Film Stills from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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Li Mu Bai is here!

Shu Lien: Mu Bai - it's been too long.

Li Mu Bai: it only looks pure because blood washes so easily from its blade.
Shu Lien: come with me to Peking... it'll be just like old times.


Shu Lien: it has brought him as much troubles as glory.

Sir Te: when it comes to emotions, even great heros can be idiots.

Shu Lien meets with Jen

Jen: the scabbard is so beautiful!
Shu Lien: beautiful but dangerous.

Jen: i haven't lived the life i want.
Jen: you couldn't roam around freely if you were married.
Shu Lien: you're perhaps right.

Sir Te to Governor Yu: be strong yet supple. this is the way to rule.
Jen and Jade Fox

the night chase - dance on rooftop

the night chase (continued) - on the wall

the night chase (continued) - kicks and blows
an arrow

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