Ah Kam

Date Released:  10/1996
Language:  Cantonese
Production Company:  Golden Harvest Entertainment
Producers:  David Lau, Catherine Hun
Director:  Ann Hui
Action Director:  Ching Siu-Tung
Cinematographer:  Ardy Lam
Art Director:  Yank Wong Yan-Kwai
Music:  Otomo Yoshihide
Screenplay:  Chan Man-Keung, Chan Kin-Chung
Edit:  Wong Yee-Shun
Category:  Drama/Romance/Action
Country:  Hong Kong
Cast:  (in credit order)
Ah Kam .... Michelle Yeoh
Chief Tung .... Sammo Hung
Sam/Braided Chan .... Satoshi Okada
Sam .... Jimmy Wong
Ah Long .... Ken Lo
Copy .... Man Hoi
Whacko .... Nick Cheung
Roomate .... Crystal Kwok
The Film:
I personally consider this one to be a drama rather than an action movie.

Michelle stars as Ah Kam, a role which is quite different from all other characters she has created on screen. This is the only time (if we don't count The Owl vs Dumbo) that I see Michelle playing a non-hero type of role. However, her performance is absolutely outstanding. With very touching and realistic details, Michelle brings the character of Ah Kam to life and gives her complexity as well as humanity.

Ah Kam is an ordinary but yet very special stuntwoman. She's poor, humble, lonely, having to deal with a harsh daily life; but she's also brave, sincere, strong, and manages to shine through even the darkest day.

Besides the last part, which seems irrelevant to the story, I like the movie a lot.

The outtakes show the accident that got Michelle badly injured while filming this movie in 1995. Thank God nothing was permanent.

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