Birthday Greetings to Michelle Yeoh
- August 6, 2002 -

you are the most beautiful woman in the world
best wishes for your birthday

- adam, Jul 24 2002 , poland

hey michelle,
I want to wish you a very happy birthday and I have the biggest crush on you ever!!! I hope that i can see you in some more kick ass kung-fu flicks soon. Keep up the awesome work!!!!

- John Iversen, Jul 24 2002 , Raleigh

Happy birthday from all the members of your fan club! We hope that you have a great birthday, and that someone can think of a gift for ya that you don't already have :-). You work so hard, we're grateful for all you've done and all you will be doing, so stay safe and healthy and hope you have many more birthdays to come!

Dean Seeley and the members of the MYOFC
Michelle Yeoh Online Fan Club

- Dean, Jul 24 2002 , MYOFC
dean@michelle-yeoh.org, http://www.michelle-yeoh.org

yeoh:Happy birthday!

- skyfor, Jul 23 2002 , CHINA


This would make it a belated birthday wish but as the saying goes, better late then newer. Happy birthday and may god bless you with good health, plenty of wealth and happiness.

Malaysia Boleh.

- Lee KA, Jul 23 2002 , Malaysia

Happy Birthday Michelle,

Your film work is much admired. Now since finding out how hard you had to train to get there, I find I hold you in even higher esteem. It is my honor to tell you.

Congratulations and much fortune to a fellow Augustan.


- Randy Otto, Jul 23 2002 , Sioux Falls, SD

Dum ba-da DUM beda beda Dum
Michelle,it's your birthday!
Happy Birthday,Michelle!
Blow all your candles
and may your birthday wish come true!!

- Char Siew Pau, Jul 23 2002 , KL,Malaysia

Love your movies and i think your the best. Wishing you a very happy birthday and may all your dreams come true.

- John, Jul 23 2002 , Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Dear Michelle,

you have been such a great inspiration to me all this time, Thank you!

- Justin Cheah, Jul 23 2002 , Malaysia

Dear Michelle,

Happy birthday!!! I'm a huge fan of yours. And i feel sooo lucky to have the same name as u!

Keep up the amazing work and i really hope u could visit Canada sometime!!

PS: I just love your smile!!

- Michelle Zhang, Jul 23 2002 , Vancouver, Canada

Happy birthday Michelle!
May all your wishes come true. I'm a big fan of your work. I read about your directorial debut.
Would you consider reading a screenplay about a famous female warrior set in ancient china?
Best wishes,
Joy Kwong

- joy kwong, Jul 23 2002 , california

You go girl!

- Richard, Jul 23 2002 , Kuala Lumpur
RC@richardchang.net, http://www.richardchang.net

Happy birthday and good luck.....anda yang tersayang dan membawa kebanggaan negara mu Malaysia teruskan usaha dan cita cita .......Selamat Panjang Umur ....bye.

- Salamat Hj. Bukil, Jul 23 2002 , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
salamat63@msn.com, http://msn.com.my

Happy,Happy birthday!To one of the greatest actresses of all time!

- Edwin, Jul 23 2002 , Montana USA

Hi! Michelle,

Wishing you a very happy birthday and many more to come.

Didn't admire so much until lately.....been in HK for 4 years now. Appreciate the honour that you made for Malaysian. Got to admit you are have real special personality. My encouragement and support to you on making us, Malaysian proud.

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and have a good one.


- Vincent Wong, Jul 23 2002 , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dear Michelle,

Wishing you good health and happiness always!

- Winnie, Jul 23 2002 , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Many Happy Returns Of The Day. Keep the M'sian flag flying

- Irene Yap, Jul 23 2002 , JEDDAH

Many happy returns of the day byeee

- charan, Jul 22 2002 , malaysia

Hola Ms. Yeoh!

Many congratulations on this day of days, your birthday!
As a person of confidence I am sure you face today like any other, with a smile and a strong step forward.
As my great grandfather said "No hay cosas imposibles, solamente personas incapacil". Which simply means: there are no impossible tasks, only incapable people. And as a capable person I know The Touch will be a great hit here in the US. I look forward to it. Do the premiere in NYC!

Happy Birthday.
Carolina, NYC

- Carolina, Jul 22 2002 , New York City

happy birthday to u
wish u good luck
good health

- byon ooi, Jul 22 2002 , penang

I've seen u in many of ur great movies. Proud that u've come up with ur own produced movie. The Touch of ur hard work have proved to all that "Malaysia Boleh" spirit.
Keep up the good work.Support u always n HaPy BiRtHdAy =)

- CJ Lee, Jul 22 2002 , Malaysia

Dearest Michelle,
Hope this message finds you in the best of health.
All the happiness in the world.
Laughter, peace and harmony to you
and your family.
With love, admiration and kisses,


My dear Michelle. You have been a hope for Malaysia all along. You have made us all very very proud. Keep it up and you know you have lots of fans supporting you. May your birthday be happy, and whatever you wish for do come true -> very soon!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHELLE!!!

- Carolyn, Jul 22 2002 , Melaka, Malaysia

Happy Birthday Michelle! I am currently studying in the States. I have been watching E! Entertainment and saw you appeared several times in the show. You were even voted one of the best dressed in the Cannes Festival by Joan Rivers. You have accomplished so much in your career.

Here's wishing you nothing but the best for you on your birthday!


- Stefanie Choong, Jul 22 2002 , Malaysia

Happy Birthday to you. I am proud of your performance and success in your career. I wish you all the best of success in everything that you do. Your success is a good role model to many of us here in Malaysia.
Your talent and beauty had inspire many of the younger generation to be like you one day.

Keep up the good work and enjoy your life....

From a distance.

- Jacqueline Fu, Jul 22 2002 , Subang Jaya

I really like to watch your movies. Hope you have more movies to come. If possible 4 movies or more within a year. Hope someday I could see you having a movie with Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Jacky Cheung, and Leon Lai. I am so excited for your upcoming movie Hua MuLan. I hope you can win the Oscar Best Actress Award from Hua Mulan. Hehe, hope there will be a movie for sailormoon that you will be one of those powerful sailor soldiers.

Best Wishes,

- Edy, Jul 22 2002 , Philippines

Happy Birthday! I just want to send my best wishes to you. We are so proud of you!

