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Date Released:  10/1993, 12/1999 (U.S. Video)
U.S. Title:  Supercop 2 (Dimension Home Video)
Language:  Cantonese and some Mandarin, English (US version)
Production Company:  Golden Way Films Ltd
Producers:  Siu Haau Leung, Dung Wan Shut
Director:  Stanley Tong
Action Director:  Stanley Tong
Cinematographer:  Ardy Lam
Music:  Richard Lo; Michael Wandmacher (US version)
Screenplay:  Stanley Tong, Shiu Lai King
Category:  Action/Adventure/Thriller/Romance
Country:  Hong Kong
Cast:  (in credit order)
Yang Jian-Hua/Jessica .... Michelle Yeoh
Cheng Feng/David .... Yu Rong-Guang
Ming/Martin .... Emil Chow
Lung/Alan .... Fan Siu-Wong
May/Amy .... Athena Chu
Uncle Bill .... Bill Tung
Cameo Appearance:
Insp. Chan Ka Kui .... Jackie Chan
... .... Eric Tsang
The Film:
An unofficial sequel of Supercop (which has been widely released in the U.S.A. as Supercop 2). Michelle is Hua, a mainland cop, who works with the Hong Kong police to track down a gang of criminals. Jackie Chan, as a Hong Kong cop, makes a cameo appearance in this movie.

Interesting story and excellent action. A dramatic twist comes from Hua's boyfriend, Feng (played by Yu Rong-Guang), turning to be the leader of the gangsters. Eventually, Michelle has to know what she doesn't want to know, to see what she doesn't want to see...

The movie has a very sad ending. Emotional, tragic scenes are followed by a moving love song. I was in tears.

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