"Silver Hawk"

WhyNot-You Exclusive Photos, Shanghai
May 20 - June 11, 2003

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Battle at the wedding

Silver Hawk is here

Silver Hawk fighting with Jane (Li Bingbing). Michael J White can be seen in the pic too

stunt coordinator instructing Li Bingbing

taking a break on the set. left: Michelle. right: Richie Jen

Cross-dressing scene
In this scene, Superintendent Rich Man (Richie Jen) and his policemen/women set a trap for Silver Hawk. They make a play of a group of hooligans harassing an innocent girl on the street. Guess who plays the "girl"? It's Richie Jen! As they expected, Silver Hawk arrives the scene on time. Will she get caught?

The one dressed in pink is the "girl". some of his policewomen dressed as (male) hooligans.

Michelle with disguised police officers

At the police station
This is a scene from the film - with everyone watching, the superintendent (Richie Jen) realizes he's tricked by Lulu (Michelle). He thought he got her phone number...

"how come it is a number of the police station?"

director Jingle Ma explaining the scene to the girls who play policewomen

superintendent and his followers

Brandon Chang (middle), who plays an admirer of Silver Hawk, listening to the director Silver Hawk's assistant Mi (Wei Lai). note that the gesture of Mi in the right pic has a special meaning in the film

Ever seen Producer Michelle at work? producers and director at the shooting set. from left: Jingle Ma, Thomas Chung, Michelle

WhyNot-You talents who play police officers taking a photo with Michelle, who is their idol on and off the screen

Silver Hawk