Ne Zha

a.k.a. East Ocean Odyssey
(Chinese title: Da Nao Dong Hai)

Release Date: 
Language:  Mandarin Chinese
Production Company:  Film Carnival Production Company
Producers:  Lou Xiaolou, Lou Xiaodong
Director:  Jeffrey Lau
Screenplay:  Jeffrey Lau
Action Director:  Stephen Tung
Editing:  Mengle Han
Music:  He Muyang
Category:  Action / Fantasy
Country:  China
Principal Filming:  March-May 2016
Cast:  (surnames are in color)
Li Jing  ....   Zhang Fengyi
Yin Rong  ....   Michelle Yeoh
Ne Zha  ....   Leo Wu
Master Tai Yi  ....   Winston Chao
East Dragon King  ....   Bao Guo'an
Ying Zhu  ....   Jike Junyi
Jin Zha  ....   Gao Shengwu
Mu Zha  ....   Hong Huiliang
Yao Guang  ....   Xing Fei
Master Tai Jia  ....   Collin Chou
North Dragon King  ....   Li Jun
West Dragon King  ....   Li Wenbo
South Dragon King  ....   Zhang Chunzhong
Ao Bing  ....   Jiang Chao
...  ....   Andy On
...  ....   Danny Chan

Yin Rong
Michelle Yeoh

Li Jing
Zhang Fengyi

Leo Wu

Master Taiyi
Winston Chao

Jike Junyi

Xing Fei

East Dragon
Bao Guo'an

East Ocean Odyssey News: 
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autographed character design sketches
(1) Michelle Yeoh   (2-3) Zhang Fengyi   (4) Leo Wu

(1) Michelle, Zhang Fengyi, Gao Shengwu (Flower Gao)   (2) Leo Wu

(12/23/16) Another set of character posters.

(12/18/16) Film Carnival Production Company released the first set of film stills.

(11/19/16) Ne Zha Character posters.

posters being displayed at the Times Square New York City


(05/30/16) Filming of East Ocean Odyssey wrapped on May 28 in Ningbo.

(1-2) slide show at the film wrapping dinner

off-set photos during production

(05/02/16) More set photos from East Ocean Odyssey:


photos from film set

Michelle with child actors

(04/05/16) Majority of the filming will be taking place in Xiangshan Film and Television City in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province and surrounding areas.

photo at right: (from left) Leo Wu (plays Ne Zha), director Jeffrey Lau, Michelle (plays Ne Zha's mother), Taiwanese actor Winston Chao (Ne Zha's Taoist master), Chinese actor Zhang Fengyi (plays Ne Zha's father), Cinese actress Xing Fei, ... ...

filming set constructed in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province

(03/25/16) Michelle has joined the cast of East Ocean Odyssey (a.k.a. "Ne Zha", Chinese title: "Da Nao Dong Hai", direct translation: "Battle in the East Sea"), a 3D costumed action fantasy based on stories of Ne Zha, a deity/Chinese legendary figure. The film, directed and written by Hong Kong director Jeffrey Lau (A Chinese Odyssey, East Meet West 2011), began shooting in Mainland China this month.   (image at left: an early teaser poster (2015))

Ne Zha will be played by the 16 year old Chinese actor Leo Wu (Wu Lei, coincidentally, his first screen role - when he was 5 - was boy Ne Zha in a TV series). Michelle and veteran Chinese actor Zhang Fengyi (The Emperor and the Assassin, Red Cliff) will play Ne Zha's parents, Lady Yin and General Li Jing.

Director and scriptwriter Jeffrey Lau said he wanted to convey traditional Chinese family values through the film.

Visual effect team will be led by Jeff Kleiser whose previous work included X-Men: The Last Stand and Fantastic Four.

(1-2) press confrence in Beijing announcing the production, March 25
(3) opening lens ceremony in Xiangshan Film and Television City, Zhejiang Province, March 18

wikipedia: Nezha (deity)
Ne Zha - The Most Unusual Boy in Chinese Mythology
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