Magnificent Warriors

Date Released:  4/1987
Language:  Cantonese
Production Company:  D & B Films
Producers:  Dickson Poon, John Sham
Director:  David Chung
Action Choreographers:  Stephen Tung Wai,
Kwong Tao Hoi, Funghak On
Cinematographers:  Ma Chun Wah, Law Wan Shing
Music:  Chan Wing Leung
Screenplay:  Tsang Kan Cheong
Category:  Action/Adventure/Comedy
Country:  Hong Kong
Cast:  (in credit order)
Ming .... Michelle Khan/Yeoh
Wanderer .... Richard Ng
Sky No.1 .... Derek Yee
Youda .... Lowell Lu
Chin .... Chindy Lau
Japanese Officer .... Tetsuya Matsui
The Film:
Michelle teams up with Richard Ng and Derek Yee to put an end to the Japanese occupation of Puttan Kaal city during the second world war.

In this movie, Michelle stars as Ming, a very lovely, capable, and confident young woman who is not afraid of anything. She fights like crazy while always keeping a cheerful smile on her face. It is truly pleasant to watch.

Great action scenes. See Michelle using a rope as a weapon. Amazing.

** This was the movie which almost made Michelle quit doing action films. Filming was supposed to be only for three weeks but it turned out to be three months of physical punishment. After this one, Michelle made only one more movie (Easy Money, with her in a non-action role) before she 'retired'  in 1988 (only, fortunately for us, to return to the silver screen in 1992 with Police Story III: Supercop).

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