet and Backstage (two Michelle videos. downloadable links are at CTHD page: Trailers & Clips.   thanks to Angela)

Apr. 4th
- upon our users' requests, a Pin Yin page of the lyrics of Michelle's Butterfly & Sword end song is added at Butterfly & Sword: Love Is Like a Shooting Star

- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon received 8 nominations for the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films' 27th annual Saturn Awards: Action/Adventure/Triller Film, Actor (Chow Yun-Fat), Actress (Michelle Yeoh), Supporting Actress (Zhang Ziyi), Director (Ang Lee), Writing (Wang Hui Ling, James Schamus, Tsai Kuo Jung), Music (Tan Dun, Yo-Yo Ma), Costume (Tim Yip). The awards will be presented June 12 in Los Angeles ( Saturn Award Nominations   News )

- Time again for the Cannes film festival! Still remember Crouching Tiger, Hidden Drangon's world premiere at Cannes last year? Remember that Froggy's report from Cannes on Ain't It Cool news (May 18th, 2000)?
      "...I am convinced that tommorrow the trades will be full of this new movie. About how the audience erupted into wild applause at least 6 times during the screening. About how there was a wild, riotous standing ovation from the first end credit to the very last, and then for another 5 minutes. When the lights went up, you could see strangers looking at each other, dumbstruck in the knowledge that they were the first in the world to see a film that will ignite the globe..." ... ...

This year, Hong Kong is sending its largest-ever mission to the Cannes film festival to showcase its movie industry. Michelle, Chow Yun-Fat, Jackie Chan are said to be among the 220 representatives. 20 Hong Kong films are scheduled to be screened at the festival (May 9 - May 20) ( Le Festival de Cannes   Times of India   Inside China )

Apr. 3rd
- photos of The Touch press conference on Kityi's site
- updated The Touch page. Michelle, Peter Pau, Thomas Chung (director of Media Asia), Julien Carbon and Laurent Courtiaud (script writers), with a team of thirty people headed to China on Monday. They're going to spend 3 weeks in China to check out the filming locations, which include Chengdu, Shanghai, and the Silk Road. The actual filming is planned to start in July and will last about 5 months.

Mar. 31st
- Michelle and Peter Pau will go to China next week to check out the locations for their new film. More news for The Touch
- a nice Interview of Michelle   (thanks to Yvonne)

Mar. 30th
- Peter Pau Has 'The Touch':
from the recent public chat with "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" director of photography and Oscar winner Peter Pau

Peter Pau:
After working with "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"--it was the first time working with Michelle Yeoh, and she asked me to direct her next feature, called "The Touch." I was thrilled by her ideas about the film, and I completely revised the story.

We are ready to go for pre-production now, and ready to shoot in July, in China again. We are able to go to more distant locations, like Tibet, Dun Huang, Shanghai, and Beijing. It's a contemporary story, a romantic action adventure film. It should make it to theaters in summer of 2002.

(Chat with Peter Pau )

Mar. 27th
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon videocassette and DVD will be released by Columbia TriStar Home Video on June 5. It will be in subtitled and dubbed versions on videocassette, and in Mandarin, English and French versions with English or French subtitles on DVD   ("Tiger" leaps to video, DVD)
- a collection of photos: Oscar Night
- after the Sunday Oscar night, what people are talking about is fashion: Fashion focus: The good, the bad and the ugly

Mar. 25th
- CONGRATULATIONS to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - 4 Oscar winners!
     best foreign language film - Ang Lee
     best art director - Tim Yip
     best cinematography - Peter Pau
     best original score - Tan Dun
(click above links to see photos and their winning speeches)

- Exclusive photos:
Michelle and Chow Yun-Fat at the Oscar night

(more photos are coming...)

Mar. 24th
- CTHD won three top awards at today's 16th annual Independent Spirit Awards: best feature, best director and best supporting female ( E!Online   Associated Press )

- Michelle and Chow Yun-Fat will be presenting Best Visual Effects award at the Oscar night, accoring to the reports from Hong Kong and Taiwan

- Oscar Watch: List of Predictions   List of Picks

Mar. 23rd
- now the Anti-Awards winner - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: best picture, best actress (Michelle Yeoh), best supporting actress (Zhang Ziyi), best cinematography, best chemistry (Chow Yun-Fat & Michelle Yeoh), best action film, best action sequence (the shrine battle), best villain (Jade Fox), best endding. (full winner list)

- Oscars!
Academy Awards will be presented on Sunday March 25, at the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium. It will be televised live by the ABC Network beginning at 5 p.m. (PST), with a half-hour arrivals segment preceding the presentation ceremony.

Michelle has already arrived in L.A. and will join Ang Lee, Chow Yun-Fat, Zhang Ziyi, Chang Chen, Cheng Pei Pei, and other CTHD crew for Sunday's ceremony.

