On Michelle Yeoh Birthday Special 2003
November 4, 2003

Hello everyone! The celebration month for Michelle's birthday, August, has long passed. Many of you have been waiting for a summary. Here we are:

First, I would like to inform you that all birthday greetings from you to Michelle that got sent to me (via guestbooks or e-mail) before September 7th, were forwarded to Michelle on September 8th. It was not planned for this year but then I thought Michelle would be happy to receive them (sure she is!). There were total 66 of them.

On our special birthday gift to Michelle, the charity donation to the Brain Centre Foundation (BCF) for which Michelle is a patron, I'm pleased to announce that we had raised a gross amount of HK$5300 (about USD$690). BCF sincerely thanks all of you for your kind support and looks forward to something more long term co-operation. They would be grateful to explore whatever opportunities that could help to raise funds to help the needy.

Many of you have already seen, Michelle herself signed on the Guestbook of the Birthday Special page on August 11th, a few days after she received the greeting/thank you card on her birthday from BCF on behalf of all of us. Here is the message from Michelle:
Dear All,

I am so grateful for all your kindness and thoughtfulness. Your support and love continues to help me grow and strive to be better in all that I am and do.

Thank you sincerely, I am so very touched by your beautiful gesture.

Love you all,


(Message posted at the Guestbook, Aug. 11, 2003, 07:27PM Pacific Time)

BCF has sent a framed "Thank You Certificate" together with a donation report to Michelle. There are a total of sixteen people who successfully made donations. Some of them went through great difficulty in order to do so (we realized later that it was not easy for people who didn't have credit cards to make international donations.), and some of them made multiple donations - as many as three times. There are also people out there who wished to but were unable to participate for various reasons.

As you may have noticed, two survey polls are set up at the left side of this page. I would appreciate it if you could spare a few moments to take the survey. Meanwhile, I have re-enabled the signing feature of the Birthday Special Guestbook, everyone is welcome to express their opinion on the matter. In the future, BCF will accept personal checks for donations in additional to credit card, bank draft, and electric transfer (and they are also open for other options). If you have any other suggestions, feel free to post at the Guestbook or e-mail me.

Again, THANK YOU ALL sincerely for your kindness and support - either in $$ or your words! Thank you for supporting one of Michelle's charities.

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