- Yeoh Say Chin, Jul 22 2002 , Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Michelle, again, have a very happy birthday. You are a true star and I am anxiously awaiting the Touch, as well as any other projects you choose to take on. Did you know the Touch official site is down? I was enjoying following the developements there. Best wishes on your special day, and don't forget to pamper yourself. Get a foot massage! Love always,

- Shawn Walton, Jul 22 2002 , seattle

I'm one of your great fan.I'm looking forward to see your new movie soon.When you was in Penang recently I missed it.I really hope I can see you in person.I used to had lunch once with actor Kenneth Tsang Kong.He was here for the shooting of Anna and the King.I'm working as a sales assistant in a sport shop.He came to shop to buy something and I was the one who attend to him.I would like to wish you Happy Birthday and All the best to you in your future undertakings.

- chong, Jul 22 2002 , penang

My best wishes from Budapest, Hungary.

- Judit Barna, Jul 22 2002 , Hungary

Happy Birthday Michelle!

I'm looking forward to your visit to Japan

in the near future. Please!!

- TAMAMI, Jul 22 2002 , Japan

I just want to wish you a very happy birthday. You're my favorite actress and always. I can't wait to see your new movie, The Touch. I hope all your wishes come true.

- Penny Chhay, Jul 22 2002 , Providence, Rhode Island

Hello Michelle,

happy birthday to you from Germany.

I saw the tiger & dragon movie tonight... it was absolutely fascinating. Your performance was outrageous. This film touched me in some special way.

Live in peace and prosper.


- Marcus, Jul 22 2002 , Germany

As a frequent traveller, it's now very much at ease for self-introduction at a foreign country. "I came from Ipoh, Malaysia which is also the hometown of James Bond star, Michelle Yeoh. No puzzle and hassle - your very own name carries weight!

Let no feeling of discouragement prey upon you.

Best wishes on your birthday.


I watched "Crouching Tiger" last night, and I've gotta tell you, I'm very surprised you were not nominated for an Oscar. You were superb. That's the honest to goodness truth. So as to not ramble, I'd like to wish you a wonderful, happy birthday. Signed, an admirer.

- Monique, Jul 22 2002 , Massachusetts

Have a happy birthday with all your family and friends. Have a bit of a break (you deserve it!)and then keep making fantastic movies. With roles combining strength, intelligence and femininity you are blazing a trail for all female actors, and making this girly happier to watch movies! All the best with your future projects and stay in one piece!

- Meridian, Jul 22 2002 , Australia

Wish you have a very Happy Birthday and always stay cool and forever as beauty as you are now!

- Ellice Gan, Jul 22 2002 , Malaysia

happy birthday and wish u happy forever!!

- nik lee, Jul 22 2002 , malaysia

Dear Michelle,
You are the proud of Malaysian!All the best to you ,family and your love one!

- yap, Jul 22 2002 , Kuala Lumpur

May you have a wonderful and prosperous birthday. You are the proud of Malaysia and keep up with good works. God Bless you

- Joseph Chung, Jul 22 2002 , Malaysia

Hello Michelle!

Happy Birthday & Wish you more success for the future to my proud fellow Malaysian!

Mei Ling
(currently married to a Swedish)

- Mei Ling Wong, Jul 22 2002 , Malaysia

HI Michelle,

I am proud to be a malaysian, but you make us ever proud be a malaysian. You are my superstar , the most admire malaysian actress.
Do wish u success ,healthy and happy forever.

Happy Birthday !!!

- Jimmy Teoh, Jul 22 2002 , KL, Malaysia

Hi michelle,
"Happy Birthday" and hope you enjoy
life.I enjoy seeing your movie and a
i feel good to see a malaysian/model
making it big at the cinemas.
Bye and take good care.Chow!!!!!

- sherry pawan, Jul 22 2002 , Malaysia.

My dear Michelle,

Happy birthday Michelle. I wish you will have a wonderful and joyful day - which on this happy day i wish you longlife and happy life ahead.

Take care and alot of kisses.
Love Sagar

- Capt.Sagar, Jul 22 2002 , Port Klang,Malaysia

Hi Michelle,

May I wished you A Very Happy Birthday and have A Joyful one too!

- wendy lim, Jul 22 2002 , Penang

happy birthday to u and with many returns

- lim, Jul 22 2002 , kuala lumpur

Dear Michelle,

wish you all the best for the future cause you're one of my favorite acctress on the world.

Take Care

- Rene, Jul 21 2002 , Düsseldorf Germany

Happy Birthday!

Love your movies! And your humility! Keep up the great work! All the best to you!


- Tadd, Jul 21 2002 , Indiana

Hi MY,
I wish you the best and a box office hit. Happy Natal Day!

- zen, Jul 21 2002 ,

I just want to wish you a VERY happy birthday ^-^I hope you will read this and know that I am a big fan of yours.I especially loved Butterfly & Sword and Tai Chi Master ^-^I hope you have a great day and happiness

Best wishes
~Amanda =)

- Amanda, Jul 21 2002 , USA

many many returns of the day michelle!!! im ur sincere admirer.......i never miss any of ur movie .im feel honoued to send this greeting for u.enjoy ur bday.we all will pray for u .

do ur best to bring up our country's name .All the best in future undertaking.Have fun.hope u willemail me back.:D. Bye.again i wish u happy bday.u take care

- vicky, Jul 21 2002 , penang
vickyrama281@yahoo.com, http://-

What more can I say that has not been said already about ya action gal! YOU are the BEST! No one can match your charisma and elegance and style! You outshine Jackie in Supercop and Chow Yun Fatt in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon! I have caught all your films, including your debut in the one with George Lam and Sammo Hung!

Thrill us for evermore with your death-defying stunts once again!

Happy Birthday and God bless ya!
We all love ya!

- Ezekiel Lim, Jul 21 2002 , Singapore

2 michelle, i wish u all the best in life.....
And a very-very 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' from me 2 U...

- Alex Tok, Jul 21 2002 , K.T Terengganu

I love you very much.

