Film Stills from Butterfly & Sword

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voice: through the ages, the battles in the world of martial arts have been ongoing. some people think one would be free and unfettered if one broke away from fame and fortune. but what's harder to escape is actually one concept - love. many heroes in the world of martial arts can not avoid getting emotional entangled by their love.

Michelle as Sister Ko

Michelle and Sing in the forest

at Eunuch Tsao's palace

meets Prince Cha

Sing and Butterfly

Michelle: just tell me what you wish.
Sing: don't misunderstand me.

Michelle with Yip Cheung
Michelle: i never treat myself as a woman. don't treat me like one too.

a plan

Michelle and Butterfly talk about Sing
Yip Cheung is in love with Michelle

battle in the bamboo forest

(continued) battle: spliting and sliding dwon from bamboo

(continued) battle: scarf arrows

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