Michelle Yeoh Birthday Special
Closing Date: August 15, 2009

Dear friends,

It's the time for our annual Birthday Special again! This is the eighth consecutive year for us to collect messages for the birthday of our special lady (August 6th). If you're looking for a chance to say something to Michelle - your appreciation, your admiration, and/or your wishes to her, here this page is created for everyone to write your message. All messages, as "usual", will be forwarded to Michelle.

And this year, you may also participate in a special birthday gift for Michelle by showing your support to the Make Roads Safe campaign, for which Michelle is the global ambassador. Michelle has spent over a year traveling around the world discovering the extent of the road safety epidemic and calling on the international community to recognize the issue, and to take urgent action to reduce the traffic deaths and injuries. In the spring of 2008, Michelle presented the Make Roads Safe petition to the UN secretary general during a UN meeting. The campaign secured UN approval for the first global ministerial meeting on road safety, which will be held in November 2009. A documentary film featuring Michelle, Turning Point - a Journey on the World's Killer Roads, was premiered in Rome in May as a part of "Call for a Decade of Action for Road Safety." Michelle is now leading the campaign's call ahead of the UN Conference.

The Make Roads Safe campaign has been calling support from everyone. They asked people to either send in photos of them holding a signed Decade of Action board or simply sign their names online to show their support. Here we are organizing it as a special birthday gift for Michelle. We encourage you to submit a photo of you holding a signature board (for details see below) or/and add your name to the list that supports the Make Roads Safe campaign. The name list and photos will be sent to Michelle and the Make Roads Safe.

Let Michelle know many people that out there care about her, support her, and wish her the best!

Best wishes to you all.

Webmaster of        
Michelle Yeoh Web Theatre        

Send Your Greetings to Michelle Yeoh

The signing forum is closed. If you missed it this time, come next year!

You may sign up your support to the Make Roads Safe campaign at the official website: www.MakeRoadsSafe.org

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Prepare and Send Your Photo for Supporting Make Roads Safe

download:  A3 PDF  A4 PDF  JPG

download:  A3 PDF  A4 PDF  JPG

download:  A3 PDF  A4 PDF  JPG

Step 1. Download and print a signature board (it's ok to print on ordinary paper) or design your own one
Step 2. Sign the board (a black marker works best)
Step 3. Take a photo of you holding the board. You may see the Make Roads Safe official album for some examples.
Step 4. Email the photo to jane@michelleyeoh.info

"Over the past year I have traveled in many countries and seen the terrible impact that a lack of basic road safety can have on people's lives. A child is killed or maimed on the roads every thirty seconds. These tragedies are so sad, and so unnecessary, because we have the ability to prevent this. It is time for the talking to stop. It is time for real action to make roads safe."
      -- Michelle Yeoh, Make Roads Safe Global Ambassador

Watch videos:
Message from Michelle Yeoh "Turning Point" trailer

For more information on the Make Roads Safe campaign and its Decade of Action for Road Safety, you may visit www.MakeRoadsSafe.org


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