Release Date:  September 2, 2016
Language:  English and some Mandarin with English subtitles
Production Companies:  Scott Free Productions, 20th Century Fox
Distribution:  20th Century Fox
Producers:  Ridley Scott, Michael Schaefer, Mark Huffam
Director:  Luke Scott
Screenplay:  Seth W. Owen
Cinematography:  Mark Patten
Costume Design:  Stefano De Nardis
Music:  Max Richter
Editing:  Laura Jennings
Category:  Sci-Fi / Thriller
Principal Filming:  May 26-July 26 2015 in Northern Ireland
Country:  U.K., U.S.A.
Budget:  US$6 million
MPAA Rating:  R
Running Time:  91 minutes
Lee Weathers  ....   Kate Mara
Morgan  ....   Anya Taylor-Joy
Dr. Simon Ziegler  ....   Toby Jones
Dr. Amy Menser  ....   Rose Leslie
Dr. Lui Cheng  ....   Michelle Yeoh
Dr. Alan Shapiro  ....   Paul Giamatti
Skip Vronsky  ....   Boyd Holbrook
Dr. Kathy Grieff  ....   Jennifer Jason Leigh
Dr. Darren Finch  ....   Chris Sullivan
Dr. Brenda Finch  ....   Vinette Robinson
Ted Brenner  ....   Michael Yare

Lee Weathers
Kate Mara

Anya Taylor-Joy

Dr. Lui Cheng
Michelle Yeoh

Dr. Amy Menser
Rose Leslie

Dr. Simon Ziegler
Toby Jones

Skip Vronsky
Boyd Holbrook

Dr. Alan Shapiro
Paul Giamatti

Dr. Kathy Grieff
Jennifer Leigh

Dr. Darren Finch
Chris Sullivan

Dr. Brenda Finch
Vinette Robinson

Ted Brenner
Michael Yare
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Release Dates:
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Sept. 1, Malaysia
Sept. 1, Ukraine
Sept. 2, UK
Sept. 2, USA
Sept. 7, Philippines
Sept. 8, Brazil
Sept. 8, Rusia
Sept. 9, Norway
Sept. 9, Poland
Sept. 15, Singapore
Sept. 22, Greece
Sept. 28, France
Nov. 17, Australia
Dec. 1, Germany

A corporate troubleshooter (Kate Mara) is sent to a remote, top-secret location, where she is to investigate and evaluate a terrifying accident. She learns the event was triggered by a seemingly innocent "human," who presents a mystery of both infinite promise and incalculable danger.

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(10/04/16) Morgan will be the closing film at the 2016 SciFi Film Festival, runs October 19 - 23 in Sydney, Australia.   (tickets)

(09/12/16) Morgan Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Max Richter.

(09/03/16) On the filming set, June 2015.

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Michelle as Dr. Cheng in Morgan

(06/27/16) Morgan official trailer   (02:35)

(05/25/16) Morgan | Teaser trailer   (01:53)

The sci-fi thriller stars Kate Mara, Anya Taylor-Joy, Toby Jones, Rose Leslie, Boyd Holbrook, Michelle Yeoh, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Paul Giamatti. Produced by Ridley Scott, Michael Schaefer, and Mark Huffam, the film will mark the feature directorial debut of Ridley Scott's son.

Morgan opens September 2, 2016.

(02/26/16) Michelle revealed in an interview that she had done a sci-fi thriller, entitled Morgan, which was produced by Ridley Scott and directed by his son, Luke Scott.

Morgan was scripted by Seth W. Owen. The story centres on a corporate risk-management consultant who is summoned to a remote research lab to determine whether or not to terminate an at-risk artificial being.

Two months of principal photography began on May 26, 2015 in Belfast, Ireland. Filming locations included Galgorm Castle, Tollymore Forest Park, and Derrygonnelly in Northern Ireland.

Earlier reports: Hollywood Reporter (March 10, 2015),   BelfastLive (June 15, 2015)

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