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The Touch

(Mandarin Chinese version)

Whose sweet home is it
Water in the lake is smooth as a mirror
reflecting all our emotions

The sun rises and sets
how great the distance it travels
The moon turns full and wanes
seeing through the four seasons

There is a lama being converted
There is a girl coming home
The girl has a man in her heart
all bitterness becomes sweetness
There is no flowers in the lama's eyes
everything is visionary

Look at the flowers while riding on horseback
Pick up flowers gently with a smile on the face
everyone has his own part in the world
The one who has love is the most beautiful person
The one who goes beyond love is higher than this plateau

The clouds float in the sky
however high they are, there is a limit
A solemn pledge of love
goes further than Siberia

Smile -
whose flower will you pick
Ride a horse -
whose edge of the world you will look at

The Touch
end title song (Chinese version)
performed by Kelly Chan
music from a Tibetan folk song
lyrics by Lin Xi

                **  Tibetan version of the song is performed by Tibetan singer Hang Hong.
                **  thanks for the Chinese lyrics.
                **  wanna sing it but don't know how to read Chinese? here is a Pin Yin page.