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Subtitled or Dubbed?
Up to year 2000, except for Tomorrow Never Dies, all older Michelle Yeoh films are made in Chinese (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and The Soong Sisters in Mandarin; others in Cantonese). There exist English subtitled versions for all her non-English films. It is recommended to watch them in the original language with subtitles, if possible.

Information on original and English dubbed versions:

Movie Title   Year/Country   Language   Michelle's
Real Voice
Company   Michelle's
Real Voice
Original Version: English Dubbed in Mandarin or Cantonese
All Michelle films made later than 2005  
Silver Hawk  2004/Hong Kong  English
yesMedia AsiaMandarin (no)DVD has sound tracks in all three languages
The Touch  2002/Hong Kong  English  yesMedia Asianodubbed in Mandarin
Original Version: Chinese English Dubbed Version
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon  2000/Taiwan/USA  Mandarin  yesColumbia Tristarnono info
Moonlight Express  1999/Hong Kong  Cantonese  yesno info
Tomorrow Never Dies  1997/UK  English  yesn/a
The Soong Sisters  1997/Hong Kong  Mandarin         partial   *English dialogue parts only
Ah Kam  1996/Hong Kong  Cantonese  nono info
Shaolin Popey II: Messy Temple  1994/Hong Kong  Cantonese  nono info
Wonder Seven  1994/Hong Kong  Cantonese  nono info
Wing Chun  1994/Hong Kong  Cantonese  noTai Sengnosome dialogue changed
Tai-Chi Master
(Twin Warriors)
1993/Hong Kong  Cantonese  noDimension Home Video (2000)nosome dialogue changed, music rewritten, scenes cut, and title changed to "Twin Warriors"
Project S
(Supercop 2)
1993/Hong Kong  Cantonese  yesDimension Home Video (1999)yessome dialogue changed, music rewritten, scenes cut, and title changed to "Supercop 2" with (unnecessary) narration added at the beginning and the end
Executioners  1993/Hong Kong  Cantonese  noTai Sengnosome dialogue changed and some songs changed or eliminated
Holy Weapon  1993/Hong Kong  Cantonese  nono info
The Heroic Trio  1993/Hong Kong  Cantonese  noTai Sengnosome dialogue changed and some songs changed or eliminated
Miramax (2002)nosome scenes cut and the songs eliminated. it kept the original score though
Butterfly & Sword  1993/Hong Kong  Cantonese         partial   *end title song only
Police Story III: Supercop
1992/Hong Kong  Cantonese  yesDimension Films (1996)yessome dialogue changed, music rewritten, scenes cut, and title simplified to "Supercop"
Easy Money  1987/Hong Kong  Cantonese  nono info
Magnificent Warriors  1987/Hong Kong  Cantonese  noTai Sengnono infomation
Hong Kong Legendsnono infomation
Royal Warriors
  a.k.a. In The Line of Duty
1986/Hong Kong  Cantonese  noTai Sengnono infomation
Yes, Madam  1985/Hong Kong  Cantonese  nono info
Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars  1985/Hong Kong  Cantonese  nono info
The Owl vs Dumbo  1984/Hong Kong  Cantonese  nono info

- Above information may not be complete.
- For reasons why many of Michelle's older films don't have her own voice, please visit Q & A section.

Older Hong Kong Video Rental in U.S.
- The U.S. versions of Supercop, Supercop 2 (i.e. Project S), Twin Warriors (i.e. Tai Chi Master), can be found in general video stores.
- I've also seen The Heroic Trio, Wing Chun and Executioners (English dubbed versions) in BlockBuster Video.
- For older Michelle's films, you may rent them from your local chinese video stores or some indepedent video stores which carry Hong Kong films. Most of Michelle's films have English subtitles.

Online Shopping

Here is a list of some online video stores which carry Michelle Yeoh films.
Note 1 Michelle Yeoh Web Theatre has no affiliation with any of these companies, and is not responsible for their contents.
Note 2 Some dealers have Michelle listed on Jet Li's Fearless. You may want to confirm with the dealer before making the purchase since Michelle's scenes are cut out from the film and only certain director-cut version includes her cameo scenes.

Amazon.com  (DVD)
hkDVDstore  (DVD)
HK Flicks  (DVD/VCD)
Asian Discs  (DVD/VCD)
Blue Laser  (DVD/VCD)
Poker Industries  (DVD/VCD)
Tai Seng Video  (DVD/VHS)
Asiafilm.com  (DVD/VCD)
Yes Asia  (DVD/VCD)
Yahoo!Video Shopping  (DVD/VHS)
DDD House  (DVD/VCD) (Overseas)

- Most dealers listed here are North America based Asian film dealers. Usually their DVDs are coded All Regions (Region 0) unless specified otherwise.
- DVDs from Amazon (U.S.) and Yahoo!Video are usually coded Region 1 (North America only).
- sometimes some search engines don't work well, i.e., searching on name "Michelle Yeoh" may not give all Michelle films they actually carry. You may also try to search for film titles directly.
- You may also try eBay, but be careful with the region code and format.

DVD Guide
The Asian DVD Guide provides technique information and users' reviews to various versions of Chinese language DVDs. Excellent site. You need to search films by titles, i.e., search for "butterfly and sword" or "butterfly".

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