- º«ÀöÑÅ (Lily), Jul 21 2002 , ±±¾© (Beijing)

I have been wacthing your show since i was small.The most i remember was the movie u film with Pierce Brosnan in James bond. I will support u in whatever movies u are doin.I will also goin forward to your upcoming movie;The Touch~!..
N i will like to wish u a Happy Birthday~~!!!!
take care...bye.....

- Kok Weng Yew, Jul 21 2002 , Petaling jaya

Dear Michelle,

First of all a very Hapy Birthday to you.I wish to go to your premiere, but I Have to study for PMR.I wish I can Go to Your next Movie Premiere.If your do read this ,please do reply me cause I wanna to ask you some question.Again I wish all your the best in your coming movies.Hapy Birthday!!!!!

- Boey Mun Yee, Jul 21 2002 , Malaysia

May your birthday bring you record box office receipts from The Touch!!

Happy Birthday!!

P.S. When planning your U.S. premiere route, consider Washington, D.C. Politicians watch movies too!

- S., Jul 21 2002 , Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

happy birthday,wish u all the best,michelle boleh!!!Malaysia boleh!!!!

- sulaiman, Jul 21 2002 , sabah,malaysia

Dear Michelle,
You really have a timeless angelic beauty!
Your performance has really been stupifying
Hope you keep them up and grow in both over years to come
Birth Day wishes from
Radha Krishna

- Radha Krishna Reddy Kadiveti, Jul 21 2002 , India

anyways just wanna wish michelle a happy birthday!.
may she gets tougher and stronger and even
more graceful... as she gets older... :) ...

- chin KHin yeowser, Jul 21 2002 , malaysia

Dear Michelle,

Through many colorful seasons,
Someone is always trying her best.
The air is full of reasons,
For me to support her without rest.

Tomorrow will never die,
Because of this special one...
Where luck and success are eternally by her side...
Happy Birthday, Michelle!!!
*** with lots of appreciation and love from my heart ***

Best wishes,
...a young writer...

- jo-9, Jul 20 2002 , Shanghai, China

* ================ *
* Dearest Michelle *
* ================ *

At end of the day, the most important thing in our lives is that we are happy. Happy because we have done the things that are important to us; we have done them well and we have done them with the people we love.

Happy Birthday... Happy Everyday!!!!


- Angela, Jul 20 2002 , Redondo Beach, California
HappyMeidum626@yahoo.com, http://AngelaHo626.tripod.com/

Michelle I thought you were brilliant in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Have a great birthday
P.S can you tell me how to break into acting in film.

- Daniel Weiz, Jul 20 2002 , England

I would like to wish you the best on your birthday!And many more to come.I realy enjoy all the films you have been in you are a wonderful actress!
Thanks you for all the wonderfulthings you have done on the screen!

- Jeremy Davis, Jul 20 2002 , Montgomery AL U.S.A

Wishing you every blessing for the day, and the days ahead. We were talking about you just two days ago. A member of our church was on the same plane as you on the way to Canada recently. She said you look REALLY BEAUTIFUL, and that you were accompanied by a big Chinese man, presumably your bodyguard. She wouldn't want to call you "Dato" as that would make you sound so old. I said I would have asked to have a photo taken with you. Happy birthday from your well-wishes in Kuala Lumpur.

- Boon-Sing Poh, Jul 20 2002 , Kuala Lumpur
rbcpoh@hotmail.com, http://www.rbcm.net

Wish i could buy you a cup of coffee at Nespresso Club and sings a Happy Birthday's song to you. You look amazing. What's your secret?

- Judy Kok, Jul 20 2002 , Malaysia

Just realised that we got the same birthdate =) anyway wishing u a Happy Birthday and all the best in your future endeavours! Cheers! =)

- Eileen Ho, Jul 20 2002 , Singapore

Happy Birthday, Michelle !!

- Pru B. C. Tai, Jul 20 2002 , Melaka, Malaysia

happy birthday from probably your number 3000th number 1 fan! keep up the exceptionally good work.
hb california

- terry, Jul 20 2002 , california

happy birthday to u ....... hope u have a very happy birthday party ! i'm also named Michele but not Yeoh..hehe
and one more thing.....i'm from Malaysia too ! =)

- Michele, Jul 19 2002 , Malaysia

hi girl how you doing it's another birthday coming again,count it as a blessing for all that god has done for you,i from jamaica and is't there i saw your first movie with cynthia ,so be the good person that you are hope to meet you some day,with god richest blessing to your future and your and what you love doing best respect and one love

- TREVOR SMITH, Jul 19 2002 , los angeles

Hi Michelle,



- lynley Pang, Jul 19 2002 , Perlis



Dear Michelle,

How do i become a courageous woman like you? You earned respects from thousands of men and women . How do you stand tall all the time? Just want to let you know that you have my respect too. Happy Birthday!

- wai, Jul 18 2002 , kuala lumpur

Hi! Michelle,
Just want to wish you Happy Birthday and may you always be in healthy & happy . Wish you all the success in your new film 'The Touch'. From the recently news hear that you are interested in bring up Malaysia film industries, i guess this is also the time you may do something for Malaysia. Keep it up, Michelle. Malaysia is proud of you.

- Lee, Jul 18 2002 , Ipoh, Malaysia

Sheng ri Kuai le!
Happy Birthday
Maligayang Kaarawan!

I hope you have relaxing time on your birthday.
Enjoy your self, you deserve it.

Take care

- Ann Marie B. Aguilar, Jul 18 2002 , Manila, Philippines

Happy Birthday Michelle, have an action packed day and keep making the movies.

- Mark Davie, Jul 18 2002 , England

Brilliant as Yi, the great archer,
Shooting the nine suns out of the sky,
Fierce as the onslaught of spirits and dragons
Wheeling through the heavens,
She began like a thunderbolt, venting anger,
Then ended with the glittering calm of rivers and seas.

-- Zhang Xu on seeing Gongsun do the sword dance

- Jerome W. Hoffman, Jul 18 2002 , Baton Rouge, Louisiana

My Dear Michelle Yeoh
I am your super fan.Why? Because when I heard your news I will go crazy . I love you very much.

Your name is my favorite song to sing,and I love to listin to this song.
When I in any time or any place, onely this song sing in my heart. I will be happy.
Michelle Yeoh Michelle Yeoh.
I love you, you always in my heart.
Oh! Happy Birthday!

