Film Stills from Executioners

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voice: I haven't seen my two friends for a long time. The three of us have been through a lot together. After the nuclear explosion...
the change is devastating. Everywhere one looks there is chaos, looting, violence, and killing...All I can do is trying to make sure
medical supplies get through to their destinations and reach the people who need them the most.

Ching (Michelle Yeoh) drives a red-cross truck
Chat (Maggie Cheung) loots water
Tung (Anita Mui) with her daughter

Ching visits Tung
Antie, have you ever met Womder Woman?
Chat: Come on, it's near Christmas.

bathing scene
Ching: if we work together, I'm sure we can do something.

the Christmas eve

Ching with the president's assistant

Ching, Tung, and Chat meet in the church.
Ching: if an oath becomes a burden, it's inept.

Killing Chong Hon won't solve the problem.
Theft Catcher's cash

the press conference

at the train station

Tung is missing

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