Film Stills from Project S

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opening credits: a new mission

rescues the hostages

Michelle with Feng

[Hong Kong]  Michelle meets Ming

at the police station

Michelle, Ming, and Lung discover the meeting place of the gangsters

Michelle with Feng

at Ming's home

Jackie Chan's cameo

in Feng's office. Michelle asks Feng if he's involved with the crime

Michelle follows Feng -- a wild car chase

a bank robbery. Michelle and Lung comes to the bank

fights with a 7 foot opponent

in the tunnel
Feng: You go and leave. I don't want you see me like this.
Michelle: I've already seen what I don't want to see. I've already known what I don't want to know... surrender yourself... I'll wait for you.

explosion in the tunnel


Michelle crying: open the gate! Feng...

Ming and Michelle

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