°Kã from Taiwan

- °Kã<ÂŨà>, Jul 18 2002 , Taiwan

Thank you for having a hand in so many wonderful and exciting movies. I hope that you have a safe and wonderful birthday.

- Kim Hawker, Jul 18 2002 , Utah, USA

Happy birthday!
I wish you well with all my heart!

- Sander, Jul 18 2002 , Belgium

Hi Michelle,
I have been a fan of yours for quite some time. I am looking forward to seeing your new film "The Touch" when it opens in the USA. Best wishes for a Happy Birthday,


- Patrick, Jul 18 2002 , California

I wish you many years of happiness and prosperity. You have thrilled many people around the world with your movies and I hope that they will continue. May you enjoy this special occassion with the ones you love and many more to come.

- Eden L., Jul 17 2002 , California

As my english is not very well,i just can say best wishes to you.Be careful when making the film.The most important is i will always love you ,support you!

- kelly, Jul 17 2002 , shanghai china

Happy Birthday:

Go! Go! Go!

We all love you!

Cathy Lu from Taiwan

- Cathy Lu, Jul 17 2002 , Taiwan

Michelle, wishing everyday of yours is colorful and full of joy!

I have so much to tell you, but then I'm out of my words when I try to say them. Anyway, what I'd like you to know is: I like you very, very, very, very much. I've never liked any star like this, you are the first and the only one. Hee hee...

Michelle, I'm really happy! In fact I celebrate your birthday everyday. I have celebrated more than one thousand of birthday of yours since the day I started to like you.

The last but not the least: You are always the best. Happy birthday!

ÍõÃÏæÃ, Öйú½­ËÕ

- Wang Mengting, Jul 17 2002 , Jiangsu, China

May you spend everyday in the happiest way living life to the fullest!

- Miranda, Jul 16 2002 , Wuxi,Jiangsu Province

hi michelle
i hope u happy everyday in u life
and HBD
o from thailand

- kriluek suwittayaruk, Jul 16 2002 , thailand

All this while I've been monitoring your greatest success, I'm really proud of you as a whole, u really strive real hard and doing all your best in life. I'm really astonished of your achievement, can't wait to see your latest movie, 'The Touch', till then more success to u and more bithday to come. Have A Enjoyable Birthday.


- Martin Lee, Jul 15 2002 , Taiping

Happy Birthday! I really admire your work. Good luck in the future!

- Joanna, Jul 15 2002 , USA

Happy Birthday, and many more. Your movies rock!

- Terri Day, Jul 15 2002 , Charlotte, NC, United States

Dear Michelle,
Happy birthday!
You will always in my mind!
I love you!
Turely yours

- ÇØÕééª, Jul 15 2002 , ½­ËÕÊ¡ÎÞÎýÊÐ (Jiangsu, China)

I wish you Best Actor inthe WORLD!

- Bac Si Hong, Jul 15 2002 , Indanesia

Have your family with you on your birthday
to have a Happy birthday because they are the only
real friends in this earth

- Omar , Jul 15 2002 , Australia

Dear Michelle,Happy bithday and a very good Future with a lot off god Filmaction.i love your Film´s and hope you will make a lot more of them.So my question is you are staying to you age or you are still 29 ???????I think to be 40 (i´m exaktly 2 month older than you) is a new step in my life,and i should change it to live the age.Greeting´s

- Heiß Wolfgang, Jul 14 2002 , Germany

congratulations on your 40th birhtday.

My prayers are with you:

Every word of God is pure: He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him ( Prov. 30:5)

I wish you all the best and many blessings from God to you.

- Wim Hilboesen, Jul 14 2002 , the Netherlands

Happy Birthday, Michelle!
I'm deeply fascinated by your beauty, your temperament, your braveness, your film, your art, and especially your personality. I want to tell you: You are the only one in the world, and I will always support you!
Sorry you can't read simplified Chinese, otherwise you can have a look at my homepage. In fact it is an online fans club for you, and I am the master. There are more than 4000 Chinese fans gathering in this club, and we all love you. So I also send you our best wishes as their representative.
Hope every day in the year ahead will bring something wonderful to you!

- Nancy, Jul 13 2002 , China
name-nancy@etang.com, http://star.sina.com.cn/fc/michelle007/

Have enjoyed your films have a great day

- dave wilson, Jul 13 2002 , nottingham, england

Happy Birthday Michelle,
Hope you have a great day, all the best for the future.


Sifu Al Davison.

- Al Davison, Jul 13 2002 , England
astral.gypsy@virgin.net, http://www.astralgypsy.com

Dear Michelle,
I wish you a happy happy birthday. I like your work and you are my asia's favorite actress. I hope you still hace many movie. I wish you all the best

- Tiffany Ann, Jul 13 2002 , Philippines

My wife and I would like to extend to you a most heartfelt and genuine birthday wish to you, Michelle; to continue to excite and entertain your many fans for years to come,to grow as an artist of taste and conscience and, more importantly, to reach your highest potential as a film-maker,an actress, a woman, and human being. Michelle, you have been truly blessed. We wish all good things for you.

- mike schaeffer and mimi cheng, Jul 12 2002 , NYC

I'm so impressed by your fascinating acting in all your movies... We are so proud for your achievement in national level...
To my dearest Michelle: My sincerely Happy Birthday!!!
May you always stay in the pink of your health...
and remain as beautiful as you are now...

- Mia Ming, Jul 12 2002 , JB



"Many happy return of the day"
I'm a big fan of your. you know i use to watch your action every of your films. hoping that you'll create a new hit movies. I'll waiting for that.
Once again. "Happy birthday" may God of Israel bless you through your work and your life.

- Benjamin Hangshing, Jul 12 2002 , India

my dear miss yoeh, your accomplishments and your natural style are a thing sublime...as is your smile. doubtless, you are either married, or deeply and passionately involved
with just the right person. fortunate creature. i find myself envious. please stay well. continued success. thank you for the gobs of entertainment..and the smile.
be happywell...

- jcbok, Jul 12 2002 , here

Hi Michelle,
I want to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy birthday on August 6 - which so happens to be my birthday too except you are a bit younger than I am! Thanks for your inspiring work and for your professionalism in all your movies. You are a credit to our people and to our culture.
May God grant you peace.

