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Moonlight Lover

(Chinese version of A Love Before Time)

I awaken, lying in the moonlight
The waning moon makes me think of you
Who understands my desire, never to awaken?
Fearing that when I open my eyes
You will not be there

My love's heart sinks into the ocean
Lead me there to find it once again
Please love me ten thousand years
Love with your heart

[Love is a gift of moonlight]
[I await an angel's love letter]
[Tell me you love me]
For love's sake, I wish to sink deep in sleep
Never to awaken

Does eternity exist?
It is my heart that cannot let go
North Star, lead me on my way
Don't hide, seek out my love

I love you, every night I wait for you
For love's sake, my heart sleeps in a sea of moonlight
Lonely me
Who knows of whom I am thinking?

[I shed my tears beneath the moonlight]
[I sink into sleep beneath the moonlight]
[Without regret]
Waiting to be awakened by the kiss of my true love

[A night in my dreaming sleep]
[Is also a year in my memory]
[Tell me you love me]
For love's sake, I wish to sink deep in sleep

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
end title song (Chinese version)
performed by Coco Lee
music by Jorge Calandrelli & Tan Dun
lyrics by Kevin Yi
translation by William H. Hsu

                **  the lyrics of the English and Chinese versions of the song are not written by the same writer and they are quite different.
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