Film Stills from Butterfly & Sword

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bathing scene

Michelle: I've never laughed since the day I was born...

battle at Suen Yuk Pa's home

(continued) human bow and arrow

Michelle, Sing and Cha battle against Eunuch Tsao

(continued) the flying arrow

the battle is over
Michelle: i really wish you could stay with me.

but Sing runs toward Butterfly...

leaves Michelle alone in tears... ...

the boundless ocean is the final home for her, and Yip Cheung, who always loves her...

** Most of the video tapes/disks don't have this ending. In fact this original ending of the film was cut when the film was first released in Hong Kong in January 1993. I've heard of two reasons for the cutting. One says it was supposed to be a new year film and people wouldn't want to see a sad ending. Another one says a sequel was planned during the film production while the ending had already been shot, and, it was not desirable to make a sequel without Michelle's character. Though apparently the sequel was never made.

Thunder Media (Taiwan) DVD does contain the original ending which is cut from the Mei Ah and Mercury DVDs of Butterfly And Sword.

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