Since 2007, Michelle Yeoh has been the global ambassador of the Make Roads Safe campaign. She has been traveling around the world discovering the extent of the road safety epidemic and calling on the international community to recognize the issue, and to take urgent action to reduce the traffic deaths and injuries in developing countries.

In March 2008, Michelle presented the Make Roads Safe petition to the UN secretary general during a UN meeting. The campaign secured UN approval for the first global ministerial meeting on road safety, which will be held in November 2009. Michelle is now leading the campaign's Call for a Decade of Action ahead of the UN Conference.

A documentary film featuring Michelle, "Turning Point - a Journey on the World's Killer Roads," was filmed as the result of a year spent travelling around the globe for the road safety project. The film was premiered in Rome in May 2009 as a part of the launch of "Call for a Decade of Action for Road Safety," and it was broadcast on BBC (under the title "Dying To Go To School").

"Over the past year I have traveled in many countries and seen the terrible impact that a lack of basic road safety can have on people's lives. A child is killed or maimed on the roads every thirty seconds. These tragedies are so sad, and so unnecessary, because we have the ability to prevent this. It is time for the talking to stop. It is time for real action to make roads safe."   -- Michelle Yeoh, Make Roads Safe Global Ambassador

Turning Point

A Journey on the World's Killer Roads
(Make Roads Safe documentary)

Premiere Date:  May 2009
Language:  English
Production Company:  Richard Stanley Productions, FIA Foundation
Producers:  Matt Stanley, Richard Stanley, Saul Billingsley
Director:  Richard Stanley
Cinematography:  Nigel Meakin, Kerry Meyer
Edit:  Matt Stanley
Music:  Audio Network
Category:  documentary
Filming:  2008 - 2009
Running Time:  48 minutes
Featuring:  Michelle Yeoh

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"Turning Point"

Video Highlights:

Michelle Yeoh champions the issue of road safety at the United Nations (Sep 2010) (02:49)
"Turning Point" trailer (02:28)
Michelle Yeoh - UN Moscow Ministerial on road safety (Nov 2009) (04:17)
Michelle Yeoh's Speech in DC (Oct 2009) (02:01)
Road Safety Public Service Announcements (Oct 2009): South Africa (00:33), India (00:32), Vietnam (00:31)
Michelle Yeoh On Global Road Deaths Epidemic (Oct 2009): 1 (05:07), 2 (05:59)
Michelle Yeoh's Speech on the Decade of Action Launch (May 2009) (03:55)
Meesage from Michelle Yeaoh (2008) (01:06)
Helmets for Kids (March 2008):   1 (00:30)   2 (00:23)
AIP Foundation documentary film featuring Michelle (2008): part 1 (05:25)   part 2 (05:48)
Watch other videos on makeroadssafe.org

Decade of Action for Road Safety Official Launch
May 11 2011


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Year 2011 - Present: visit News for more recent roads safety activities and event photos

Year 2011:
May 30 & 31: eSafety Challenge 2011, Vienna, Austria
May 28: promoting road safety campaign at Monaco GP
May 20: 2011 Challenge Bibendum conference in Berlin
May 11: launching ceremony of Decade of Action in Beijing, China
May 5: Road Safety activities in Moldova
Apr. 19: Road Safety Initiative launch, Washington D.C
Feb. 22: visit to Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Feb. 10: Michelle meeting with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, New York City

Year 2010:
Sept. 22: UN Summit & Clinton Global Initiative, New York
July 23: Make Roads Safe press conference, Zagreb, Croatia
May 26: Road Safety Promotion in Manila, Philippines
Mar. 2: UN General Assembly in NYC
Mar. 1: Turning Point aired on Community Channel
Feb. 19: Turning Point won at the World Road Safety Film Festival

Year 2009:
Dec 2: watch the documentary "A Vaccine for Road Safety"
Nov. 18-20: UN ministerial summit on road safety in Moscow
Nov. 12: new documentary "A Vaccine for Road Safety" on BBC
Oct. 22: FIA Foundation annual general meeting, Paris
Oct. 14: Make Roads Safe 'Decade' call in Washington D.C.
Sept. 29: iRAP Malaysia Report launch, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sept. 22-24: Clinton Global Initiative, New York City
Sept. 8: eSafety Challenge 2009, Rome, Italy
Sept. 3: road safety launching ceremony, Hong Kong
Aug. 6: Michelle Yeoh Birthday Special 2009
Aug. 3: Turning Point official website
Jul. 8: Make Roads Safe Africa Conference, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Jun. 19: Australian International School Malaysia
May 22: Amend Charity Luncheon during Cannes Festival, Antibes, France
May 11-14: conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina
May 5: Make Roads Safe conference and "Turning Point" premiere, Rome, Italy
Apr. 17: Decade of Action call, Shanghai, China
Apr. 16: launch of the Chinese ESC Campaign, Beijing, China
Apr. 10: "Head Safe = Helmet On", Bangkok, Thailand
Jan. 14-16: road safety activities in Costa Rica

