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Film Promotion in Japan March 22, 2005:
Long Interview:
  Clip 1  (7:34, 34.1MB): talking about filmmaking as a producer.
  Clip 2  (5:54, 26.4MB): talking about filming at different locations in China.
  Clip 3  (2:04, 7.4MB): about the story.

Press Conference Highlights:
  Clip 1  (2:33, 10.7MB): about the production.
  Clip 2  (4:42, 17.3MB): on choosing actors.
  Clip 3  (4:00, 17.2MB): on the physical training for the film.
(from Japanese "Daiichikosho")

Press Conference Capture:    (Length: 20 minutes and 53 seconds)
   Avi (35.2MB)   Realmedia (High 34.1MB)   Realmedia (Low 7.8MB)
(from "Cinematopics")

Theatrical Trailer, July 2002:
   (2:58 from Official website)
    Window Media Mpg 9Mb
    Quicktime 12.9Mb

    The Touch soundtrack from Soundtrack RipZ   (Mp3)
    The Touch soundtrack from STSky   (Realmedia)
    (click "Real" to download and "Yes" to listen)

Behind the Scenes, July 2002:
   (4:34 from Official website)
    Window Media Mpg 13.7Mb
    Quicktime 15Mb

Teaser Trailer, January 2002:

- From Official website (1:43   in English)
    Window Media Wmv 5.33Mb
    Quicktime 3.55Mb
- From Channel V (1:16   in English with Chinese subtitles)
    (* this clip has better picture quality than the one from official site but the later has some
      additional text at the beginning and the end parts)

    Window Media Wmv 6.6Mb   (provided by Frida)
    Window Media Avi/DivX 2.8Mb **   (re-encoded by BAM)
    Realmedia 3.2Mb   (re-encoded by BAM)

Videos from 
   (Window Media Asf. in Mandarin and Cantonese)
    - Making of The Touch (4:11, 1.1Mb)
    - Michelle in Shanghai July 15 (509Kb)
    - Interview with Han Hong (390Kb)
        Han Hong is the Tibetan singer who sings the Tibetan version of The Touch title song. In this interview she actually sang a little bit of the song (the melody is from a Tibetan folk song).
    - The Asian release ceremony and press, July 25 (3:10, 903Kb, in Mandarin)

"The Touch" Beijing Press Conference, December 5, 2001:

- From ETtoday (1:33   in Mandarin and English. clip re-encoded by BAM)
    press conference:   Realmedia 2.6Mb     Avi/DivX 1.6Mb **   
- From
    Clip1:   Window Media Asf 811Kb   (2:54)
          press conference. trailers. stills.   in Mandarin and some English
    Clip2:   Window Media Asf 371Kb   (1:20)
          about Michelle and "The Touch". shooting sets.   in Mandarin
    Clip3:   Window Media Asf 1.1Mb   (4:07)
          Michelle as an executive producer. interview. trailers. stills.   in Mandarin

"Searching for The Touch" Press Conference, August 8, 2001:

    Clip1: Window Media   (4:14) Asf (100K) 3.1Mb   Asf (56K) 1.2Mb  
          press conference on launching the search for young Michelle.   in Cantonese
    Clip2: Window Media   (4:57) Asf (100K) 3.6Mb   Asf (56K) 1.4Mb  
          interview with Michelle about the young Michelle character.   in Cantonese
    (videos from Yahoo! Hong Kong)

            * * * * * * * * * *

** DivX Video Codec (700K) may need to be installed on your computer in order to view Avi/DivX properly.

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