Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Date Released:  07/2000 (Asia), 10/2000 (Europe), 12/2000 (U.S.)
Premiere:  05/2000 Cannes Film Festival
U.S. Video Release:  06/05/2001
Production Companies:  Edko Film Limited, Asian Union Film &
Entertainment, Good Machine Intl., Columbia Tristar,
China Film Co-Production Corporation
Distributor:  Sony Pictures Classics
Language:  Mandarin
Producers:   Ang Lee, Bill Kong, Hsu Li-Kong
Director:  Ang Lee
Martial Art Director:  Yuen Wo-Ping
Cinematographer:  Peter Pau
Music:  Tan Dun
Cello Solo:  Yo-Yo Ma
Art Director:  Tim Yip
Screenplay:  James Schamus, Wang Hui-Ling, Tsai Kuo-Jung
Editing:  Tim Squyres
Original Novel:  Wang Du Lu
Category:  Drama/Martial arts
Country:  Taiwan, U.S.A., China
Cast:  (in credit order. surnames are in color)
Li Mu Bai .... Chow Yun-Fat
Yu Shu Lien .... Michelle Yeoh
Yu Jiao Long /Jen Yu .... Zhang Ziyi
Lo Xiao Hu /Lo .... Chang Chen
Sir Te .... Lung Sihung
Jade Fox .... Cheng Pei-Pei
Governor Yu .... Li Fazeng
Liu Tai Bao /Bo .... Gao Xian
Madam Yu .... Hai Yan
Tsai Jiu /Tsai .... Wang Deming
Tsai Xiang Mei /May .... Li Li
Ammy Awards 2001:
   Won: best actor (Chow Yun-Fat), best actress (Michelle Yeoh), best film
   Also Nominated: best actress (Zhang Ziyi)
73rd Annual Academy Awards (Oscars 2001):
   Won: best foreign language film, best art director (Tim Yip), best cinematography (Peter Pau), best music score (Tan Dun)
   Also Nominated: best picture, best director, best costume design, best film editing, best film song, best adapted screenplay
27th Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films Awards (Saturn 2001):
   Won: best action/adventure/triller film
   Also Nominated: best actor (Chow Yun-Fat), best actress (Michelle Yeoh), best supporting actress (Zhang Ziyi), best director, best script, best music, best costume
20th Hong Kong Film Awards (2001):
   Won: best picture, best director, best supporting actress (Cheng Pei-Pei), best cinematography, best action choreography, best film song, best original score, best sound effect
   Also Nominated: best actor (Chow Yun-Fat), best actress (Michelle Yeoh), best actress (Zhang Ziyi), best supporting actor (Chang Chen), best screenplay, best costume design, best art director, best film editing
BT Ethnic Multicultural Media Awards:
   Won: best actress (Michelle Yeoh), best film
MTV 2001 Movie Awards:
   Won: best fight (Zhang Ziyi vs. entire bar)
   Also Nominated: best movie, breakthrough performance female (Zhang Ziyi)
Directors Guild Awards 2001: best director (Ang Lee)
53rd British Academy Film Awards (2001):
   Won: best director (Ang Lee), best film music (Tan Dun), best costume design (Tim Yip), best foreign language film
   Also Nominated: best film, best adapted screenplay, best actress (Michelle Yeoh), best supporting actress (Zhang Ziyi), best cinematography, best production design, best editing, best sound, best special visual effects, best make-up/hair
58th Golden Globe Awards (2001):
   Won: best foreign language film, best director
   Also Nominated: best original score
Chicago Film Critics 2001: best foreign film, best cinematography, best original score, most promising actress (Zhang Ziyi)
25th Annual Toronto International Film Festival 2000:
   People's Choice Award
37th Golden Horse Awards (Taiwan 2000):
   Won: best picture, best action choreography, best sound effects, best original film score, best editing, best visual effects
   Also Nominated: best director, best actress (Michelle Yeoh), best actress (Zhang Ziyi), best cinematography, best adopted screenplay, best art design, best set design
National Board of Review 2000: best foreign film
New York Film Critics Circle 2000: best cinematography
Los Angeles Film Critics Association 2000: best picture, best cinematography, best production design, best music
Boston Society of Film Critics 2000: best cinematography, best foreign film
The Film:
The most praised film in year 2000 (maybe 2001 as well) since its world premiere at Cannes in May. It has been the most anticipated and long waited film - at least for me.

Michelle plays Yu Shu Lien, a noble and gracious martial artist-heroine from 19th century China, who encountered and befriended a Governor's daughter Jen (Zhang Ziyi). Their different philosophical takes on life are revealed and fates unfold in this poetic drama, along with their breathtaking battles.

A stunning performance from Michelle. Exquisite, restrained yet passionate. A single movement of her eyes gives the same power as her martial arts action. It is no doubt one of Michelle's best.

Green Destiny! When Li Mu Bai (Chow Yun-Fat) sought to give up his 400 year old mythic sword for a peaceful life, he had little idea what events his decision will actually trigger...

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is an astonishingly beautiful film. It's like a Chinese painting. It's like a musical. It's an adult fairy tale.

Michelle Yeoh in Crouching Tiger   (w/photos)

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