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Project S

Make Me Happy, Make Me Sad

love comes to an end, spilled water can't be collected back
love is forever, regret is forever
why did I wait until it's too late
to remember your tenderness?

you give me care, you share my pain
but I cause you many worries
endless waiting through long nights
you keep your tears inside

I want to tell you I really love you
I want to say I'm sorry
you weep and say that our love is ill-fated
that it was never meant to be

could you please give me a little more time, a little more comfort
don't take everything away
would you please give me a little more leeway, a little more tenderness
don't let me suffer alone

you are such a woman
you make me happy, you make me sad
you make me willing to give you
all I have

Project S: end title song
performed by Emil Chow

** thanks to Johnny.K for the chinese lyrics.