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Wing Chun


who touches you?
who hurts you?
who can make you sometimes want to hold him close to you?
who cares about your dreams?
who understands your mind?
who is also moved by you?

if a woman
always waits till late at night
give your youth with no regret
she'll reward you with her true love

since a woman
she's prone to becoming passionately devoted
and consequently gets trapped deeper and deeper
by her own feelings

for a woman
love is her soul
she'll devote her whole life
to the person she loves

Wing Chun: end title song
performed by Sarah Chen Shu-Hua
lyrics & music by Lee Zong-Sheng

** the music file doesn't show the last paragraph. unfortunately all the versions I saw (Cantonese, Mandarin, and English dubbed) cut the song in the middle. But you can now download the complete song -- thanks to Tetsuo Takagi!
note: the song is recorded from a audio CD and it is arranged slightly differently.
** thanks to Johnny.K for the chinese lyrics.