All the best

- Ed Lee, Jul 11 2002 , Hamilton,Ontario,Canada

Have a wonderful birthday and all the best for the coming future.

- Wai Hang Lee, Jul 11 2002 , England - Bedford

Hi Michelle, Happy Birthday and many happy returns to you. I can't wait to watch 'The Touch' and would like to meet u in person so that I can have your autograph. I am crazy over you and I have collected all your shows (VCDs). Hope to have your address in Ipoh so that I can visit you if you're back in your hometown. Wish you best of health always.
Love, Teresa, 11/07/2002, KL, Malaysia

- Teresa Kam, Jul 11 2002 , Selangor, Malaysia

Hey, Michelle,

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday. I can't wait to see the Touch when it finally gets to the states and may all your future movies be successfull.

- Rachelle , Jul 10 2002 , Minneapolis, Minnesota

Beautiful outside, beautiful inside, highly intelligent, deeply caring. We celebrate your birth with you. (Can't wait for "The Touch.")

- Carol, Jul 10 2002 , San Diego, California

Have a great time on your birthday!!!

- Cindy Tan, Jul 9 2002 , Malaysia,Ipoh

Happy Birthday Michelle.
I have admired you and your work for a long time. It would be a wonderful event to see you in person. Have a wonderful Birthday and please be blessed with many more. Remember, your Birthday is YOUR day and you should enjoy every minute.
Your Firefighter Friend...David

- David F.Ceranova, Jul 9 2002 , Bellingham,WA. U.S.A.

Hello, Michelle! I wish you all good things for your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Sincerly yours!

- Christian, Jul 9 2002 , Norway

hope that the Lord will bless you more and heal your knee injury. the movie was such a breath-taker in my heart. the best of any film out there today. I watched the movie ten times before I could have understand it all, because I was hearing the asian language and looking at the english at the bottom on television from my vcr. I will see you in heaven and in eternal life. happy birthday.

- michael clayton, Jul 8 2002 , dallas

hi michelle,
i'm your bigest and krazzest fan in sf.
and all my friends calls me michelle freek or michelle craze and krazee michelle yeoh fan.
i wanna wish you get beautiful every second,
wish you good luck and healthy and safe,
wish all your movies that u will star in and that u producd will be fun and safe for you.
happy birthday and have fun with thomas chung.
the friendly friend frenda tran.
your krazest fan thta everyone knows.

I know that i send you one of these the same words on the top already but i was thinking to that i wish is too little so i worte this peom based on the news and thngs that i always describe you with. if there is something that you think it is not true to you or you think it is unsuitable to you please emailm me or something else.
this is the peom:
Michelle Yeoh
She is wonderful
and very beautiful
She is smart
and has a good heart
She can fight
and never stay out of sight
She is clever
and will live forever
She will always stay high and will never go low
cause her name is Michelle Yeoh

some are from the TV and trhe newspapwer so please don't mind of what i write thank you for reading this birthday present.
love always
frenda tran

- Frenda Tran, Jul 8 2002 , San Francisco, Ca USA

Happy birthday lady. Best wishes always.

- Lan, Jul 8 2002 , WA

Happy birthday Michelle.If you ever decide to visit Austin, Texas (USA) let us know. I will sure to look you up.Good luck and I hope to see you in indiana jones 4 movie.

p.s.--be yourself and have lots of fun!

- kim, Jul 8 2002 , austin, tx usa

Hope you have a very happy birth day !!!And good luck on your next movie !! May,it be a big !!

- Fred kientz, Jul 8 2002 , San Antonio Texas

Dear Michelle,
I hope everything will be all right.
I am looking forward to hearing your good results,always.
Best wishes,
Love Form,

- Michell Chang, Jul 8 2002 , China

Truly your birth is a day many of your fans celebrate, for it gave us a great talent to watch. I can personally say I am very pleased to see that you have branched out and started your film company. May your ventures go far and the journey be smooth. Keep up the fantastic work. Oh, and by the way, think of Jacksonville Florida for any future film shoots. This city would love to have you here. Happy Birthday.

- Mic, Jul 7 2002 , Jacksonville, Florida

Dear Michelle

I would especially like to wish you a Happy Birthday as my way of thanking you for the many hours of pleasure your movies have given. You are without doubt a truly remarkable performer and from what I've read over the years you are very humble of your success. If all actors had your qualities the world would certainly be a better place to live in. Keep up the good work and I hope Hollywood appreciates you more in the future, you deserve top billing. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was a true experience for me. The Asian cuture and traditions are mesmerizing. I only hope we see more of your extraordinary talents on the big screen. Once again have a happy birthday and I hope that you receive those gifts you truly want

Wayne Cockerall

- wayne cockerall, Jul 7 2002 , Melbourne, Australia

Dear Michelle, I've already signed the BD wish list once already but I forgot to wish you happy birthday, so, Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for sharing you talent and grace with all of us, your fans. To see you on the screen is inspirational, very moving. When the credits were rolling for CTHD I found myself in a darkened theater with 300 other grown people, trying not to cry and failing. What you do is so special, thank you and keep doing it!

love always,

Shawn Walton

- Shawn Walton, Jul 7 2002 , Seattle, WA

hey michelle!!

I just want to say happy birthday, sweetie. You've been a real inspiration to a lot of us. Congratulations on Mythical Films' first production, The Touch! I know it's going to be great (you might see me at the premiere!)...so how are you these days? Probably busy with everything you have to do. Well if you have time, email me (Cookies4Kiki@aol.com)...I'd really like to hear from you. In fact, I'm considering a career in films and would love some advice or something...EMAIL BACK PLEASE! :D
much love always,
postscript: I'll probably remember a million things I wanted to say after I send this...well, stay your beautiful and sexy self and remember: you make the film what it is...keep shining and I'll see you at the Oscars!

- Christine, Jul 6 2002 , California

Just want to say a very Happy Birthday to you!
I've been a fan of yours since I was 10, I love your movies!
Keep up the good work and just to tell you that a lot of your fans and I will always be supporting you!!

