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The Heroic Trio / Executioners

Don't Ask About Life

with whom with whom
we meet we go through hard times
with feeling with passion
we pass stop by stop in our life
with you with me
the changes show the romance
with nights with days
the harshness shines our dreams
every event happens only at a flash moment
every moment is nothing special then becomes a legend
don't ask yesterday
my happiness my sadness
I'm with myself, struggling for my way
don't ask today
to heaven to earth
I'm still myself, stepping my feet
into this complicated world
don't ask tomorrow
is there anyone we just look like
we face the universe and laugh loud with our pride
don't ask about life
who will be with me together
we won't walk alone anymore

The Herioc Trio & Executioners: title song
performed by Anita Mui
music by Law Tai-Yau
lyrics by Chik Lam, translated by Jane

**  thanks to Aythe for the chinese lyrics  **
**  sing the song with the help of a Phonetic Translation **