Year 2008:
Dec. 2 & Dec. 6: promoting a Decade of Action for Road Safety in Hong Kong and Taiwan
Nov. 3-6: visit to Delhi, India
Oct. 30: Helmet For Kids ceremony, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Sept. 26-29: Make Roads Safe workshop, Singapore
Sept. 16: commission meeting for global road safety, St. Petersburg, Russia
Jun. 23-28: Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa
Mar. 31: UN General Assembly, the U.N. Headquarters in New York, U.S.A.
Mar. 15-19: visit to Hanoi, Vietnam
Jan. 22: Michelle Yeoh joins Make Roads Safe campaign


(05/31/11) The eSafety Challenge 2011, Vienna, Austria, May 30 & 31.

Panel Debate, eSafety Challenge 2011   (4) Michelle and David Ward, Director General of FIA Foundation
(photos from "Esafety Challenge". click to enlarge)

(05/28/11) Michelle and Jean Todt promoting road safety campaign at the Monaco Grand Prix, May 28th.

promoting road safety campaign at Monaco GP

FIA Action for Road Safety photocall. front row (L to R): Jean Todt, Michelle, and Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO WPP of Group
back row: Nick Heidfeld (GER) Lotus Renault GP, Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari, Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes GP,
Felipe Massa (BRA) Ferrari, Nico Rosberg (GER) Mercedes GP
(click to enlarge. photos from "Reuters", "News", "GrandPrix", "Motorsprot", "Formula1", and "Getty")

(05/20/11) On Friday May 20th, Michelle attended the 2011 Challenge Bibendum conference in Berlin.

First corporate 'Supporters of the Decade of Action for Road Safety' unveiled in Berlin

(1-2) Michelle speaking at the Leaders' Forum
(3) (L to R) Bernd Bohr, chairman of the Bosch Automotive Group, Richard Driscoll, Renault Group manager,
Michelle, David Ward, Jean-Dominique Senard, managing partner of Michelin Group, and Christian Deuringer

Michelle with David Ward (L), director general of FIA Foundation and joint chairman of
Road Safety Fund, and Christian Deuringer (R), head of global brand management at Allianz SE

Sesame Street's Grover joined the mission to make world's roads safe

(click to enlarge. photos from "Road Safety Fund", "Allianz", "Wattgehtab", and "Challenge Bibendum")

(05/11/11) May 11 2011 marks the official launch of UN's Decade of Action for Road Safety campaign. The launch activities are taking place in over 100 countries. Statistics from the WHO said road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death and disability among people aged 15 to 44.

Photos: launching ceremony of Decade of Action in Beijing, China.

ESC testing drive

(click to enlarge. photos from Jingyang, "Make Roads Safe", "AP", "Sina" and "Weibo")

(05/05/11) On May 5th, Michelle Yeoh, UN road safety ambassador, and Jean Todt, the FIA president, visited Chisinau, the capital city of the Republic of Moldova to discuss the launching of the UN Decade of Action for road safety in Moldova. Michelle also participated in a road safety promotion activity in a school in the afternoon.

Michelle and Jean Todt meeting with Moldovan government officials
left photo (L to R): Alexei Roibu, Minister of Internal Affairs, Victor Bodiu, Secretary General of the Government,
Jean Todt, Michelle, Mihai Slehtitchi, Minister of Education, and Andrei Usatii, Minister of Health

left photo: Michelle, Sanda Filat (L), wife of the Moldova Prime Minister, and Corina Bodiu, wife of
the Secretary General of the Government, with students at the Prometeu school
(click to enlarge. Moldova photos)

(04/19/11) On April 19th, Michelle Yeoh joined World Bank president Bob Zoellick and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to launch the Multilateral Development Bank Road Safety Initiative at the World Bank headquarters in Washington D.C..

