Tomorrow Never Dies

Date Released:  12/1997
Production Companies:  Eon, United Artists, MGM, Danjaq Productions
Distributor:  United Artists
Language:  English
Producer:  Michael G. Wilson
Director:  Roger Spottiswoods
Cinematographer:  Robert Elswit
Music:  David Arnold, Sheryl Crow, Frank Denson
Screenplay:  Bruce Feirstein
Editing:  Michel Arcand, Dominique Fortin
2nd Unit Director:  Vic Armstrong
Category:  Action/Adventure/Romance
Countries:  U.K., U.S.A.
Academy Awards: 
Golden Globe 1998:
Sheryl Crow, Mitchell Froom (best original song, nominated)
Saturn Award 1998:
Pierce Brosnan (best actor)
Teri Hatcher (best supporting actress, nominated)
MTV Movie Award 1998:
Michelle Yeoh (best fight, nominated)
motorcycle/helicopter chase (best action sequence, nominated)
Cast:  (in credit order)
James Bond .... Pierce Brosnan
Elliot Carver .... Jonathan Pryce
Wai Lin .... Michelle Yeoh
Paris Carver .... Teri Hatcher
Henry Gupta .... Ricky Jay
Stamper .... Gotz Otto
Wade .... Joe Don Baker
Dr. Kaufman .... Vincent Schiavelli
M .... Judi Dench
Q .... Desmond Llewelyn
Moneypenny .... Samantha Bond
The Film:
Michelle is Colonel Wai Lin, who teams up with James Bond to stop a crazy media tycoon from starting a world war.

Watch what a fun our Princess Michelle has: jumping from a skyscraper, diving in a deep sea, beating four bad guys up at once, simultaneously firing two enormous machine guns, ... plus, wrestling for control of a motorbike (what a ride) while handcuffed together with this "decadent, corrupt, western agent" -- gorgeous 007!

Wai Lin and 007 forever!

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