Moonlight Express

Date Released:  4/1999
Language:  Cantonese, some Japanese and some English
Production Company:  Mei Ah Film Production
Producers:  Catherine Hun, Li Kuo-Hsing, Yasutaka Otsuka, Tetsu Kayama
Director:  Daniel Lee
Action Director:  Donnie Yen
Art Director:  Horace Ma
Cinematographers:  Keung Kwok-Man
Screenplay:  Lo Chi-Leung, Yumiko Aoyagi
Music:  Henry Lai
Category:  Romance/Fantasy/Action
Country:  Hong Kong / China
Cast:  (in credit order)
Karbo/Tatsuya Misawa .... Leslie Cheung
Hitomi .... Takako Tokiwa
Special Performance:
Sis/Michelle .... Michelle Yeoh
The Film:
Chasing her unfulfilled love dream, a Japanese girl named Hitomi goes to Hong Kong, While there, she meets an undercover detective named Karbo who looks just like her recently deceased fiance...

Michelle appears as a good friend (and retired former partner) of Karbo. No she doesn't fight or execute any stunts in this movie. What's unforgettable is the scene where she allows a glimmer of a wistful smile to break over her face, which will make you ponder with her as to what might have been.

** Michelle agreed to make the special appearance in this movie as a favor to a friend and in order to help Hong Kong film industry. She did the film for free and modestly asked that her name not to be used for the film promotion. Her appearance in the film is less than 10 minutes in length. But Michelle managed to give one of the best dramatic performances I have seen.

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