Video: World Bank Road Safety   (01:36)

      "Every few seconds someone gets killed on the roads in the world. And the roads are there to facilitate and to make our lives better, not to take them. And we need to have the right policies in place. It's implementation, it's enforcement, so everyone needs to work together, given that there are some places who has a much better policy because they've made the mistakes."
      "Please remember, you have the ability to make the change. And please do."
-- Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh as one of the key speakers at the Road Safety Initiative panel

(1) Michelle shakig hands with Robert B. Zoellick, World Bank president
(2-3) Robert Zoellick, Michelle and Michael Bloomberg

(1-4) Michelle with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg
(5) Michelle with Robert B. Zoellick, World Bank Group President

(click to enlarge. photos from "Getty", "World Bank", "News", and "Make Roads Safe")

(02/22/11) On Feb. 22nd Michelle visited Sampov Meas Primary School in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for a helmet campaign to help teach students and teachers to wear helmets while riding on motorbikes. She also met Public Works and Transport Minister Tram Iv Tek while in Cambodia to press for quick passage of a law making helmets compulsory for motorbike passengers. About 1,700 people were killed by traffic accidents in 2010 out of 14.3 million Cambodians, according to a government official. Wearing a helmet cuts the likelihood of death from a traffic crash by 42 percent, according to the Cambodia Helmet Vaccine Initiative.

last photo: Michelle, Nguyen Hoang Anh (L), Communication Director of the AIP Foundation,
Hoang Na Huong (R), Deputy General Director of Protec, and Greig Craft, chairman of the AIP Foundation

(click to enlarge. photos from "AP", "Reuters", "Getty", "photoshot", "Epa", "Postkhmer",
"Ngoisao", "Zing" and Michelle Yeoh in Phnom Penh by Nguyen Hoang Anh)

(02/10/11) Michelle, representative of FIA Foundation, meeting with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and presenting him with a road safety "Decade of Action" pin and a helmet at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

- UN Secretary General: we can save millions of lives

(click to enlarge. "Make Road Safe" photos)

(09/22/10) - Reports:
UN Summit sets the stage for 'Tag' launch
FIA Foundation commits US$10 million at Clinton Global Initiative

- News photos: Michelle attending a road safety event during the United Nations Summit on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), U.N. headquarters, New York, September 22nd. [added new photos and some HQ photos]

Michelle launches the a new symbol for the UN Decade of Action road safety campaign

(click to enlarge. photos from "AP" and "Make Roads Safe")
1. (L ro R) UNEP Director Achim Steiner, Michelle, IDB President Alberto Moreno, and Fuad Al Hinai at launch of the road safety tag at the UN Summit
2. Michelle pins the new symbol on UN Ambassador for Oman Fuad Al Hinai

- News photos: Michelle attending the annual Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), New York, September 22nd.

(click to enlarge. photos from "Getty", "AP", "Make Roads Safe", and "CGI")
1. Michelle at the Clinton Global Initiative 2010 Annual Meeting, Plenary: Harnessing Human Potential
2. Michelle with former US president Bill Clinton and Luis Moreno, president of the Inter American Devolopment Bank
3. Bill Clinton, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Michelle
4-5. (L-R) Mark Penn, Worldwide President & CEO,Burson-Marsteller; Denise Dias, Founder & Chairperson, The Alicea Foundation, Mothers in Black; Greig Craft, President, Asia Injury Prevention Foundation; John Dawson, Chairman & Founder, International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP); President Bill Clinton; Mayor Michael Bloomberg; Maria Rodriguez, President, Gonzalo Rodriguez Memorial Foundation; Luis Moreno, President, Inter-American Development Bank; Michelle Yeoh, Global Ambassador, Make Roads Safe
6. Michelle with Laura Bush, wife of the 43rd U.S. president George W. Bush

(click to enlarge. photos from "Make Roads Safe")
1. Action Network members with Decade of Action tags (L toR): Greig Craft, Nani Rodriguez, Karla Gonzalez, Michelle, John Dawson, David Ward and Bella Dinh-Zarr
2. David Ward, Michelle, and Greig Craft at the Network Meeting, September 21

(07/23/10) Make Roads Safe press conference, Zagreb, Croatia:

(photos from "Isifa" and "Rex")

(05/26/10) News reports:
FIA Foundation: Michelle Yeoh urges road safety action at Asian Development Bank
GHVI: Helmet Vaccine in Manila
Philstar: No Take Two: Michelle Yeoh visits RP to promote road safety
Philippine Daily Inquirer: 'Crouching' star on the road to save lives
ABS-CBN: Michelle Yeoh urges Asians to be road safety heroes
Taiwan News: Michelle Yeoh campaigns for road safety in Asia
ABS-CBN: Michelle Yeoh: Road safety envoy post better than my film roles