"Getting this kind of nominations, to have come this far, I really honestly believe we are winners already." - You're right, Michelle. So let's celebrate, no matter who will get hold of those small naked golden guys!

Be sure to catch the highlights:
   ** Michelle and Chow Yun-Fat, the couple with the best chemistry on screen, present an award together.
     [To those of you who are into fashion shows: Michelle will show up in a crystal dress (cheongsam, weights over 30 pounds!) designed by Hong Kong designer Barney Cheng. Chow Yun-Fat will be in Cerruti.]
   ** three-minute long CTHD main theme performance. With Coco Lee singing "A Love Before Time", four dancers will perform martial art dance - a combination of moves from Peking opera, martial arts, and dance.

Mar. 21st
- Galaxy of Fame - Special Oscar Snub Edition (thanks to Bonnie)

Mar. 20th
- 'Crouching Tiger' Star Yeoh Sees Asia As Home

- Anti-Awards: It is organized by a national consortium of 50 movie Web sites, authors, journalists and film industry people who are tired of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science's sometimes obvious Oscar politics. They've created an annual film survey in which Web surfers (that means you) can choose their own movie winners. About 300,000 cast votes in last year's contest, which American Beauty won.

    For this year's awards, the public can vote now at IGN. Results are expected to be announced Friday, March 23, two days before Oscars are handed out. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is nominated in multiple categories. Currently, Michelle is leading as Best Actress (ahead of Julia Roberts), also Zhang Ziyi is leading as Best Supporting Actress. But it's behind Gladiator in Best Director and Best Picture. Voice your opinion before Friday! (link: Anti-Awards: Site gives fans their say on Oscars)

Mar. 19th
- yes! Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon hit the $100 million mark at its 102th day release in U.S.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
U.S. Weekend Box Office Chart
# of
Dec 8-10 15 $663,205 16 $663,205 3 1
Dec 15-17 13 $1,078,762 31 $2,145,415 10 2
Dec 22-25 10 $3,695,485 143 $6,533,541 18 3
Dec 29-Jan 1 11 $4,526,797 162 $13,450,791 25 4
Jan 5-7 10 $3,408,397 172 $18,496,108 31 5
Jan 12-15 9 $10,331,296 693 $30,325,865 39 6
Jan 19-21 8 $6,080,357 837 $37,287,527 45 7
Jan 26-28 6 $5,061,767 869 $44,427,118 52 8
Feb 2-4 5 $6,816,527 1163 $52,982,874 59 9
Feb 9-11 4 $5,404,223 1204 $60,335,388 66 10
Feb 16-19 5 $10,462,539 1651 $73,202,832 74 11
Feb 23-25 5 $6,592,223 1749 $81,940,326 80 12
Mar 2-4 5 $4,906,007 1751 $88,655,907 87 13
Mar 9-11 6 $4,256,899 1756 $94,512,927 94 14
Mar 16-18 6 $3,901,183 1860 $99,862,403 101 15
Mar 19 5 $361,910 1860 $100,224,313 102 15

the current foreign total of CTHD is about $63 million

Mar. 18th
- one week from the Oscars. The current issue of People magazine's pick for the best peicture -
      Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon turns even the most jaded moviegoer into a kid again, gazing at the screen with wide-eyed rapture. This romantic martial-arts drama set in 18th- century China transports viewers to a realm where emotions are felt more intensely, women get as much respect as men, and sword fights are conducted from the tops of swaying bamboo trees. Beautifully shot and acted, it was without question the best picture of the year (despite the barrier of Mandarin dialogue with English subtitles). There was no more moving moment onscreen in 2000 than when Michelle Yeoh, exulting in her love for fellow warrior Chow Yun Fat after many years of repressed mutual affection, looks at her palm clasped in his and tells him quietly, "My hand is real."   (Magazine Picks)

Mar. 16th
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is approaching the $100 million mark ($95.9 million by Thur. March 15). Expect it to join the $100 million club as early as Sunday and no later than next Tuesday. It will be the first foreign-language film to hit $100 million at the North American box-office, also the first for the Sony Classics releases
- Coco Lee will preform "A Love Before Time" at the Oscar night
- a SCMP article on Peter Pau, with interest of both CTHD and The Touch (thanks to Yvonne. Note: SCMP registration is free)

Mar. 13th
- Oscar night is less than two weeks away. Michelle will be an Oscar presenter this year!
   "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" star Michelle Yeoh will make her first appearance as an Oscar presenter during this year's telecast. The 73rd annual Academy Awards will be held March 25 at L.A.'s Shrine Auditorium.
    * Variety Oscar Watch 3/13: Crouching Yeoh, Oscar Presenter
    * Academy Press Release 3/12: Michelle Yeoh Named Oscar Presenter
    * earlier Academy Press Release 2/20: Chow Yun-Fat Tapped to Make Oscar Show Appearance

- iF Magazine: Michelle Yeoh Stays Home And Helps New Filmmakers

- Michelle has set up a Mythical Films Development Fund for emerging filmmakers in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. A competition on screenplays and 60 min short films will be held in April. It's partially sponsored by Media Asia. The top winner will be hired as a director at Media Asia, and the top screenplay will be made into real movie. Winning applicants will be judged by a jury that will include Ang Lee, Sylvia Chang, Fruit Chan, Mabel Cheung, and Peter Pau, etc.

