"Memoirs of a Geisha"
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Main Cast







Okiya Mother

Young Sayuri

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Mameha introducing Sayuri to a tea house for the first time Sayuri, Mameha and Hatsumomo

Mameha preparing a cut wound on Sayuri's leg

Nobu (center) gives Sayuri (right) his first gift; rival Hatsumomo (second right) is trying to destroy the moment for Sayuri. the left one is Mameha, and the second left is Chairman

a tea party. from left: Sayuri, General, Hatsumomo, Mameha, and Baron

Sayuri's geisha debut dance

Sayuri & Chairman at a cherry blossom festival

Chairman & Sayuri

Mr. Bekku (Thomas Ikeda) dresses Hatsumomo

Chiyo (left) discovers Hatsumomo having an affair

Hatsumomois being stopped by Mother (left) and Granny (right) in her okiya from beating Chiyo

Pumpkin & Sayuri (?)


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