- Melody, Jul 5 2002 , Malaysia

hi michelle,

Happy birthday! I'm just saying it early. You're very beatuiful and
pretty. I think
you're the hottest actress around and the best one. Keep up the good work!
My e-mail account is shawnwu82@yahoo.com. You can write to me. I'm
chinese also. I hope to hear from you soon.


- Shawn, Jul 5 2002 ,
shawnwu82@yahoo.com, http://

Happy birthday, Michelle. Thanks for being an inspiration to me. I appreciate your talents. Please accept my best wishes for your continued good health and happiness.

- Lynette, Jul 5 2002 , California

Happy birthday to Michelle.
I love U and wish to meet U.

- HangLe, Jul 5 2002 , VietNam

Dear Michlle.
Ihappy to see u on the new film.
U are lovely and the best movie-star...
I know that...people on the World love U much and wish U are happiness and all things as ur dream.
I am so bad when express my ideal...Sorry and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U...

- hangpham, Jul 5 2002 , HCMC- VietNam

- Evandro Tybucheski, Jul 5 2002 ,

hi, my lovely michelle,
i wish you can get marriage soon, then we all can see your cute cute bb, be promise us, ok.

i wish you all the best, hope to see you on movie show, when we can see your movie???





- yvonne yong, Jul 5 2002 , sg. buloh n/v, west malaysia
jackaleve@hotmail.com.my, http://www.yvonne.com.my

Michelle, you already have everything.....my only wish for you is GOOD HEALTH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE!!!

- van, Jul 4 2002 , philippines

Dear Ms. Yeoh,

Happy Birthday! You're the most exciting actress working today and one of the world's great beauties . . . or is that laying it on a bit thick? Anyway, you do great work, your movies are a blast, and I look forward to seeing your next film, especially - at the moment - The Touch.

May the best of everything be yours,

- Michael R. Little, Jul 4 2002 , Omaha, Nebraska
michaelriffe@prodigy.net, http://pages.prodigy.net/michaelriffe

Hey Michelle Happy Birthday
I love you. I watch Crouching Tiger almost every day. It is one of my very favorite movies. I absolutly love you in that movie. Well Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! I have a question, is there going to be a prequal to Crouching Tiger?????? I really hope so!!!!!!

- Adrian , Jul 4 2002 , Voorheesville, NY

I love your grace and charisma in the films you have been in.I hope The US film industry will offer you more leading roles to play.Have a great time on your birthday.You should try to get on some HBO series as a strategy to achieve wider acceptance in the USA.If you are ever at Paramount Studios from July to December come visit the accounting dept of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.Its a Warner Brothers Network TV show.
Best Wishes
James Arnold

- James Arnold, Jul 4 2002 , Van Nuys,CA 91405

Michelle - Christina:Saigon's heart by Eric Von Gris - Book search at any book store. Happy Birthday

- Kenton D. Pate, Jul 3 2002 , Houston, texas 77019

To the INCREDIBEL MICHELLE YEOH: Have a BLESSED & HAPPY BIRTHDAY. And Remember to Always Stay True to YEOHself. One of your number 1 fans Michael Bunton.

- Michael Bunton, Jul 3 2002 , Lubbock TX. {Tech Ghetto Area}
hiddenhands@shaolinweb.zzn.com [ Also at ] md33wingchun@yahoo.com ,

Here is wishing you a very Happy and a prosperpus Birthday from the other side of the globe. Although this day does remind us of our aging aspect in human beings, but nevertheless it also reminds us of the love, wishes, and the care and affection that we've got in store for you specially for this day, and for all the days to come. Besides this day also reminds of your hard-work that you had put into films to have us lured towards you so-called "careless-beauty". Wishing you all the success in everything that you do !!!

Love and regards always,
Me !!!

- Pratap Banerjee, Jul 3 2002 , India
prat_banner@yahoo.com, http://www.geocities.com/prat_banner

Hey Michelle, thanks for giving us so much joy just by being our favourite actress. Have a lovely birthday and stay funky...

- lestz, Jul 3 2002 , Malaysia

Ever since I saw the Heroic Trio 1 and 2 and wing chun on late night TNT You have been my favorite actress.. I totally respect a woman like you who does her own stunts and I just wanted to let you know I think you kick ass!! Have an awesome birthday!!!

- Jennifer, Jul 2 2002 , Maine

Happy Birthday Michelle,

I wish you the best and many more to come in the future. I've been an avid fan of yours upon seeing the movie Supercop. I admire you for your courage in performing your own stunts. As a fellow Asian, I look up to you as a positive role-model. I wish you good health and continue to make those action packed movies. It's not very often in North America, we get a chance to view Asians on the big screen. Continue to Rock Michelle!!

Your Biggest Fan,

- Paul, Jul 2 2002 , Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Happy Birthday, Michelle!

It is so rare to see the strength, goodness, and spirit of a soul shine through a face - especially a beautiful face - especially through a medium such as film. All the best wishes, and many, many thanks.

- Vance, Jul 2 2002 , San Francisco

Hi Michelle, I just wanna say that I'll always support you and you are the greatest. You have made our country ( Malaysia ) proud !! All the best to you and may God bless you in everything you do :p

- Sharon Xue Er Anderson, Jul 2 2002 , Malaysia !!!

How are you,! ^-^*
fan the Michelle from Korea cafe as the Hyun Kyoung
which is in the process of operating.
Recently at once the bedspread which is a birthday of the Michelle... It sends a congratulation message first.

" The Michelle birthday truth which it
loves it congratulates! ¢½
Being healthy always, beautiful features storing away
route it fades. It loves..!
And... It
loves you there are many fan even in Korea well!
to remember...! "
With the Michelle everybodys who are in the same country...
Truth the person who is happy it admits.
Last.. Once congratulation it gives
the birthday of the Michelle more with sincerity.!

Be good one day ~

- hyun kyoung , Jul 2 2002 , korea
millapangel@hanmail.net, http://cafe.daum.net/purpleruby

Dear Michelle,Please have a very wonderful & special birthday. Best wishes, John

- John Bethurem, Jul 2 2002 , Little Rock,Arkansas

Dear Michelle!
I wish you all the best! You are a wonderful person and a beautiful woman. You have so many fans in Poland. Thank you for being as great as you are. Your role in "Crouching tiger..." was incredible. Best wishes
your fan from Krakow

- Patricia Waclawik, Jul 1 2002 , Poland

happy brithday to your michelle, your are the best .

