Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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Movie Trailers: 
        Teaser Trailer (QuickTime):   8.6MB     2.6MB
        Theatrical Trailer (QuickTime):   7MB     4MB
        U.S. Theatrical Trailer (QuickTime):   10MB     4MB
        Ain't It Cool Trailer (QuickTime):   15MB     6MB     4MB
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Video - Movie Clips: 
        Rooftop/Wall Chase   (QuickTime 1.4MB)
        Yearning of the sword   (QuickTime 1.7MB)

Video - Behind Scenes: 
        BravoTV: The Film's Stars   ( Download QuickTime 10MB )
        BravoTV: Lethal Dances   ( Download QuickTime 11.6MB )
        BravoTV: Fight Choreography   ( Download QuickTime 17.2MB )
        BravoTV: The Director   ( Download QuickTime 6.4MB )
        BravoTV: The Film   ( Download QuickTime 12.7MB )
        Pacfusion: Behind Scenes   (RealVideo)

Audio - NPR Interview with Michelle Yeoh: 
        Listen Online 33:56

Audio - New York Film Festival: 
        Length 3:48:  QuickTime 1.3MB   WAV 4.8MB

Video - Premiere: 
        US Premiere:  US Premiere   ( Download QuickTime 4MB )

Video - Theme Song: 
        RealVideo (download 6.4MB)
        ( this video is made by Angela, the president of MYOFC   (Michelle Yeoh Online Fan Club) )

        Sony Music
        Sound Track

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