The Owl vs Dumbo

Date Released:  12/1984
Language:  Cantonese
Production Company:  D & B Films
Producer:  Dickson Poon
Director:  Sammo Hung
Cinematographer:  Arthur Wong
Screenplay:  Chong Chok Cho
Action Choreographer:  Yuen Wah
Category:  Action/Comedy
Country:  Hong Kong
Academy Award: 
Hong Kong Film Award 1986:
best original film song
(performed by George Lam, nominated)
Cast:  (in credit order)
Dumbo/Mr. Chan .... Sammo Hung
Owl/Mr. Wong .... George Lam
Miss Leung .... Deannie Yip Tak-Han
Miss Yeung .... Michelle Yeoh
Uncle Chung .... Stanley Fung
Bonnie Leung .... Season Ma Si-San
The Film:
Owl (George Lam) and Dumbo (Sammo Hung), who once dealt in dirty money, are forced by a mysterious person to work 'voluntarily' at the Youth Probation Center to help teenage ex-convicts. They want to find out who this person is as well as try to win those kids' trust at the center. All the while, they are sought by some criminals. It's an action comedy.

Michelle has a non-action role in the movie. She is Miss Yeung, a very young, inexperienced teacher at the center. Although she is full of good intentions and tries her best, she doesn't know how to handle those worldly, troubled teenagers. She cries when they give her hard time in class. She's easily moved by simple greetings from them too.

This is Michelle's very first movie. She is pretty, sweet, and really cute. She looks so naive and soft. It's hard to imagine that just a year later, with Yes! Madam, this same girl would shock her audience with a totally transformed image -- that of a tough, fearless Michelle, a true fighter with the power to tear up the entire screen.

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