- liong kok jiun, Jul 1 2002 , malaysia

hello Michelle
what a pleasure for me to send you this message.for long,i don´t recieve any news about your personnality.so my wish for you:to be more popular and more information about your news movies.

- Papdo, Jul 1 2002 , Cameroon

I have just known from this web site that your birthday is coming and in the meantime, I saw the poster of " The touch"
at the cinema so I wish you a very good health , life and .... I don't know what I want to wish for you. I just want to say all everything good in this world will come to you and I want to say something to you.I am your real fan and also Jackie Chan and Jet Li.
Have a very good time
I'm waiting to see "The touch" in Thailand.

- Anek Mui, Jul 1 2002 , Thailand

Heppi b-day.
U r my LOVE ,U r my angel,U r my Hero.
Love u forever.
Go ahead, no doubt!

I waiting for u in Shanghai

- Kaede, Jun 30 2002 , Shanghai,China

Happy Birthday.
Wish u in LOVE forever.

- Johnny, Jun 30 2002 , Shanghai

Dear Michelle, as a real lioness ( according to the western starsigns ) you shine thru the movie pictures world. I really like you and wish u really a lot

- Valentina, Jun 30 2002 , Italy

Hi Michelle shifu hm...Just to wish you a happy birthday and all the best always. Take care and all the wishes u make will come true =)

- Flora Fu XiangXiang, Jun 29 2002 , Singapore

heppi bertday tu yu,heppi bertday tu yu,heppi bertday tu yu,heppi bertday tu yu!!!!!
be the happiest birthday girl of all!!And i'll be the happiest fan!!yieyieyieyieyie!!!

- Char Siew Pau, Jun 29 2002 , KL,Malaysia
sadchuypuppy@whale-mail.com, http://-

Happy Birthday, Happy Forever!

- Wai Ching, Jun 29 2002 , Malaysia

Wishing you health, happiness

and good scripts

happy birthday

and the best for 2002 and 2003

best wishes

david thompson

- david thompson, Jun 28 2002 , london england

Dear Michelle,
This is for you to know you are loved everywhere. Here in Cuba there are people who love you as well including me and my friends. We like martial arts films and you are together with Li Lian Jie or Jet Li our favorite martial arts artists. Go on kicking and bringing all those good films to us. I will be expecting the coming The Touch and Hua Mulan. I wish I can join a Michelle Yeoh fan club or the like some day. I wish you all the best and success.

- Yunior, Jun 28 2002 , Cuba

Dear Michelle,

Happy Birthday!!!

You are the best actress I've ever seen!!! And I can't wait
to watch your new movie "The Touch". I hope this will be released here in Brazil!!!

Best wishes,


- Carolina Kaori Magari, Jun 28 2002 , Brazil

Thank you for setting up a good example for our daughter.Your happiness is our family's happiness.
Happy birthday and happy everyday!

- Parents of Wang Jun: Wang Yucai (Tim Wong) & Li Jie , Jun 28 2002 , China

Become more and more beautiful and keep healthy.Work hard to be the Oscar winner for Best Actress.You can win.we all beleive it and wait for that day!
If you are fine,we are all fine.
Happy Birthday!

- Wang Jun (Anita Wong), Jun 27 2002 , Xian China

Happy Birthday, Michelle!
I hope you have a grand day. Do come visit the next time you are in the NY area.
Your cousin,

- Kim Yeoh, Jun 27 2002 , Ithaca, NY

Happy birthday Michelle you are the best actress in the world...no one else can make a jumping kick and stay cool at the same time,you are the best..And good luck in the future.

- Andre, Jun 27 2002 , Sweden

to the greatest actress in the world! happy birthday! i think you are wonderful you are so incredable i can't even put it into words !i wish i could be like you if i could be all the person that you are veritgo and all that would be an acomplishment! i am defintley going to see the touch when in comes to cleveland ohio on the first day it opens! i love the touch web site most of all i love you you are a increadable woman and the greatest kung fu action queen in the world! may amida buddah and kwan yun bless you for many years to come( and get rid of your vertigo!) congrats on being names Ms magazine's woman of the year 2001! happy birthday and thank you for everything and beyond! love always sandra beasley cleveland ohio usa

- sandra beasley, Jun 27 2002 , cleveland ohio united states of america


I admire your work very much. You are truly an international superstar. I hope you make movies for many years to come. Happy Birthday!!! I hope all your birthday wishes come true.

Kevin Burt
Florida, USA

- Kevin Burt, Jun 27 2002 , Florida, USA

hope u av a nice time on your birthday happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Annie Taruc, Jun 27 2002 ,

Happy birthday!
I love you & your movies very much!
I have seen all your movies.
I will support you forever!
I wish you happy all your life.
I hope to see you at Guangzhou in a short time !


- Phoenix Lo, Jun 26 2002 , Guangzhou China

Dear Madam Yeoh [I have to address you formally. I'm from the south ;-)] My name is Meghan Burkett and I'd like to wish you the happiest of birthday greetings and may you have all of life's blessings in this lifetime. I really admire and appreciate your work. Your strong, brave, beautiful, and so talented. Everything a woman should be to set the men straight eh? haha You have been the inspiration of my dreams. I wish to become an action actress myself and have started martial arts training and acting school in hopes of one day making you proud. You are awesome and you will always be my favorite actress and most beloved star on the screen. I know it's hard, tough work but somebody's got to do it and you do it beautifully. Happy Birthday Michelle and Thank you for giving me the dreams I hold in my heart. Take good care and I'll be waiting to see your next films! I'm so excited and I know you've got to be too. Stay cool!!
;-) With all my heart and soul sincerely yours, Meghan Burkett

- Meghan , Jun 26 2002 , Georgia

Dear Michelle,

Have a wonderful 40th birthday! I admire your talent and character very much, and hope to see you grace the silver screen for many years to come.

Hopefully, one day we'll meet and then we can see who can stay the longest on the dancefloor at a club...! ;)

best wishes,


- Christina, Jun 26 2002 , Vancouver, Canada
bumpnbear@hotmail.com, http://www.ziyifilms.com/members/tinababy/index.html

Hi Michelle,

I am wishing you a fantastically Happy Birthday on my own very happy birthday!

