Film Stills from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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Shu Lien visits Jen
Shu Lien: i never realized my name looked like "sword".

Shu Lien: the freedom you talk about, i too desire it. but i have never tasted it.

desert flash
Inspector Tsai

Shu Lien: but something is going on at the Yu household...
Li Mu Bai: well, we had talked...

battle on the Yellow Hill

Shu Lien: the best way to trap a fox is through her cubs.

at Sir Te's home
Shu Lien: even well-meaning people can make mistakes.
Shu Lien: this theft... is very unusual.

Sir Te: this is Li Mu Bai, the famous warrior.

returning the sword
Li Mu Bai: no growth. without assistance. no action. without reaction. no desire. without restraint.

Jade Fox: it's the Jiang Hu fighter lifestyle. kill or be killed.

Green Destiny
Shu Lien: the sword is back... are you happy?
Li Mu Bai: i admit getting it back makes me realize how much i'd missed it.

Shu Lien: i knew she would intrigue you.
Li Mu Bai: just be patient with me, Shu Lien...

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