Holy Weapon

Date Released:  6/1993
Language:  Cantonese
Production Company:  Regal Films
Producers:  Steven Lo, Thomas Ng
Director:  Wong Jing
Action Director:  Ching Siu-Tung
Cinematographer:  Lee Chu-Hung
Category:  Action/Comedy/Fantasy
Country:  Hong Kong
Cast:  (in credit order)
Ching Sze .... Michelle Yeoh
Doll .... Cheng Yu-Ling (Do-Do Cheng)
Princess Tin Heung .... Maggie Cheung
Spider .... Cheung Man
Super Sword .... Simon Yam
Ng Tung .... Dicky Cheung
Yam Kin-Fai .... Sandra Ng
Ghost Doctor .... Ng Man-Tat
Mo Kake/Heaven's Sword .... Damian Lau
Butterfly .... Charine Chan
Ghost Girl/Blonde .... Kwan Wing-Ho
The Film:
A swordfighting fantasy. Seven beautiful girls get together to help Mo Kake (Heaven's Sword) defeat a brutal Japanese swordman.

Michelle once said she had good time and liked doing this movie. She said that she got the chance to work with all these Hong Kong top actresses, and it was good as an experience to do something that was not serious all the time. So, don't be that serious. Just relax, watch the movie, and have fun! Enjoy the visually-appealing comedy/action scenes from all seven princesses.

Wish it had more Michelle scenes.

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