Wing Chun

Date Released:  3/1994
Language:  Cantonese
Production Companiy:  Peace Film Production
Producer:  Yuen Wo-Ping
Director:  Yuen Wo-Ping
Martial Art Directors:  Yuen Wo-Ping,
Yuen Shun-Yi, Donnie Yen
Cinematographer:  Mark Lee
Music:  John Wong, Tang Siu-Lam
Art Director:  Huo Tingxiao
Screenplay:  Anthony Wong, Elsa Tang
Edit:  Ng Gam-Wa
Category:  Martial arts/Comedy/Romance
Country:  Hong Kong
Cast:  (in credit order)
Yim Wing Chun .... Michelle Yeoh
Leung Pok To .... Donnie Yen
Flying Chimpanzee .... Norman Chu
Auntie Abacus .... Yuen King-Tan
Scholar Wong .... Waise Lee
Charm .... Catherine Hung
Flying Monkey .... Tsui Ah-Fai
The Movie:
A very charming martial art comedy.

Michelle is Wing Chun, a legendary heroine (around the year 1810) who invents her own martial art style and battles against bandits.

Each time I watch Wing Chun, I am amazed by all the incredible action scenes of Michelle. No matter what she uses (swords, knives, or bare hands) and no matter where she fights (on land, atop a horse or even on an iron pole), Michelle is the only one who could deliver all these stunning moments with such a perfect combination of power, grace, and beauty.

Everybody Wing Chun tonight!

Legend of Yim Wing Chun -- a historic heroine:
Wing Chun History
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