May all your wishes come true, and more importantly, may happiness be always within you.

Angela - a.k.a Jaime97 ;-)

- Angela, Jun 26 2002 , Los Angeles area
HappyMedium626@yahoo.com, http://angelaho626.tripod.com/

Fellow Tiger,

My birthday wish to you is simple. May you find the consummate script and have the perseverance to do it justice.


A Modest Writer

- KGJ, Jun 26 2002 , Colorado, USA

I'm proud of since we are both Malaysian. You've put yourself and Malaysia on the world class performance stage.

I'm here wishing you all the best in the future, and
Happy Birthday.

George Leong
(Kuala Lumpur)

- George Leong, Jun 26 2002 , Malaysia

Dear Michelle,

Just in case you get a little down upon turning 40, just remember what Meryl Streep once said about turning 40. She said it was the first time in her life that she felt that she belonged in her skin. Now that should give most of us (I'm knocking on that door myself) women some hope as well. ;-)

Here's hoping that your 40th is full of joy, health & friends... and may you have many more.

Happy Birthday,

- Susana Figueiredo, Jun 26 2002 , Rhode Island (Azores originally)

Happy birthday, Michelle!
You make all Malaysians proud.
Keep up the good work. Looking forwarded to your next film.

- Eva, Jun 26 2002 , Malaysia


All I want to say is happy birthday, good luck with movies and life in the future, and you are the best.



- Tim, Jun 26 2002 , Australia

Happy Birthday!
Hope u happy all the time!
Love you forever!

- Kityi, Jun 25 2002 , Hong Kong
kityi@yeohfanz.com, http://www.yeohfanz.com

Happy birthday, Michelle! I hope you continue to kick ass on the movie screens for another 40 years.

- Yeoh Seng Soon, Jun 25 2002 , Subang Jaya, Malaysia

Dearest Datuk Michelle Yeoh,

As a big fan since discovering you in '93 it is a pleasure to be able to wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Your talents and on-screen performances have been breathtaking and a joy to watch, and i'm sure we have yet to see the best of your efforts, since your illustrious career now sees you in the role of producer.

I await the release of 'The Touch' with great excitement and im sure that it will heighten the success of your career even further.

The greatest of respect and admiration always,


- Alister, Jun 25 2002 , Northern Ireland

Happy Birthday and many more to come....

- Lia Satak, Jun 25 2002 , Washington, U.S.A.

Hi Michelle,

Just want to take this opportunity to say how much I admire your strength and many talents as an actress. You are a wonderful role model for women the world over and I would like to wish you good health, success and happiness in the years ahead. I've enjoyed all your movies and look forward eagerly to The Touch. Have a lovely birthday and many happy returns!

- Eve, Jun 25 2002 , Toronto, Canada

Aloha Michelle,
HAUOLI LA HANAU and many more!
I admire your true real life courage that matches alot of roles you have played. Keeping up with all the info on "The Touch" is exciting and I look forward to me and my girls checking it out!
Have a great year ahead! May God continue to bless you!

Glenda, Malia & Corey-Pono Perkins

- Glenda, Jun 25 2002 , Hawaii

Hello Michelle! I am a big fan of yours here in San Francisco, and really admire and respect your talent as an actress and as a role model for women. You proved that to the world in "Crouching Tiger" even though you've been doing that all along before this movie came out. I am very much looking forward to "The Touch" when it releases in the U.S., and am even more excited about your "Mulan" project. There is no one else who can play the role more perfectly. I hope to get to meet you one day, and of course, would like to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and all the luck and success that goes with it!

- Pansy, Jun 25 2002 , San Francisco, California

My best wishes for a long life full of hapiness personal and social, movies and beauty to our life!
Thank you Michelle! :-)

- Amphipolis, Jun 25 2002 , Greece (Europe)
amphipolis@yahoo.com, http://www.crosswinds.net/~sofia_gr/

Dear Michelle:

Happy Birthday! I look forward to seeing you play in movies in the United States. I really look forward to seeing the prequel to "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."

Sincerely yours,

Susan T. Kroffe

- Susan T. Kroffe, Jun 25 2002 , Los Alamitos, CA

Thank you very much for what you do. You are one of my real life heroes and your work has brought me much happiness through the years. thank you.

- shawn walton, Jun 25 2002 , california, originally

hi michelle,
i'm your bigest and krazzest fan in sf.
and all my friends calls me michelle freek or michelle craze and krazee michelle yeoh fan.
i wanna wish you get beautiful every second,
wish you good luck and healthy and safe,
wish all your movies that u will star in and that u producd will be fun and safe for you.
happy birthday and have fun with thomas chung.
the friendly friend frenda tran.
your krazest fan thta everyone knows.

- frenda tran, Jun 25 2002 , san francisco ,california

Dearest Michelle,
Happy Birthday!!!!!!
I'm very happy to see your new film this year.
Although it's a good job, i hope you can have more recess time as you are so busy.
If i can make i wish, i hope you can celebrate with all yeoh-fanz. As you know, there are many fanz love you so.
Hope you can have a fantasy birthday and all the dreams come true. Take care!!!
Always love you!

- Isis, Jun 25 2002 , Hong Kong

Hello, Michelle :)
Just want to send a birthday wish : hope you are always in happiness!

- Marianne, Jun 25 2002 , Indonesia

Happy Birthday Michelle!!!
Hope your not working too hard on your B-Day...

- Dee, Jun 25 2002 , Pyramid Lake

Dear Michelle

Wish you a very happy birthday and many return of the day.

Take care + Happy always


- May, Jun 25 2002 , Singapore

Best wishes on your birthday. May the rest of your stunts go without (major) injury and may you have many, many happy birthdays to come.

Dean Seeley

P.S. And don't forget to come to San Francisco during the promotional tour of The Touch! :-)

- Dean Seeley, Jun 24 2002 , Moraga, CA
wholeadr@aol.com, http://www.michelle-yeoh.org

Michelle, just wanted to say THANK YOU and send you a simple wish -
Happy birthday! Happiness always!

- Jane, Jun 24 2002 , Los Angeles
jane@michelleyeoh.info, http://michelleyeoh.info

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