Tai Chi Master

Date Released:  12/1993,
      06/2000 (Dimension Home Video)
U.S. Title:  Twin Warriors (Dimension Home Video)
Language:  Cantonese, English (US version)
Production Companies:  Eastern Productions,
Golden Harvest Entertainment
Producer:  Cheng Chin-Kung
Director:  Yuen Wo-Ping
Cinematographer:  Tom Lau
Music:  Wai Lap Wu; Steve Edwards (US version)
Screenplay:  Kim Ip
Category:  Martial Arts/Drama
Country:  Hong Kong
Cast:  (in credit order)
Junbao/Chang San-Feng .... Jet Li
Qiushue/Siu Lin .... Michelle Yeoh
Tianbao/Chin Bo .... Chin Siu-Ho
Little Melon/Miss Li .... Fennie Yuen
Master .... Yue Hoi
Rev. Ling .... Tuen Cheung-Yan
The Film:
A fictionalized story about Chang San-Feng (Junbao), the legendary founder of Tai-Chi.

The story is set during the late 13th century. Junbao (Jet Li) and his childhood friend Tianbao (Chin Siu-Ho) are expelled from the Shaolin Temple. Both of them are stunning martial artists, but the life paths they decide to embark on couldn't be more different.

Michelle appears as a woman who is abandoned and abused by her husband. When we first encounter her in the film, she is a drunkard but she soon becomes a brave fighter against the cruel government officers (whose chief is her now ex-husband's new wife's brother). She and Junbao join a rebel group. They help each other, and they fight together. With Michelle standing by him, Junbao finds the roots of life and establishes himself as the Tai-Chi Master.

Awesome actions from both Jet Li and Michelle. The action sequence when they fight with a huge group of soldiers is one of the best few-vs-many fights I've seen. It's so poignant, along with the powerful background music.*

I wish Michelle had an equal big role as Jet Li. Otherwise it's an excellent martial art movie.

* Unfortunately, the U.S. home video release (which has been re-titled as Twin Warriors) totally changed the music scores.

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