Easy Money

Date Released:  8/1987
Language:  Cantonese and some English
Production Company:  D & B Films
Producer:  Dickson Poon
Director:  Stephen Shin
Action Director:  Lee Chi-Ngai
Cinematographer:  Chan Man-Tiu
Screenplay:  Kim Yip, Pang Chai-Chuen, Wai Ka-Fai
Category:  Adventure/Action/Romance
Country:  Hong Kong
Cast:  (in credit order)
Mr. Lam .... George Lam
Ning .... Michelle Yeoh
Captain Chang .... Kent Cheng
.. .... Guk Fung
.. .... Dennis Chan
The Film:
I personally consider this one to be a drama rather than an action movie.

An enjoyable movie.

Michelle is Ning, an intelligent, beautiful, wealthy young woman who seeks challenges and craves adventure. She organizes international crimes for fun and excitement (if you can imagine that). A cool investigator (George Lam) chases Ning from Hong Kong to Paris...

One of the rare Michelle movies in which she's not in an action role. It was the last movie that Michelle made prior to her short retirement. In her four preceding movies, she had played either a cute girl or tough fighters. Easy Money is her only 1980s movie in which we can see Michelle showing her girl-woman charm and dazzling beauty. Four years later, when she returned to silver screen, it was as a more graceful and mature individual.

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