Yes, Madam!

Date Released:  11/1985
Language:  Cantonese
Production Company:  D & B Films
Producers:  Sammo Hung
Director:  Corey Yuen
Action Directors:  Corey Yuen, Mang Hoi
Cinematographer:  Wong Chung-Piu
Music:  Romeo Diaz
Screenplay:  Barry Wong
Category:  Action/Thriller/Comedy
Country:  Hong Kong
Academy Awards: 
Hong Kong Film Award 1986:
Mang Hoi (best supporting actor)
Michelle Yeoh (best new performer, nominated)
Mang Hoi, Corey Yuen (best action choreography, nominated)
Cast:  (in credit order)
Strepsil .... John Sham
Inspector Ng .... Michelle Khan/Yeoh
Asprin .... Mang Hoi
Inspector Carrie Morris .... Cynthia Rothrock
Panadol .... Tsui Hark
The Film:
Two fearless cops, portrayed by Michelle and Cynthia Rothrock, go after a gang of criminals.

This is Michelle's first major action role. She's a tough cop. She's a true fighter. Whatever the situation she faces -- nothing stops her!

Incredible power and intensity. Unforgettable actions and stunts. Our Michelle shows the whole world who the number one action heroine is!

Yes, Michelle!

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