Film Stills from The Heroic Trio

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Wonder Woman - Tung (Anita Mui)

Invisible Girl - Ching (Michelle Yeoh)

fight with Kau
report to her master

flashback: young Ching
flashback: young Tung

at the doctor's lab

Theft Catcher - Chat (Maggie Cheung)

in the hospital - a vague recognition
a "mad" man
baby "theft"

Tung fights with Chat: release the baby!
Tung tries to save the baby...

Ching and Chat: it has been ten years...

a message from the master

Doctor: it's dangerous here. please go out.
Ching: you'll see the flowers, i promise.

Tung, Chat, and Kau fight at the train station

flowers are blooming
don't cry...

Ching and Chat: you won't be so lucky next time!

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