Film Stills from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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Dark Cloud - desert flashback

at Jen's wedding day

Li Mu Bai: if you truly loved her, you wouldn't say that.
Shu Lien: don't you want to see her again?

at tea stall in a bamboo forest

Li Mu Bai: the things we touch have no permanence...
Shu Lien: not everything is an illusion. my hand... wasn't it real?
Shu Lien: to repress one's feeling only makes them stronger.
sense of peace

in the inn

Shu Lien: tonight we'll get a good night's sleep at headquarters.

Shu Lien returns home
incense Meng Si Zhao's memorial tablet

sisterly advice
Shu Lien: put the sword down!

face off

twin broadswords




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