Shaolin Popey II: Messy Temple

Date Released:  7/1994
Language:  Cantonese
Production Company:  Chang Hong Films
Producer:  Wang Chung-Kang
Director:  Chu Yin-Ping
Cinematographer:  Chan Wing Shu
Action Director:  Ma Yuk-Sing
Art Director:  Cheung Doi
Screenplay:  Sip Wan Chiu, Ding A Man
Category:  Martial Arts/Comedy
Country:  Hong Kong
Cast:  (in credit order)
Wen .... Kok Siu-Man
Lung .... Sik Siu-Lung
Big Brother .... Ng Man-Tat
.. .... Yip Chuen-Chun
.. .... Michael Lee
Yellow Lemon .... Dicky Cheung
Red Lemon/Hung .... Yip Chuen Chan
Cameo Appearance:
Ah King .... Michelle Yeoh
Min Pik .... Adam Cheng
The Film:
Michelle is cast as a mysterious woman (Ah King) who hires two killers to go to Shaolin Temple. The story takes place at the temple, and it is mainly about two kids, their big brother, and their master.

I actually found the movie kind of fun and filled with lots of laughs. Maybe it helped that I didn't expect much even when I was watching it. Two kids in the movie are quite impressive and cute.

Michelle appears only at the very beginning and the near end. Check out the Selected Images, doesn't she look fabulous?

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