Mar. 10th
- winner of 53rd annual Directors Guild of America Awards: best director - Ang Lee of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!

Mar. 9th
- (E!Online) She's Got the Touch: Just after winning the International Star of Tomorrow at this year's ShoWest, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon star Michelle Yeoh confessed she's in no hurry to return to the U.S. to make movies..."but I will be back for the Academy Awards. It's such a rare phenomenon for a subtitled movie to get such accolades and do so well," she said between drags on her Marlboro Light. "We are all a part of it. Chow [Yun-Fat] and I will be here; we'll be presenting." Yeoh says she probably won't star in the next Bond film because she's focusing on The Touch, a predominantly English-language romantic action-adventure set in present-day Shanghai and the Himalayas. She stars and produces. (thanks to Bonnie and Angela for the link)

Mar. 8th
- Chlotrudis Awards, a non-profit organization that serves to honor and support independent films, nominated Michelle as best actress for its 7th annual awards -

      "Michelle Yeoh for the role of Shu Lien in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - As the owner of a security company in the stunning Ang Lee masterpiece, Yeoh paints a portrait of a woman of great dignity, intelligence, strength and beauty. With a look, Yeoh conveys all the years of hidden love and yearning Shu Lien feels for Li Mu Bai, with a gentle word, and a knowing expresssion, she reveals the depth of plans, and her incomparable battle scenes will take your breath away, and make your heart pound"

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was also nominated in the following categories: best movie, best director (Ang Lee), best supporting actor (Chen Chang), and best cinematography (Peter Pau).   Vote here by March 28. The awards ceremony will be held on March 31 in Boston (thanks to Michael R. Colford, the President of Chlotrudis Awards. official site,   nominees )

Mar. 7th
- Hong Kong Film Awards: Michelle was nominated as the best actress and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was nominated 16 items in 15 categories! (Zhang Ziyi was nominated as the best actress as well.) See the full list at CTHD page. Winners will be announced at April 29 ( nominees )

Mar. 6th
- photos and more quotes are added at   Quotes: Michelle in Crouching Tiger
- Crouching Tiger prequel? Ang Lee talked about it at the ShoWest convention yesterday   ( E!Online )

Mar. 2nd
- ShoWest, the world's largest motion picture industry convention, named Michelle as International Star of the Year and Ang Lee International Filmmaker of the Year. They will receive their awards at Las Vegas, March 5. (news, event schedule )

Feb. 26th
- some more pictures of the cut ending of Butterfly & Sword ('More Movie Stills' page 2)   (thanks to Johnny Tsui)
- new poster of Michelle's upcoming film The Touch at Kityi's site

Feb. 25th
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon won the Best Director, Best Foreign Language Film, Best Film Music, and Best Costume Design at the BAFTA awards (the British film industry equivalent of the Oscars). Michelle accepted the award for the film composer Tan Dun (Photos)

Feb. 23rd
- Michelle - a best actress nominee - will attend Sunday (Feb 25th)'s British Academy Film Awards (thanks to Bonnie)
- some new video clips are at CTHD page: Trailers & Clips
- CTHD news and daily/weekly box office - see links at the left of this page
- another translation of the CTHD end song "Moonlight Lover" (Chinese version of "A Love Before Time"), thanks to Francis Chu

Feb. 22nd
- some new Michelle interviews/articles and sites have been added in Links

Feb. 15th
- the quote page has been updated. thanks to Bonnie and Angela for sending in more quotes on Michelle in CTHD

Feb. 13th
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon has received 10 Oscar Nominations, including best picture and best foreign language film! Congratulations to the CTHD filmmakers and crew, and all us fans!
    While we applaud the Academy giving a best picture nomination to an Asian language film the first time in its 73 year history, it's also pity none of the great performances from CTHD got rewarded as they deserve.
    But... does Michelle really need a recognition from Hollywood? To us, Michelle is always the winner.
    Even Oscar doesn't remember her, we will.

    (here is a quote page dedicated to Michelle for her CTHD performance. It can be accessed from my CTHD page as well)

Feb. 12th
- Michelle is on the cover of February issue of VENICE MAGAZINE. the new cover interview with Michelle can be read at venicemag.com (thanks to David Beebe)
- Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Hits Over 100 Million Dollar Mark Worldwide

Feb. 11th
- Yes! Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is now the highest-grossing foreign-language film in North America as it moved into fourth place at the weekend box office with $5.4 million, bringing its total 10-week gross to $60.3 million

Feb. 8th
- CTHD is nominated for the 53rd annual Writers Guild Awards. the awards will take place at March 4.