Michelle speaks at the ADB Transport Forum in Manila, Philippines, calling for governments to support
transport solutions that will reduce high rate of deaths and injury caused by road acidents in Asia and Pacific

Michelle speaks at a press conference during the road safety campaign forum

Michelle at the press conference

"Helmets for Kids" ceremony

left photo: joining hands with Saul Billingsley (R), deputy director general of the Federation
International Automobile (FIA) and Greig Craft of Global Helmet Vaccine Initiative (GHVI)

Michelle signing children's helmets

Michelle autographed the helmets of 260 children. "If you promise to wear your helmets, I will sign them for you," said Michelle.
According to "Philippine Daily Inquirer", 1,000 protec helmets were planned to be given to school children, but since the school
year won't open until next month, DepEd managed to gather only 260 children who ride behind their parents on motorcycles
to go to school. The rest of the helmets will be distributed later this year by AAP

(1) Michelle and ADB Managing Director Rajat Nag
(2) Michelle and ADB Vice President Dr Ursula Schaefer-Preuss speak at press conference
(5) Michelle during her visit to the Department of Education Training Centre in Pasig City Department of Education

(1) Banner promoting the Make Roads Safe program at the entrance of Department of Education, Ortigas City, Philippines
(2) Michelle in the Department of Education, thanking the sponsors for the chance to promote the program
in the Philippines and encouraging the children to wear helmets as a vaccine to head injuries
(3) Gus Lagman, AA Philippines, Michelle, and Greig Craft of GHVI
(4) Michelle and the FIA Foundation delegation meet with ADB Managing Director General Rajat Nag

Michelle during the unveiling ceremony of the future site of Road Safety Park
at the University of the Philippines in Diliman

Michelle riding an electric jeepney after the unveiling ceremony to tour the campus
with UP National Center for Transportation Studies director Jose Regin Regidor

(click to enlarge. photos from "AP", "Reuters", "Getty", "CFP", "Yahoo", "FIA", "MorungExpress", "NPPA", "ABS-CBN" and Rosette)


(1-2) Michelle addresses the UN General Assembly on global road safety, March 2, 2010
(3) (L to R) David Ward, Director General of the FIA Foundation, Michelle Yeoh, General Victor Kiryanov, Head
of the State Traffic Police of the Russian Federation, and Dr Etienne Krug, Director of Injury Prevention at WHO

(1-2) Michelle during a press conference following the UN General Assembly at the UN headquarters
(3) (L to R) Dr Etienne Krug, Michelle, General Victor Kiryanov, and David Ward at the press conference
(click to enlarge. photos from "AP" and "Make Roads Safe")

The UN General Assembly held a debate on global road safety today in New York. The meeting approved a UN Decade of Action for Road Safety, the main project of the Make Roads Safe campaign which Michelle has been leading.

Michelle addressed the general assembly during the debate: "Last November in Moscow, the world came together to decide that the time has come for action. It was thrilling to see so many leaders from every corner of the world committing to make road safety a priority. All of us who care about and have worked for safer roads have traveled a long journey together. Today is the latest and the greatest stage of that journey when the United Nations commits to a decade of Action for Road Safety."
      "Every day at least 2000 children, of school age, are killed or seriously injured on the world's roads. All the forecasts point to this toll doubling in the coming years. By making road safety a priority over the next decade we have the potential to save millions of lives, and to prevent many millions of injuries and disabilities. This UN Decade of Action for Road Safety provides us with a real opportunity to change direction."

Michelle said her role as ambassador for the Make Roads Safe global campaign was the most important of her career.

Video with script: UN Road Safety Wrap featuring Michelle at the UN meeting, March 2, 2010 (01:54)
"Make Roads Safe" Report: UN approves a Decade of Action to combat global road safety crisis
UN: General Assembly adopts text proclaiming Decade of Action for Road Safety
UN: Press conference on global road safety crisis

(03/01/10) Turning Point is being aired on UK's Community Channel (March 1, 6, 7).
MP3 Download: BBC World Service interview with Michelle Yeoh (MP3 6.8Mb)

(02/19/10) Turning Point won the Special Prize at the World Road Safety Film Festival. (report)
Photo at left: Michelle receiving the Special Prize from Ndeye Awa Sarr, President of LASER International


Turning Point official website
Make Roads Safe
FIA Foundation
Time For Action
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