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Butterfly & Sword

There Is a Dream in My Heart

In my heart there is a dream
which I wish you come to stir gentlely
Writing down everything that's gone on in my life
there are tears, there are smiles, all in our dreams
Blame Heaven for making fun of me
only broken dreams are left in this life
We're separated at the edge of the world
but I never give up loving you,
all I want is for you to understand

When you entered my dream
You told me that we would be together, live or die
We would brave our journey everywhere
We would lie under the most beautiful sky
But the dream broke into pieces instantly
leaving me crying with my tired eyes
Thinking of you, who's at the edge of the world
cold and detached, cold rain, cold smile,
breaks my heart once more

I wish to meet you again
and that you will let me live one more time
During lonely nights, slightly drunk,
I'm awaiting Heaven's decision
Can't go back
continuously, memories of you pierce my heart
Who knows my sheer infatuation
my longing for you is endless
[Endless Love...]

Butterfly & Sword: end title song (Cantonese version)
performed by Michelle Yeoh
music by Lee Zong-Sheng
lyrics by Hsao Mei, translated by Jane
title picture from music CD