- from today's New York Post Oscar Watch article:
     Michelle Yeoh certainly deserves a nomination for her heartfelt turn as a lovelorn female mercenary in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", but it would be a brave departure for the Academy to nominate a performance in Chinese.

- AOL Moviefone, the nation's largest movie listing guide and ticketing service, today announced the nominees for its sixth annual nationwide poll of avid moviegoers - the Moviefone Moviegoer Awards. CTHD is nominated in three categories:
      best actress - Michelle Yeoh
      best director - Ang Lee
      best movie
(vote at Moviefone by March 4. the winners will be announced at March 16)

Feb. 6th
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon box office: it was no.5 over the weekend and no.3 now (beating Traffic and Cast Away)! the cumulative gross in U.S. was $53.8 million by Monday. expect it to pass the current box record of foreign language films ($57.6 million, Life Is Beautiful) this weekend

- a new translation of the CTHD end song "Moonlight Lover" (Chinese version of "A Love Before Time"), provided by Dr. William H. Hsu

Jan. 31st
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon got 14 nominations for the 53rd British Academy Film Awards. Michelle is nominated for the best actress! (the Bafta nominations,   thanks to Shazia and Yvonne)
- 2001 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards: Michelle and Chow Yun Fat in CTHD are nominated as Favorite Action Team (internet only) (vote here in Movies, item 3 )

Jan. 30th
- USA Today has an article calling attention of Oscar voters, about some of the best performances this year which have not received much attention from critics groups or Golden Globe voters...
Michelle Yeoh, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The action superstar takes on the unusually mature role of a warrior who has had to repress her love for co-star Chow Yun Fat... ... "I'm surprised she hasn't been getting nominations," says People magazine's Rozen. "There is no more moving moment in a film this year than when she's sitting in a room with Chow Yun Fat and says, 'My hand is real.' "   (USA Today)

Here are a few other recent Oscar predictions mentioning Michelle:
Oscar Watch - Best Actress
Cinezine Week by Week
Film Bitch Oscar Speculation

Jan. 27th
- some Oscar promotion ads are added at Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon page (Preview Images) (note: moved to Posters)

Jan. 26th
- a page for Michelle's next film, The Touch, is added in Movies. it will start shooting in China in the middle of this year according to HK news. the page will serve as a news page for quite a while I guess, since it will be a looong wait before its final release :-S

Jan. 25th
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon officially sealed its place as the most successful foreign-language film in British cinema history last night... see "Crouching Tiger now biggest foreign film ever" from Guardian   (thanks to Yvonne)
- fixed the link to the Behind Scene video at CTHD page (Trailers & Sound Track)

Jan. 24th
- Ang Lee was nominated by the Directors Guild of America and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon got seven nominations for the Chicago Film Critics Association's the best of 2000   (link)

Jan. 21st
- 2001 Golden Globe Awards: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon won the Best Foreign Language Film and Ang Lee won the Best Director for it!

Jan. 19th
- Michelle's double! :-)
- CTHD Box Office Daily Chart   (thanks to Yvonne)

Jan. 16th
- Yeoh Turns 'Matrix' Directors Down

Jan. 12th
- CTHD is nominated as best picture for the 12th annual Golden Laurel Awards by the Producers Guild of America. the winners will be announced at March 3
- some movie posters are added at CTHD page (Preview Images)

Jan. 10th
- AFI (The American Film Institute) named CTHD as one of the five "Moments of Significance" - five events from the past year that made a major impact on the medium of motion picture, be they on the celluloid or business-side: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon brings the world together. (CTHD is not eligible to be on the top 10 list because it's not an American film)
- Michelle is in U.S. promoting CTHD and will be on a number of TV shows (include tomorrow's Leno show)

Jan. 5th
- Michelle and Chow Yun-fat are on the cover of the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (see MYOFC message board): "The Oscar Race Begins"
- I'm here very pleased to let you know that this site is reviewed on Entertainment Weekly and received a grade A. see Jan 12 issue p.85 or online 'Hidden' Treasures   (thanks to Jason Averett for the link). and I'd like to take this chance to thank all of my visitors for your visits and supports. Enjoy Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon when it comes to your area! (I've seen it four times in theatre so far)

Jan. 3rd, 2001
- you can sing the Chinese version of "A Love Before Time" ("Moonlight Lover") without knowing how to read Chinese. you need to know how to read Mandarin Pin Yin though. a PinYin page of the lyrics is added at the bottom of CTHD: Moonlight Lover

   Happy New Year - 2001 !!!

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