"Memoirs of a Geisha" News Photos

Press Conference, the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

November 28, 2005

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Kaori Momoi

Michelle Yeoh

Zhang Ziyi

Ken Watanabe

Koji Yakusho

Youki Kudoh

Suzuka Ohgo

Michelle at the news conference Mameha's poster is behind Rob Marshall

L to R: Rob Marshall, Kaori Momoi, Michelle Yeoh, Zhang Ziyi, Ken Watanabe,
Koji Yakusho, Youki Kudoh, and Suzuka Ohgo.

cast posters can be seen at the background. In the left one: Sayuri (Zhang Ziyi), Chairman (Ken Watanabe),
Hatsumomo (Gong Li), Mameha (Michelle). In the middle and right: Chiyo (Suzuka Ohgo), Nobu (Koji Yakusho),
Pumpkin (Youki Kudoh), and Mother (Kaori Momoi)

Kaori Momoi, Michelle, Zhang Ziyi and Ken Watanabe

Rob Marshall, Kaori Momoi, and Michelle

Michelle and Ziyi

Ken and Koji

(photos from "Epoch Times", "Reuters", "Goo", "AP", "CRI", "CNS", "Getty Images", "Japan Today", "Nikkan Sports",
"ETToday", "Yahoo" and "YNDaily")

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