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Butterfly & Sword

Love is like a shooting star

If losing is painful
are you scared of giving
If falling is painful
will you still keep on going
If confusion is painful
should you end it or start it over
If pursuing is painful
do you call it strong or stubborn

If separation is painful
to whom can you divulge your pain
If promise is painful
should you express your real passion
If obsession is painful
isn't love a mistake after all
If love is painful
where is the true feeling in this world

There are many things
which I only understand afterwards
But I can no longer find the road
where I actually come from
For many things I don't feel any pain
at the time when I'm there
Even they are painful I think
that I simply will not care

Butterfly & Sword: end title song
performed by Michelle Yeoh
lyrics & music by Lee Zong-Sheng, translated by Jane

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