The Brothers Sun

TV Series

Release Date:  January 4, 2024
Language:  English
Production Company:  Netflix
Producers:  Mikkel Bondesen, Brad Falchuk, John H. Radulovic, Byron Wu
Directors:  Kevin Tancharoen, Viet Nguyen
Writing:  Byron Wu, Brad Falchuk
Cinematography:  C. Kim Miles, Andrew Mitchell
Category:  Serial Drama, Action, Crime
Countries:  U.S.A.
Principal Filming:  July-October 2022, Los Angeles & Taipei
Eileen Sun  ....   Michelle Yeoh
Charles Sun  ....   Justin Chien
Bruce Sun  ....   Sam Song Li
Alexis  ....   Highdee Kuan
TK  ....   Joon Lee
Big Sun  ....   Johnny Kou
Grace  ....   Madison Hu
May/June  ....   Alice Hewkin
Mark  ....   Rodney To
Blood Boots  ....   Jon Xue Zhang
Xing  ....   Jenny Yang

Michelle Yeoh

Justin Chien

Sam Song Li

Highdee Kuan

Joon Lee

Madison Hu

Alice Hewkin

Rodney To

Jon Xue Zhang

Jenny Yang

[short] When a mysterious enemy targets his family, a Taipei triad member heads to Los Angeles to protect his strong-willed mother and oblivious younger brother.

[long] When the head of a powerful Taiwanese triad is shot by a mysterious assassin, his eldest son, legendary killer Charles "Chairleg" Sun (Justin Chien) heads to Los Angeles to protect his mother, Eileen (Michelle Yeoh), and his naive younger brother, Bruce (Sam Song Li) - who's been completely sheltered from the truth of his family until now.

But as Taipei's deadliest societies and a new rising faction go head-to-head for dominance - Charles, Bruce and their mother must heal the wounds caused by their separation and figure out what brotherhood and family truly mean before one of their countless enemies kills them all. An action-packed comedy and family drama, THE BROTHERS SUN is created by Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu.

Main Characters:
Michelle Yeoh as Eileen Sun, aka Mama Sun
Hoping to leave her past behind in Taiwan, Mama Sun has built a new life for herself and her younger son, Bruce, in Los Angeles. When her crime-boss husband meets his deadly fate, their safety is immediately in jeopardy.

Justin Chien as Charles Sun
As the elder son, Charles has followed in his father's footsteps and become a hardened criminal. He's settled into his life as a ruthless killer, but when his father is murdered, Charles must pay his mother and younger brother an unexpected visit in Los Angeles.

Sam Song Li as Bruce Sun
Having moved to California as a young child, Bruce has little memory of Taipei - and is completely in the dark about his family's past. When his infamous and respected older brother, Charles, suddenly shows up on his doorstep, Bruce's life is about to take an unexpected turn.

Highdee Kuan as Alexis
Being an assistant district attorney isn't an easy job, but Alexis is cut out for the demanding role. Driven and ambitious, she grew up with a strong sense of justice and work ethic.

Joon Lee as TK
Lee will play an aspiring gangster and Bruce's best friend since childhood. Living the life of a criminal requires one to be tough, loyal and smart - all qualities that he lacks.

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First look of The Brothers Sun:
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(11/04/22) Filming of Season One of Netflix's The Brothers Sun wrapped two weeks ago.

(10/19/22) Taiwanese media reported that Taiwanese veteran actor Johnny Kou (Hsi-Shun Kou) plays Big Sun, Eileen Sun (Michelle)'s husband in The Brothers Sun. Kou recently returned to Taiwan after two-month of filming in the U.S.

Michelle and Johnny Kou with some crew members in a restaurant in LA

(08/12/22) The Brothers Sun has been filming in Los Angeles since mid-July, 2022. Extras for portraying LAPD cops were called earlier this week.

The majority of the series will be filmed in Los Angeles and Taipei, Taiwan.

Lens opening ceremony in Los Angeles, July 2022

(07/27/22) The series is described as a dark action-comedy about two estranged Taiwanese brothers. One of them is a college student in Los Angeles and the other a Triad gangster in Taipei.

Bruce Sun, is a meek college student whose only concern is hiding his dreams of being the next improv comedy star from his mother. His estranged older brother, Charles Sun was raised by their crime boss father to be a ruthless killer and puts his duty to his family above all else. However, when their father is shot by a mysterious assassin, Charles has to go to Los Angeles to protect his mother and give Bruce a crash course in the family business.

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(06/13/22) Michelle will lead Netflix's dark comedy series The Brothers Sun. Set in Los Angeles and Taiwan, the eight-episode series follows a gangster from Taipei, Charles Sun, who is settled into his life as a ruthless killer. However, when a mysterious assassin shoots his father, Charles must go to L.A. to keep his mother and younger brother safe. Michelle will be joined by an all-Asian cast including Sam Song Li, Highdee Kuan, Justin Chien, and Joon Lee. The Brothers Sun also features an all-Asian writers room.

Michelle with "The Brothers Sun" family in LA

Michelle Yeoh will play the shrewd and observant Eileen "Mama" Sun, who has built a new life for herself and her son in Los Angeles - far from her past in Taiwan.

Justin Chien (Two sides: Unfaithful) will play Charles Sun, who grew up the elder son of a crime boss, groomed to be a hardened criminal. He goes to Los Angeles to protect his mother and younger brother but finds himself torn between the life he's been raised in and the life he could make for himself.

Sam Song Li (Better Call Saul) will portray Bruce Sun, who came to the U.S. as a kid with with little memory of Taipei and no idea of his family's past. When his infamous and respected brother shows up on his doorstep, Bruce is thrown into a world that he is vastly unprepared for.

Highdee Kuan (This Is Us) will play "Alexis." Driven and ambitious, Alexis grew up with a strong sense of justice and work ethic which resulted in her becoming an assistant DA.

Joon Lee (Dated) rounds out the series regular cast as TK, an aspiring gangster and Bruce's best friend since childhood. He wishes he was tough, loyal, and smart - but he isn't. But that doesn't stop him from trying.

Joining in recurring roles are Alice Hewkin (Sex Education) as May/June; Jon Xue Zhang (Eternals) as Blood Boots; Jenny Yang (Busy Tonight) as Xing; Madison Hu (The Boogeyman) as Grace; and Rodney To (Parks and Recreation) as Mark.

Brad Falchuk will serve as showrunner for the series, which was co-created by Byron Wu. In addition to Falchuk and Wu, Mikkel Bondesen and director Kevin Tancharoen will serve as executive producers.

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